Picture Perfect

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2010 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; bond; gag; blindfold; model; photo; display; climax; cons; X

Part 1

God, how I hate New Year’s Eve parties, everyone trying to have a good time at any cost. I’d rather be home in my jammies watching some trashy movies and waiting for the ball to drop so that I could go to bed.

Jen, Kati and Rebecca insisted that I had to go. We were all between significant others, as we liked to say. Actually Jen was between marriages, waiting for her second, or was it third, divorce to become final. What a sorry bunch, but we were managing to have some fun, mainly by cutting on everyone else at the party.

We were at the local country club, which always had this annual bash. I had never been to it before, but Jen was a member having received that honor as part of her divorce settlement from husband no. 1, I think.

It was a posh club with everyone dressed to the nines and trying to outdo everyone else in every possible way. I was overdosing on crab dip and smiling politely. Small talk is not my forte, so I avoided eye contact a lot. I was really not looking for a hookup. I had been there and done that and was really involved in work at the moment. How pathetic is that rationalization?

I was getting another glass of wine at the bar, when a woman behind me in the line said hello. I turned to smile politely and saw that it was the gal that had arrived with an absolutely gorgeous man, a guy that even turned my head. This couple was so attractive that we didn’t even try to find fault with them: we were just green with envy! It was really very funny how quiet we became as we studied that couple making their grand entrance!

His name was Sarah something or other and she seemed to be very nice. I assumed she was a member of the club, but she didn’t have that country club manner that I found so off-putting. She asked if I were a member; I wondered if she thought I was a party-crasher or something! I explained I was with my friends, one of which was a member from a previous marriage. We were clogging up the bar so we moved away, but stayed together. This was probably going to be the highlight of my night, so I figured what the heck! It wouldn’t hurt to talk to her.

We sat at table off to the right of the bar and continued our conversation. It was the typical “What do you do” and “Oh! That’s wonderful! What do you do” talk two strangers fall into at these affairs. Despite my small talk deficiency, it was a comfortable conversation. She really came alive when she talked about her photography hobby. I had an interest in it also, except that I hadn’t done much with it for a while.

My antennae went up when she said I ought to be a model. Was she putting a move on me? I mean I wouldn’t mind if she was, but I was staying away from relationships after the last disaster. I was sort of flattered because she was physically attractive, but the “you should be a model approach” was very lame. If must have shown in my expression because she laughed and said she had better pick-up lines than that, but she kept coming back to it. Not obnoxiously pushy, but persistent. Finally to move on I said maybe I would like to try it sometime.

She fished around in her bag and produced a business card and handed it to me. It said “Binding Productions”. I thought it was an odd name, but didn’t ask about it. I slipped the card into my purse and got up to leave. As we stood up, she said, “By the way, I don’t know if I mentioned that I specialize in a particular kind of photographs? Have you ever heard of ‘Bondage’?”

I hope my mouth didn’t pop open at that question! I said, “You mean like naked men and women with whips and chains? Like pornography?” I was repelled and fascinated at the same time. Kind of like being eyeball to eyeball with a poisonous snake!

“Oh no, not like that at all! These are very tastefully done art studies of the female form. The only difference and, I admit it is a big difference, is that the female is bound. I have a web site. The address is on the card. If you get some time, look it up. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Well, Anne, it was nice meeting you. Maybe I will see you again…who knows?”

With that she walked away! I shook my head and went to find the girls. I found Jen first.

“Jen, you won’t believe this! You know that gal, the nice looking one with the beautiful man? Well! I was talking to her…”

“You talked to her? How did that happen?”

“Never mind that. Listen! She’s a photographer…well she’s a businesswoman, but does photography on the side. Anyway, she photographs, get this, tied up women! For some web site! And she said I could be a model on the site!”

“Are you going to do it?”

“Am I going to do it? Are you nuts? I don’t know this gal from Eve! I’m going to let her tie me up?”

“Did I tell you David was into that? He used to like to tie me to the bed and…”

“Jen! Please! I don’t need to hear that right now!”

Just then the other gals showed up. Jen broadcast the latest news for them, “Hey, Annie is going to let that great looking gal, you know the one with the guy in the tux, tie her up and take pictures!”

They all started babbling at once. I said, “Annie is not going to let her do that. It was just a conversation!” I shot a ‘shut-up’ glance at Jen, who looked back at me with innocent eyes.

The New Year arrived and everyone toasted it and each other. After another hour or so the party was breaking up and people were leaving. I did a quick scan of the room and saw Sarah exit with her friend. I shrugged and went to get my coat.

The next day, New Year’s Day, was a traditional lay-around-and-do-nothing day. I was going to meet Jen later for dinner, but I had some time to kill. I watched some of the Rose Parade and was looking for something to do to escape the damn football games. I cleaned out the purse that I had at the party last night. I found Sarah’s card in amongst the other junk I carried. I took it out and studied it. It did have the web address.

Hmmm! I tapped the card against my chin as I thought about it. Why not take a look! I fired up the computer and searched for the site. Sure enough, there it was! I waded through the disclaimer and adult permission stuff and entered the site. There was picture on the home page of a nude woman, her face in a hood and her body covered with ropes. She was arranged in a sitting position with her arms behind her and legs angled off to the side. There was nothing pornographic about it unless the whole idea meant pornography to you.

I clicked on the samples link and went through the pictures. They showed a variety of female models in all kinds of different poses. Some of the positions they were tied in looked very strenuous and difficult. I didn’t recognize the woman I met last night, but sometimes it was hard to tell who was who and if she ran the site, she probably wouldn’t model too anyway. I checked the join page, thinking I would get a more in-depth sense of what they did, but it was too pricey!

I had to admit to a certain fascination with the pictures. I had always been attracted to the offbeat and this certainly qualified as that. I had never been tied up except during kiddy games. I wondered what it felt like. I went back through the samples again, interest…(excitement?) stirring in my head. I tried to ignore that the idea of being tied up was tickling me somewhere else.

