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Part One: “Why I Hate the Beach”

Rikki hated the beach. She hated the grainy feel of the sand between her toes. She hated the crowds pushing and yelling and making her feel trapped. She hated being out there with all those people in her bikini. Like most 20 year olds Rikki was under the misinformed assumption that she was not attractive if she even had a little weight on her body. If she were more objective she would have seen she was a tall leggy blond with a beautiful full face. Not to mention a cute little B Cup rack the bikini displayed to perfection.

So why was she here if she hated it so much? Well that was simple. He was here. Michael was the guy. The guy that every woman in town wanted to be with. He was tall, dark and yes handsome. A quarterback in high school he did everything he could to stay in shape. And oh god what a shape it was. Today he was in the middle of a beach volleyball game with his friends. Sweat rolled down his muscular chest as he spiked the ball across the net.

"Hey Michael," she said walking up.

"Oh hey, Rikki."

"You look like you're having fun."

"Oh yeah, you know it. I love trashing these jerkwads."

"Ha ha," his friend, and opponent, remarked.

"Well maybe when you're done we can hang out a little," she asked awkwardly.

"Sure, sounds great."

"But Mikey you promised to hang out with me today."

Oh god that nasally little voice.


Veronica was a bimbo. There was no other thing to call her. She wore clothes two sizes too small in an effort to emphasize her artificial assets. She flung herself at everything with a pulse and a penis and her IQ rivaled that of an ant.

"We can all hangout together," Michael said not really paying attention.

"I wouldn't want to be a third wheel," Rikki replied.

"Good then leave," Veronica snapped.

"Why don't you make me, skank?"

The two women got up into each other's face and began to stare each other down. Then the shoving started. Rikki stumbled backwards right into Michael's elbow.

"Oh Rikki I'm so sorry."

"It's OK, It's OK," she lied stumbling away.

She tripped over a piece of driftwood at her feet and fell ass first into a cooler. Everyone laughed. Rikki could feel her face begin to burn. Two women helped her to her feet.

"Come on," one of them told her.

As they helped her walk away from the laughing crowd one of the women turned back to look at a laughing Veronica.

"Watch out for that one," she yelled, "she told me she was ovulating and was gonna get her self a baby daddy today!"

"No I did not!"

But Michael was already backing away from her along with the other men.

The women walked Rikki down the beach to a near by Jeep.

"Where are we going?"

"We're gonna drive you down the beach a bit away from those assholes."

"You don't have to do that."

"Please, it's no problem, just let us help."

So embarrassed, sore, and frankly a little vulnerable she agreed. They helped Rikki into the backseat and drove off. God she could never show her face around here again. That was by the far the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to her.

The Jeep rolled to a stop. She had been lost in thought she hadn't really paid attention to where they were going. The others were nowhere to be seen. In fact there was no one around. The only sign of life was an underused dock with a motorboat moored to it.

"I don't think we had to go this far," she joked.

"Oh yes we did," one woman said.

"Can't have any witnesses," the other said.


Before she could process what they had said the women were on her. They grabbed her and threw her onto the beach. Rikki screamed and kicked and hit and tried to force them off her. At one point she did and managed to scramble away on her hands and knees when one of the women kicked her in the ass knocking her over so the other could grab her.

Producing rope they tied her arms and legs leaving her no way to move. They ripped off her bikini bottoms and shoved them into her mouth before wrapping it over with duct tape. Then they tore off her top and tossed it aside. One of the women roughly fondled her now bare breasts. She began whimpering behind her gag.

"She's perfect," the woman said.

"Let's go," the other replied.

They picked her up and dropped her in the boat. Starting her up they unhooked it from the dock and headed off into the sea.

Part Two: “Island of No Escape”

Rikki continued to scream into her makeshift gag but to no avail. They were too far out for anyone to hear her if there had been anyone out there to hear her. She struggled with all her might but her ropes wouldn't give.

"Shut up girl," one of the women said giving her a rap on the head.

She squealed indignantly. The boat came to a sudden stop.

"What gives?" the woman asked, "we're still miles away."

"Never. Hurt. The girls." her accomplice said coldly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean ..."

