The Plastic Sandwich

by EasyD

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© Copyright 2007 - EasyD - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; public; hum; reluct; X

The BDSM Expo has been going on for two days already.

We have checked in at the hotel on Tuesday and from Friday morning Alicia and I planned to be lost in the aisles of the convention floor.

The BDSM Expo has plenty of things to entertain us, you see. We purchased a lot and I had so much fun watching Alicia squirming when I said that I absolutely had to get those hinged handcuffs, and that latex catsuit and also those latex panties. My wife gets excited at the idea of all these things but is a bit shy. She is also a tall (5' 9") willowy and gorgeous redhead with a slim waist and narrow hips and breasts that are just a bit too big for her chest but I don’t complain. A C cup is a bit snug but a D is too roomy so she stays with a C. Her nipples are small and tend to pucker and swell when she is turned on. Her face would launch a whole bunch of ships. A total 9.9 even though she doesn’t know how incredibly sexy lovely she is.

It was the first time we visited a exposition like this, so we scurried down the aisles all the time. Alicia was pretty shocked at first on the various exhibits and she was definitely not very comfortable with the models.

As a favor to me, Alicia had worn a flouncy green mini-skirt with green panties. Her jersey top was green also and the plunging neckline with her Victoria’s Secret push-up bra gave her reasonable spectacular cleavage. Alicia has a sexy ivory smooth chest and bosom which seems so innocent and feminine. Shy as she was, she still enjoyed the hungry look of the guys and the envious looks of the ladies as we walked about , she confided in a whisper. She wore her shoulder-length red-auburn hair pulled back into a pony-tail and I enjoyed the frankly envious looks of the men also as they noted Alicia’s leather collar and matching wrist and ankle slave bracelets. Her shoes were also green high-heels but not of exaggerated height because she was pretty spectacularly tall already. The green made her green eyes even more green.

In many of the exhibits women were in various grades of undress or stuck in various predicaments; i.e. handcuffed, rope-tied and so on. It was generally accepted that everyone who walked by was free to grope, pinch, kiss or lick where they wanted ... with the girl usually in no position to defend herself. One of the most interesting device along these lines was the rolling spread eagle trailer cart (RSETC). Essentially the RSETC WAS pulled by a small robotic golf cart. The cart was programmed to travel down each aisle and stop for a few minutes to allow inspection of the trailer-cart. The RESC was a large 6 foot steel square with two layers of plastic in the center forming a large window. The corners of the window were cut out and open. The plastic held a naked female manikin is an obscenely wide spread-eagle, her hands and feet were in the corner openings. The angle between the open inner thighs were just a bit more that ninety degrees which is pretty wide as such positions go. The interesting thing about the cart was that the breasts, pussy and ass of the manikin (the interesting parts) were covered front and back by frosted plastic covers...frosted enough to reveal that the manikin was, indeed,

anatomically correct, but leaving the fussy details rather hard to see. The head of the manikin was hidden by a dark tinted detachable plastic panel through which one could discern a dim pretty manikin face with a round mouth gagged and open to the outside of the plastic. It was easy to see a painted red tongue inside the tube-gag. The RSETC was sponsored by a San Diego plastics firm.

Actually Alicia was very uncomfortable about that particular display because as it traveled about the hall, the men seemed to be fascinated by the concept and came to inspect the figure as close as they could. They couldn’t touch the manikin of course but the plastic cover was scratched and worn in strategic places . I asked Alicia why she was bothered by the display.

“I don’t know” she said hesitantly. “It gives me the heebee-jeebies though. I guess it is the idea that people could see every thing a girl has got if she was in there and if those frosted panels were clear.”

“It’s just a store-dummy.” I said and grinned.

“An anatomically correct store dummy I think” Alicia replied, and giggled.

“Actually, I was surprised that they hadn’t hired a model to be in there.” I said.

“Me too.” Aliciad shook her head. “Maybe the models were a bit intimidated by the idea, like me.

I laughed. “You? Intimidated?” I shook my head ruefully.

She giggled. “I’m not saying that the idea isn’t a scary turn on...I’m saying that the damn thing scares me shitless. The robot thing is a part of it, maybe. The thing just rolls around by itself and there is no protection for the girl inside.’s just a manikin I know....and they can’t get at her...”

“Which is scarier?” I asked. “The idea of being seen or the idea of being felt up by all those strange men?”

“Oh Jesus! Tom.” She squeaked. “ They can’t get at her, can they? After all she is totally helpless and spreadeagled.”

