The Pit of Pleasure 4

by Iona Holye

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© Copyright 2014 - Iona Holye - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/mf+; majick; creatures; trap; bond; rope; captives; dungeon; bdsm; whip; torment; tease; mythical; fantasy; clamps; toys; insert; oral; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Part Four

“You know,” Crystal said as they made their way down through more tunnels. “I’m starting to have a bad feeling about this whole adventure.

“Only starting to?” Brunhilde said. She clearly wasn’t happy about what had happened back at the tree.

“It’s just… doesn’t it feel to anyone else like someone is manipulating us through this? Looking on for their own cruel amusement?”

“It’s called narrative, thief,” Urik snapped from where he was guarding the rear. Or at least looking at all their rears. “Deal with it.”

“I’m serious,” Crystal insisted. “Party members picked off one by one, hideous torments… it all feels like one big trap.”

Lord Antram shook his head. “I don’t care. My beloved princess is still here somewhere, and I will do whatever I must to get her back. And if you don’t like it, then there are worse punishments than the spanking wheel back home.”

Crystal blanched slightly at that. “I was just saying it.”

“You don’t need to worry, Crystal,” Brunhilde assured her, putting an arm around the thief in a way that put her formidable breasts level with Crystal’s face. “I’ll protect you.”

“As if you could protect anyone,” Urik scoffed. “I’ll protect the girl though. No one can best Urik. And then I’ll carry her off to put her in chains in my bed.”

Brunhilde bristled at that. “As if you could best anyone. I’m the real fighter here.”

Urik brandished his two handed sword. “You? A mere woman could never-”

Crystal swallowed. “Um… thanks, I think. Oh look, is the tunnel opening out?”

It was. It widened and then gave way to a cavern that could only be described as some form of arena. There were rows and rows of seats around the sides, all empty at the moment. There was sand on the floor, and a huge pair of doors at the far side of the place, flanked by pennants that showed scenes that were… well, Crystal didn’t look too hard. There were also tubes, through which a voice boomed.

“Hold, challengers. Who will face the champion of the arena? The child of the demons of war. The dread guardian.”

The four of them stopped. Lord Antram looked around. “This is obviously some kind of guardian. We must be getting close. Ready yourselves.”

“I’m always ready,” Brunhilde said, hefting her axes. “I’ll deal with this, whatever it is.”

“You?” Urik said. “I will protect us from whatever vile, hideous-”

He stopped as a figure stepped into the arena. Probably because he was busy staring. It was a young woman, slender and with dark hair, wearing a surprisingly demure floral robe. She gave them a small wave.

“Hi, I’m Tiffany,” she said, and it was obvious to Crystal that it had been her voice coming through the tubes. “Since the ORCS have all run off, I’ve had no one to fight. I don’t suppose one of you would like to face me, would you?”

“You want to fight us?” Crystal said.

“Well, I am meant to be the guardian of the arena. It’s rather what I’m here for. Would you like to go first?”

“I call dibs on her!” Urik yelled.

“No way!” Brunhilde insisted. “For something like this, a woman’s touch is required!”

“You wish!”

“Please don’t fight over me,” the young woman said. “Fight me. Both at once, if it will make things easier.”

Tiffany slipped out of the robe, which seemed like a rather unfair move. Mostly because, beneath the robe, she was wearing an outfit that would have gone down really quite well in the Guild of Buxom Adventuresses. There was the black leather bikini, for example, not to mention the boots that went halfway up her thighs and the gloves that covered most of her arms. Then there were the chains and lengths of rope strung about her almost like jewellery. Yes, she would have fit in very well at the Guild.

Brunhilde and Urik both seemed to think that she would fit better in their beds, because they both rushed forward, converging on the woman before them. At the last moment, almost impossibly, Tiffany twisted out of the way, and the two collided.

“Watch where you’re going, you muscle bound oaf,” Brunhilde snapped.

“Why don’t you watch where you’re going, woman who clearly needs a man to control her?” Brunhilde assayed a swing of her axe at Urik’s head.

“Please don’t fight each other,” Tiffany said. “Fight me.”

The two barbarians seemed to get the message, moving to circle the young woman. Urik struck first, aiming a blow with the flat of his blade that was obviously intended to stun her until he could get chains on her.