But it was no good. The other woman grabbed her now former partner by the hair and shoved her roughly off the boat. Without another word she started the boat and took off again. Rikki was silent for the rest of the trip.

The boat came to rest at a small dock. They had reached a small forested island several hours from the shore. From the looks of it no one had been here in a very long time. Why would they bring her here? She didn't have long to think about it though. Her captor left and returned with an electric golf kart. The woman forced Rikki into the passenger's seat and took off down a long and windy dirt road.

They rode for what felt like another hour or two deep into the woods until no sign of the outside world could be seen. Finally they pulled up to a large white house. The modernist structure was built at odd angles contoured into the hillside around it. A large picture window wrapped around a protruding circular room at the front. The front door opened and a woman strolled down to greet them. She walked with the speed of a woman with all the time in the world, which she clearly had.

This woman was beautiful. Twice her age this woman stood tall with a slender body which exuded great physical strength. Long wavy brown hair graced her shoulders. Large firm breasts jutted out from her chest demanding attention. What surprised Rikki most about this woman was the fact that this woman was naked too and seemed perfectly at ease with it.

"Here you go Madam," her captor said.

Rikki gulped as the woman walked lazily around her examining her naked body as if it were a piece of meat for her to examine. She could feel the power radiating off this woman.

"You've outdone yourself," she told the kidnapper, "the money will be in your account."

"Thank you Madam. Now I'll leave you two be, I have to fish an idiot out of the drink."

She climbed into the golf kart and took off again leaving Rikki alone with the woman. Somehow she knew she wasn't coming back.

"Oh dear look at you, sand and sweat all over you, that'll never do. Come along dear let's get you all cleaned up."

She took her arm and led her around back. A small stall open on all sides had been onto the back of the house to house an outdoor shower. Pulling the gag out of her mouth she untied her arms and legs. Before Rikki could say anything the woman drug her into the shower and turned it on. The sudden cold was a shock on her bare skin but it felt good. The woman grabbed a bottle of body lotion squeezing some into her hands. She then grabbed Rikki and began rubbing the cool soap all over her body.

"Hey stop that."

Rikki tried to back away but the woman just grabbed her and pulled her right up against her wrapping her in her strong arms. She didn't say another word just continued running her hands over Rikki's body grabbing handfuls of skin whenever she could. What scared her most about this whole situation was the fact that the attention was getting her wet, in a totally different way.

Suddenly the water was turned off and a towel was being drug all over her body hunting every drop of water on her skin. When she was done the woman drug her to a garage with a collection of electric golf karts. Choosing a nice white one she placed Rikki in the passenger's seat and drove off. They went off down the dirt road into the woods again.

"Where are we going?" Rikki asked nervously.

"Don't worry my pet I'm just showing off my island."

They rode around for a while as the Woman gave a little tour.

"As you can see my pet there is no one else is on this island but us. We are miles from the nearest city or outpost of any kind. I have no radio, television, telephone, internet or any other means of communication with the outside world. The only boat on or off the island is the one you came in on and it won't be back until a prearranged date and time."

"Why are you showing me this?"

"So you understand there is no point in trying to escape. You are my pet until the boat comes back so just do as you're told and everything will be alright. Who knows you may even come to enjoy it."

They drove back to the house.

"I'm feeling a bit peckish, let's get some lunch."

Apparently that meant Rikki had to make lunch. She felt so strange fixing the only thing she knew how to make (baked macaroni & cheese) in a strange woman's kitchen and completely naked to boot. She fixed two bowels and drinks and brought them into the spacious living room with the wide wrap around window. She handed the Woman hers in her chair then took the seat she'd been shown before: on the floor at the woman's feet. She wrapped her legs around Rikki placing her feet near her womanhood rubbing against it every few minutes as they ate quietly.

"Eat up Pet, we've got a full day ahead of us."

Part Three: “A Lesdom and her Pet”

After lunch the woman suggested they work off that food with a swim. Of course you've got a pool out here, Rikki thought, why the hell not? Oh and it's not a dinky little plastic pool either. No this pool suited it's owner. It was large and crystal clear. It did look awfully inviting on such a hot day.

