A Pleasant Little Ride in the Country

by Stealthbinder

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© Copyright 2010 - Stealthbinder - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; outdoors; car; toys; sex; oral; cons; X

“You know John, you’ve been promising me for weeks that we would do this.” Sara said.

“I never promised, just said we might do it.” Her husband replied.

“Don’t play word games with me.  We talked about this when we bought the car, how we both wanted to do this, how much fun it would be.”

“Yeah, I remember.  But it sure didn’t start out like this.”

“So?  We made it better, more daring, more erotic.  And you couldn’t ask for a more perfect night than tonight.”

John thought for a moment.  “You know, if we get caught, we would be in such serious trouble.” He said.

“Probably not as bad as you would think.  We’re both adults and I’m totally consenting.  I’ll say it was all my idea.  What harm could come of it?  At worst, we’d get a ticket.”

“Ok, ok, you win.  Let’s do it.” He said, giving in.

“Really?  Tonight?” she said excitedly.

“Yes, tonight.  How soon can you be ready?”

“Just give me ten minutes to get ready.  You get what you need too.” She replied and scampered off to get ready.

John shook his head, hoping the night would be as exciting as she hoped, and no one else would see them doing it.  But it could be damn fun if it all worked out.


John pulled the car off to the side of the road.  They had been driving for a little while to get outside the city limits into farm country.  Here the roads were all 2 lanes of farms and fields.  No streetlights, little traffic and hopefully no cops.  He slowed so the loose gravel on to the road side would not kick up and hit the car.

Since he was a kid, he always wanted to own a convertible, especially if it was attached to a hot sports car.  After years of waiting, he finally owned one.   After saving up for it, the bought the car a few weeks ago and had loved it ever since.  Yellow with a black top, it handled the road well, able to take turns quickly, stop on the dime and go 0 to 60 before you could catch your breath.  Sara loved to drive it and turned many a man’s head when she sped past them during the morning commute.

But this was hardly any of that now.  It was well past sunset on a fine summer night.  Not a cloud in the sky to block the nearly full moon.  A light breeze was present, but was nothing compared to the wind that was about to sweep through the car.

John lowered the top, exposing the couple to the night, though Sara was far more exposed than John.  In fact, she was totally exposed, naked except for the while 5” high heeled pumps on her feet. Even the hair from her pussy was gone, leaving her as naked as the day she was born. Her long blonde hair tucked back into a ponytail to keep it from blowing into her face, for she would have no way to pull it back tonight.

When they talked about buying the car, they joked about driving around naked one night with the top down.  They'd drive for miles until they were raging with lust, pull over and fuck on the hood under the moonlight.  John joked that he would need to keep Sara tied up so she wouldn’t jump on his stick and crash the car. Sara liked that idea, that she would be bound & helpless to cover up as they whipped around the countryside, subject to viewing by whoever saw them and to whatever John wanted to do with her.

So as part of their adventure, Sara was tied up with lots of rope.  Bondage played a part in their sex life and Sara often enjoyed being tied up for hours as they played, often having powerful orgasms under John’s artful attentions, or getting his hard cock buried in her pussy or in her mouth till he exploded.  Then start all over again till the both were exhausted and spent, but always totally satisfied.  They did it for hours and Sara could be tied up for the entire time without breaks or need to be freed.

Sitting in the passenger seat, her hands were tied behind he back, crossed at the wrists up between her shoulder blades.  More ropes wound around her arms and chest to hold her hands in place while cradling her firm boobs in the process.  More ropes bound her legs together at the ankles and knees.  It was quite comfortable and she could remain like this for a few hours if desired.  She would have to remain so till John untied her, for his bondage skills were remarkable, never able to escape his cords once she was tied in them.  She had been testing his latest work and found it up to his usual standards.  She wasn’t going to get free until he took the ropes off himself.

With the top down, the game was about to begin.  Before they started, he slid a wadded handkerchief into her mouth and placed a large piece of white tape across her lips to seal it in place.  Then he placed her yellow wrap around sunglasses over he eyes to protect against wind and dust.

