by Mister B

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Storycodes: F/m; D/s; naked; chast; nipple; gag; bond; chain; display; F+/m; tease; tickle; torment; denial cons; X

Part 1.

Sandra is the best thing that ever happened to me. We met each other on Fetlife and started playing together and dating. For several years now we are a couple and try to enjoy BDSM as much as possible. A while ago we started to take it to the next level and launched a website where we promoted ourselves as erotic and BDSM performers. This went really well and almost every weekend we have a performance. Sandra takes care of the business and I usually do not know what kind of audience and performance I am facing. I love the thrill of the uncertainty this gives me, and Sandra is so creative she manages to surprise me every time.

Tonight we have a performance at some female student fraternity of a faculty in a city nearby. We arrive and are ushered in a small kitchen by a shy and clearly nervous girl. When we are alone I strip naked and Sandra removes her long coat. She is wearing high heels and an extremely provocative leather body stocking. It is tight, has long sleeves but leaves most of her well shaped bottom uncovered while the fabric pushes up her tight behind. I strip naked wearing only my chastity belt.

Quickly I am collared and cuffed. A chain rattles through the cuffs and the collar, pulling my arms high up my back. Open your mouth Sandra commands. I love it when she gets into her role of mistress which she plays very naturally. A large ball gag is with some difficulty pushed behind my teeth and pulled further inside when the strap is pulled expertly tight behind my neck. Next mean nipple clamps that make me moan are attached to my nipples. Finally a thin chain is fastened tight around my balls. I guess I am about ready for my passive role in Sandra’s show.

I am right, she picks up her riding crop and pulls me behind her by the chain attached to my now quite sensitive balls. I try to follow quickly but she strides ahead pulling the chain tight while she opens the door. We enter in the bar of the fraternity and as soon as we do the crowd falls silent. The girls eyes shift between a naked helpless slave and a sexy, scarcely dressed mistress. I bet they have never seen something like this. Resolutely Sandra strides to the middle of the room, pulling me behind her. She turns around, quickly pulls the chain she holds through the chain in between the nipple clamps and sharply down again. I am cruelly pulled towards the floor and I try to fall down on my knees as quickly as possible. The pain is unexpected and extreme and makes me scream through my gag.

Sandra firmly holds me down while she addresses the girls. "Tonight you will learn about BDSM and some of its main aspects", she starts.

I admire her so much and look up towards her sexy body. She has a talent for speaking and addresses the girls in an educated way while she speaks about our relationship, the games we play and how we are both enjoying our role. Gradually the students are relaxing. They start asking questions and discussing amongst themselves. Their shyness disappears and they become more and more curious. Sandra speaks about the responsibility that a D has and how respect is the basis of a D/s relationship.

After explaining my limits she hands me and her riding crop over to the shy girl and tells her that she is now responsible for me. Then she walks away to the bar where she very elegantly sits down at a high stool and starts chatting with a crowd of girls who seem to have a thousand questions. The shy girl is not so shy any more. She kneels down beneath my legs, examines my bondage and starts discovering my body. Other girls gather around us. They make compliments about my muscles and start touching me as well. The not so shy one develops an interest for my chastity belt and seems impressed by how firmly locked away my penis is.

Then they decide to try how it feels to punish a helpless slave. They pull heavily on the chains attached to my balls and nipples. Use their finger nails to scratch all over my body. I moan and wriggle, but also feel my penis starting to throb in his cage. Then the not so shy one discovers that she can torture the tip of my penis with her apparently long nails. They turn me on my back, sit on my face and hold me down while they now focus on torturing me like this. I hear how the not so shy one is taking the lead and tells the others what to do. I try to put up with it as long as I can and then say three times GA, GA, Ga in my gag. They adhere to Sandra’s instructions and immediately stop and seem afraid to carry on with their team effort.

Sandra also seems finished with her discussions at the bar. She gathers the crowd around and using me as a chair she makes a proposal: "Would you like to experience what it is like to be helpless and enjoy pleasure and pain?" she asks.

Most girls seem very reluctant. But quite a few seem willing to discover this. "Okay", Sandra says, "those who are willing to submit to me can stay and I promise you a great adventure and reward if you prove yourself worthy". Most of the girls say they prefer to leave and do so after thanking Sandra for the wonderful experience. Eight girls including the not so shy one stay behind…..

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