There were links to other sites. I clicked on several of them and saw that the style and intensity of bondage varied a lot from site to site. Some sites just seemed to drape the rope on the models while Sarah’s site seemed to really get into it. Also, there was a degree of specialization apparent as some sites did secretaries and in others the models were all barefoot or wore pantyhose and so on!

Having acquired a little bit of education on bondage, I had to admit I was still intrigued. To learn more I knew I had to talk to Sarah. What could be the risk in just talking?

Before I could change my mind, I dialed the number printed on the card. An answering machine picked up. It was a recorded female voice stating that I had indeed called Binding Productions and asking that I leave a message. I almost hung up again, but finally said, “Hi! This is Anne…Anne Woolsey from the other night? Umm…I was wondering…well, give me a call, OK? My number is 555-1212.”

I hung up, my pulse pounding. What had I just done?

I’d like to say that I had almost forgotten that I had called Sarah when she finally phoned the next day. Yeah, right! It had been in the back of my mind all day and had prodded me to check my voice mail several times. I told her I had a bunch of questions related to modeling and her approach and wanted to hear her answers. I had written a list of questions. She agreed to spend some time answering my questions; I found the list and started asking.

We talked for about an hour with Sarah answering all my questions in what, I’m sure, was intended to be a reassuring manner. And I was reassured… somewhat! From our meeting the other night and this conversation, I knew she wasn’t a mouth-breathing cretin. But every time the police catch a serial killer everyone who knew her (or him) are shocked and swear that she always seemed to be such a nice, normal person! I know! A little to drama queen-ish, but we weren’t talking about having tea. This woman wanted to restrain me, basically make me her helpless prisoner. A little due diligence would be prudent!

Sarah asked if I had seen the site. I told her yes, but only the samples. I knew that if I were to go ahead with this I would have to join and see all of it. She surprised me by giving me a user name and password to access the whole site. I thanked her and said I would check into it very soon.

I asked about the details of what actually happens during a modeling session. She spelled out the typical routine for a photo shoot in detail and said that it was pretty straightforward. She asked if I had a problem with appearing partially nude. They didn’t do full nudity, she explained, except for special requests that were available only privately to certain subscribers. That got my attention. Apparently, they were running some other business behind the scenes. Sensing my concern, she explained that the site offered photos and videos to members showing situations that had been requested by the member. Some of the models had agreed to do these side projects, which never appeared on the site. She assured me that it was strictly voluntary on the part of the models and while a bit more risqué, not pornographic and never involved sexual penetration. Her explanation mollified me somewhat, but made me aware that there might be a darker side to Sarah that I should be aware of.

She went on to explain that I might have to do a little acting sometimes to make the photos realistic, but basically I was just a prop. The ropes and how they were applied were really the star. I thought that it wasn’t such a great selling point to be objectified, but didn’t mention it. I figured that was the whole point of bondage! A female (or male, I guess) who couldn’t move or talk or see, but was still sexually viable, what could be more enticing to a certain kind of person? I didn’t have a problem with that. If I were going to do it would be for my benefit and the collateral benefit to the people seeing the pictures would be OK.

Sarah said she was out of town until Friday, but we could do a session as soon as Saturday, if I felt I was ready. I froze a bit at that, thinking I had several weeks to ponder this. We left it that I would call the studio before Saturday and leave a message if I wanted to do it. She assured me that if I decided not to do it Saturday, or at all, there wouldn’t be any problem. They had enough material to update the site for several weeks and they were always recruiting.

Finally, she told me I could bring someone if I thought I needed support. Boyfriends weren’t so good because they tended to get “edgy”, whatever that meant. Well I had no boyfriend or girlfriend to get edgy and I sure as hell wasn’t going to bring Jen or any other casual woman friend. They already had their doubts about my sanity! No… if I was going to do this it was going to be on my own.

After we hung up, I remembered some things I hadn’t put on my list. Two things actually and they weren’t lightweight concerns! One was that I didn’t want my brother or my boss or the guy down the street or my client to see my picture on this site. Would my face be hidden? Not would… it had to be hidden! God, how could I forget to ask that? The other concern was that I really, really didn’t want to be touched in a sexual way. The wrong answer to either would be a deal breaker!

I needed to talk to Sarah about that. She had said that her assistant could answer any questions while she was away and had given me another number to call. Well, those two needed answering and maybe I would come up with more.

I had to see the site. I got on the Internet and pulled up the site. I went to the member page and used the codes Sarah had given me and I was into the member’s page. It was well done; I had to admit that! There were no spelling or grammar errors in the text, the graphics were tastefully laid out and the links were well organized and easy to follow. The text didn’t have a hysterical tone to it. It basically said there are tied up women on this site and we do it well. But I wasn’t here to critique the site layout; I wanted to see the content!

There were links to current and archived sets of pictures. I picked one archived set at random and waited for the thumbnail pictures to load. This particular set involved the kidnapping of a woman in her home. A masked man appeared after the woman arrived home and grabbed her. There were progressive shots of the woman being tied, some with the man in the picture, others without. During the tying, the woman lost more of her clothes until she was tied in her bra and panties. The woman was put into harder and more difficult positions as the pictures went on. There were about 75 pictures all totaled. At the end the woman was left to struggle alone on her bed. There was a little text with the pictures to explain the situation. That particular layout did play into a long-buried fantasy I had had over the years of being kidnapped for ransom. It was probably why I picked to look at first. I hadn’t fantasized about that for a long while, but that series of pictures brought it back.

I clicked on another set and was surprised to see Sarah in the pictures. She wasn’t the tied-up model though. She was dressed in some kind of tight black outfit and was tying the model. And she was doing a little more than just tying. This particular woman was topless and had some kind of clamps on her nipples and Sarah’s hands all over her. Now that was a detail that she hadn’t mentioned! Seeing that made me uncomfortable and I added it to the things still needing clarification!