With Sara properly restrained and ready, he slipped on his own eyewear, started the car and took hold of the remotes.  The remotes were rubber banded together so he could control both with one hand.  The two cords ran up between Sara’s bound legs to her crotch.  One was for an egg shaped vibrator that was buried inside her already warming pussy.  The other was for a small red vibrator that was strapped on and against her pussy, resting right over her clit.

This whole event was Sara’s idea, wanting to be bound, gagged and toyed with as the raced along the roads.  She squirmed in delight as the internal vibrator came to life for the first time tonight, slowly buzzing deep inside her.  A second later, her clit felt the first waves of energy hit as he turned the other unit on.  Both were at the lowest setting, pleasantly mixing with the rumbling of the car’s powerful engine. Sara knew it was going to be more than a just pleasant little ride in the country.

John pulled the car back onto the road and quickly got it up to speed.  The air flowed through the car, blowing over every part of her naked body.  She squirmed in delight as the vibrators rumbled on and in her, making her moan softly and fidget in the soft leather seat.  John eyed his wife over, the light of the moon making her soft skin glow as she wormed in her seat to the toys arousing her.  He kept adjusting the remotes, making them speed faster or slower, depending on his mood and how much excitement she was receiving. 

And the goal was to keep her excited but nothing more for as long as either of them could stand it.  Occasionally, John caressed her thighs or fondled her breast, just to add extra delight and torment to her slowly building orgasm.  He knew her body well and what she liked, and right now she was in heaven, liking everything that was going on.

A truck appeared ahead of them. John eased off the gas as they passed the slower moving vehicle, letting the driving get a good look in at the sexy passenger and not believing what he saw. John stomped down the accelerator and sped the car head, laughing at the situation and figuring the truck drive must now have one hard cock to deal with.  The truck driver blew his horn in gratitude for the peek at show he was given.  To make sure they weren’t followed, John turned onto a fresh strip of blacktop, closing in on their next stop.

Sara was ever so slowly getting close to an orgasm.  John could tell and was playing with the remotes to keep her from coming while keeping her at maximum arousal.  After a half hour of a naked, bound and stimulated nighttime ride, she was wild with lust, squirming hard in the seat.  She was torn between wanting it to keep going on or exploding with a much needed climax.  If only she could do both, but she also knew there was the ride back home to look forward too.

Eventually, John turned both devices up full.  Sara went wild and thrashed in her ropes. When the orgasm finally came, it was so strong she would have flown out of the car had she not been belted into the seat.  She cried out from her gag, her whole body on fire from the powerful orgasm racing through her as fast as the car was racing through the night.

At last, it began to subside and Sara relaxed, grateful the vibrators were turned off.  But the night air still felt wonderful against her as she enjoyed the post orgasm sensations.

A few moments later, John pulled off the road and into a small county park.  It was dark and very quite, with no lights or other cars about at this hour.  He maneuvered into a parking spot well out of view of the tree lined entrance road, hoping no deputy sheriff would cruise through anytime soon.

“Hope you’re still horny.” He said, looking over had his naked & helpless wife.  Sara nodded, still excited at what was to come next.

John got out and came around to her side of the car.  After releasing the seat belt, Sara swung her legs out and John untied them.  The gag was also removed, but her arms and hands were left hammed tied behind her back.  He helped her from the car, letting her rise to full height on her tall heels.

Taking a towel from the back, he led Sara to the front of the car.  They started kissing while John groped his exposed and restrained wife, both moaning deeply into each other mouths.  Sara groaned when his hands took hold of her boobs and squeezed.  She withered when he fondled her nipples.  The vibrators came to life again as he pushed her back onto the hood of the car, sitting on the towel to protect her from the heat of the engine.  She squirmed and wormed as the toys got her raving hot again as his hands and mouth worked over her bound body, building her up to another orgasm.

Before she came, he pulled the internal vibrator from her pussy and replaced it with his raging hard cock.  Taking hold of her ass, Sara wrapped her legs around his waist, her spiked heels digging into his back, spurring him on as he rammed deeply into her over and over, both of them groaning with delight and pleasure.