“The girl manikin? No.” I said. “Unless they remove those frosty panels.)

“They can take those frosty panels off?” Alicia asked breathlessly.

“Yeah. They can. I asked and they said that they can leave the panels off or put clear ones or opaque ones on.

“Wow!” Alicia said. “That is really scary. She is totally wide open. She wouldn’t be able to

stop those guys from taking any liberties they wanted to.”

“Would you like to try it?” I ask casually.

Alicia grinned. “Not a chance, fella.” She said emphatically. “No Way hose. No lookee no toucheee --- thems are my rules”

“What if we used the opaque panels and I don’t let anyone near you.?

She looked at me skeptically “You’d get me in there and then put the clear panels on it.” She said. “Or take off the panels and let those guys feel me up.”

“I wouldn’t do that.... Well maybe” I said. “Actually tomorrow is the last day and the guy said he was looking for a real model to wear a Bikini in it. If the panels are opaque no one would be the wiser.”

I smiled. Every time I tried to talk her in trying something for me right there on the exhibition floor, she refused. She was terrified at the idea of the possibility of being touched by complete strangers without being able to defend herself.

“Do you trust me?” I asked.

“Not a fucking bit” She answered using the vulgarity for emphasis. And this, no matter how much I guaranteed her that I would keep everyone at bay, her fear overcame her trust in me. I shrugged.

So, on Friday night after a light meal and several glasses of wine, we returned to our rooms before going back to the display ball room . The last night was a party-night. I wondered what else would be going on. When we were back in our room, I challenged her. If I could assure her no one is gonna be able to see or touch her, would she try it for me.

After a pause, she said “yes, I must be crazy but ok” so I had only to make a call to set my plan in motion.

While she was in the shower, the two guys from the Plastics Company, Joe and Ed, brought the RSETC into the room on its rubber tires. It fit behind the curtain in the outer room rather neatly, actually. The two of them hid in the closet and I told them to be quiet.

When she got out of the shower I dried her off and wrapped her in a big warm robe and gave her a glass of wine. She smiled at me seductively and, I am sure, wondered what I was up to. I smiled and considered my plan. Actually Alicia was absolutely right not to trust me but we had never gotten too carried away with our games. Alicia’s lovely body had long sexy legs and a wonderful set of tits that any Hollywood starlet would envy.

“I think we should screw around a bit before we go down.” I grinned.

“What did you have in mind, lover?” She said, giving me a mischievous look.

“Well, we have a few new toys to play with.” I said. I held up the handcuffs. Alicia smiled and turned her back putting her hands behind her so that I could put the cuffs on her.

“Is this what you had in mind?” she asked with that coquette look.

“It’s a start.” I said. Once she had the cuffs on, I stepped behind her and put her blind fold over her eyes.

“What the hell?” She twisted about. “What are you doing, Tom?”

I pulled the robe off her body and stroked her gently. “Just having a bit of fun, darling,” I fitted her hood over her head.

She objected. “Dammit, Tom. What are you doing?” Her head tossed as she resisted mouth ring built into the hood.

“Open up sweety.” I said. She really didn’t have much choice cuffed as she was.

“Ahhh wahhh oooo iing oooeeec ooott hiitt!!”

“I heard that” I said with a smile. “You look so nice naked with your hood on.”

“Huck ooo!” She said. I went to the closet and put my finger to my lips cautioning silence. The boys nodded. One of them was a big football player type.

Alicia twisted on the bed. “Airrr arrr ooo?”

The boys carefully rolled the RSETC into the room and set the brake. There was a click as the heavy plastic sides opened The bottom and the top opened seperately allowing the girl’s arms and torso to be locked in before the lower limbs were spread and locked. Interestingly there were velcrow straps to secure the ankles while the torso was positioned.

Alicia’s body froze upon hearing the click. I went back to her and touched her arm. “You are gorgeous, you know.” I said.

“Huck neee!” She said.

I smiled. “You said you would try something for me first, darling.” I said.

“Hmmmph” She snorted. I stuffed a cloth gag in her ring opening and pulled a snap shut on it.


I reached down and unlocked her cuffs and pulled them off. She brought her hands around rubbing her wrist. I nodded to my accomplices and they each grabbed a wrist and arm.

“Eeeeeeeahhhhh!” She screamed in embarrassed surprise. “Mpppphhhhh!” She said loudly as she was frog-mached over to the RSETC and backed into the depression in the plastic that fit her body perfectly. Her arms were fitted into the arm-slots and she was lifted off the floor. I velcrowed her feet before she could kick. The arm slots were at an upward angle.

