Penance for Gromet

by Jan Smith

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© Copyright 2002 - Jan Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; bondage; n/c; extreme bdsm; torture; XXX

Penance for Gromet
by Jan
Penance for Gromet

My name is Jan and I have just recently been introduced into a life of BDSM. After my indoctrination my Husband (Master) instructed me to type up my experiences (A Slave in the Making) and submit them to Gromet’s site for all to read. I did as instructed and Mr Gromet was nice enough to post my story. Unfortunately shortly after I sent it I mistakenly screwed up my E-Mail account and had to ask Mr Gromet to change my address on my story to my new one. My Master was very upset with me for having to trouble Mr Gromet and informed me that I was to be severely punished for my stupidity.

On Fri. morning my master ordered me to the basement punishment room. I had not even dressed yet so I was still dressed in my nightie. Master tied my wrists over my head. Inserted a ball gag into my mouth and blindfolded me. He said that I could think about the punishment to come as I stood there all day, and then he left. A short while later I heard him leave and I stood
there in my darkness dreaming of the nasty things he may have dreamt up to do to me. It would be a long day.

About an hour after Master left I heard the sound of breaking glass upstairs. What was it? Something must have fell off the counter. Suddenly I could hear footsteps. What was going on? The footsteps were coming down the stairs and I could hear voices.
“ We’ll check out what’s down here first and work our way up. Looks like we can get a good dollar for some of this stuff.”
Someone had broken into our house, and here I stood half-naked and helpless. I twisted and fought my bounds, but master had tied me too well and there was no way I could get away. I was helpless. I could hear them moving around the den. Maybe they would not check the back rooms and I would not be found.

“ Holy shit! What have we here!” One of them yelled. My heart sank and I felt sick. “Come see what I found”
I could hear them moving around me discussing their luck of finding a naked helpless woman.

“ Well, this could prove interesting. It may change our schedule today, but I that’s Ok. She’s a pretty good-looking lady and I guess we should enjoy her. Look at all this neat stuff over here. Let’s see, nipple clamps, gags, rope, and this is a pretty nasty looking whip.”

The blast across my ass took me totally by surprise and my feet came right off the floor. Even though I was gagged my scream filled the room.

“Oh I think I am going to enjoy this. From watching the house we know he won’t be home till 5 so we have all day.”

My nightie was ripped off my body and they retied me so my feet were off the floor. I hung there as they discussed who would be first at trying the whip on my unprotected body. What would happen to me? My Master beating me was one thing, but these men would not care what they did to me. They may even kill me when they were finished with me. I was so scared that my bladder failed and I pissed myself.

I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he whispered in my ear “ So, are you a little scared bitch? I don’t know why, because you obviously enjoy this. Well you know what, I know that we will enjoy it too, and probably more than you.”

Then the whipping started. My back, tits, legs and thighs were on fire. There wasn’t a part of my exposed body that was ignored. They took turns and laughed and made jokes about my suffering. My Master had whipped me, but never like this. My muffled screams filled the room and I bucked and twisted in my bounds. I tried to beg for mercy, but if they could understand my pleadings, they were ignored. I could feel the sweat running down my body.

“Man, she jumps real nice doesn’t she. What else do we have here?”

A set of clamps was attached to my nipples and another set to my pussy, and then the whipping continued. Finally they quit and I hung there. Maybe the thought of stealing our possessions would get them to leave me now that they had had their fun. I only dare hope. What was that against my ass! Oh God no, it was his cock and he was going to screw my ass. I twisted and kicked to try and keep him out of me. Ropes were tied to my ankles and my legs were stretched apart, and then the cock returned. Tied as I was now I could not avoid it and he quickly pushed it up my ass. The pain was almost more than I could bare, and although I knew it was worthless I tried to beak for mercy. There was no mercy in him and he pounded my poor ass as hard as he could. The clamps on my tits and pussy bounced and pulled as he slammed into me, adding to my pain. With every one of his thrusts the clamps on my pussy sent waves of pain through my loins. And then my body when rigid as I came. Even with all my suffering and fear I came as hard as I have ever come. At the same time I felt him fill my ass with his fluids. I hung there ashamed that I had given the satisfaction of making me come.

“ The Bitch is enjoying this! I guess we’ll have to get more inventive!”

My heart sank. I could hardly stand what they had done to me already and there would be more.

“ Look at this old Phone here in the corner.” One of them said “IT has a magneto in it and that gives me an idea. The clamps were taken off my nipples and then replaced, but this time a piece of wire was under the jaws of the clamps. “ Give it a crank and see if it works” The electricity running through my poor nipples was like nothing I had ever felt before. I pulled so hard on my bounds that I thought my arms would come off.

“Give me a hand with this table.”

My legs were untied and a narrow table was slid between my legs. One of them positioned himself on the table under me and my ropes were adjusted so I was slid on to his cock. “Crank it” When the shock hit my tits I bucked and twisted on his cock. “This is great he yelled! Give it all you can.” The other cranked even harder causing me to bounce even more. I tried to scream so hard that I almost pushed the gag out of my mouth. I thought I could not feel anything but my ravaged tits, but there was a fire building in my cunt. I would not cum for him. He stiffened as he came in me, but the shocks did not stop. How much more could I stand. I prayed that I would pass out. I lifted my exhausted body right off his cock, I came so hard and still it did not stop.

Finally when I could hardly move and my screams were just murmurs they stopped. I hung there praying that there would be no more. What else could they possibly do to me? Hands reached behind my head and my blindfold was removed. I clamped my eyes shut, because if I could identify them they could not leave me. A voice told me to open my eyes. It was my Master! He had come to rescue me! When I looked he was standing there with the two men. He had set the whole thing up.

“ I think this punishment should be sufficient for Mr Gromet.” he said.

I now kneel chained in front of the computer, telling you my story. I am to stay here until morning and then my Master says that he must punish me because I came twice with the other men. I know that that was bad of me and I look forward to whatever punishment he sees fit to inflict on me.

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