by Dominatrix Bella

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© Copyright 2012 - Dominatrix Bella - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; femdom; bond; cuffs; shackles; gag; drugged; captive; naked; collar; tease; torment; shave; pearls; sex; climax; reluct; XX

"I’m glad we got to spend some time together" she said "Even though it is never enough." She waited to hear him say something that resembled agreement. They got out of her car to enjoy one more hug before he must leave. He held her close, kissing the top of her head, since he was so very tall. "I’ll miss you" he said sadly.

"Oh, you will not miss me as much as you think" she laughed.

"That isn’t true, Mistress. I will miss you more than you realize."

She sighed and agreed they must move, although just holding him was heaven. One last squeeze and he started to move away. She walked him to his car and just as he was getting in she gasped "Oh dammit! I forgot to give you what I made!"

He smiled and said "You’ve been teasing me about this gift forever it seems. I didn’t want to ask. I assumed you would give it to me when you were ready."

"Oh, my Pet, I am ready, but you have to get it yourself. It’s under the front passenger seat of my car. I want you to sit in the seat and I shall blindfold you. I want you to guess what it is."

He agreed, looking enthusiastic, since her gifts have always brought him fulfillment in some way.

She opened the door and gave a "Vanna White" flourish with her hands, giggling as she did so. He got in and closed his eyes, obediently awaiting the blindfold. She lovingly placed the soft blindfold she kept, just for him, over his eyes and said. "Now, my Pet, you must reach under the seat to search". He reached forward and heard a familiar ratchet sound.

"Mistress? What was that?" He had no sooner said the words when he felt the cold steel circle his wrist with a click. Handcuffs. His mind reeled, what was she doing? He had to leave…this isn’t part of their game. Before he could react, the other wrist was trapped. "Mistress!" He sputtered. "I have to go. You know I’d love to stay, but I can’t"

"It seems, my Pet, that I am taking that choice away from you. The quicker you adapt to the idea, the easier it will be for you." Her voice was calm, unnervingly so.

"I love the joke, Mistress, now please let me go. I must go." As he opened his mouth again to protest, the horse bit got shoved in. He felt her arms circle him as she tied the silk ties behind his head.

"I’ve heard enough, for now." She said with a hint of impatience in her voice. "We have a long way to go, and you are correct...we must go."

He felt the car move and his mind began to reel. What would people think? Where would they think he went? What about work? What about his car? Had she gone mad? He began to panic and felt his mouth dry up in spite of the bit gag lodged in it. He tried to lick his lips but to no avail. She sensed his distress and asked if he needed water. She explained that she had a water bottle with a sport top that she could squirt in his mouth. ‘How very thoughtful’ he thought with sarcasm, but nodded his head with the need. The first squirt of the bottle missed and drenched his face. She laughed with true mirth. "So sorry, my Pet. It is hard to drive and aim."

The second time her aim was better and he drank and swallowed as well as the bit allowed. He had no way of knowing how much he would get so he was anxious to drink as much as possible. Once finished, he sat thinking, and chin dripping as he tried unsuccessfully to wipe his beard on his shirt. Not only was his mind reeling, but suddenly so was his senses.

"By the way, my Love, I felt it would ease your anxiety if you slept for most of this trip, so there was a small dose of halcyon in that water you drank. Sweet dreams, my Pet. See you soon."

He tried to stay alert but sleep would not elude him. He tried to come to grips with his predicament as he began to nod off. It did not escape him that he was hard. His body was responding to what he knew he wanted. He really and truly had no option here. Not at this time, anyway. Eventually he was sure he would be able to overcome his captor but resurfacing would result in questions. Dammit, this was a fantasy, not meant to be reality. What if he really couldn't get away? Right now, he was truly helpless. And tired.. so so tired, but he had to try to escape eventually. His erection throbbed with his mind's betrayal. As his body gave in to the drug he heard her say softly, "I think you've underestimated me for the last time."