It didn’t work that well. Or at all, in fact, as Tiffany leapt nimbly over the blow. Something clicked sharply, and a moment later, there was a length of chain dangling from Urik’s wrist.

Brunhilde attacked next. She two didn’t seem to be interested in really hurting the girl. Instead, she rushed in from behind, ready to catch Tiffany in a bearhug. The young woman dropped at the last possible moment, rolling between Brunhilde’s legs and coming up behind her. Somewhere in the middle of that roll, there was another click, and a pair of manacles appeared on the barbarian woman’s ankles.

“I have her,” Urik bellowed, and ran forward, trying for a grab of his own. Again, Tiffany slid neatly inside his blow. In an instant, Urik’s wrist was connected to his ankle.

“I’m starting to think that you two aren’t really trying,” Tiffany said with a pout.

Brunhilde growled. This time she did swing her axe in earnest. It didn’t make any difference. Tiffany parried it with a length of chain, wrapped it around her wrist, and then tied the other end to Urik while he wound up for a blow of his own.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Blow by blow, Tiffany dodged, and with every movement out of the way, it seemed that Urik or Brunhilde acquired some new bit of chain or rope. Urik stumbled as his ankles were tied together. Brunhilde cried out as Tiffany took advantage of some close in fighting to tie in place a neat crotch rope. An overhand swing from Urik found his second wrist bound somewhere behind his back.

In less than a minute, the two were hopping a foot from one another, caught in a giant cat’s cradle of rope and chain. A cat’s cradle that left Tiffany holding one trailing bit of rope. She pulled, and it seemed like the whole thing contracted. In an instant, Urik and Brunhilde were jerked to one another, pressed impressive bosom to massive pectorals, practically lip to rope gagged lip. They stood there like that for an instant, and then toppled over onto the sand.

“Just like with the ORCS,” Tiffany said, with a faint note of disappointment.

“Unhand my people!” Lord Antram said, and started to rush forward. Crystal got in the way.

“Can you fight better than both of them together, my lord?”

“Um… no.”

“And would you like to end up hogtied on the sand for Tiffany there to use as she likes?”

“Um… no?”

“So why are you about to charge in to fight her? Let me try to handle this.” Crystal turned to the warrior woman. “Tiffany, those are great boots, incidentally. The Guild of Buxom Adventuresses would love you.”

“Oh, are you a member? I used to be, because I’d heard about the things that always happen to its members on adventures, but somehow, I kept coming through unscathed. Just like here!” She sounded on the verge of tears.

“Tiffany,” Crystal said, “why do I get the feeling that you don’t want to win here?”

“It’s not that,” she sniffled. “It’s just… I want to feel what it’s like. When I tie people up and ride them mercilessly into pleasurable oblivion, they always seem so… so excited about it.”

“Well, they would,” Crystal said.

“And I just want that to be me one day. To be forced to submit to someone, tied helpless and incapable of fighting back. But no one can beat me because I’m part war demon. It’s not fair.”

“There, there,” Crystal said. She risked patting Tiffany’s arm. “Have you considered, you know, just letting someone tie you up?”

Tiffany shook her head. “Why would anyone want to do that without a good fight?”

“Oh, I think you’d be surprised, sweetheart. Maybe when we’re done here, I could show you a few places.”

Tiffany beamed. “You’d do that for me?”

“If you’re really lucky, I’ll slip a sedative into your drink and you’ll wake up on a slave caravan heading for the blasted lands.”

“Oh, thank you!” Tiffany hugged her. Thankfully, Crystal didn’t acquire anything more restrictive in the process than a quick rope harness.

“Tiffany, if we try to leave through the doors, will we have to fight you?”

Tiffany shook her head. “Oh, the doors. I don’t care about them. I just like to fight people.”

“And… could we maybe have our friends back.”

That got another head shake.


“I know you’re going to do all these wonderful things for me, Crystal, but what if you don’t come back? I mean, I know it’s not the same, me being the one forcing them to eat me until I can barely think anymore, but it’s something, you see.”

Crystal patted her arm again. “I know.”

“You could fight me for them, if you really wanted them back.”

“No, I think we’re good, thanks.” She looked at the bound forms of the two barbarians. “Enjoy.”