As horny as they both were, Sara was much quicker to the draw.  With the clit vibrator still running full blast and John screwing her with everything he had, she cried out and exploded into another orgasm, calling his name in sheer erotic joy as another powerful orgasm rock her body.  John hardly slowed his pace as she continued to plow into her.

“John, let me suck on you, please.”  She pleaded breathlessly with him as her orgasm began to subside.

“Don’t you want me to finish?” he said as she slowed his pace.

“Yes, oh yes, but later.  Right now I need to suck on your cock.”

John complied, always happy to have his wife orally fuck his rod. They both stood and John threw the towel to the ground for Sara to kneel on.  As soon as she was down, she eagerly wrapped her lips around his raging rod and sucked his hard cock into her mouth.  There was no pretense here as she pumped her lips up and down his throbbing shaft, fucking his cock with her mouth.

Had anyone seen the scene, what a sight it would it made.  John standing with his pants around his ankles, his hands holding his wife head, with Sara, dressed only in her heels and with her arms tied behind her back, time after time plunging her mouth down onto his engorged cock in the parking lot of an empty park.  Both still wore their sunglasses, hardly the best of disguises, but still added another unusual twist to the kinky scene.   Luckily for them, no one knew what was happening except for the two participants, and it didn’t last long enough for anyone to catch them. 

John was close to coming when he was humping Sara sitting on the hood.  Her hungry mouth was making fast work of his rod, so his orgasm was quick to blow.  He grunted over and over, trying to hold back his load, but it was like trying to hold back a dam.  With one last grunt, he blew the first wad of come into her mouth, which was followed by several more.  He kept coming and coming, so much that Sara couldn’t keep up and had to pull off and let him blow his load onto her face and chest.  She took him back in and drank up the remainder, which was still a lot for one orgasm.  Even as he subsided and his flow went to the last few drops, Sara dutifully extracted the last of his come till he gave no more and went soft.

“Oh god, that was good.” John said after his orgasm was done.

“One good orgasm deserves another.” She replied, his seed still covering her face.  “Or should I say, several good orgasms.”

John pulled his pants up and got his wife back onto her heels.  “The night’s still young.” He replied as he cleaned his sperm off her naked skin.  “We still have to get back home.  You up for the ride?”

“I’m good to go.”  She replied, grinning in the moonlight as she wiggled in her bondage and comfortable in the tie.  “The question is, when will you be up again to finishing the task?”

John eyed his wife up and gave her breasts a firm groping.  Sara gasped.  “Long before we get home, where we’ll finish this game.”  He replied, already feeling his cock stir in his pants.  She had that affect on him always.  John then made Sara stand with her legs open and slowly worked the egg vibrator back into her damp pussy.  “Let’s make the ride home just as interesting as the one here.”

He helped Sara back into the car and tied her legs once more before swinging her feet in and strapping her in with the seat belt.  How tantalizing her breast looked with the strap running between her boobs, prompting John to give her chest another squeeze.  The hanky went back into her mouth and more tape sealed her lips, making her ready for the ride home.  Back behind the wheel, he started the vibrators up again on low, started car and the left the park behind in a cloud of dust.

He pulled back onto the road and headed for home.  They had nearly an hour before they got back, plenty of time to tease Sara to the point of climax but leave her hanging.  The road was nearly empty of cars in both directions, but John’s heart pounded for few seconds when a county Sheriff drove past the opposite way.  Since the squad never turned around, John was relieved the officer didn’t catch sight of his gagged wife when they passed one another.

Sara constantly squirmed as the car raced down the road, the wind blowing across her naked skin once more while John’s hands roamed and probed her body. The air had cooled a few degrees more, which felt wonderful blowing across her as did vibrators both inside and outside of her hot pussy. John constantly adjusted the intensity of the devices, making her hot and bothered but offering no relief, even when he played with her excited nipples.

The easily passed the few cars that puttered ahead of them, but no one seemed to think anything of the naked and bound woman withering in ecstasy.  As the got closer to town, Sara feared someone would see them and yet hope someone would.  She shook her head when John asked if he should put the top up.  She liked the idea of being an exhibitionist, thinking how fun it would be to have people watch her restrained body wither in delight as she uncontrollably orgasmic before them. 