I checked other sets and saw women bound in positions I didn’t think were possible to endure. It was clear that this site practiced serious bondage. It was also clear that there was nothing faked about it. The ropes were tight and dug into the skin of the women. All the models had a certain look of suffering or strain or something on their faces that may have been acting, but may also have been real. The pictures had a realism that was at once scary and fascinating to me. I found that I was projecting myself into the pictures, trying to feel what it would be like to be tied like that.

There were other sets with Sarah as the tier. I became less uncomfortable as I saw more of what she was doing in the pictures. She seemed to know what she was doing, but for all I knew, someone else did the tying and she just stepped in for the photos.

I spent an hour or so exploring the site. They were a few videos along with a message stating that there would be more in the future. I saw what Sarah was talking about when she said that models had to act a bit. It wasn’t really acting, just struggling and grunting and talking while gagged. It didn’t look that hard! It became clear that a little cloth gag like on TV was not what they dealt in. Most of the woman had their mouths stuffed with cloth covered with heavy tape or had balls strapped into their mouths or round rings that held their mouths open. Another detail she didn’t mention!

At the end of each set, the model was shown in varying degrees of untied, posing with a smile for the camera as she removed ropes. I guessed that was to show that it was all in fun and no one was harmed during the making of the photos. I was surprised that the models were so brazen as to show their faces, but then figured they were pros that wanted the exposure. That would not be me!

And all the women were well… very attractive. I didn’t look like these women! Why had Sarah asked me if I wanted to model? It could be she asked every woman she met, recruiting as she had put it, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself. This newfound sense of inadequacy was something I would have to get over if I was going to do this.

I was on all sides of it as to whether I would do it. I had to admit that looking at the pictures generated a little buzz of excitement that vibrated under my anxiety. I had never ignored that little buzz. It was my gut telling me that I really wanted to do something, even though, intellectually, I had misgivings. One of the misgivings was that artful photography aside, this was probably a jack-off site, as my brother would say. Did I want to be jack off material? I knew that I would be doing this because I wanted to not because I was being coerced. I assumed the other women were also not coerced. Did it make it more acceptable to be objectified if I did it voluntarily?

I signed off the site and decided to sleep on it.

When I awoke in the morning, I made the decision to go ahead. I wasn’t really sure why. It might have been just to experience it or because I was a latent bondage freak or a blatant exhibitionist or none of the above. All I knew was that my buzz was telling me to do it!

I called the studio and talked to Sarah’s assistant, who seemed very nice on the phone and told him I would do it, but that I had a few follow up questions. He said he thought something could be worked out about keeping my face hidden and he assured me that any sexual contact would only be with my consent. His responses satisfied me, but I decided that I would bring it up again when I went to their studio just to make sure. I wanted to hear it from Sarah! He told me to be at the studio at 9:00 am Saturday, gave me the address and signed off saying he was eager to meet me. I wondered if he was the guy at the party with Sarah. It would be a nice bonus to see him again!

After I got off the phone, the buzz became outright excitement, consequences be damned. I was going to be a bondage model!

* * * * * *

On Saturday morning, I was up early; I had barely slept at all. I showered, dressed in jeans and a cream turtleneck top with brown leather knee length boots and was out the door in record time. As Sarah had suggested, I was bringing along other outfits. I had a business suit, a skirt and blouse, slacks, some pantyhose and tights and a couple of changes of undies. I also brought heels and the one racy lingerie item I owned, a garter belt, with some black thigh highs. From my visit to the site, I had noticed that the manner of dress varied so I brought a lot of stuff. I am an over-packer anyway and always tend to bring too much stuff.

I found the address easily enough, but had to circle the block several times before I found a space to park. Before I lost my nerve, I collected my stuff from the back seat and scurried the several blocks to the building. The studio was in the city in an up-and-coming neighborhood that seemed to be a mix of small storefronts and apartments. The building itself was non-descript, two stories tall, presenting just a brick facade and metal door to passersby at street level. There was a row of windows on the second floor. A small sign to the left of the door announced the occupant and instructed visitors to ring the bell. I rang it, shifting from one foot to the other and looking around to see who might be watching. Of course, no one paid me the slightest attention, but I was verging on anxiety overload!

A man answered the door, smiling and reaching out to take my clothes bag from me. He was the guy from the party, dressed casually in jeans and a sweatshirt. I scooted in the door as quickly as I could. He locked up and led me up the stairs. My heart was pounding and my hands were sweating.

We entered a large room with high ceilings that took up most of the area. There were also two doors at the back of the room. Parts of room were flooded with light from several skylights and the front windows while other parts were shadowed or walled off with partial partitions. There were several furniture arrangements and groupings, like stage sets, spaced around the room. Some of the stuff I had seen in the photos on the website. I looked around and seeing all the photo equipment, I was reassured that this was really a photo studio.

A woman was fussing with some equipment when we came into the room. It took a moment for me to realize that it was Sarah. She couldn’t have looked more different! In place of the glamorous gown, she was dressed all in black. Her carefully coiffed hair had morphed into a spiky gelled concoction. She wore worn original style Dr Martens, black tights, a just-barely-cover-her-butt mini skirt and a hoodie that looked several sizes too small. She also had several piercings glinting from various facial appendages and wore fingerless Michael Jackson gloves and a choker collar. I must have been staring at her, because she laughed out loud as she came over to me.

“Yeah, it’s the real me, Anne! Nice to see you!” She hugged me and gave me an air kiss. She was friendly and easygoing as she had been when I talked to her on the phone. I began to relax a bit or as much as the situation allowed. She introduced me to Matt, her brother, partner and assistant. Sarah explained that he was the rigger usually, but that they did swap off depending on the situation. Both of them worked the cameras.