“I’m telling you, Xantha, there’s something wrong with all this.” It might have been easier to convince the dark elf noble if she hadn’t still been busy dragging Eoline along like the least of slaves. Normally, Eoline didn’t mind, it went with the job, but this really wasn’t the place.

Actually, this place was odder even than most of the rest of the ones that they’d been through so far. There were mirrors on the walls, on stands, everywhere. Normally, Eoline wouldn’t have minded mirrors. She was used to them on the ceilings of the temples. But there was something wrong about this.

“Stop complaining and tell me if I look fat in this,” Xantha said.

“Xantha, you’re standing in front of a distorting mirror, it’s designed to make you look fat.”

“So you’re saying that it does?” Xantha demanded, pushing Eoline back against one of the planes of glass. Was it wrong that Eoline’s heart sped up at that? After all, she was a priestess of the goddess.

“No, of course not.”

“This, after losing the lamia ambassador?” Xantha pressed closer.

“That wasn’t my fault,” Eoline wailed.

“So whose fault was it? Mine? Well?”

“No, but-”

“You know, since this trip started, I’ve wanted to give you a good spanking for losing my husband slave to be. Maybe I’ve left this too long.”

“You… mmph.”

Eoline moaned in pleasure as Xantha cut her off with a kiss. It seemed a strange thing for the dark elf noble to do, but she wasn’t complaining. Well, not any more than needed to excite Xantha a little more. When Xantha’s hands went up to her breasts, Eoline knew she’d judged it right.

“I think that there’s something wrong with these mirrors,” Illia said, interrupting before Xantha could do more than fondle Eoline in the briefest of ways. Spoilsport. “And with this room. Something feels wrong. It feels… magical.”

The only thing Eoline could feel right then was need. She’d been toyed with too many times today without ever getting off. Now here she was, naked as… well, as she ended up most days in the temple, bound up tightly in an arm binder and with a leash around her throat. If Xantha didn’t do anything soon, she thought she might burst.

But she managed to focus on the mirrors long enough to see that Illia was right. There was something wrong with them.

“They aren’t showing us,” Eoline said. “Look, Xantha.”

Instead of the three of them, the mirrors seemed more like paintings. They showed glimpses of other places, other people. There was one of an empty dungeon, chains hanging limply. There was one of what seemed to be a party, with so much naked flesh that it took even Eoline, who’d had special training, a moment or two to work out which bit belonged to which participant. There were the ones that showed people bent over in torment, tied in packages, or worse. There were others that seemed to show would be tormentors, hefting whips and pincers, only without anyone to torment.

“I think it’s a variation of the normal magic mirror spell,” Illia said. “Using mobile illusions in a field of erotic possibility, with-”

“Illusions?” Xantha said. “As in, ‘they can’t do anything to us’?”

“Well, yes, I suppose.”

“So shut up. The priestess and I have some unfinished business. Unless you want to join in?”

“I… I think one of us should keep watch,” Illia suggested.

Eoline smiled at that. “I like it when people watch.”

“Shut up, priestess,” Xantha snapped. “You still haven’t made it up to me for losing my husband-slave.”

When she lifted her wedding dress, Eoline knew exactly how Xantha expected her to make it up to her. Not that Eoline minded, so long as she still got her spanking afterwards. She fell to her knees eagerly, letting Xantha pull her forwards to her already slick snatch.

“I knew you priestesses had to be good for something,” Xantha sighed as she held Eoline there. With her arms bound, Eoline couldn’t do anything but use her tongue, but she’d had special training in that, too. From the corner of her eye, she saw Illia leaning back against a mirror, her hand going down to touch herself in exactly the way Eoline couldn’t.

Eoline kept up her efforts on Xantha, mostly because the one time she paused, Xantha’s spare whip cracked down across her buttocks to encourage her. Oh well, the wedding blessing of the bride was traditional. Eoline could still see Illia, the magus’ head thrown back in pleasure.

So when Illia stopped so suddenly that she actually moaned in frustration, it didn’t bode well.

“Stop,” Illia said. “Wait.”

“You wait,” Xantha snapped back. “I’ve been waiting for this all day. I was going to have to fuck a husband thing before just to get at this pretty priestess. I’m not stopping now.”

“But all this… does it strike you as normal?”