The top half of the RSETC closed on her torso and the head attachment closed seperately on her ring-gag with the cloth still filling her mouth. Her hands were fluttering like birds in the corner openings at the end of their transparent imprisoned arms.

Ed and Joe each grabbed a shapely ankle and released the velcro. They easily fit her long lovely legs into the plastic depressions that seemed made for them. The bottom half of the sandwich closed and my naked wife was obscenely spread wide on the inside of the transparent but slightly blue tinted plastic sandwich. Her bare feet, like her hands, were accessible. Her feet and toes curled helplessly. I know that she knew what I had done and I knew that she was really pissed because two strangers had helped to man-handle her naked body into the RSETC. And I knew that in a moment, she would realize what being a model in the RSETC really meant.

Alicia was screaming through the gag but not much was coming through because there was a plug over the opening into her mouth. “Ok” I said. Alicia stopped making a sound because she wanted to hear what I was saying.

“ I promised her that I would not use the clear panels.” I said. Alicia stayed quiet. “I don’t like those frosty panels.” Alicia was quiet. “ I think the opaque panels are ugly.” Silence. “ And any panel at all will keep guys from being able to cop a feel.” I could almost hear Alicia’s brain working. “So...ok.” I said. “No Panels at all.”

“Eeeeeeeeeearrrgh!” Evidently my wife in the sandwich was not happy.

“Are you sure, Tom?” Ed said.

“Yeah. That is the way she would like it, I think... After all, why be wheeled about down there in public if all the guys can’t see all her parts and play with them.” I said with a wicked smile.

“Rrrrrrr” came the sound from the RESC.

“There are some things I want to do that your boss said we can.”

Joe nodded. “Of course.” He opened the head part of the RESC and replaced the tinted head cover with a clear one. I undid the hood and pulled it off of her face. Although she had her blindfold still covering her eyes the ring gag was off.

“God damn you Tom You get me out of this fucking thing right now!” She screamed.

“Let me get that blind fold off, Sweets.” I said. “It adds to the enjoyment when you can see what is happening.”

“Nothing is going to happen you son-of-a-bitch. You know that this thing scares the fucking shit out of me, dammit. I don’t want a bunch of strangers staring are me and touching me where ever they damn well please and I know where they want to be touching me and I don’t want anybody looking at me let alone touching me without me being able to do anything about it. Dammit.”

“Now Alicia. Don’t worry. I’ll be watching... at least most of the time. Remember that the little golf cart just goes a bit and stops and then goes a bit and then stops. These guys can’t really do anything except touch and tickle and lick a bit.”

“Goddammit Tom. I don’t want any Yahoo feeling me up and looking at me.” Alicia screamed angrily. Joe motioned me over to one side.

I went over to the corner with him. “I don’t know if you want to use this part.” Joe started in a whisper. “But the head unit has a flange that fits into the sides of her mouth and pulls her jaw down while the forehead is immobilized. It is very comfortable but she won’t be able to avoid anyone french-kissing her. Her open mouth will be totally available. If someone could climb up there, she’d be giving free blow-jobs too.”

I grinned an evil grin. “Lets do it.” I said.

The head-strap was easy enough but Alicia refused to open her mouth when she saw what we wanted to do. A little tickle on her open pussy and she dropped her jaw. The flange was nicely engineered and the screw tightened easily so that her mouth was opened wide but not uncomfortable so. Her articulation was pretty well gone, though. I kissed her deeply and she was helpless to stop my probing tongue playing in her mouth. “Give me your tongue” I ordered her.

“Ooo” She refused.

“Stick it out and into my mouth” I said.


I twisted her nipple viciously. “Eeeeeeaargh” She stuck her tongue out and a caught it with my teeth. She whimpered as I bit down on it. “You will have to be ready to obey anyone who tells you to do something.” I said.


The panel was already gone from her chest area and her tits were easy to see and feel. I removed the panel from her groin area. She was actually uncovered and bare skin from her naval all the way to ten inches below her widely spread thighs. There was enough room to feel the inside of her thighs with a full hand with spread fingers. I dug into the smooth soft skin inside her thigh just below her cunt. I raised my hand just a few inches as I felt her shaved pubic area and stuck my finger into her pussy. It was wet. As I felt down there my fingers felt some large rubber bands dangling down from behind her ass.

“What the hell!” I exclaimed.