As they got close to their home, they stopped at a traffic light.  Second later, a car pulled up, full of collage aged kids out for a late joyride.  Before the light turned green, someone noticed the couple next to them and pointed it out to the others.  Sara gave the kids a wink and resumed her squirming.  The kids called out and hollered their approvals at them, even trying to follow them to get another glimpse.  But the old clunker couldn’t keep up with the quick sports car and John’s expert driving and the college kids were off the trail moments before they pulled into their garage, now safe and hidden from the public.

John came around to her side of the car and released the belt. Sara swing her legs our, expecting him to untie her, but he just helped her to her feet.  Leaning against the side of the car, he fondled her helpless body as she moaned and groaned, the vibrators still teasing her hot spots.  She groaned deeply at his torments, pleaded as best she could for sexual relief.

He dropped to his knees and pulled the external vibrator down her thighs, replacing the clit teaser with his tongue.  She groaned deeply as he expertly lapped at her sex button, growing closer and closer to another desired orgasm, especially when he toyed with her bound boobs.

Soon she was on the edge and ready to burst.  The internal vibrator went to full and John grabbed her butt cheeks to attack her clit, thrusting the orgasm onto her restrained body.  Going from hot tease to withering lust, Sara exploded a moment later, the orgasm crashing into her fettered body as her husband continued his assault on her clit, making the orgasm more intense and wickedly hot.

It lasted for a long time before she finally began to calm down, her whole body quivering with the after affects of the powerful orgasm.   As she drifted in a sea of bliss, the two vibrators were completely removed from her body, leaving her tied naked in her ropes, sunglasses and high heels, breathing hard around her gag.

Now that Sara was taken care of, John wanted his.  He tuned his wife around and bent her over the fender of the car.   His pants dropped to his ankles and Sara felt his cock head snooping for her pussy.  She was so wet he slipped in easily the entire length of his shaft with one plunge.  Wasting no time, John began the hump his tied wife hard and fast, ramming it aching cock into her as deep as possible.

With long, powerful strokes, the lovers were soon groaning and moaning at the erotic sex.  Holding into her hips, John was mad with lust, plowing into his bound wife for all he was worth.  His cock was more than aching to come again but tried to hold back his orgasm for as long as he humanly could.  But after the kinky ride home and how hot his helpless wife look and felt, he could only screw her for a thrilling few moments before his needed orgasm was ready to bust.

And burst it did.  With one strong thrust hard into her, and with Sara pushing back to enhance each plunge, John blasted his load of come deep inside his wife’s pussy.  He pumped gallons of sperm into her, panting with each wave of pleasure that spread through his body.  Sara was panting and moaning too, thrilled at the hot fucking she had received and how amazing the night had been.

At long last, the last of his orgasm subsided but refused to withdraw.  Sara was sloppy wet with sex juices and John’s limp cock coated with the same.  Finally, he pulled out and pulled his clothes back on, leaving Sara still tied and bent over the car naked, with sex running down her legs.  Rather than untie her, John carried his bound wife into the house and to their bedroom, laying her on the bed.  She made some sight, naked in heels and funky sunglasses, tied, gagged and completely satisfied.  He stripped of his own clothing and joined her on the bed, only pealing the tape form her lips and pulling the soaked gag free.  Sara laid tied up next to her husband as the two kissed, John’s hands holding his wife’s body against his.

“That was so amazing.” She said at last.

“As good as you hoped?”

“No, so much better that I imagined it could be.” She replied.  “Wow, what a ride.”

John finally removed the ropes from his wife and they were soon fast asleep.

The next day, John’s cell phone rang.  It was Sara.

“Have you checked the weather forecast for this evening?”

John laughed.  “Yeah, I did.  Looks like it will be a fine evening.  You game for another pleasant little ride in the country?”

“You bet I am,” Sara replied excitedly.  “as long as you’re willing to drive me around as well as you did last night.”