Around the dark elf cities? Certainly. Eoline wasn’t stupid enough to stop her work. Besides, she liked the idea that even on her wedding day, Xantha had been thinking about her. About the firmness of her breasts. About…

“Xantha, wait,” Eoline managed. “Ow! Stop with the whip! There’s something wrong here, can’t you see?”

“It’s an arousal field,” Illia said. She closed her eyes in an expression of raw need. “Oh goddess. I need… I want…”

Hands seemed to press up against the mirror’s glass from the other side. Up against it, and then through it. They snatched and pawed at the mage, making her arc back with a purr of pleasure. Then Illia’s eyes snapped open.

“No. Oh no.”

The hands yanked, and it was like Illia disappeared into a pool of water, ripples spreading over the mirror. Eoline looked around, and in an instant it seemed that the images had changed. Now, there was a dark skinned, white haired figure at the centre of all of them. Illia, bound amongst all the others tied. Illia, on her knees waiting for the next cock to shove into her mouth. Illia, at the heart of a crowd of tormentors…

In that moment, Eoline couldn’t stand it anymore. She had to get to the mirrors. Through the mirrors. She had to get her party member back. She had to take her place. Yes, that was it. Raw need sang through Eoline’s body, and she ran for the nearest of the mirrors.

“Oh no you don’t!” Xantha snapped, with a jerk on the leash that landed Eoline on her backside.

“But Illia, the mirrors…”

“She said they were illusions. Illusions only work if you believe in them. Well, I believe that you’re mine, not theirs. Focus.”

Eoline summoned up what was left of her will, pushing aside the compulsion that had filled her. “Thanks, Xantha.”

“You can thank me back on your knees.”


“Did I tell you to talk? We’re going to find my husband slave. We’re going to sort out whoever is playing games with us. But first, first, I’m going to get at least one decent orgasm on my wedding day, grabby mirror hands be damned.”

Eoline sighed, but she knew Xantha wasn’t going to let it go. And they would probably be safe from the mirrors where even now Illia writhed in a thousand torments. Eoline because Xantha had a firm grip on her leash, and Xantha because… well, who would be stupid enough to try to trap Xantha?


Oriae barely had the strength to writhe now. She was sweat sheened, her body slick with the effort of struggling as torment after sweet torment touched her skin. Every glance at one of the crystals brought something new. Slender chains had come out to bind her in place. A whip had come out to slash across her flesh. Pincers pinched. Dildos penetrated. Gags gagged.

And still she didn’t orgasm. Much more of this and it felt like she would lose her mind, go mad with the simple need of it. Much more of it and it felt like she would be nothing more than a being of pure need and frustration, manipulated to the edge and back again so many times by this cruel machine of Jarell’s while she watched so many others suffer so beautifully in his traps. If he’d been there right then, Oriae could only wonder what kind of feast she would have represented for an incubus like him.

There was the shape of something there, the beginnings of a thought. Yet it was quickly driven from her head as she made the mistake of looking into another glass and the probes penetrating her resumed their thrusting…


“This had better be it,” Crystal said. “At this rate, we’re not going to have a party by the time we reach this princess of yours.”

“Even two can be enough to stand against evil when their hearts are strong.”

Crystal didn’t know about Lord Antram’s heart, but the rest of him looked pretty good to her. “Um… I don’t suppose, before you get around to the whole wedding thing, that you’d like to-”

“Behold!” Lord Antram said, gesturing with his sword.

“Behold what?”

“I mean, I think we’re here. Look.”

It did indeed look more like a private room than another trap, although as Crystal’s tutors had pointed out the fifth or sixth time she got caught up in their nooses and nets back at the Guild, ready for diddling with a dildo, traps that looked like traps weren’t much use to anyone.

This though definitely looked like a room. There was a large bed in a particularly rumpled state, a rack of clothes, a rack, an interesting selection of sex toys Crystal decided to classify as incidental treasure, some stacks of books, a cage with a cloth covering most of it…

“There!” she said, and rushed forward. When she whipped it away, two bound and gagged figures looked back at her. One was a dark elf male, bound tight enough that Crystal wondered if she could classify him as incidental treasure as well, while the other-

“Livia!” Lord Antram exclaimed. “Oh, my poor innocent Livia.”