Joe laughed. “There are some rubber bands attached behind her back just above her butt. You can pull those bands up between the lips of her cunt and give her an interesting ride.”

I examined the bands. There were three bands a quarter inch thick. “Damn.” I said. “What if you pull those damn things out at a full stretch aimed at her clit.”

Joe smiled. “I’m told that it is a major full-speed son-of-a-bitchin clit-whippin maximum pussy torture. She will promise anything to avoid another taste.”

“OK. How long do you tour the show with her?”

“Three hours.”

Needless to say, she was a sensation from the git go.

The fact that the face-plate was removed meant that her face was in full view. Her mouth was held open which was a slight distortion of her face but she felt as if everybody already knew who she was. Everytime the RSETC stopped, somebody groped her tits, stuck their fingers in her vagina and kissed her on her helplessly open mouth. In the first ten minutes she had ten tongues in her mouth and ten fingers up her pussy and another five fingers up her ass. Luckily she was never in one spot long enough for anyone to get too intimate.

About every five minutes somebody found the rubber bands behind her ass and gave her a ride. And not a few pulled the rubber back to maximum and let fly at her open clit. She could not help screaming out in pain when that happened and that just seemed to encourage some.

After about an hour I stepped up to her and said. “I’m going to get a drink. I’ll be back in ten minutes. You should be ok.” She screamed helplessly at me. “Don’t leave me here like this!!!.” She screamed, but the words came out garbled and I was gone. I had abandoned her as she had feared I might. She probably had not realized how much she had depended on my remote protection. This was psychological torture but I observed her from a way behind her line of sight.

The RSETC robot controlled cart stopped in Aisle B and she watched the crowd fearfully. A particularly evil looking guy stepped in front of her helplessly spread body. He reached over and flipped a switch on the robot cart. She realized that she was going to be here as long as he wanted to play with her. Her terror level climbed. He stepped back raking her naked exposed body with his eyes. She was hypnotized as she watched him. His hands snaked out and slapped her breasts twice in both directions which both surprised her and stung like crazy. She was scared and she was open and available and totally helpless. He could do what he wished to her and she could not defend herself in the slightest. He slapped her tits again. He stepped up close and slowly approached her open mouth with his own. She moaned helplessly as she tried to avoid his open mouth. He kissed her. His tongue was mint but his lips were tainted with cigar smell. She could not stop him from tasting her mouth deeply. She moaned in helpless fury as his tongue felt freely around inside her moist mouth.

“Give me your tongue.” He ordered. She hesitated.

He put his hands on her tits fingering her nipples. She obeyed reluctantly. He captured her tongue with his teeth just like I had and played her as he fingered her wide open cunt. While still playing in her mouth he pulled the rubber bands and snapped them on her clit. She screamed into his mouth. Her hands fluttering uselessly and toes curling. Her implacable plastic sandwich held her totally and securely. She was an open plaything.

She was totally at his disposal. She could deny him nothing of herself. Her pussy, tits, mouth... whatever. She simply was completely available in a way she could not have believed. Her open legs opened her genitals and ass to whoever wanted to play with them. Her arms were open and immobilized so that her chest was unavoidable and completely available and her tits could be played with, slapped, pinched tweaked and pulled. There was nothing she could to protect herself. She was totally vulnerable and erotically frustratingly available and there was not a damn thing she could do about it. A hundred eyes feasted on her helpless nakedness. A hundred hands reached for her cunt and penetrated her deepest mysteries. A hundred rough hands kneaded her tits and rolled her nipples, pulled and twisted. At this moment however it was just one evil tormentor. I was so damn turned on by her predicament.

Finally the evil man let her go. He bent down and licked her nipples as he fingered her vagina. He smiled at her helplessness as she moaned in frustration and turned away as I approached.

I gave her a taste of my wine and smiled. I had watched from afar. Alicia was totally scared and tortured and humiliated. Cameras were popping all over and Alicia was the star of a hundred fantasies.

I turned on the robot again and adjusted a dial. “I think you need more time at each stop.” I said. “I’m going over to the leather shop for a while. Enjoy.” I left again. Alicia couldn’t believe that I would do that.

