A Pleasant Surprise

by DMW

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© Copyright 2008 - DMW - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; discovery; oral; tickle; cons; X

It’s typical isn’t it?  You finally get enough money saved up for a deposit on your own house, allowing you and your fiancée to buy your own place and what happens?  Little brother decides he wants to move out too but being a lazy so and so, the only place he can afford is, that’s right, in with me and mine.

Apparently “mum” was cramping his style and he “needed some space” and of course, my fiancée won’t do anything about her little bro’ cramping my style and taking up my space, oh no.

We don’t have anything in common so hardly talk.  All I know is that he’s in my house, eating my food and stopping me from enjoying the kind of thing I enjoy which brings me to Gromets plaza because there couldn’t possibly be any kink while there’s a chance that baby brother might be able to hear.

Then there’s his girlfriend who seems like a nice enough girl and attractive, certainly.  Her mid length brown hair and brown eyes go well with her naturally tanned skin, giving her an exotic look that was somewhat alluring and we at least, did have some things in common and had a few things to talk about.

What she was doing with him, I had no idea!

One Saturday, my fiancée had left early to take little brother to work before calling into the office herself.  I knew what this meant and didn’t make her any lunch because there was no way she’d be back.

As for the girlfriend, well, to her I was okay with playing the good host.  I walked upstairs to “his” room and gently tapped on the door.  No response.  I tried a little louder and still nothing.  I knew she’d stayed last night and didn’t want to wake her but thought I’d better check she was okay and pushed the door open.

To say I was surprised at what I saw would be something of an understatement.  There was my future brother-in-law’s girlfriend, tied spread-eagle to the bed!  I stopped and held my breath, hoping she’d fallen asleep and hadn’t heard me knock and come in but as I did so, I realised I could hear music.  Faint music but certainly music that was coming from her direction.

This gave me the confidence to take in the whole situation.  Here was this girl, tied ankle and wrist to the bedposts wearing nothing but a black pair of panties that said “tie me up” and were held together with bits of ribbon, a black bra with a clasp on the front, a blindfold, ear pieces stuck in her ears and a small ballgag.

I realised that there was no way she could know I was there and, if I wasn’t excited enough by the image in front of me, that thought certainly added to it.  I took a closer look at the ties that bound her and I knew there was no way she could have done those herself.

“Well, what do you know?” I whispered under my breath to myself.  “It looks like we do have something in common after all.”

The only problem now was what to do about what I’d found.  Except it wasn’t a problem really and if you think it was, you’re in the wrong place!

I walked to her side, reached down to her knee and traced a single finger up to her inner thigh, stopping and removing the contact before I touched the material of her panties.

Her initial reaction was shock, causing a sharp intake of breath followed and then a moan of pleasure.  I walked to the other side of the bed and started at her thigh, where the panties ended and traced a finger all the way to her toes.

When I get under her foot, she scrunched her toes up and tried to stifle a laugh.  Never one to pass up an opportunity like this, I tickled her feet, watching as she thrust her ass all over the bed as small screams escaped the gag.

I watched for a few seconds after I’d stopped tickling her as her breathing returned to normal before climbing onto the bed, my legs placed between her spread ones and one arm either side of her chest.

Looking at her for a few moments, I leaned down and kissed her neck which prompted another sharp intake of breath and a moan, causing me to continue towards her shoulder with my lips and tongue.

I continued down, kissing each centimetre between her breasts when I reached the clasp of her bra.

‘Oh well,’ I thought.  ‘In for a penny, in for a pound.’

The clasp let go with a satisfying click and fell open, exposing her breasts and two very erect nipples.  I took one gently between my lips and sucked softly.  Her back arched slightly as she thrust her crotch towards mine.

‘Patience,’ I thought to myself.

I sat up on my knees and used her stomach as a piano.  She wasn’t as ticklish here as on her feet so I leaned forward again, running my hands up and down her sides as I kissed her belly.

Sitting up again, I picked up the ends of the ribbon on each side of panties and ran it across her skin.  Whether it was that nice or she was just anticipating what was coming, I don’t know but she moaned into her gag and squirmed on the bed.

I decided she should wait a little longer and started to kiss and caress all the down her left leg, pausing at the bottom to tickle her foot a little more.  Gotta love a ticklee!

Once at the top, I deliberately skipped over her panties, taking a wide arc over the top to just under her belly button before I started kissing and caressing her right leg.

Finally, I decided enough was enough and I had to see the rest of her.  I reached out for the ribbon on one side and pulled.  The simple tie came apart easily, the second just the same and I pulled the front of her panties onto the bed in front of me.

And there it was; the exposed, shaved pussy of my fiancée’s brother.  I leant towards it and took a deep breath, my cock pulsing in my jeans as I did so.

Without waiting, I leant further forward and pressed my tongue between her pussy lips and licked up, finding a hard clit beneath it.

Figuring now was as good a time as any, I sucked her clit into my mouth and began attacking with my tongue, my own personal trick for stimulation and sometimes, over stimulation.

Now I had her on the way, I stopped to kiss my initials over her bare pussy, wondering if she’d get the significance.  Given the way her breathing was coming in short, sharp bursts, I very much doubted she could tell me what day of the week it was frankly.

I returned to my position at her pussy entrance and probed it with my tongue.  Her taste was different to what I was used to, somehow sweeter and I grabbed her hips to pull her deeper into me.

My tongue went deep but it wasn’t deep enough and I adjusted my position and easily slid two fingers into her.  This left a spare hand and a tongue to use so I gently pulled up her clit hood and begin teasing it with the tip of my tongue as I slid those two fingers in and out of her.

It wasn’t long before she started throwing her head from side to side, something I could only take as a good thing as far as a cum for her was imminent.  If I was ready to let her.

‘Aww, don’t you want to cum?’  Thrash, thrash, thrash.  No, no, no!  Okay fine.  And I stopped.

She growled at me.  She actually growled through her gag and I wondered how close she really was.

I smiled a rather evil smile as I pondered going back to just touching her stomach, arms and legs or even worse, restoring her to her previous state and leaving her until her boyfriend came home but I wasn’t quite done with her.

Taking a deep breath, I probed and pressed and licked and nibbled and watched from the top of my vision as she started her head thrashing on the pillow.

Two fingers quickly replaced my tongue inside her as I returned that to her clit and kept her going for as long as I could before pushing her over the edge.

Having never seen her cum before, I didn’t know if that was normal but given the noise she made behind the gag, had she ever cum like that while not in bondage, the whole street would have heard her.

I waited at the foot of the bed while her breathing returned to normal and began to tidy her up although this was only doing her bra back up and tying the two bows back into her panties.

Watching at the door, I wondered if she’d work out it was me.  I suppose it would be inevitable.  Her boyfriend won’t be home for a few more hours and she’d be able to work out when everything had happened; a time when he wasn’t there.  It didn’t take long to get my answer.

That night, as we sat round the table eating take-away, my fiancée took another work related call and her brother went off to get a drink just for himself.  His girlfriend leaned over to me, took my hand and put it under the mini skirt she’d worn for the meal and onto her warm, bare pussy.

“I know that was you today,” she said.  I didn’t even try to hide it.  “I liked it.  He’s just in, screw me, then out.  Not how it used to be when we first started at all.  So here’s how it is.  I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.  He’s at work tomorrow.  Is she?”

I nodded yes and she smiled.

“Good.  I’ll be just where you found me today but tomorrow, I might just have a surprise for you.”

I love surprises, don’t you?