The human princess didn’t look so innocent anymore to Crystal’s eyes. She was bound up in a ball, naked as her wedding night (although technically they hadn’t got there yet), with a big ball gag barely masking an expression of contented exhaustion matched only by the dark elf male’s.

“Oh, Livia, what have they done to you.”

Crystal raised an eyebrow. “Just about everything, from the looks of it.”

She froze then as she heard a noise behind her, spinning as two figures entered the room through a door on the other side. They were dark elves like the male, although both of these were very definitely female. The lead one was halfway out of what looked like a wedding dress, carrying a whip and enough assorted weapons to start a small war. The other was naked, being pulled along by a leash. The lead one took one glance at the room before her eyes narrowed.

“Unhand my husband-slave and prepare yourselves for sacrifice, surface dwellers!”

Eoline sighed as Xantha surged forward, letting go of the leash around Eoline’s throat so that she could draw a selection of cutlery. The human male with the interestingly floppy hair drew a sword of his own, moving forward to meet her.

“Free my fiancé or die, creature of evil!”

The two met in a clash of blades in the middle of the room. Eoline sighed again and then edged over to the other human, the rather pretty woman who would have looked very nice stretched out on one of the goddess’ pleasure altars, currently naked save for a rope harness decorating her ample endowments.

“Hi, I’m Eoline.”

“Crystal, nice to meet you.”

“I’d offer to shake hands but…” Eoline nodded vaguely at her predicament.

“Hideous trap?” Crystal guessed.

“Just Xantha in a bad mood. Tell me, is your one as stupid as my one?”

Crystal shrugged, and Eoline couldn’t help watching the rise and fall of her breasts. “Probably stupider, I’m afraid.”

“So it’s going to be a while before they figure out that someone has captured both Xantha’s husband-slave to be and your friend’s…”

“Fiance. Princess Livia. And no, I’d say it will be a while.”

“Ah. Oh well. I don’t suppose you can think of any way to pass the time?” Eoline could hope, couldn’t she?

“Well, since you mention it-”

Eoline never did get to find out if she was about to get very lucky indeed, because in that moment she was distracted by the sight of a cage falling from the ceiling, trapping the brawling forms of Xantha and the human male neatly.

She looked around just in time to see another male entering the room. He obviously wasn’t human. For one thing, he was more beautiful than any human could have been, almost luminous with desirability. If Eoline hadn’t been tied up right then, she would have thrown herself at his feet and begged for just a taste of him.

“I am Jarell,” the creature said, “incubus and lord of this dungeon. You are all my prisoners.”

“Hey,” Crystal said beside her.

Jarell went on. “I have lured you here, and now you are all mine.”

“Hey! Hello!”

“It really was so very… yes, what is it? Can’t you see that I’m trying to gloat here?”

Crystal bristled at that. It wasn’t just that this obviously demonic creature had trapped each of the other members of her party systematically. It wasn’t just that he’d interrupted a moment when it had looked like she was about to end up in bed with a really rather beautiful dark elf woman who was already conveniently tied up for her amusement. It was the fact that he was now treating her like she didn’t matter.

“In case you hadn’t noticed,” Crystal said. “My new friend and I aren’t caught yet. So it’s probably a bit early for gloating.”

“It’s never too early for gloating,” Jarell countered. “And the dark elf is tied so tightly that I don’t need to bother doing anything anyway.”

Crystal looked over to Eoline, who just about managed to shrug in her bondage. Okay, so maybe he had a point there. But still…

“You’ve still got me to deal with, buster! I’m a fully paid up member of the Guild of Buxom Adventuresses, with all the skills that entails!”

The demon laughed. “Ah, the Guild. Tiffany on the lower level was a member once, I believe. She was thrown out for not getting captured enough. Because let’s face it, that’s what your guild does. It provides a steady supply of nubile young women stupid enough to get themselves captured by sorcerers and dungeon keepers. Now, be a good girl and lie back on the bed. I’ll get to you eventually.”

“Why, you…” Crystal rushed forward. She didn’t have any weapons left, but the Guild included extensive training in unarmed combat. Mostly in oil, with a crowd of merchants watching, but the principle was the same. Probably.

Apparently not, because Jarell caught her first attack, pressing Crystal down to her knees.

“I am stronger than any human.”

“Maybe, but you’re still a man.”