A big fat man stood in front of her. She moaned with revulsion as he approached. While she was totally revolted by the beast, I could tell, she could not deny him her mouth or anything else. He played with her cunt for ten minutes making sure that he felt all of her. His fingers played over her everywhere. He kneaded her tits with ferocious energy. He twisted her nipples and she moaned. I knew she would feel the bruises for days. He felt deep inside her pussy and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop him.. She felt him stick his fat finger well up her ass and when he discovered the rubber bands, he tortured her with twenty snaps of brutal efficient sharp torture at her cunt. She moaned and screamed for him to stop. And then he explored her mouth with his tongue once more for at least two minutes. Her head was immobilized but her face was slightly tilted up making kissing her an easy exercise. She could deny him nothing inside her mouth as he used his own saliva to moisten his exploration of her tongue and teeth.

A beautiful young woman stood in front of her and turned off the robot. I wondered what the hell she was up to. Well, I had forgotten that women are worse than guys when it come to inflicting pain. She had brought her own rubber bands to use on Alicia’s breasts. I had once used a rubber band on my own arm....just once. It was a major sting. For ten minutes the small rubber bands twanged and stung her tits around and on her nipples. Her screaming was efficiently muffled by a large tape over her open mouth. And when the girl was done, she ripped the tape off and kissed her mouth so open and available. And she turned on the Robot and was gone.

Somebody snuck up behind Alicia and reached around her head and put tape on her eyes. She hadn’t seen him or her coming and it was a surprise. It wasn’t me but I was interested in the result. From then on Alicia was blind and that made her ordeal even worse, I knew ( and she told me later). She could not see who was exploring her open mouth. Who slapped her tits or fired rubber bands at her cunt. She just knew they were there and could see her available body and do whatever they wished and there was nothing she could do about it. She could hear the comments about welts on her breasts or the redness around her bare open vagina that had taken so many hits. Some remembered her from before and commented about that. The feeling of humiliation was palpable. She moaned and whimpered in rage and defeat. Someone laughed.

I watched as she was whipped for a solid ten minutes on her tits and she could not stop whoever it was. It was a stinging whip that went back and forth every two seconds. Left tit—right tit---lift the left one by the nipple and whip under. Lift the right one and whip under. Then on the nipple of the left then the right. Then the cycle repeated over again. And she was blind. She couldn’t see the whip coming.

I was a bit too far away to stop a girl who ignored the rubber bands and whipped her pussy with an old fashion dog-whip. From the voice, she knew it was a woman she told me later. Alicia screamed and screamed. People laughed. And there was, of course, no way she could close her legs and protect her pussy. So her obscenely wide open cunt was whipped and watched and fingered and felt.

One kind man poured a martini down her open mouth. That seemed to encourage a number of men to enjoy her mouth while they played with her tits and open vagina. The fact that she could not see her tormentors seemed to give some license to do more than they might otherwise have done. She heard a female tell her campanion “ Put your cigar out on her nipple, Max.” She felt the heat of the Cigar but she heard another voice.

“That is not allowed, Max.” Said the voice.

“Aww.” the girl’s voice complained. “I’d bet she’d scream like crazy”.

Alicia felt some relief although she did not recognize the voice. I recognized the voice as Ed’s who had been on guard the whole time. I am sure that, at that point she realized that at least there was some limit on what could be done to her. It didn’t stop the eyes she knew were on her nor did it stop the fingers and hands and tongues and lips that touched her wherever the plastic sandwich let them. But nobody would be putting cigars out on her body.

Finally I gave her the good news. “Just one more hour, darling.” I informed her.

“Rrrrr” She replied frustrated and angry and humiliated and totally turned on.

“I think it would be fun if people could express their artistic talents on your wonderfully available parts, my dear. So a little sign is in order.” I read her the hand-lettered sign since the tape on her eyes rendered her blind. “Draw and write what you wish on me. - in permanent ink.” I read.

“Don’t worry, Alicia. These inks will not last more than a few weeks. I am taping the sign on the top of the RSETC.” I reached up and taped the sign on the top I put the package of felt-tip pens in a tray on the Robot cart and walked away to observe the feeding frenzy.

Alicia could not avoid the artistic expressions that many of the younger adult men and women in the hall seemed to want to decorate her with. But she played the part of a lewdly spread human girl-canvas for several artists. At one time she was being drawn on by five different people. Tits, ass, upper thighs and bare cunt seemed to receive a great bit of attention but her face was decorated also, much to her dismay. And there was nothing she could do about it.

It was only months later when the last of the obscene messages and pictures had faded from her body did she realized what an incredible adventure it had been. She had orgasms just thinking about it. She often found low quality recordings of her ordeal on the internet. She enjoyed them because they seemed to have been taken of someone else...although she connected with them in a deep visceral way. But she doubted she could ever return to next year’s convention. How could her husband ever top the dirty trick he had played on her last time?