Matt gave me a quick tour of the place and helped me arrange my stuff in a side room that would be a dressing room. Then he and Sarah took me through the paper work. I listened intently and signed some papers, a release form and some other things. I am a process-oriented person, so the ritual of going about the mundane paper work issues kind of soothed me. Also, the professional attitude and behavior of Matt and Sarah helped to relax me.

Sarah checked her watch and said we should get started. I made sure again that they understood that I didn’t want my face visible and I didn’t want to be touched sexually. Sarah readily agreed to both conditions and explained how they would hide my face, basically with a big gag and a blindfold.

I became nervous again as she explained what they were going to do first. They would probably do three or four sets depending on the available time. She also explained that she or Matt would guide me as to how they wanted me to pose, but that she didn’t want me to just sit and wait to be told what to do. I hoped I could get into it enough to be able to struggle convincingly. The whole thing was beginning to sound and feel a little bit… well, silly! She went over the safe word thing and we settled on me snapping my fingers as the signal that I was uncomfortable or in distress.

Then there was nothing left to do, but do it!

For the first situation, I was going to be tied up in a chair wearing the clothes I walked in with. That suited me fine! I wasn’t ready to take off my clothes just yet!

They wanted my wrists tied in front of me. At the moment I offered him my hands and he began to tie them, I felt a little jolt of something quite similar to sexual arousal run through me. That was interesting!

I was fascinated by the way he quickly wrapped my wrists with neat parallel loops. Several passes between my wrists drew the loops around them tight and I noticed he tied the knot on the underside, out of sight. He tied my ankles apart to the chair legs again cinching, as he called it, between my legs and the chair legs. He tied some more loops around my chest. I became more and more a part of the chair. I tested the tightness of the rope by shifting and pulling my limbs and body. It was tight, but not uncomfortable. And it was not an unpleasant feeling! The final rope pulled my hands forward as he fastened it to the front stretcher on the chair.

He asked if I was OK and I barely got out a yes. My throat was dry and I was sort of panting. He let me a sip of water and explained again that if I was having trouble, I should snap my fingers and they would immediately release me. I practiced doing it and felt reassured.

Then he asked if I had ever been gagged; I had not. He asked if I had a low threshold for gagging. I had no reference point for that, but said no. I almost giggled as I thought of oral sex and my experience with that. If I didn’t gag doing that I should be okay here, but I kept that little tidbit to myself.

He began to pack a cloth into my mouth. I had to work at getting it comfortable and to get used to it. The cloth filled and stuck to the inside on my mouth. I fought down the urge to gag and finally began to adjust to the sensation. He wrapped an ace bandage around the lower half of my face compressing my cheeks against the cloth inside my mouth. I had concentrate to keep my gag reflex under control. Matt stopped and asked if I was all right. I sat quietly for a moment and decided that I could tolerate it, nodding my head in assent. He told me to tell them immediately if there was a problem. No need to worry about that!

The last thing was a red bandana blindfold that shut out all light, even the bright photo lights. I sat there feeling the ropes and the oddness of having no sight and no ability to talk. I was breathing in spastic little breaths through my nose and I heard myself making little grunting noises.

Matt told me they were going to start photographing; it was time to earn my money.

About the only thing I could really move was my head, but, frankly, I kind of just woodenly sat there because I didn’t know what to do.

Matt began to coach me. He asked that I tilt my head up and arch my back, while trying to pull my hands free. Then he wanted me to twist to the side, first one way and then the other. As he suggested one pose and then another, I began to get what they were looking for and I began to get a little buzz from it.

I could hear the beep of the camera as I twisted about on the chair. The chair itself was making a squeaking noise. I know I was making involuntary grunts and sounds just like I had heard in the videos. I moved my head from side to side and rolled my shoulders. I was able to close my legs somewhat and was surprised to feel a twitch of arousal between my legs. I waggled my knees from side to side and shifted my hips. It felt very good! Every once in a while Matt would ask me to stop and hold a pose or to move slightly this way or that, but generally he left me alone.

At some point, I forgot about the cameras and focused right down on the feeling of restraint, the tightness, the pressure and tension of my bindings. I wanted to feel all the ropes. I wanted to test them, but I didn’t want them to come loose. I passed into a calm almost peaceful zone, even as I continued to move and struggle against the restraints.

At the same time I tried to envision scenarios where this situation would be real and found that I could put myself into a damsel-in-distress mindset. I was actually able to make it seem real, which was scary and exciting to me. I soldiered on in my own little world until I felt a hand on my shoulder and Matt’s voice in my ear. “Good, Anne! Great! We’re all done with this one!”

I stopped moving, breathing hard. I was so surprised at my reaction to this! I had no idea that this was how it would be. I went into this with a ‘show me’ attitude, kind of thinking that I wanted to try it, but that I wouldn’t like it or would find it ridiculous. I had found that I did like it… a lot!

As he began to untie the ropes, I felt a little disappointment as if I wanted to stay tied. As the ropes fell away and I began to cool off, I began to shiver. I wasn’t sure whether I was feeling a chill or was having withdrawal pangs.

When the gag was out, Matt and Sarah invited me to watch as they downloaded the images. They explained how they would crop and enhance the photos that needed it, but indicated that overall they, so far anyway, were pleased. I watched, fascinated, as they brought up and enlarged pictures of little old me all tied up and I had to admit that they looked just like the other photos on the site. I remember Sarah saying that the rope was the star of the show and seeing my body wrapped in rope confirmed what she had said. I stopped worrying about how I looked and felt energized and ready for the next situation, anxious to do the next scene!

Being tied up just for that little while had taken me to a place in my head where I had never been. And it wasn’t just my head that had enjoyed it. There was an itch in my gut that always signaled arousal. I hadn’t thought through that being tied up could do that. To be honest, it felt like I had just had sex or at least had done some heavy petting. I studied the marks left by the ropes on my wrists and ran my finger over the indentations. Hmmm, very sexy, but I hoped they went away before I left. They would be difficult to explain!