Crystal went to kick him in the groin, exactly the way the teacher at the ‘dealing with barbarians’ seminar had taught her. One shot to the furry loincloth, the instructor had promised, and down they went.

Except that about halfway through the movement, Crystal felt a wave of lust greater than anything she’d ever felt in her life. Pleasure and the promise of pleasure arched through her, driving her back to her knees. Jarell guided her forward with the barest of touches, drawing her hands behind her and binding Crystal neatly into a hogtie.

“There,” the incubus said. “Now that we are all done, can I get on with my gloating? I have a lot of it to get through before we can get on with the main purpose of all this.”

Somewhere through the fog of raw need, Crystal just about managed a coherent thought. “Wait, what main purpose?”

It was amazing in some ways, the way dungeons like this always managed to find room for one more grand cavern or throne room, Eoline thought. This one was a bijou spelling space, with a chair on a raised dais, with a crystal hanging above it. In the chair was a young woman with violet hair, chained in place and with an expression of utter sexual frustration on her face.

Possibly that was because she couldn’t get to any of the figures scattered around the room. All Eoline’s companions were there. The two male strippers were in a tiny cage with a surface elf woman, pressed up against her in suggestions of doing all the things to her that they wouldn’t have dared with one of their own females (more’s the pity).

Gnaasha was in a tube full of naked halflings. There were so many of them that the result seemed to be that their hands were all over her more or less whichever way she turned. The lamia was giggling, though probably not with delight. It almost certainly had more to do with the ticklish effects of all those furry feet in there with her gently scaled body.

Illia was with a massively muscled barbarian man, tied upside down, her head level with his cock. He was tightly tied too. A dildo sticking from the gag the human wore made his role in things clear. A muscular, blonde haired woman writhed on a pair of dildos of her own, held in place by thick leather straps but obviously more than eager to join in.

Xantha and the human princeling were still in a cage together, though without weapons or clothes now. The cage was close enough that it was a wonder Xantha hadn’t fucked the human senseless already. Maybe she was just too focussed on the spot below her where the human princess, Livia, was tied straddling Xantha’s husband-slave to be Ssethen.

Then there was what had been done to her and Crystal. They had been put on their knees, back to back, their legs frog tied to keep them from standing. Their wrists and elbows were tied to one another’s. Then Jarell had gotten creative with the clamps. Nipples, inner thighs, breasts, labia, it seemed like everywhere a clip could be applied, he’d put one. In every case, a small silver chain connected it to an identical clip on the other woman. Worse, a cord from Crystal’s bonds led to a small hook in Eoline’s nether regions, and vice versa, while an obscenely long and flexible (or simply obscene) double ended dildo had been shoved into their dripping pussies. Goddess, Eoline wished she’d thought of this.

The two of them were kneeling between the spread eagled and gagged forms of the dark elf noble K’ana and a middle aged human woman Eoline did not know. Although judging by the fact that her lips were just inches from the other woman’s slit, that lack of intimacy was probably going to change.

“Now that I’ve retrieved you all from my traps and brought you here,” Jarell said. “We’re almost ready to begin. All of you can see my would be apprentice Oriae. More importantly, she can see you. Look how frustrated she is, unable to take part in your torments and pleasures. Unable to cum. Isn’t it delicious?

“You’re doing all this just for emotions to feed off?” Crystal asked behind Eoline. Even the movement needed for that was enough to set off a shock of sensation in the dark elf.

“Not just for emotions, for power!” Jarell corrected her. “For those with the knowledge, sex is magic! I have spent years researching the spell I need for this! Go on, ask me what for!”

“To keep gloating permanently, by the sounds of it,” Eoline muttered.

“To allow me to feed beyond the confines of one pitiful dungeon, of course!” Jarell proclaimed. “No more will I be dependent on heroes just wandering in. I will be able to taste all of the sex on the continent!”

“Couldn’t you have just gone on a package holiday or something?” Eoline demanded.

Jarell moved close enough to swat her with a crop, making every clamp on her body hurt at once as she moved. “You will not mock my scheme! I worked hard to set it up. To find a nymph assistant to use for the frustration power. To seduce Lady N’ventual here and Lady K’ana into aiding me with the kidnapping.”

