The Perfect Match

by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; spank; toys; oral; mast; sex; cons; X

I had always thought that the best candidate for bondage was a nymphomaniac, someone who was almost insatiable. Stephanie seemed the ideal candidate. We had been having sexual relations for several weeks. I am a typical male, well almost. I have a short fuse and find seconds hard to achieve. I do not know what Stephanie sees in me, except that I try and satisfy her perpetually high libido. I am, if I say so myself, quite skilled with fellatio or finger masturbation. My usual ploy is to give her several satisfying orgasms before getting my own sex involved. Up to this point Stephanie had avoided all discussion about fantasy or variety. I needed to find a new approach.

My first gambit was to ask her to demonstrate how she pleasured herself, ostensibly so that I could do it better. She seemed reluctant, even embarrassed. I was amused to watch her get all flushed as she parted her legs before me. She was completely naked and sat in the middle of my bed. I was sitting as casually as I could in a chair watching her intently

"You’ve never seemed shy before," I quipped.

Stephanie did not answer. With an embarrassed look on her face she reached down and started to stroke herself. To be truthful I was more interested in what she did with her other hand. As she got into the swing of things she started pulling at her left nipple and started writhing. It was not long before she climaxed. Her hand immediately withdrew and she looked up.

"Nothing to it really, "she stammered, "you tend to be a bit hard on my clitoris but I certainly have no complaints."

"What about vibrators? You do have a vibrator?" I said reaching behind me and puling out a very ordinary phallus shaped vibrator "Show me," I encouraged.

"What now?

"Surely you are not satisfied already?" I challenged wickedly.

Stephanie pouted "no need to make fun of me!"

"I’m not!" I assured her, "I am just trying to find ways to please you."

She looked even more flushed this time and climaxed almost immediately. She had danced the vibrator around inside her while her left hand had just supported her weight, nothing more. Once again the vibrator came out immediately on climax.

"Only one?" I jeered playfully. I was aware already of course of the way she liked things. She seemed very sensitive moments after orgasm and any attempts I made to prolong it were rebuffed. I was convinced that this was half her problem. She never allowed herself to be fully satisfied.

"Have you got one of these?" I asked producing a strap on vibrator. I hoped she would not think to ask why I should have one. It was of no obvious use to me being designed to fit a woman. This one was remote controlled. I had also tampered with it to allow for much lower vibrations.

"Er, no," she said quickly "I do not think I......" Her voice tailed off. She was getting too embarrassed. I would have to be careful.

"Try it on," I suggested, tossing it over to her. She looked at it a bit warily.

"How does it work?" She said cautiously,

"I have the controller over here," I said innocently and turned it up as far as it would go. The thing vibrated furiously in her hand and I turned it off quickly.

She thought for a minute. It seemed like an eternity to me before she stood up and strapped it on.

"Would you like me to give you a demonstration?" I said brandishing the control out of her reach. I did not give her a chance to reply but turned it on about half way, just enough to get her interested.

"Hmm," she purred that’s nice, "Limits your access a bit though."

"Don't worry about me," I purred back, She reached out for the controls.

"Now, now," I said, "this is my toy, I have something else to show you"

Despite my outward calm I was now getting very nervous and not a little worked up. So far she had gone along with my requests, the next one was pushing it, after that I would be going for broke.

"What the hell are they?" She demanded her mind distracted from her vibrating pussy.

"Nipple clamps," I said casually. I put one on. I had practised this for several nights until I could wear it without flinching. "It stimulates the nipple," I explained, removing it quickly.

Once again she put them on herself, no cohersion from me. She was obviously a little unsure but my demonstration had been enough to make her want to try. I distracted her by giving the vibrator a tweak.

"I don’t think I like them," she decided, "I’m getting all hot and bothered."

I grasped a hand that was reaching to remove the clips. The other hand followed. We wrestled, playfully but I was not going to let her go and I succeeded in getting her hands behind her back.

"I can’t control the vibrator and your hands," I gasped, "perhaps I should tie you down?"

It was as casual and innocent as I could make it. She was caught off balance, not knowing what she wanted. I let go long enough to grasp the looped rope that I had left under the pillows and caught it around her wrists, wrapped it round, and tying it off as quickly as possible. It was not elegant by any means and would not hold for long, but then again it would not have to. The clock was running, I had by my calculations less than 5 minutes before the game was lost.

"Hey what’s going on? Untie me."

"I will remove the nipple clamps." I told her. I was as gentle as possible but she winced as the blood ran back into her left nipple. I immediately covered it with my mouth and kissed it better, making it swell and producing a moan from her. She was ripening nicely, unaware of how her body was reacting.