At first, when he finally awoke, he wasn't sure if he was dreaming or just still groggy. He definitely felt rested, but damn was he sore. He had no indication of how long he had been in this position. He stopped his mind from reeling long enough to take stock of his surroundings as best he could. First of all, the car was no longer moving but he was most definitely still in it! It was daylight and warm and by the feel of the sun it was maybe mid day. He breathed deeply and inhaled the intoxicating aroma of damp earth, pine and wood smoke. He would guess it was someplace in the woods. Not surprising since that was both his and Mistress' favorite place to be. The big question was where? He wondered when the car had stopped. Since he slept through it, he had no possible way of discerning his distance from home. Dammit. This really was going to be harder than he's hoped.

He took stock in his body's senses. His jaw was sore from the bit and his mouth was incredibly dry. He couldn't see a thing, but he could feel intense pain from the cuffs and from the general stiffness of spending so long a time in one position. It hurt enough to be bound, but to be bound for this long was really going to take its toll on him. He straightened up as best he could but just the effort to do so brought a groan from between his teeth. This also prompted a sound not too far from him.

"Ahhh finally! There you are my Pet! I was beginning to think you would sleep your captivity away!" she laughed softly. "I assume you will be quite sore from your trip, so I will make it my pleasure to try to revive you in the easiest way possible."

At this, she untied the bit gag and slowly took it out of his mouth. Parts of it had stuck to his lips and she was very careful to moisten it with water on her fingertip first. "You must be awfully thirsty" she cooed "Would you like something to drink? I ask that you take it slow though so as not to upset your stomach. At this time I can offer you water or Pepsi since you slept through what would have been breakfast. What do you choose?"

He tried to speak but no more than a dry croaking whisper emerged "I would like some...." but before he could finish his sentence, the slap to his face startled him and made him jump quite noticeably. After all, he didn't see it coming.

"When you address me, it shall always begin with "Mistress!!!"

He tried to wrap his mind around this. He was sore and confused and not a little pissed off. "Look" he said "I have really had just about enough of this."

Laughter... deeply genuine mirthful laughter was the response he got. "Oh, my Pet, enough you say? You haven't even begun!" Then like a switch being flipped her humor was gone. She grabbed his face in one hand squeezing tight enough to sting. "Life is about to get really interesting for us. You will learn what I expect and deliver. You won't like the consequences. Now, let’s start again, shall we? You will call me Mistress; you will always begin your sentence with Mistress. You will phrase things in requests, not demands.... I own you, my Pet. For all intents and purposes to the rest of the world you have ceased to be. No one will be looking for you, or me for that matter. I have taken you someplace you have never been and we have never mentioned. You may notice that your body is quite sore. You don't know if you have been asleep for one night or two. So again I ask you.... would you like some water or some Pepsi?"

"Mistress, may I have some water?" he whispered a bit dejectedly.

"Oh yes! Yes you may my Pet. Let me help you." She tilted his head back a little and while cradling his head, she carefully gave him the sports bottle of water to drink. At this point he didn't really care if she had drugged it some more or not. "We must get you up and walking." she said, "And this may take a bit of maneuvering. I ask that you be still for a few minutes and don't try to get away." He felt her push up his pant legs and then he felt the cold steel he could only assume was shackles. First one ankle and then the other. He didn't hear the ratchet sound of cuffs, so he knew she must have gotten some locking shackles. On cue, he heard the click of the padlock... first one, then the other. Then she attached yet another set of handcuffs on him, but this time his wrists were cuffed together. She did this before she undid the others, to be sure he was not free first.

"Now, my Pet, the part I really do like best. She kissed him tenderly as she placed the collar about his neck. He heard the click. He felt the familiar release of responsibility. "Now let’s get you out of this car." She directed him to swing his legs out and she carefully placed a hand on his head to make sure he didn't hit it on the edge of the door. He stood, very slowly, feeling his body creak and ache from the effort. He realized that there was a leash attached to the collar. She led him around for a short time to allow his legs to regain their full feeling. Once this was accomplished, she sat him down atop a short bench. He would get to know this bench well, he just didn't know it yet. She fastened his leg irons to a thick wooden pole mounted in the ground. Then she tied his wrist cuffs to his waist with some rope.