"Don't just stand there," the Woman said, "get in."

Before Rikki could do or say anything the woman shoved her from behind. The cold water sent a sudden and electric thrill through her naked body she could not quite explain. With a loud splash the woman jumped in next to her.

"How about a little race?" she asked.

"I don't know."

"I'll tell you what if you win I'll give you free run of my home for three hours. That's three hours of peace from my ... attentions. But if I win I'm going to tie you up and fuck you for those three hours."

Rikki knew she didn't really have a choice and she was an OK swimmer all in all.

"Alright let's do this."

"Excellent, first to finish five laps wins. Go!"

Rikki took off with all the speed she could muster. She made it to one end of the pool then turned and headed the other way. She didn't dare look behind her. She had to keep going. She had to win. Who knows what she could do with those three hours. Finally five laps were up and she popped out of the water grinning.

"Hello pet."

Her heart sank.

"What took you so long?"

The Woman sat at the edge of the pool swinging her feet innocently.

"Oh did I forget to mention I'm an Olympic class swimmer?"

Of course she was. The Woman pulled her out of the water and toweled her off before commencing with the roping. She pulled her arms behind her back and tied them together. She bound her ankles together as well. She tied her arms to her her sides with two lengths of ropes framing her breasts.

The Woman scooped her up into her arms like a baby and began walking into the house. The whole way she smiled down at Rikki and playfully kissed at her lips. Rikki knew better than to resist. Soon they were in a lavish bedroom and Rikki was laid gently onto a large canopy bed. The Woman closed the curtains around them. There was no one else on the island to see them but by blocking out the outside world it made the space feel more ... intimate. The Woman lay on Rikki slowly, teasingly, wrapping her arms and legs around and pulling her close in.

She started lightly kissing Rikki's neck, sending little waves of pleasure crashing through her lithe bound body. Then the kisses got rougher and rougher until it felt like she was attacking her with her mouth. She moved up to her face kissing her all over until she reached her mouth. Rikki found the Woman's tongue forcing it's way into her mouth fighting to dominate her own. The Woman smiled as she continued her assault. After a moment Rikki realized why. Rikki had begun kissing her back. She hadn't even known she was doing it. Why was she doing it?

She didn't have time to think about it however. The Woman began kissing down her neck again this time moving to her breasts. She grabbed one of her nipples with her mouth and began to playfully bite and suck. Rikki began to scream out in ecstasy. Suddenly the woman left Rikki's breasts and made a bee line for her already moist pussy. There was no more thinking after that. Just three hours of the best sex she'd ever had.

When they were done they fell asleep with the Woman clutching Rikki to her. A few hours later Rikki awoke to find the Woman removing her ropes and carrying her out back to a waiting hot tub. They said nothing and did nothing. For what felt like forever they just soaked there with Rikki in her lap, head resting on her Mistress's breasts.

"It's time," the Woman eventually said.


She felt a small prick on her arm.


She looked and saw the woman lower a needle she'd just injected her with. Before Rikki could say anything darkness overtook her.

Rikki awoke. She had no idea how much time had passed. She looked around and saw she was on a beach. No she was on the beach, the one the women had taken her from. Had it all been a dream. Looking down she saw she was still naked and had some fading rope marks as well. No it was real. Next to her she found a duffle bag full of money. Attached was a note.

You deserve this, thanks for all the fun.

- Your Mistress Heart

Flipping it over she found another note on the back.

PS. I'm looking for a full time pet. Be here with my money in one month if you wish to accept.

One month later the Woman stood at the docks as the boat pulled up. Rikki stepped off duffle bag in hand.

"I believe this belongs to you," she said quietly, "and so do I."

The Woman threw the bag aside and pulled the already naked Rikki into her embrace and kissed her deeply and passionately. She then looked over Rikki's shoulder to the woman she employed.

"This will be your last visit here. I now have everything I could ever need so your services are no longer required."

"Yes Mistress.""

And with that she left, leaving Rikki to her new life.

"Ready Pet?"

"Yes Mistress."


She scooped Rikki into her arms and almost ran to her bedroom. She was so excited; her pet was finally home to stay.

The End

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