"Brace your self for the other one," I told her gently, my left hand reaching for the vibrator control. As the second clip came off I flicked the control to maximum. Her eyes flew wide open as an orgasm hit her instantly. She pulled ineffectively at her hands but the ropes held. The vibrator hummed on and she suddenly realised she could not stop it.

"Oh my God!" She exclaimed as a second climax ripped through her. I risked one more; my tongue returning to her left nipple.

"Stop it......" Her voice tailed off as her body convulsed again. I let her down as gently as I could letting the vibrations decrease slowly. I reached behind her and fumbled desperately with the rope, fortunately the knot was around the cinch not directly affected by her struggles. I threw it across the room, out of her immediate sight and retreated to give her space to calm down. She pulled herself into a ball with her knees to her chin and rocked back and forth, almost oblivious to me. She raised her head slowly, "What happened?"

"You have just had you first bondage orgasm, " I told her. I waited for the torrent of abuse, but it did not come. I suddenly realised that I had shot my load in all the excitement. It was my turn to be embarrassed. I tried desperately to cover it up.

"Are you O.K?"

"That was incredible," she panted "I have never felt anything like it. I was completely out of control. I think I would have killed you if I could have got my hands free."

"I hope you no longer feel that way," I said quietly. "It would be a shame to spoil our relationship."

"Have you done that to all your previous girlfriends?" She asked

"Not exactly," I confessed. "Up until now I have talked it through and they have tried it willingly. No one has reacted quite like you. I have only dreamt of such a response. I tried an experiment. It now remains to be seen whether you will ever want to see me again". My concerns were genuine. I had in effect assaulted her.

"I do not think I would have agreed to it," she confessed. There was an interminable pause. "I would have missed out on and incredible orgasm. Several in fact. I am shagged out."

"That must be a first," I quipped trying to lighten things. A pillow flew past my head.

"You kinky bastard" she retorted, but there was humour and lightness in her voice. "I ought to tie you up."

"I might like that," I confessed evenly, "but I come too quickly as it is. I seem to have wet myself in all the excitement."

She giggled. I relaxed for the first time since we had started.

"So what did you think of my little game? Would you like to try some more. Not now of course, " I added quickly. "We would have to establish a few ground rules. What was allowed and what isn’t. What you might like and what not."

"I am not too sure about those nipple thingies," She confirmed. "It felt like my tit was on fire." She paused remembering, "but that orgasm....... It was incredible. I did not expect it."

I smiled both inward and outwardly.

"You were under my control," I told her, "but all I wanted was to make you happy. To satisfy you just once. Did I succeed?"

"I have never felt anything like it," she confirmed, "and I want more. But not now. I need to think about this."

"Take your time," I told her, "Surf the net. Look up bondage sites I can give you some pointers if you like but it might be better if you looked for yourself. I don’t want to give you a false idea. Just be assured. I am not into heavy whips or even dungeons. Just simple rope bondage and sexual stimulation. Of course you might have other ideas."

"How long have you been into this?"

"As long as I can remember," I confessed,  "I have even tied myself up."

She was intrigued. "I have heard about such things. I never understood it."

"Its not the same as the real thing. For a start you can get free at any time. Unless you use locks and handcuffs and things, but I have never been in to that. Like I said, I come too quickly and once I have been I loose interest a bit."

"Sounds like a challenge."

"May be. But I would prefer to tie you up instead."


"I think I can satisfy you in ways you could not imagine," I said trying not to sound too pompous. "I certainly would like to try."

"We will see."

She suddenly remembered the vibrator still strapped around her crotch.

"Maybe I should get one of these." She pondered.

I resisted the temptation to turn it on again. She took it off and discarded it. "I will certainly think twice before letting you put it on me again."

"You put it on yourself," I reminded her.

"I did didn’t I?"

The evening wound up quickly, but not before she had made use of my shower. I was intrigued. She had never bothered before.

I did not expect Stephanie to become an instant bondage fanatic. To be honest I had not planned any further ahead. For all I knew she may never come back, or if she did, she might refuse to have anymore to do with tying up. It was with some trepidation therefore that I opened the door to her a few days later. She might have looked wary, or it might have just been my over active imagination. Certainly there was no sign of anything untoward in my flat. We exchanged kisses and pleasantries before getting more comfortable. Eventually she was lying naked and relaxed in the middle of the bed, her naturally tanned body awaiting my touch and her hands limp by her sides. Her breathing was even and her eyes half closed. I ran my fingers gently over her body tracing around her right breast. She accepted my touch without question.

"So how did your investigations go?"


This was not the answer I was looking for, "there’s so much crap on the net you can’t really get anything intelligent. I found a lot of pictures of women and men for that matter tied up in all sorts of ways. It appears that most of them want it, but I could not for the life of me see why."