"Now, make no mistake you are here to please me. If you should find pleasure in your captivity, so much the easier for you, but it isn't my main objective. There will be rules, you will follow them or there will be consequences. There are many things, many privileges you may earn... but even the simplest of things must be earned. For now, today, I simply ask that you try to acquaint yourself with your predicament. Do you have any questions?"

He thought a moment and then said "You know as well as I do that you can't keep this up. Sooner or later you will give in to me"

She didn't speak and her silence began to worry him. Suddenly he felt himself knocked off the small backless bench. "Since you refuse to address me as I have requested, this bench will be the first privilege you must earn back. I have left the remainder of your bottle of water within your reach. I will return and fetch you if and when I see fit."

He sat on the hard packed dirt and leaned against the pole. He wasn't tired, at least not sleepy tired, but it was difficult not to be able to see. If only he'd have gotten her to lift the blindfold. He sat quietly thinking, plotting, and damned if he was going to be the one to give in. Time passed slowly. He discovered he could stand, but only move a few feet. He was worried about tripping since his wrists were attached to his waist making it impossible to break his fall. He shuffled around the pole a few times plotting out his area. He found the water bottle by kicking it accidentally. Time passed and he started to get a bit chilly. Night must be falling. He tried to lay down as best he could and he must have nodded off for a bit. When he awoke, there was the smell of campfire and something delicious cooking.

"You must be getting hungry" she said. He nodded, not wanting to piss her off anymore tonight. "It is a shame you will have to wait for breakfast. You have been sleeping for a while and missed dinner. It is time for me to go to bed". He heard her approach.... then a quick jerk on his collar "Sweet dreams my Pet...Till morning." and with that she gave him a quick kiss on the head. He heard a door close... a very solid sounding door, and suddenly realized he really was alone out there.... just where is out there, he thought.......

For a while he just sat there thinking. What should he do? What were people thinking about his whereabouts? Just how long did she intend to keep this going? Was she even stable? What if this was truly a psychopath fantasy made real? He knew he had to take some responsibility for this, after all it was everything he always claimed to want. That thought made him pause. This really was everything, or nearly so, that he had fantasized about for years. A slow smile began to spread across his face.

Maybe he should just go with it. Let go, for once, really let go of his responsible, controlling thoughts. He didn’t so much resign himself as accepted his fate.  He settled in as best he could, assuming he would be there for the night. His mind began to wander as to what might be in store.  A short time later, he heard the door open and he sat still, feigning sleep.  A warm, albeit scratchy, wool blanket was wrapped around him. "Thank you Mistress" he whispered and she bent down and kissed his head. After he heard the door close again, he sighed. His hopes of sleeping indoors seemed lost and he was lulled to sleep by the sound of chirping crickets and other night sounds

The next morning he awoke to the sound of many chirping birds. His muscles ached terribly from the forced position and what seemed like a wonderfully warm blanket last night had turned into a dew soaked, cold nightmare this morning. He listened intently to hear sounds of her but none were audible. He sat dejected for a few moments before realizing he could smell fresh coffee. He sat a bit straighter, lifting his nose as he smelled the air. She laughed. "Good Morning my Pet! So good of you to be here." And with this she laughed again.

"Mistress, may I stand and walk around?"

"Why of course you may, my pet" she cooed, "let me help you. See how pleasant I can be when you address me properly?"  He suddenly felt her hands on his face and she caressed his cheek. She unwrapped the sodden blanket from him and guided him to his feet. He was a bit unsteady at first, but his muscles began to stretch and gain strength. He heard, more than felt, the clip of a leash being attached to his steel collar. She led him to an area that was thick with knee high weeds. "Dear spirits" he thought "I hope there is no poison ivy here!"

