by Mikel

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Mary and John had been together for almost a year, both had found early on that they shared a passion for bondage especially chastity and corsets. Mary had been wearing corsets since she was very young and had continued to wear them twenty four seven to this day. Chastity had been something she had found in her twenties and experimented with until she found the perfect whole body chastity suit that she wore on top of her corsets often for months at a time while the service held her keys.

When she met John they were both wearing their own chastity devices, his was a very severe stainless steel total enclosure cage that he had been wearing for almost a month. Mary had shown up to the club wearing a long coat over her corset and steel removing the coat when she entered the club showing everyone the extreme waist reduction and that she was totally enclosed in the tight steel. The shiny steel was covering not only her pussy but concealing her breasts, neck and most of her thighs with the wide bands of steel around them linked together by short rods.

As Mary strutted around the club in her tall high heels letting the leash attached to her steel cover neck dangle in front of her John had watched her intently finally approaching her and the two sat the rest of the night talking about their “hobbies”. The two discovered that neither of them had access to their respective keys and that while he worked outside the home she worked exclusively from her house and that they both made respectable money at their jobs giving them the ability to indulge their hobby.

The two spent many weeks together waiting for the keys to be returned so they could actually have sex and then after that Mary turned her key over to John and was soon serving him as she had always wanted. John was very good at keeping Mary locked up and had begun training her to walk in ballet boots and shoes. Mary especially liked when he would lock the pony trainers on her feet and go out of town leaving her locked in steel with steep horse’s hooves on her feet for up to three weeks at a time.

John liked having a woman he could control and enjoyed being in control. John had Mary service his cock at least twice a day everyday she was locked away and when he would release her she would spend these days bound utterly helpless while he fucked her as many times as he could manage. During Mary’s “Free” time she could only think about being locked up again. She craved it wishing she could get him to lock her up and destroy the key but knowing he would leave her as soon as she would do it, knowing he would not want to never have sex again.

Mary constantly searched for new and more demanding ways to be chastised, her latest idea had been spurred on by pictures on the internet of women having their pussies pierced with large rings and studs then having them locked tightly. While John had gone out of town she had told him she needed to go to the doctor so he left her the keys to her belt she went and had her pussy pierced. Mary needed to get it all done at once before John returned. Even though it had been very painful she had all eighteen piercings done and waited for a week before she began locking the intricate system onto herself.

Mary had taken ideas from several pictures and designed her own locking plate and had her craftsman build it for her. Mark had built all of her custom restraints, having done many strange things for his clients in the past nothing shocked him anymore nor did he ask questions. Mary carefully installed the thick metal plate, the plate had small tabs that would slip into the piercing holes in her pussy lips. Once the locks were installed under the plate they would seal her pussy and clit closed. The ten locking bars were carefully “woven” under the plate leaving her slit slightly spread but sealed smooth under shining steel.

Mary was breathless by the time she had installed the new device struggling to flex her body while she installed it. Now she stood studying her silver slit smiling as she knew that this was the most secure she had ever been and relished the thought of being sealed forever. During the next month John had been irritated with Mary for sending her keys to the service without his permission but Mary had wanted to wait until she was ready to tell him about her newest invention.

John kept Mary locked in her ballet boots the entire time and also made sure she wore her pussy gag twenty four seven as punishment. The gag was something they had come up with and had been made from a masturbating sex toy and worked very well to simulate a woman’s pussy. Mary had used it on John several times with her hand to satisfy his needs until one evening she forced it into her mouth and John reacted quite differently when he felt the warmth from it being in her mouth. The gag was now part of a hood that could be laced tightly over Mary’s head and kept her mouth open extremely wide and made speaking impossible. John had added a series of small holes in it so Mary could suck while she used it on him and could also be fed though it.

Now Mary was wearing his latest design that not only kept it in her mouth and spread open but limited her head movements from the thick collar the hood was attached to. It could also be locked on with the multiple locks strung through the strong cables used to tighten it onto her head. Mary was not completely comfortable with it but once she was told the keys had been sent to the service and would return with the others she could do nothing about it.