"It’s power exchange and trust," I suggested, "put it this way. At present you are quite happily lying there allowing me to play with you, but if I do something you do not want then you are able to stop me." My hand drifted down to between her legs. This was not unwelcome although her pussy was very dry. I started to encourage her and took time out to kiss her nipple and make it swell.

"Or I might stop suddenly," her disappointment was obvious, "you might try and continue where I left off." She didn’t but I could see that the idea had some appeal. I returned to pleasuring her. By now I knew what she likes and how to arouse her.

"If your hands are tied behind you, like the other night, you have no choice. You have to put up with what ever I do, and trust that I will eventually satisfy you."

"But the pictures looked so......." She seemed to be unsure of the word "brutal. Uncomfortable, even painful."

"They can be, it depends on what has been agreed. Some people like being twisted up and put into strange positions. You have to find your own limits. Not every one is looking to have sex. Some just like being tied up. It takes all sorts. " I laughed nervously. I was not actually upset with the way things were going. She might be open to another try even. "Apart from the surprise you were not actually uncomfortable were you?"

"I suppose not," she conceded, "I am not sure what I felt. It happened so quickly."

"I didn’t want to frighten you," I assured her, "you could have probably freed yourself given the chance, I would need to tie your arms as well to be really secure, I just wanted you to experience being helpless while I made you orgasm."

"Well it certainly worked. I could not stop you and I have never felt anything like it."

"Would you like to try again? Just your hands. " I assured her, "no vibrator, just me."

I waited with baited breath. I could see she was seriously thinking about it. Her pussy suddenly went wet. I had not been trying so there had to be another reason. Could she actually be interested?

"Just my hands?"

"And arms,"  I corrected, "to make sure you cannot escape."

"You won’t hurt me?"

"I just want to pleasure you," I assured her, "Though I might ask you to give me a quick suck." I knew she had no objection to such things. She even liked it.

"One thing," I said getting up,  " we need a safe word." She looked questioningly." Something to say stop. Just in case you think I have gone too far, or not far enough." She still looked confused. "What do you blurt out in desperation? I’ve never heard you swear."

"Shit!" She said laughing. "It’s a four letter word.

"Not very lady like," I chided, "better not use that, you might blurt it out accidentally. What we need is a word you would not normally say, but can mean ‘for God’s sake stop’

Stephanie considered for a minute. "How about ‘mercy’. It’s not a normal word in this day and age but it is fairly accurate."

"O.K" I agreed, " If you are desperate for me to stop  or if you get cramp, or anything just say ‘mercy’ and I will immediately ask what’s up and untie you if necessary."

"Sounds fair enough, assuming you do."

"If we are going to do this, you have to trust me," I said seriously. "The safe word is not to be abused by me or you for that matter. You have to be able to say stop in an emergency."

"What about the girls I saw with balls in their mouths or other things?"

"That is for another time, if you are happy with the way things are going. If you were gagged I would have to watch you carefully to make sure everything was O.K. We would have an extra signal - some sort of grunt sequence, or eye movement. Safety is paramount. This is fun not torture or abuse."

Stephanie seemed satisfied with that. I was pleased. She had asked the right questions and accepted the answers. She could become the bondage kitten I had always dreamed about, but for now it was up to me to make sure she enjoyed this next step. I looked at her as she sat up. Her breath seemed shallow and her eyes dilated. She was either anxious or very excited. I hoped it was the latter. I suggested she knelt on the bed with her hands behind her. She complied without question.

I used a doubled up rope, looping it over her crossed wrists and wrapping it round several times before cinching it in the middle. I had enough left to take it around her waist each way and tie it at the front completely out of her reach. I then took a second length. Looped several turn over her right arm, across her chest, around her left arm and eventually back to the right making a complete circle. Her arms were now fixed giving her no purchase to pull at her wrists.

"How’s that?" I asked, "Comfortable?"

"I can hardly call it comfortable," she complained "but it is not uncomfortable as such." She tried to move her arms ineffectually. I reached my arms around each side of her and cupped her breasts squeezing gently. She wriggled but could not stop me, of course.

"You see how vulnerable you are?" I reached one hand down between her slightly parted legs. It was warm and moist. But she would have to wait a while. I gave her a couple of quick strokes with my index finger and withdrew. There was a slight squeal of disappointment. "Patience my love," I purred. "We have a whole evening ahead of us."

At that her head whipped round to look at me, eyes wide.

"Your not going to keep me like this all night?"

I smiled disarmingly. "Unless you can escape?"