I was a little clammy with perspiration from my struggling and from the lights. Sarah must have sensed my discomfort and asked, “Want to get cleaned up and then we can go again?”

I did!

We all went into one of the smaller rooms in the rear and checked out what I had brought for a change of clothes. It was decided that I would wear a skirt and blouse, pantyhose and my boots, like an office assistant or secretary. They left to do whatever photographers had to do to get ready telling me I had about five minutes to get ready.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My face was flushed; bright red spots had blossomed on my cheeks. I looked like I had just had sex!

I could still see the impressions from the wrap-around gag on my face and the rope marks were still vivid. My hair was a wild mare’s nest of a mess. I undressed and toweled off; I would have liked a shower but I knew I was on their clock and that would have to wait. Actually the gritty way I felt kind of added to and enhanced the damsel-in-distress mood I was getting into. I began to change into the next outfit

I slipped on the pantyhose, which I hate, but which were apparently popular based on the photos on the site. I put on the blouse and skirt and zipped up my boots. I spent some time taming my hair and looked at myself in the mirror. I thought I looked OK, kind of like a frazzled businesswoman or secretary.

I remembered what Sarah had said about these pictures being collected and posted in photo groups on the net and generally distributed around the known universe. I assumed that would happen to mine… I hoped it would and that was all right with me. That surprised me and awakened that itch in my gut. Who knew that I had an exhibitionist streak?

I stepped out of the room and back into the studio. They were ready for me. This time I would be tied up on a ratty couch with my hands behind me.

Matt did the tying again. I felt the same little jolt as I did before and more quickly this time! My hands were pinned to the small of my back by a winding around my waist. Having my hands secured behind my back made me feel much more vulnerable! I couldn’t move them in or out or side-to-side. I liked the feeling of helplessness that gave me. He tied my legs together at the ankles and above my knees and then wrapped a few tight loops above and below my breasts. All these ropes were snugly cinched and when he was done I had no ability to move my arms at all!

He packed a rolled up silk scarf into my mouth and held it in place with another scarf he called a cleave gag. Another scarf served as a blindfold. This time I was able to accommodate the gag without difficulty, maybe because it wasn’t as tight.

He finished up and we began shooting.

This time I knew more about what they were looking for and while testing Matt’s work I struck poses that I thought they would like. I could hear Sarah murmuring; “Good! Hold that, Anne! “Great, great!” At one point someone, Matt, I think, unbuttoned my blouse and pushed my blouse towards my shoulders, exposing my bra. That caused some concern for a moment and then I moved on and forgot about it.

I found that not being tied to something allowed me more movement, but I actually felt more restrained. I could roll and stretch out, but had no use of my limbs. I was acutely aware that I was on camera, at first, but after several minutes I began to drift into my fantasy world again.

I lay back on the couch and pulled my legs up. I twisted around on the couch, rolling from my side to my front and back again. My skirt rode up my legs exposing most of my thighs. My unbuttoned blouse got all twisted and slid off my shoulders. I struggled to try to get my clothing straightened out, but couldn’t do it, but I really didn’t care!

As before, I became lost in the sensations of being bound. At one point I slid my body off the couch and landed on my butt on the floor, my back to the couch seat. I pulled my feet up tight to my butt and sat there with my head tilted back, my eyes closed, not moving, just soaking in the feeling. It felt so good! I just can’t explain it! I knew most of my butt was hanging out and I didn’t care. I stretched out my legs and rolled to the side. Once on the floor I had more room to maneuver and maneuver I did. I was getting very turned on and I knew, I just knew, I could have an orgasm doing this, but I didn’t want to go there in this situation. I just wasn’t that brazen, at least not yet, so I gradually stopped struggling and lay, out of breath, on my side my back against the couch front.

I could still hear the camera beeping, but I was pooped!

Again Matt came to me and told me they were done and that I had done a good job. He removed the gag and blindfold and Sarah came over and complimented me on a good set. I relaxed and tried to get my breath, taking in deep breaths. She began to untie me as Matt went off to download the pictures. Sarah asked how I liked it so far.

I took a moment to organize my thoughts. “Well, this is so sexy! I had no idea that it would turn me on like this! And it goes beyond sex, too. I feel… well, I guess, I feel safe and relaxed even though I get so horny and you have me all tangled up and unable to move! It’s very weird to me and I don’t really understand what I’m feeling yet!” I am not one to verbalize thoughts about my sexuality or open up to strangers, but I just blurted all that out.

Sarah smiled a wide smile that lit her up and made her so very attractive.

“It is a kick isn’t it? You are a natural, Anne. I knew it when I saw you in the drink line; that you would take to this! I’m so glad you do like it! These sets we’re doing are some of the best we’ve done! Our members will love them! And you!” She gave me a quick kiss on my lips. A different sort of thrill went through me. Sarah was a very beautiful, very nice person. I wondered if I was falling for her or was I just high from this experience? I wasn’t ready to go there, but it was a nice kiss!

She finished untying me and helped me up. We looked at some of the photos Matt had downloaded. They looked good to me and they seemed pleased as well. I was amazed to see some of the positions I had gotten into. The pictures at the end, when I was just out of gas and leaning against the couch were the best. They looked so much like I had been kidnapped and tied up!

I just couldn’t help myself and just giggled in delight!

* * * * * *

We discussed the next set. I had agreed that I would allow them to photograph me topless in exchange for an additional fee.

I know! Why would I do that? Well, I guess I just dared myself to do it. I knew it would be just business for Matt and Sarah. And with my face hidden, anyone who saw the pictures wouldn’t know whose breasts they were. I had decent breasts so why not show them and, truth be told, I thought it would be a kick to appear half-naked before horny strangers!