She shackled his leg irons to something he couldn’t feel. Then, she took off the blindfold and the sudden light made his eyes ache. As his eyes adjusted he was able to make out her form slowly but surely.  She was dressed in a long summer dress of a light, sheer, silky texture. It more floated than hung on her.  Her red hair was bound tightly in a braid that was pinned just above her neck in a soft coil. She wore several strands of pearls, each a different shade: pink, white, ivory were predominant. On her arms were bracelets of pearl wound around each wrist many times it seemed. He was standing in a wooden stall and the chain leading to his leg was locked to the 6x6 post in one corner. Her green eyes looked at him intently. "If I give you some freedom, can you resist the urge to fight me?"

He nodded and quickly said "Yes Mistress!"

She carefully unhooked his collar and then untied his wrists from his waist. "I wish you to shower, and then I shall give you breakfast". He hadn’t realized how hungry he was until she mentioned food. "When you are finished washing up, call for me, politely". With this she turned and left.

He was curious as to what lay beyond this stall but the idea of a shower seemed too good to miss. It was a simple set up with a rain barrel set higher than the shower head, a simple valve opened to allow water to pass to the spigot. He gasped as the cold water hit him. He hadn’t given the water temperature a thought.  "Mistress! Is there warm water too?"

"Ahhhh my pet. That is a luxury you must earn" and she laughed. "Be sure to wash well…. your breakfast depends on it."

He grit his teeth as the water flowed and took advantage of the warm sun to soap up. He washed carefully with her sweet scented soap and when he had finished called out to her. 

"Oh you do look magnificent when you are wet! You make me think of what I would like for breakfast." She quickly unlocked his ankle and put the leash on his collar. She led him slowly out of the wooden pen and for the first time he saw his prison…. a beautiful, although small, log cabin on the edge of an open meadow. So much beauty met his eyes that he could scarcely take it all in.

She led him into the cabin where she fastened a set of clips with a chain between them to each wrist cuff. She sat him at the small table. "From now on, you shall do the serving so please observe me so you know how to do it properly. The cooking will always be done by me. For my safety." She added the last words while looking at him sternly. She clipped the leash to a hook on the back of the chair just for that purpose and began to serve them both breakfast.

"I think you will like it here if you give it a chance." She said brightly "It really is ideal. No neighbors for miles, and no running water or electricity. Who needs all that hassle anyway? All we need is right here at this table. You and me." He kept silent not quite knowing what to say. "You will need to learn your place and that can be done quickly if you don’t fight. You won’t like what happens if you do."

After they had both eaten, she removed his leash and led him to a spot on the floor with a small x burned into it. She took the chain between the cuffs and hooked it to rope. This rope ran to a pulley in the ceiling. She cranked a small handle and the rope tightened pulling his arms above his head. She continued until he was quite taut but feet still on the ground. She walked around him appraising each inch and liking what she saw. "You need some grooming, my pet".

She set a chair in front of him and sat with her face very close to his crotch. The room suddenly felt warmer as he saw her withdraw a razor from a small bowl. There was water in the bowl and she laid a cloth over her lap. She had a mug of shaving soap that she lathered with a large, old fashioned shaving brush. She gently lathered his genitals with the brush. Its soft bristles felt so sensuous against such a tender area and he felt himself getting aroused.

"Well now, that will make this job easier" He closed his eyes as she began to shave him. Partly because the idea of a madwoman and a razor there was frightening and partly because it felt so damned good. She took her time and occasionally laid her head against his thigh to get a better look at her angle. This was maddeningly arousing and his dick began to throb.  Sweat began to trickle down his neck and he had to be careful not to flick it out of his eyes lest he jerk at the wrong moment.  When she was done, she took the cloth and carefully washed him clean of the soap.