“And now that you’re done with them you’re just using them like this?” Crystal said from behind Eoline. “That’s hardly gratitude, is it?”

“On the contrary, it is exactly what they begged me to do to them. Kinky girls. And when all of your sexual antics have driven Oriae to the brink of explosion, when I have the power I crave, I will keep them exactly the way they want, as heavily bound queens of their realms with their only rivals gone into my dungeon.”

“That… that’s fiendish,” Eoline exclaimed.

“Why thank you.”

“But it won’t work,” Crystal countered. “All we have to do to stop you is not do anything.”

Eoline saw Jarell smile. “Not do anything? Good luck with that.”

Crystal felt the build up of power an instant before the wave of lust hit her. In less than a second, she was pulling forward, whimpering at the pain of the clamps as she fought to lick and suck at Lady N’ventual’s willing snatch. In that moment, there wasn’t anything else. There was only the pleasure… only the sensation…

Oriae writhed as everyone around her started to move. She had gone beyond frustration now, beyond need, into the realms where the slightest touch would have sent her over the edge. But bound as she was, she couldn’t get that touch. She could only lie there while Jarell stood to one side, drawing the power of her frustration out of her as fast as the nymph could generate it. Oh, if she could only get free, she would throw herself into the middle of all of it. She would push aside the dark elf in the cage and let the two males have her simultaneously. She would put herself between the dark elf noble and the human one, not caring which of them used her rougher, she would…

She would lie there and watch, because that was all she could do. It was so unfair.

For minutes, long minutes, Eoline was nothing but need. The woman above her writhed and moaned, and so did she, as the clamps and the hook and the dildo did their work. She moaned with pleasure, and because she’d been trained at the temple, it was with a lot more pleasure than most. In just a few short minutes of riding her end of the dildo, Eoline found herself cumming hard.

“Oh, goddess!”

She didn’t know whether it was the effects of the entreaty to her deity or simply the result of a good fucking, but clarity spilled over Eoline. So did Lady N’ventual’s juices, but that was beside the point.

“Crystal, help me here. We have to stop this ritual.”

“Wha… mmph.”

“Oh, for the goddess’s sake! Here, this should help.” Eoline rode the dildo hard, using all her training at the temple to work out the speed and angles involved. To know every effect her motions would have on the adventuress behind her. In just another minute, she felt Crystal climaxing hard. Mostly because it wrenched at all her bonds.

Crystal panted as she came down from her orgasm. Above her, Lady K’ana complained silently at the lack of attention, but for the moment at least, she could think.

“What was that?” she asked Eoline.

“Blessing of the goddess. Like that moment you wake up and see who you’ve really slept with.”

“That’s not a blessing.”

“Well, she is a dark goddess. But we need to deal with this. You say you’re a member of the Guild of Buxom Adventuresses? We get them sometimes back home, mostly on the altars. They’re normally pretty good at escaping from things.”

“We get extra training,” Crystal explained. “It’s so that we actually have some members who aren’t in someone’s seraglio occasionally.”

Although it might also have been because a few of the senior guild members liked tying people up.

“But I don’t see how it will help,” Crystal said. “Even if we get loose, we can’t fight Jarell.”

“We don’t have to fight him,” Eoline insisted. “We just have to disrupt the ritual. If we can make the nymph cum…”

Crystal looked over to where the violet haired nymph lay sweating in nubile sexual frustration. “Well, I suppose it’s worth a shot.”

She wriggled in her bonds, trying to find any slack she could. Eoline moaned behind her as Crystal’s movements shifted the clamps and the dildo, but Crystal was too focussed on what she was doing to think about ways to make that more pleasurable for the dark elf. Besides, from what Crystal could hear, Eoline was getting plenty out of it already.

Crystal had never scored more than average marks in escapology, possibly because all her Guild teachers seemed to want to tie her especially tight. Yet here, like this, it mostly seemed to be a question of how far Eoline was willing to bend in the name of Crystal getting her arms to a few knots. And it seemed like the priestess was very flexible.

In under a minute, she had the first knots done. A few seconds later, and she and Eoline were pulling the last ropes from themselves. The two of them sprinted across to where Oriae sat bound.

“Please…” the nymph begged.

“Quick,” Eoline said. “Eat her out like you’ve never eaten anyone before!”