I went into the dressing room and removed my top and bra and skirt and boots and padded back out in only my pantyhose and panties. I didn’t bother to clean up at all; I knew I looked a little bedraggled, but thought the next set would look good that way. I was actually a little uncomfortable and tried to look casual by folding my arms across my breasts. I don’t think anyone was fooled! I was definitely nervous!

This time Sarah explained what they were going to do. In addition, they were going to do a video of this set. It all sounded OK to me, even the video part. I was committed to the topless thing. I knew I could handle it! I was thrown a bit when Sarah finished up her description by saying she was going to do the tying. That started a little buzz that told me I was feeling something more than just excitement about being tied. I wondered for a brief moment if Sarah was trying to send me a message.

She led me to a darker part of the studio. The only furniture was a bare mattress on the floor. There was other junk scattered around it this corner. It looked like a cluttered garage or, actually, my basement. There was also a scaffolding-like thing that allowed a bird’s eye view of the corner. Matt was up on it setting up a camera. I scrutinized the mattress for stains, etc., but it seemed to be fairly clean. I had a limit as to how much I would suffer for ‘art’. Lying on a dirty mattress was over the limit!

I stood with my back to Sarah and she tied my wrists with the palms of my hands facing each other. Then she started to tie my arms with a rope above my elbows. I had seen pictures of women with their elbows tied together and it had looked very sexy! I had tried to see if I could stretch my elbows behind me after I had seen the pictures, but I couldn’t tell how close I could get them. I hoped that they would tie my elbows so that I could find out. I would say that out of all the pictures, the ones with the tied elbows interested me the most.

She worked at tightening the rope, slowly pulling my elbows together. I could feel the strain in my shoulders, but overall it was that uncomfortable. I am what my Mom calls big boned, so maybe there was a limit to how flexible I was.

When she was done, my forearms touched along their whole length. I loved the feeling. Sarah was pleased and said so. My shoulders were pulled back by the tension of the elbow rope and, as a result, my breasts, stuck out more. I’ve never been obsessed with my boobs. I mean, I have them and they look OK, but I have never wished for bigger ones or flaunted the ones I have. Now, with my arms tied hard behind my back, I was looking down at new breasts. Maybe that was why Mom was always telling me to stand up straight! This was the best feeling so far and I began to sweat and fidget. I wanted to be immobilized because I knew I could excite myself and I really, really wanted to. And having Sarah do the tying added an extra dimension! She had a different touch and approach, more gentle, I guess, but the results were the same. The ropes were tight, tight, tight!

Sarah helped me to sit on the edge of the mattress and then crossed and tied my ankles and tied my legs just above my knees. She gagged me with a sponge-y ball that had a strap through it. She had to push the ball into my mouth, but it compressed easily and then expanded to fill my mouth quite effectively, thank you! Sarah tightened the strap at the back of my neck and blindfolded me with a padded mask.

She moved me to my belly with my legs straight out, my head resting on the tip of my chin. The mattress was firm and smelled of bleach, which slightly allayed my concern about germs. I lay there totally absorbed in the feeling and then, at her cue, began to struggle.

I started slowly, testing this new bondage and bondager! I was as tightly tied as with Matt; that was immediately apparent.

At first, I just rolled my shoulders, shook my head and tried to move my legs as if I were just waking up to find myself bound and gagged. I giggled inwardly at my conceit at being ‘Anne the method actor’!

In my mind, though, if I was truly a damsel-in-distress, the goal was to get out of the ropes, so I increased the intensity of my movements including twisting and kicking out with my feet and all that were intended to loosen the ropes. I was always aware that I was being photographed and so moved with some deliberation. It was a little disrupting to my mood to have to stop and hold a position, but not greatly bothersome. I was still able to remain in character as a kidnap victim. I didn’t hear any complaints, so I guessed I was on the right track.

The first thing I noticed as I squirmed around was that the mattress cover abraded my nipples, a not unpleasant sensation. I worked on that a bit, kind of rotating my hips so that my torso moved. I felt the peaceful feeling I had experienced before come over me, overlain with what I was coming to recognize was arousal related to being tied up. I guess I had intellectually understood that bondage was sexual in nature, certainly for the people, guys mostly, I would guess, that looked at the pictures on the site. I hadn’t fully understood that it could also be a turn-on for the person tied up. At least it was for me! I felt the free-to-move-around-but-not-free thing again. I was becoming very comfortable with the concept of being bound, but free at the same time.

Sarah spoke and said she wanted to make a change in how I was tied. I had rolled onto my back. I stopped moving and lay there, but my internal engine was still revved up, with my blood racing and everything tingling.

As she began to change the bondage, I tried to put myself in the place of a real kidnapped person and thought about how I would feel if my captor was going to tie me into something more restrictive. I mean, on the reality side, I would be scared to death and probably frozen in terror if this were real. That was the weird thing about this! I would never want it to happen to me, or anybody! This was playacting, but with an edge! I could safely be, at least in my mind, in danger and get off on it. It was difficult for me to understand and reconcile the conflicts I was feeling.

She removed the rope on my ankles and knees and retied me with my legs folded and tied ankle to thigh. Right off, I knew the ramifications and possibilities of being tied like this! I felt vulnerable and sexy all in one. With my arms still welded together behind my back and my heels digging in to my butt, I was totally helpless!

Sarah positioned me back on my belly and they began to shoot. I found about all I could do was open and close my legs; I couldn’t roll over anymore. As I struggled, I shamelessly spread my legs to the cameras that were recording my predicament, partly because that was pretty much all I could do, but also because I knew full well that some guy somewhere would get off on it. I hoped they would, anyway. I was becoming quite sluttish about this!

After several minutes in this position, I was perspiring hugely and tiring a bit, but Sarah and Matt flipped me over to shoot a different perspective. I thought this must be how a fish on a dock must feel as I lay on my back. I couldn’t do a thing, but I realized that sex in this position while tied up must be a real kick! As I said, I was becoming a real bondage slut!