When the keys were finally sent back to them Mary had mastered the toe boots and felt very comfortable with the gag. John was so eager to fuck Mary he restrained her to the bed before unlocking her pussy and found the silver slit staring at him. Mary was still gagged and wanted to explain but could do nothing but moan as John replaced the belt shield and left the room leaving her to struggle in her bonds until the next day.

John returned and used her mouth to satisfy himself and untied her hands and left again leaving her able to untie herself but forced to wear the gag and steel on her body for another few days until he returned. Mary was very worried when he had left, she knew it was possible to cut the hood and boots off with the right tools but didn’t know if she could do it herself. When John returned he made her sit at the computer and type her responses to his questions. After a long conversation John left her alone again for a full week, e-mailing her daily to check on her.

During the week he was gone John asked Mary if she ever wanted to be penetrated again, her response was slow and when she did answer it was that as much as she liked sex she felt much more comfortable locked up and had thought about what would happen if she couldn’t have sex again and the idea was exciting to her. A few days later John wrote Mary asking if she wanted the gag removed, Mary wrote back “Only if you want to remove it”. John told her he had to go out of town again and would come over when he got back.

Mary wore the chastity suit, corset, boots and gag for another two weeks. She had many days of discomfort from her shoes and jaw and was beginning to worry about if she would ever be able to close her mouth or walk flat footed again when John knocked on the door. It had been over two months since she had been locked in her boots and gag and Mary had grown accustomed to both completely and now felt the same about the boots and gag as she did the chastity.

John started to unlock the hood but Mary stopped him and wrote out a reply. “Please leave me as I am, I feel wonderful being under your complete control and only want to please you however I can” John was stunned as she continued typing “I feel I am complete while I am locked up tight and only hope you can accept me for who I am and respect what I want”

John smiled and forced her to her knees cuffing her hands behind her back before forcing his cock into her pussy filled mouth and let her pump his swollen cock until he filled her mouth. John began staying with Mary full time moving most of his things into her house forcing her to wear heavy shackles every day and being his total servant. Mary felt extremely grateful and tried her hardest to make him happy and the two spent the next year with her bound and gagged twenty four seven and him using her as his sex slave enjoying her total commitment to him and the money she earned.

Mary was standing with her hands chained to the ceiling for the second day, John had chained and whipped her thoroughly after removing all her hardware except for the slit covering and washed her body completely. Jane felt naked without the steel covering her body and was glad he no longer felt the need to remove her gag or boots. Mary’s newest boots had been ordered by her made from reinforced leather with built in steel cuffs around her ankles. The boots should last her for years and never had to be removed, Mary had also redesigned the hood and gag making it much thicker and more restrictive and unnecessary to remove it as well.

John had enjoyed their relationship but was now wondering if having someone relying on him made him more the slave then her and also missed being able to go out with his woman. John had started seeing another woman who enjoyed bondage as well but only wanted to play not live it and was really starting to have doubts about his relationship with Mary. When John returned home he dressed Mary in her steel and corset and released her from the ceiling only to have her drop to her knees and immediately start sucking his cock with her improved pussy gag.

John decided to keep Mary as she was and see Julie when he could and was enjoying the best of both women when returning to Mary’s house one evening her found several boxes of material he had never seen before. Mary was excited and had already typed out what the material was for and what she wanted him to help her to do. John locked the excited woman to the bedpost with her hands behind her back while he read her letter and then read the directions for the material.

John was shocked again when he found out the material was a steel and fiberglass mix and once it was opened and layered onto itself it chemically reacted making the steel in it form together and bond to its self making it a solid piece of steel. He had read Mary’s letter and knew she wanted him to wrap her in the material from her neck to her pussy sealing her inside a permanent corset chastity suit. John couldn’t believe she wanted to be sealed for the rest of her life in this material but from what he had learned about her came to accept it.

Mary stood chained to the bed for the rest of the night desperately wanting to explain to John what she wanted and hoped in her excitement she had written it correctly. Mary wanted to have a new suit made from the material, it would include the hood, gag and boots. Each could be locked closed by the seam locks she had found and ordered making it much easier for her to be released. Mary had been having strange desires to feel something inside her and hoped if she made it easier for them to seal and unseal her she could come to terms with her desires.

