Pool Party

by The Technician

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Ashley’s perfect hustle goes terribly wrong... or terribly right.

This very short story about a beautiful young pool hustler is full of twists and turns. And like most of my stories, it ends with one final twist.

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Ashley Henderson cooly lined up her shot. There was $800 sitting on the table that was hers if she sank the eight ball. She had started the night with twenty bucks. She lost all but a dollar of that setting up her mark. Then she lost that.

“Double or nothing?” she asked plaintively.

“You ain’t got double,” the mark said derisively. His name was Antwon and she had very carefully chosen him and then set him up.

“But I said ‘or nothing’,” she replied. “If you win I end up with nothing.” She gestured toward her short skirt and midriff baring blouse.

He laughed and said, “You’d really bet your clothes on a single dollar game after you just lost five in a row?”

“Not exactly,” she said with a sweet smile. “Let’s say one hundred dollars.”

“You’re on!” Antwon said excitedly and put five twenties down on the table.

It was an interesting game. Antwon played as skillfully as he had before, but Ashley was, if anything, worse... except for the fact that she somehow managed to end each of her turns with Antwon having to make a very difficult shot.

Antwon made most of them up until his seventh ball. He wasn’t paying attention to the game like he should have been. He was too busy watching Ashley’s legs as she stood next to the table. All he could think of was her standing there naked when he won. He sank the eleven ball and then his eyes opened wide. Ashley’s balls– all seven of them– were arranged so that there was no way he could hit the eight ball. He tried using extreme spin with a bounce off the far rail, but it was still a scratch.

“Damn!” he said loudly.

“I win!” Ashley bubbled. Then she looked at him, smiled, and said, “You want to go double or nothing again?”

“Same rules?” he asked firmly.

“Same rules,” Ashley replied. “Double or...” running her hands down her body... “nothing.”

He put five more twenties on the table. Again, he almost won. He didn’t scratch on the eight, but he wasn’t able to put it down. Ashley was left with an easy shot. Actually six easy shots and then a chance at the eight ball on a clear table.

She sank it and stood there bubbling, “I didn’t think I could do that. I thought I was going to have to give you all my clothes.”

As she reached for the money, Antwon said, “Double or nothing?” and laid two hundreds next to the pile of twenties.

Ashley stood there looking very undecided. “I got lucky,” she said, “I’m not sure how long my luck will hold. I don’t want to end up naked for the rest of the night.”

Antwon put four more hundreds next to the pile. “That’s double times double or nothing,” he said, leering at her in a very threatening way, “but if I win, you not only get naked, you get fucked right here on this table.”

Ashley gulped and her eyes opened very wide. “Eight hundred dollars?” she asked in a quivering voice.

“That’s the bet,” Antwon said firmly. “You win, you get it. You lose you get fucked.”

Ashley stood silently for a moment and then nodded her head rapidly up and down. She had to work very hard not to smile. The hustle was set. In just a few minutes she would leave eight hundred dollars richer. 

Actually she would leave seven hundred dollars richer. It was time to take out an insurance policy. She turned to one of the rather large men watching the game. He was actually watching her ass whenever she bent over for a shot, but both her ass and the game were very interesting to him.

“A hundred of that is yours if you make sure I get out of here with it if I win,” she said in a firm, but slightly quivering voice.

“Always happy to help out a lady,” he said. “Especially when she is dropping a C on me.”

Her break shot was good, but not spectacular. Antwon had run the table more than once on the break or following the break, but that was not to be in this game. Ashley’s break had dropped no balls, but it had buried the eight ball against the back rail with several of her balls around it. It was too much for Antwon to clear and still put his balls down. He did, however, manage to sink five of his seven.

Ashley leaned over for her first shot. She was leaning much further than she had in previous games. It showed a lot more of her ass, but it made for more accurate shots. She sank the numbered balls one through seven in order. Antwon just stared at her and slowly said, “What the fuck?”

It was now time for the winning ball. It wasn’t a difficult shot, but many a game of pool has been lost by a shooter not treating every shot as important. So Ashley took her time. She leaned over slowly and carefully. She pulled the pool cue back and forth between her fingers several times to line things up. Then she pulled back to shoot.

“You hustling ho!” a voice screamed from right behind her. Several pairs of hands grabbed her and pulled her back and her pool cue dropped on the felt.

“You cheated my man out of a month’s rent,” the voice continued to scream. “I had to make nice with the landlord to keep from getting my ass thrown out on the street.”