Crystal knelt and Eoline knelt with her, their tongues flickering in tandem, their hands working over Oriae’s body. The nymph must have been right on the edge for hours, because it seemed to take only moments to bring the first shudders from her. Crystal pushed a finger into the nymph, while Eoline rather cheekily pushed one into her. A few quick strokes and…

“Oh, oh, finally!”

It was, without a doubt, the best orgasm of Oriae’s life. Pleasure flooded through her. Not just her own, but all the pleasure of the others in the room, going on and on, building in crescendos that she wished could last forever. But they couldn’t, and finally, finally, she came down panting from the plateaux of pleasure that she’d been on.

Jarell was waiting, holding the adventuress and the priestess roughly in front of him.

“Do you think that changes anything?” he demanded of them. “I have you all here. Do you think I won’t just throw the human bitch to one of the Things and put the dark elf between the women on her own? Or maybe I’ll have the adventuress myself. Oriae will soon be as frustrated as ever, and with so much sex magic floating about-”

“Zbthl, Conxst, Ith!”

The words of the spell came back to Oriae surprisingly easily. Maybe it was just that she had a natural talent for sex magic, or maybe a good orgasm really was all she’d needed. Or maybe she just hated her employer that much. Regardless of the reason, she snapped out the words of the spell she hadn’t been able to do before, taking the power of all the pleasure in the room and throwing it behind the banishment.

There was a faint pop of air as Jarell vanished.

“Wow!” Crystal said. “Well done. We’ll soon have you out of there.”

“Maybe…” Oriae managed with a smile “…maybe not for another orgasm or two?”

Crystal stood at the entrance to the dungeon, and kissed Oriae goodbye. The nymph had lent her a few clothes, or at least a few scraps of diaphanous silk that she assured Crystal were her least revealing outfit.

“So,” she said, “do you think this will work?”

“Oh, it’s absolutely your colour and… what? I’m part nymph. I get to do scatter-brained. But yes, I think it will be okay. It’s a pity Princess Livia wouldn’t go back with you.”

That had been a bone of contention. Lord Antram had almost thrown her over his shoulder and carried her out. The dark elf Xantha had got halfway out with Ssethen, before Eoline pointed out that she didn’t actually care about him and that with her nearest rival out of the way she would be more powerful anyway. Xantha had declared that it wasn’t about that and threatened to spank Eoline all the way back to the temple, but she hadn’t argued more.

“Who would have thought that she and Ssethen would fall in love?”

Oriae smiled. “I think it’s not so much love as lust, but I can live with it.”

“And them, of course.”

“Of course. Still, you have the rest of your party.”

They did. Tara was wearing some new tie-dye robes that she’d found somewhere and talking about going to far Cathen, which was apparently where the plant monsters below grew wild. Apparently, she had decided that the conservation efforts there were of crucial importance. Brunhilde and Urik were arguing loudly about which of them got to carry the other off to their tribe. Lady N’ventual wasn’t there, of course. The official story was that a rogue dark elf had carried off Princess Livia, and Xantha had needed Lady N’ventual to sell an almost exactly opposite story to her people.

“Are you going to stay in the dungeon?” Crystal asked Oriae.

“Probably for a while. There are still lots of spells and things in Jarell’s library I want to try. I’ll probably have to negotiate hard with a few ORCS, but after today, I could use the workout. Will you be coming back?”

“I might. I promised Tiffany that I’d show her a few places that would tie her up so tight she’d squeak.”

“Really? I always had her down as more knotting than knotted.”

Crystal smiled. “You should talk to her sometime. I need to go now.”

She walked back to the others. It hadn’t been a bad adventure. A bag of coin taken from the kind of treasure chests that always lay in a monster’s lair clinked at her belt. She’d been really very thoroughly fucked. And she had what looked like an open invitation to come back. A good day all round.

So why was Lord Antram’s smile worrying her so much?


“Oh, I was just thinking,” he said. “You agreed to help me retrieve the princess, in exchange for having your sentence commuted, yes?”


“And we don’t actually have Livia, do we?”

“Oh.” Crystal could see where this was going.

“So it looks like we’ve all got something to look forward to watching when we get back.”

Crystal sighed. Still, that was life in the Guild for you. Success one day, a spanked behind the next. And hopefully the next. And…



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