John left Mary chained to the bed while he went to Mark and asked him to make two rings that could screw onto one another with wide bands at the base and three new sets of shackles. Mark agreed and told him when they would be ready not questioning any of the specs John had given him. John went to see Julie and explained the whole situation to her and told her that once Mary was sealed permanently in the steel suit that he wanted Julie to come live with the two of them as his wife and her mistress. Julie thought about it and agreed only if Mary was never allowed to service John without her permission and John would never release Mary.

John explained that once he did as she asked the suit could never be removed, the only way was to cut it and since it would be so incredibly tight it would damage Mary badly. He told her Mary understood this and this is what she wanted. Julie accepted the proposal getting wet as she thought about having a real slave to torment.

John returned to Mary’s house finding her still cuffed to the bed and sat down and asked if what she had written was really what she wanted. Mary excitedly nodded her head. John said if we do this then you are giving yourself to me to do with as I please and know you won’t be able to back out if you change your mind. Mary shook her head vigorously that she understood and wanted what he was telling her.

Mary spent the next few days getting fitted for different implants and catheters never questioning what John was doing. After a week of preparations John pulled Mary down the stairs into the basement and asked if she was really wanting the procedure or not. Mary indicated she did so John lifted her hands towards the ceiling and wrapped wide leather cuffs around each wrist and attached them to the wide bar hanging in front of her.

Mary felt her hands being winched upwards only stopping once her toes were off the ground. John placed a spreader bar between her ankles and buckled it tightly in place. Mary was getting excited when she felt a pinch in her ass cheek and couldn’t keep her eyes open and quickly fell asleep.

Mary opened her eyes and found she was no longer chained to the bar, she tried to whine as the pain she was feeling hit her but no sound would come out. Reaching up to her face she felt the heavy steel around her wrists connected by a short steel rod keeping them about eight inches apart. Mary tried to raise them higher so she could see them but found she could only lift them until something around her upper arms stopped her. Mary was still dazed and began to struggle but found she was secured solidly in the cuffs so she tried to sit up.

As Mary tried to sit she found she could no longer bend her body from her head to her waist, she flexed her torso and could tell she was held rigid by something extremely tight around her whole upper body. Mary tried to swing her legs off the bench she was on and felt they too had been shackled together but couldn’t look down to see by what. After several failed attempts Mary finally was able to get upright and forced her restrained body to her pointed toes noticing how numb her feet felt.

Mary staggered around the basement straining to keep her balance as she learned her limitations in her new restraints. As Mary struggled to walk she wondered why he had locked her up so securely when she had wanted to be able to be freed easier but began enjoying the restrictions that had been placed on her. Shuffling around the basement she found John had set up a new bed with a sink and some kind of watering system and stood looking at all the different things and wondered how long had she been out.

Mary continued exploring the basement and her new confines gasping through her nose at the extremely tight bodice now encapsulating her. Mary found all of her fetish clothes and bondage gear had been moved down stairs and then found herself looking at her new body in the large mirror hung on the wall. Mary was stunned at the sight of herself, her face was gone all that was left was two blue eyes and a gaping hole where her mouth should be and it was filled with latex that made it look like a woman’s pussy.

The gag wasn’t what surprised her but the complete coverage of her head and face, she could no longer see her nose or any of her hair and absolutely could not move her head without twisting her body. As she studied herself she could feel the gag now went deep into her throat making her be able to take even the longest cock and figured that was why she was unable to make a sound. Mary looked at her arms finding tight bands of steel around her arms just above her elbows that were attached to a steel rod keeping them firmly at her side.

The wide bands of steel around her wrists were also new and in the reflection she couldn’t see how they would be opened. Mary looked at her waist and noticed immediately how much smaller it was and the straight line her chest made down to the narrow waist line and knew he had wrapped her tighter than any of her corsets had held her. Mary still hadn’t realized her situation and smiled under the hood as she looked down and could see the wide bands of steel around her thighs and ankles both linked close together by rods that were able to flex at the ends.

Mary leaned further forward to see her boots and noticed immediately that there were no laces or locks but that they looked totally smooth from the tops of the cuffs to her toes. She stomped her foot and could barely feel the floor under her toes and noticed a decidedly metallic clank each time she did it. Mary turned towards the stairs more confused than before and shuffled to them. Reaching the stairs she found she couldn’t lift her foot half the distance she needed to be able to step up, grunting to herself she hopped up onto the step and stood gasping as she found her balance again.