Ashley was now standing upright. Three women surrounded her. A different one of them now shouted, “You took my husband for a thousand dollars.” She paused and then spat out, “... and he didn’t even get to fuck you. You are the worst kind of whore.”

The third woman turned her so that they were facing each other. “You took me for six hundred and left me standing naked in a pool room at midnight.” She grabbed Ashley’s hair and said, “You ain’t got any money on you, but you at least still got your clothes.”

The woman then pulled Ashley’s skirt and panties down in one swift motion. The men in the room, who had gathered around anticipating a cat fight, leaned forward to get a better look at her smooth slit.

The first woman grabbed the panties off the floor, spun them together slightly, and then used them to tie Ashley’s hands behind her back.

The other woman tried to pull off Ashley’s blouse, but with her hands tied behind her, it couldn’t come down her arms. “Knife!” the woman yelled and one of the men was suddenly holding a knife handle toward her. She took it and quickly sliced the blouse at the sleeve and up the front. It fell to the floor as she folded the knife and handed the knife back to the man.

All three women then grabbed Ashley and lifted her up onto the pool table. They rolled her over onto her stomach and while one of them held her down and held her arms out of the way, two of them used her own sandals to beat her ass purple. They then threw the sandals down on the ground and one of them said to the crowd that had gathered, “She’s yours until morning. Just don’t do anything permanent to her body.”

One of the women who had used a sandal on Ashley then said, “When you’re done with her, just put her out back with the rest of the trash. We’ll be by in the morning to pick her up. We’re not done with her yet.”

As the three women walked away, Antwon turned to Ashley and said, “It looks like you’re going to get fucked after all, ho hustler.” He climbed up on the table and pulled his prick out of his jeans. After he freed her hands from her panties, he turned her over onto her back and lifted her legs. He was surprised that he slid in rather easily.

“I guess you are a ho,” he said, almost laughing. “Your cunt is always wet and ready.”

The big man who was going to protect her winnings was next. “I’m an ass man,” he said with a leer as he turned her back over onto her stomach. “You got a nice ass, even when it’s red and purple.” He then reached under her and scooped cum and fluids out of her cunt and began smearing that over and into her asshole. 

For a big man, he was surprisingly gentle. He took time to loosen her up with his fingers and then entered her slowly and let her get used to his girth before he began pumping. It wasn’t until he was close to coming that he lost control and slammed into her bruised and tender ass. Her cries when he did so were somewhere between pain and passion.

Two more men took her on the table. While the second one was taking her, a woman climbed up onto the table, straddled her head, and made her tongue her to orgasm.

After they were finished, someone called out, “Bring her down to floor level so we can really get to her.”

She was pulled off the table and made to get on her hands and knees on the floor. One skinny man slid under her and began pushing up into her cunt. Another man, who was nowhere near as gentle, began thrusting into her ass. The owner, a rather large and fat man, knelt in front of her and pushed his prick into her mouth. They were soon replaced by other men.

Somewhere around two in the morning, two men carried Ashley out into the alley and laid her next to the trash cans. “They said put her here,” one of the men said. “Do you think she will be safe?”

“Safer than taking her back inside,” the other man said with a chuckle as they both walked back into the pool hall.

As soon as they were back inside, a gray minivan came up the alley. The side door opened and two women lifted Ashely inside. A few minutes later they were rolling down the interstate. After about an hour Ashley stirred and then sat up on the seat.

“How much did we get, Tawana?” she asked.

“A little over six thousand in all,” the driver answered. “I grabbed the money off the table first thing while Susan and Clara worked the room.”

“They were so busy with you,” Clara– the woman in the front passenger seat– said, “that no one noticed when I did the dip and pulled their wallets. They didn’t even feel them going back in. They are going to be wondering where in the hell their money went.”

Susan, sitting next to her, said, “And I emptied the till while the owner was completing the King’s Crown.”

“We got at least five times what we could get with the usual hustle,” Tawana said, “but are you sure you want to do it this way, Ashley?”

“Not every time,” Ashley answered cheerfully, “not even most of the time, but every so often a girl like me has to satisfy her kinks as well as make some real money.” She sighed and said, “I just wish you all had been able to stay and be part of the fun. You know how I love eating your pussies.”

“Only if someone forces you to,” Susan said.

“Then force me,” Ashley replied as she draped herself over Susan’s lap. “Force me.”

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