Sarah stepped in and told me to relax. She quickly undid the legs ropes and got me up into a sitting position. She pulled out the gag and took off the blindfold, but left my arms and hands tied. I took in some water as they readied for the next situation. It seemed perfectly natural to me to be sitting there half-naked and tied up talking to Matt and Sarah.

She wanted to do one more scene with my arms tied like that and asked if I was OK still. I was and even though I already ached in places where I didn’t know I had muscles my arms felt all right.

I also got to rest a bit while she retied my legs. This time just my ankles were tied, arranged side-by-side. Matt rinsed off the gag and dried it and Sarah popped it back in and blindfolded me.

She then connected my legs and arms with a rope from my ankles to my elbow rope. She raised my legs off the mattress with an arm under my thighs and pulled the connector rope until I could touch my heels. It was the tightest I had been tied so far and it kind of took my breath away. I was beginning to see the possibilities and variations on the theme of bondage! She rolled me onto my side and steadied me there.

I felt her pass a rope between my thighs and pull it snugly into my crotch. I flinched slightly as she adjusted it so that she was able to capture my sex between the strands of the rope. I guess it wasn’t sexual touching, per se, and they had told me that they would do it, so I wasn’t upset by it. And maybe I was projecting, but I thought that Sarah had lingered on the adjustment of the rope just a bit longer than necessary!

She lowered me back onto my belly. Being put back into that position cause all the ropes to tighten and arched my back! I could feel the strain in my shoulders and thighs. I couldn’t move very much at all. I couldn’t even get back on my side very easily. But I was exploring a different thing! I found that when I struggled, the rope between my legs moved against my sex in a most provocative way! It was a wonderful feeling to be that helpless and to still be able to stimulate myself and revel in the ropes. At first, I tried to disguise my movements as simple struggling, but I was really maneuvering the crotch rope. As my arousal built, I gave up that pretense and assaulted myself with abandon. They had to ask me to stop several times so that they could take shoots. I knew I working myself to the point of orgasm and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there.

But, you know? I was so turned on I couldn’t, wouldn’t, stop there. There was no pretense of hiding what was going on! I writhed and wriggled more aggressively and came in a rush. I arched my back as best I could and I am sure made a lot of noise. I was totally somewhere else when it happened so I didn’t know anything other than the surge of pleasure I felt. When I come? I cry! Tears slid out form under the blindfold wetting it I lay there twitching with aftershocks. I must have alarmed Matt and Sarah because they both quickly came to my side. Someone undid the hogtie rope and Sarah removed the gag and blindfold all the while talking to me in a soothing voice like you would use to calm an infant.

“Anne? Are you OK?”

I blinked under the brightness of the floodlights and struggled to regain my composure. I was mortified and couldn’t speak. I closed my eyes and tried to wish myself someplace else.

Sarah lifted me and wrapped her arms around me. I felt her warmth and took in her jasmine-y scent. It felt good and right and she was holding me tightly. I was still tied, and I was maybe a little too wired, but I felt a strong connection to her, one I hoped she felt as well! The moment passed and she untied all the rope and helped me up. Matt came over with a robe and Sarah wrapped me in it.

We all sat at a table for a break. I was embarrassed by my display, but Matt and Sarah seemed to pay it no mind as if it happened everyday and began to talk about the next scene. Gradually, as I sipped from my water bottle, I began to relax and join the conversation.

As reason returned, I figured that although I had the liked the feel of being in Sarah’s arms, I was probably reading too much into it. I tried to get a sense of what Sarah was thinking or feeling, but she seemed to be avoiding eye contact with me. Maybe there was a message in that; what, I did not know!

I wasn’t really looking for someone anyway and, besides, I barely knew Sarah. And then there was the bondage thing; this was different than any other time I felt something ping in my chest. I mean I had already shown her the goods as my mother would say and what about that orgasm? This was all too strange for me to sort out right now, so I put it away and tuned into what they were planning for me.

As we sat at the table, Matt asked if I wanted to do something really erotic. I don’t know where he’d been the last ½ hour. That was pretty erotic for me!

I had seen what he was talking about on the site. Either he or Sarah was with the model in the picture and touching and arousing her. It was pretty sexy, but they were both clear in stating that there was no penetration or really raunchy stuff going on.

I know; I know! I had been very vocal about no sexual contact. Why would I change my mind? Well, one reason was I was so turned on by this that I was just about jumping out of my skin. I craved sexual contact in a way that was totally new to me. I had never been this blatantly sexual in my life. I probably looked calm and collected, but I’ve got to tell you that inside I was seething and primed for sexual release! That’s why I answered affirmatively when Matt asked if I would consider doing it. He also said I had a choice of him or Sarah being the “lover”.

I was right back with the question of whether I was attracted to Sarah. I studied the table for a moment and looked up and right into Sarah’s eyes.

“I think Sarah”! She didn’t blink or look away and I thought I saw the ghost of a smile on her face.

Ah, love; it can sneak up on you under the strangest of circumstances! Or maybe it was love’s close friend lust!

* * * * * *

We fleshed out, so to speak, what would happen in this set.  I would be wearing only panties and garter belt and stockings.  I went off to get ready.  I undressed and managed to get the stockings on without running them.  I had a little trouble with the garter belt, but finally got it right.  God!  I hadn’t worn one of those things since my high school prom!  

Before I left the dressing area, I looked at myself in the full-length mirror.  At first, I had my arms folded across my chest, but then moved them down to my sides.  I studied myself and saw a slightly different person than earlier today.  This was a more confident person and I was able to look at my body without the usual wincing or searching for flaws.  I saw an attractive woman dressed provocatively… a sexy woman!  Was all it took a bit of expertly applied rope to get me to relax and just be me?  I was more comfortable now with my body than ever before and I was about to take the next step in learning about my burgeoning sexuality.   