"Now we must see how good a job I did" She removed one strand of pearls. He watched as she placed the strand over his cock and crossed them underneath. He tried not to show his state of arousal but there was no chance of hiding it now. She took the pearls, one end in each hand, and pulled one end at and then the other, making the strand slide back and forth across and around his hard cock. "My my!" She exclaimed "Isn’t that a beautiful sight!"

She let go of one end of the strand and pulled slowly with the other until they were free of him. Then she stood and took another strand from her neck and expertly looped them together to make a long rope. She swung it over her head and brought it down with a whack against his ass. The sting made his knees buckle. She did it again and again and with each sting her smile widened just a bit more. "You do understand who is in charge here, correct my Pet?"

"Yes Mistress"

She smiled.

"Say it again!" and the pearls came down on the back of his thighs.

"Yes Mistress".

"Again my pet", as they came down one last time….

"Yes Mistress, Please stop Mistress".

She stopped and rubbed a hand across his bare flesh as she described the distinctive marks the pearls made. "You are a beautiful canvas my love." She exclaimed and he marveled at the sparkle in her eyes. It made him twitch to life once again. She leaned close and ran her tongue up his neck. "I love the taste of you. Your essence, your sweat…. you." The thought of what she could do to him made him shudder in anticipation. 'God I hope she doesn’t stop', he thought to himself.

She lowered his arms and he nearly fell to the floor, weakened, exhausted by the whipping but strangely energized as well. She released his ankles from their iron shackles and unlocked the cuffs on his wrists. He unconsciously rubbed his wrists as she ordered him to the bed. It was a large, rustic wood bed with deep thick down covers. The bed itself was crafted from whole logs with the bark removed and sanded smooth. There were four posters on the bed…. each, he noticed, with a ring bolt. She ordered him to lie down and spread his limbs. He did so obediently and he watched in fascination as she removed one of the coils of pearls from her wrist, leaving another there. She took this coil, which he soon discovered was pearls on a wire, and she fastened his wrist to one of the bedposts. She removed the second coil and did the same with the other wrist. Her left arm held two more coils of wired pearls which she used to secure his ankles to the bed in a like fashion.

She sat atop him and lowered her face to his and kissed him deeply, biting at his lip with her teeth when she moaned. She kissed her way down to his nipples and sucked each one into her mouth in turn. While nipping and biting one, she would knead the other between her fingers. Her breath was getting quicker and she moved lower and gently ran her tongue from the base of his cock up the underside to the head and then plunging him deep in her mouth. He arched his back and unconsciously pulled at the pearls in his hand, not realizing until that moment, how strong those wired restraints were. He would not have been able to escape even if he wanted to. The thought made him harder yet.

She slowly wrapped a strand of pearls around his balls and cock pulling them tight. They acted like a beautiful, elegant cock ring, keeping him hard as she worked him with her mouth. She loved the taste of him, but her need to feel him inside her was stronger. She took two more strands and once again looped them into one long rope. She looped this around his dick and laid it across his chest to his mouth, putting the other end in his teeth. Then she mounted him, using each end of the pearls wrapped around his cock as handles. As she started to rock on him, his head arched back pulling the pearls in his teeth. This in turn rubbed the pearls against her most sensitive place and she cried out in pleasure. He suddenly understood their use and pulled on them rhythmically to the pace of her ride.

Through clenched teeth, so as not to dislodge the pearls, he asked "Mistress, Please may I cum?" not sure if he’d be able to hold off long enough for her answer, but she breathlessly said "Yes! Yes my pet…Now!!!!" and they both came… hard, sweat mingling, pearls rubbing until neither could move without twitching.

She lay next to him, head in the crook of his arm. Both of them content. After a time, she untied his wrists and ankles, letting him rest his limbs. "Mistress" he asked, "I am not restrained. Aren’t you worried I will run?"

"No" she said softly "Go ahead and try to leave" He stood up and stretched and started walking to the door. Before he knew what hit him, the electric current in his metal collar rendered him unconscious and he fell to a heap on the floor.

"You have much to learn" she said aloud to no one as she smiled and snuggled under the covers for a nap.