Reaching the top took almost two hours and Mary was exhausted and reached out and opened the door. Mary shuffled through the house looking for John until she reached the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. Mary was awakened by John shaking her, she tried to look around but found she was still encased and pleaded with her eyes for John to help her up. John chuckled and said “You will have to learn how to get up by yourself” as he pulled her to her pointed toes.

Mary tried to whine then dropped instinctively to her knees and let John use her mouth for his pleasure. During the time John was fucking her mouth Mary felt the gag moving in her throat. With each pump it was making her start to choke but John never stopped until he was finished and Mary could feel his cum running down her gagged throat. John pulled her to her feet and led her to the mirror in the bedroom and asked what she thought about her body’s new home. Mary was shocked when he put it that way but stared at the image in the much brighter lights.

John explained how difficult it had been to get it as tight as he knew she would want it as he held a hand mirror up so she could see the back. Mary noticed immediately there were no seams and she twisted and turned hoping she was wrong. John continued explaining how he had the cuffs made for her so she could still work and when he explained that Mark had made them without any key holes or any way to unlock them Mary’s eyes got big.

John continued explaining about the suit and that he had wrapped her booted feet in the material so she would never have to worry about wearing out her boots. Mary was still thinking about the word permanent when John showed her what he considered the neatest thing about the new suit. Mary watched as she felt him twisting her breasts as he unscrewed the tight covers over each breast. She couldn’t believe it when he had them both off and her breasts stood bulging around the tight bases.

John said getting them back on is much more difficult but I wanted to be able to enjoy them sometimes. While Mary stood still in shock when she felt him force her breast into the steel cup and then push it hard as he twisted it. She was screaming inside from the pain he was causing and tried to back away but he held her firmly as he screwed the cover back on explaining that now that everything had hardened completely he could screw it all the way down.

Mary’s breast felt like it was being squeezed in a vise as he continued to screw the cover tighter finally stopping just as her eyes started to water. Mary endured the installation of the second cover desperately trying to scream as the pain from her breasts being compressed so tightly increased. Finally John was done and began leading Mary to the basement door telling her along the way what and how the feeding tube worked and he would show her later how the enema system worked.

Helping Mary down the steps John showed her where her computer was and explained that each morning she would be upstairs at eight o’ clock for her list of chores. Then when he came home she would be waiting on her knees to service him before he ate dinner. She was now an object just as she had requested, an object to be used as he wanted and would serve him obediently. Mary saw the instructions for the material and shuffled to it and picked it up and shook it at him.

John didn’t understand what she wanted as she stood shaking the papers and making a scissors motion with her fingers. John smiled and said “Don’t worry, I used double the amount needed just to make sure it could never be cut, I also left your pussy locked and filled the keyholes for each lock with liquid steel making sure you would never have to feel anything inside you again” Mary almost fainted, John helped her to the bench and sat her down. Mary now understood instead of having the removable suit she had desired she was now sealed inside one for the rest of her life.

Mary thought about never being released and twisted her wrists against the steel holding them and tried to twist her body inside her hard shell. She couldn’t believe that right when she was starting to have desires to be free and touched she was made a permanent slave unable to speak with the only sexual contact would be when she was servicing John’s cock. Mary fainted as she watched John walk towards the stairs.

Two years have passed since Mary was sealed in her suit, she can walk very well in her shackles and boots and can perform almost all her daily functions perfectly. She had stopped working almost a year ago when she was going to have to start going into the office and now performed all the chores required of her. Her new mistress can be quite cruel but Mary knows if she performs well she will be rewarded by being allowed to be used as their entertainment with them making her do difficult tasks while they watch and whip her bare skin as she tries to complete them.

Mary has accepted her choice and even though her pussy cries for attention she knows she will never be free of her steel body suit or the shackles John had placed on her and has tried to enjoy her confinement even when she is being tortured. Now she has even started to crave the attention of the whip more and has started to want to spend time with her cruel mistress loving the attention and how much her suffering pleases her mistress. Each day brings less memories of who she was and lets her accept what she is now.

A permanent slave of her own desires.

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