I stepped out into the studio and walked over to Sarah.  She smiled approvingly at my getup and asked if I really wanted to do this.  I nodded, not trusting my voice to work properly.  She nodded as well and explained again what would happen.  She would tie my hands in front, off camera, and then lead me into camera range and over to the set.  Once there, she would raise my hands up and fasten them to a hook, cuff my legs to a spreader bar and then use ‘toys’ on me.  The scene would be video-ed as well as still shot.  She asked if I wanted her to fake it with the toys or actually use them.  I peered into her eyes as before and asked her to really do it.  I wanted this!  It would be the culmination of my coming out and I wanted it to be good!

Sarah put a cloth cuff like a sweat band around my wrists and then tied them together and added a collar with leash at my neck, ball gag and blindfold.  She walked me out of camera range and at a signal from Matt stepped off pulling me behind her.  I made a show of resisting and hung back causing her to stop and pull on the leash and generally force me to the corner.  It was at once difficult and exciting to be led around like that given that I was blindfolded and depending on Sarah not to trip.  Once we were on the set, she pulled my arms up above my head and attached my wrist to something above my head.  I heard a chain rattling and felt my hands pulled higher, which stretched me upwards.  She returned and nudged my feet apart.  I felt her cuff each ankle to what must be the spreader bar.  I couldn’t close my legs and with my hands pulled up, I was quite helpless and felt very vulnerable bound like that.  My body was totally open to her touch and there wasn’t anything I could do about it!  When I had been tied before, at least I could roll around some and always a part of me was obscured or inaccessible since I was lying or sitting on the floor or the couch.  Not so now!

I was also a little disoriented and unstable standing there without sight.  I knew I had to be careful how I moved or I might fall. 

Sarah wasn’t going to let me stay still!

She told me to start struggling and I did.  About all I could do was twist side to side and lift one leg or another.  The effort made me grunt in a most unlady-like manner, but I was turned-on again.  She asked that I hold one position or another occasionally, but generally let me move as I could.  Then she stepped close to me and stilled my movements by holding my hips.  I liked that and murmured happily in response.  I felt her hands on my breast and shivered, but then felt the sharp pressure of something clamped onto the nipple.  It was a sensation that was maddening and I tried to shake it off, protesting loudly and unintelligibly around the ball gag.  My protests were unheeded and a second clamp found its way to my other nipple.  The feeling, the itch in my gut the clamps created, drove me to distraction, but couldn’t get any relief.  I felt her hands trace along my waist and hips and cup my buttocks.  I moaned involuntarily at the soft touch of her lips on my belly. 

I felt her touch something against my sex and work it to spread my outer lips.  When the vibrator fired up I nearly swooned!  She was a master (or mistress) at using it.  She moved it and varied the pressure and location until I passed into a zone of physical desire that frightened me with its intensity.  I began to thrust and push against the vibrator simulating intercourse.  I wanted to spread wide and pull it in and that’s where the bondage I was in frustrated and fueled my desire even further.  I was so annoyed that I couldn’t move and do the things that I knew would get me off and yet the pleasure I was getting from just that frustration aroused me as much or more than I could have achieved if I was free.  It was a delicious conundrum that I lost myself in.

I know I was talking, gibbering nonsense and begging for release.  Sarah kept up with the vibrator, wielding it like a virtuoso, her free hand roaming and touching me.  Her tongue licked my breasts; at one point she pulled the vibrator away denying me its stimulation.  I wailed in protest!

The vibrator started again, stopped and then started again.  I was out of my mind with desire and wanted relief desperately.  I begged and begged for it; I had lost all sense of shame and just wanted to come.  A small part of me knew I was on camera and knew that others would see this, but a larger, more desperate part of me just wanted an orgasm.  I didn’t care who saw it!

She touched me with the vibrator just right with slight pressure on a sweet spot and I was gone.  I screamed into the gag.  I picked up both my legs and tried to pretzel them to squeeze my legs together, hanging for a short time from just my hands, which hurt like hell!  I bucked and twisted my way through a monster orgasm.  When I could no longer hold my feet up, I lowered them to floor only to find that I couldn’t stand.  I sagged against the wrist rope, hanging there moaning and panting, as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me.

I don’t know if I passed out or not; I only know I have no memory of being untied.  I opened my eyes on the sofa to the concerned looks of Sarah and Matt.

“Jeez, Anne, we were so worried!  Are you OK?”

OK?  I never felt better!  I struggled to a sitting position and smiled a huge smile.

“I’m fine, really.  And embarrassed!  I don’t… I mean I… I don’t know what to say!”  I reached over and drew Sarah to me and hugged her tightly.  She hesitated and then hugged me back, both of us giggling.  I released her and hugged Matt and kissed him.

Sarah reached for my hand and held it.  “You don’t have to be embarrassed about anything with us.  We both know about the hold this stuff can have on you.  I’m just glad we helped you find it.”  We sat for a minute or so in silence each with his or her own thoughts and then Sarah, with an apologetic smile, said, “I hate to break this up, but we’ve got to get going.”  She went on to briefly explain what happens next with the pictures and video.  She estimated that they would appear on the site in two to three weeks.  They would send them to me before that so I could see them.  I said, “I can’t wait to see them!’  I waited a few beats and said, “And to do this again!”

They both agreed that they would love to have me come back and predicted that the sets would be a hit with their subscribers.  I dressed in my jeans and sweater, eschewing any underwear for the trip home.  Gathering my things and stuffing them in the bag, I thought of the distance I had come today.  I had found something that truly turned me on and a new way to express my sexuality.

And there was Sarah.  I wasn’t as sure that Sarah would figure in my life after this, but I knew that I would like that.

Sarah walked with me from the room and down the stairs to the door.  Before she unlocked the deadbolt, she turned to me and kissed me hard on the lips and slipped a card with her home address into my pocket.

“I’ll be seeing you, Anne!”

I floated down the street to my car and drove off.  I thought I should put on my sunglasses as the future looked bright indeed!