Her struggles were a little more vigorous but she was held firm, even if it was only her arms and hands. I gave her a firm push sideways making her fall over her legs flaying wildly.

"You can appreciate why I might want to tie your legs," I suggested.

"Maybe," she gasped, "but why did I see so many with their legs tied together. Doesn’t that defeat the object?"

"Depends what the object is, "I informed her, "If the object is to frustrate you then tying them together would be very effective. Crossing your ankles gives a little more access. Fixing them apart leave you very exposed. I can always change the position if I want. You would not be in a position to argue. I have the ropes after all, regardless of the male female strength inequalities."

Stephanie absorbed the information. "I see what you mean about relinquishing control. If I let you tie me up completely I really am helpless aren’t I."

"Yes," I said simply. "And you are pretty helpless even now," I said pouncing on her.

I subjected her to a severe mauling, sexual of course. Her breast received the brunt of my attention but I did not overlook the delicacies of her neck, inside her legs but not her now dripping wet pussy. She squirmed and squealed. Her legs were downright dangerous flaying about at every opportunity. I was not going to be beaten, neither would I break my word. I said hands only and I would abide by it. Suddenly I got off her and retreated. She thrashed about a bit straining to break free from her bonds. I was sweating hard myself. This was hard work.

"Is that it?" She wheedled.

"For now," I answered, "I need a rest, perhaps you would like to pleasure me instead?"

"Like this?"

"Of course," I smiled, "You still have your mouth. Now how about it?"

I sat down and sprawled. She looked like she might refuse.

"Me first, you second," I stated. "You won’t regret it." I assured her. "Perhaps you would like me to warm your bottom instead?"

"You wouldn’t,"

"I might."

"I dare you."

"You’re serious?" I hadn’t bargained on this turn of events.

She looked at me petulantly. "Spank me."

I got up slowly. She did not flinch or try to run. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her across my lap. She was shaking, but it was not fear. Despite everything I had ever believed in I spanked her. Lightly at first but she goaded me to hit harder. It was clear that she wanted it. She did not struggle or scream or shout. Neither did I hear a cry for mercy. She wanted it, so I obliged. I then received my reward.

I am not turned on by violence, even mild or consential. I was as flaccid as it was possible to be. She coaxed me up and sucked me dry swallowing every drop. I could scarcely believe it. She then looked up into my eyes.

"You will have to use something else to pleasure me,"  she said slyly,

I helped her back onto the bed and proceeded to lick her from head to toe. She squirmed but did not complain. Her bottom had got quite red yet she lay back, her arms still pinned behind her and took everything I could give her. I finished with my head buried deep between her legs my tongue lapping and sucking. I managed to reach up with my hand and squeezed her breasts pulling her nipples. She squawked encouragingly raising her hips to give me better access. The climax was big and I continued like before, ignoring her pleas to stop. She did not ask for mercy and she did not get any. I counted four good ones before letting her down gently. Her thighs almost crushed my head as the waves subsided. I motioned for her to turn over but she refused.

"All night you said,"

I gaped in wonder.

"Now tie me up some more." She said softly. "Legs, ankles, anything. I want to be completely at your.." She paused  "under your control" she corrected. "Show me what you can do."

Yes I broke my word, I broke all my words except the one about safety, and that was never called. I tied her every which way. From Hog tie to Frog tie. Legs wide, legs together. Tied to the bed post, to flat on the floor, but always her hands stayed as I had tied them at the beginning. She told me what she liked but never complained. She wanted to try different gags, but I only have one, a red ball gag. She liked it. I fucked her twice, and she had several more orgasms even using the dreaded strap on vibrator with her legs locked together. She was still insatiable. I was exhausted.

She stayed tied up all night and was as stiff as a board in the morning. I was convinced she had over done it and would want nothing more to do with bondage or me for that matter. I was wrong.

"That was fantastic." She exclaimed despite her obvious discomfort. "I wish you had brought this up sooner. I can’t believe what I have been missing out on.."

I could not believe my ears. I wanted to marry her.

They say all good things must come to an end. I am glad to say that whoever they are, they are wrong. I did marry her. And she is still hooked on bondage. I have had to join a gym just to keep fit enough to keep up with her. Did she ever rise to the challenge of tying me up? Actually , yes. The first time I came almost before she had finished securing me. Since then I too have had a night in bondage. It was unbelievably frustrating and I never came once despite a generous dose of viagra. My prick was so sore I refused her offer of relief. Suffice it to say she kissed it better the following night and was suitably punished for her misdeeds. Well not really. Like I said, I hate violence but I can not refuse her. I have even got used to the idea of giving her a good spanking. She is not my slave. In truth, she enslaved me that first full night of bondage and I have worshipped her ever since.