Paula and Jane Take a Road Trip

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2014 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; naked; bond; rope; gag; toys; insert; crotchrope; cartrunk; transported; dream; fantasy; superheros; climax; cons; X

I had wanted to try something for a long time, something kinky and restrictive but I had never had the nerve to ask Jane until recently. Jane was my lover and best friend. She had come across my love of bondage when I had set myself an afternoon self bondage challenge several years back.

I used an Ice release method which usually melts to drop a handcuff or padlock key down to my hand or releases a pendulum swinging a folded penknife or set of nail scissors to me to get free. There was a bit of bad press on the internet at the time, with plenty of people getting stuck, so I decided to give Jane a call just in case. She wasn't aware of my activities, as I told her just to come over and we would go out in the evening to meet guys at a club or hang out at a bar and go for some dinner after. That evening she arrived way to early, because she had the afternoon off work too; but also a key to my apartment.

She let herself in and found me spread-eagled, chained to the wall of my hallway with an Hitachi wand tied to my pussy. A Blindfold and Ballgag hood strapped over my head. She removed the key, and I had started to panic when she released me. We had a chat about my fetish and she told me she had tried some to. We stayed in that evening. I was Jane's prisoner and she was mine as we teased each other to orgasms. That night was my first bi-sexual experience with a woman. 

I had been with several guys and I liked men. I liked their hard athletic bodies and I liked to be taken hard and rough sometimes, but they never seemed to want to tie me up and tease me. Sure they tied me up for a fuck, but I was always released after when I just wanted to struggle. Some guys just wanted to degrade me and they got dumped right away. Others were too nice and kept mothering me asking me if I was okay, which was way too often for my liking.

I couldn't find anyone with the right amount of sadism to tease me or spank me or roughly take me for the right amount of time before letting me go and running me a nice bath and cuddling me later in the evening. Well not until Jane found my secret.

Jane was tall. A curly haired brunette, with hair that dropped to shoulder blade level. She had shapely long legs and small but firm breasts. She had also had a skin complexion to die for and cheek bones that would slice paper. Lovely olive skin, partly from Italian genes. As soon as the sun came out she turned into a tanned goddess. I loved her with a passion. 

I had been working hard and hadn't seen much of Jane. For some stupid reason I have always put work first above my relationships. It's a habit I try many times to break, but just can’t! I have only a few core friends that I stay in contact with, and these I call my real friends because they know this, and yet still meet with me at the drop of a hat. Jane is one. She tells me off sometimes but knows I have to do things right and sometimes it takes time and eats into my social life.

I had had enough of work recently so as we were on a quiet spell, I decided to have a week off. I booked a little cottage in the mountains where Jane and I could go for a week of rest and relaxation. Jane jumped at the chance. She loves open fires and would rather watch that, than television, any day of the week.

Wwe packed up a few small bags of clothes and a cooler box and we were ready to leave the next day. It was then I drew up the courage to ask Jane if she could help me with a kinky idea I was fantasising on.  

"Oh Paula. That's a delicious idea. I love it. Is this just another excuse for us to take some rope though? I know you aren't interested in any mountain climbing." She giggled.

I blushed. "Well if you want to turn it into a kinky weekend away I may be persuaded." I smiled at her. She kissed me and then we fooled around and made love before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Jane is always up with the lark. Tired. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as Jane wafted a cup of freshly ground coffee under my nose.

"Here you go Honey, we are only drinking instant for the next week, so make the most of this." I grunted a thank you, looking at the bedside clock. It was five minutes to six.

Jane! She always got excited and was always up early for our holidays. I had set the alarm for six thirty with an aim of getting up around seven.

"Come on sleepy head. The early bird catches the worm."
I picked up a pillow and threw it at her groaning my displeasure at being woken up so early.

"Well I prefer toast and a bowl of cereal, so you can keep your bloody worm!"

"I am making the toast and the cereal is in a bowl downstairs." She sat down on the bed wrapped in a towel as she hand dried her hair.

"Why not come back to bed for another half hour." I grumbled holding my hand out to her to pull her in beside me. 

"We have a long way to go Honey, and we need to make sure you fulfil your little fantasy, don't we? Of course if you don't want to do it, sure. I'll come back to bed for a little. Of course I won’t tell you that I have my own little ideas on what I was going add to your fantasy to make it more interesting. It will keep until next time though." 

Well that was like a red rag to a bull. I was intrigued and the thought of acting out my fantasy only to have it snatched away, had me sit bolt upright in the bed.

"There. That was better than any alarm call." Jane looked at me with an evil smile on her lips.

"I am only getting up this early, for you. I hope you appreciate that." I bent to kiss her.

"Yuck. Morning breath." Jane teased.

"Morning breath? No way. That's your pussy on my breath and you know it."

"True. And I thank you." Jane stood and kissed me hard on the mouth. I felt her tongue dart in and flick over my teeth to tease my own. I murmured as her hand cupped my breast and tweaked my nipple hard before bending to suck and lick at it. She nibbled my lips and kissed down my throat and I lent my head back to let her. Little kisses sent shudders down my spine as her lips traced their way to my earlobe and sucked on it greedily. If her hand had brushed against my clit right then I would have come.
Then she swatted at my arse and told me to go get a shower, as I squealed and rubbed at the red mark on my derriere.

The warm water seemed to revive me and wake me up. I rubbed some deodorant under my arms and dropped it, the toothbrush and toothpaste into my overnight toiletry bag and padded back to the bedroom.

I sat on the bed and was pulling on some knickers when Jane came back munching on some toast.

"Not so fast Buster. No clothes if you want to fulfil this fantasy of yours."
I looked at her in shock. All I wanted was for her to tie me up and let me ride to the cottage bound and gagged. A simple request I would have enjoyed. Now Jane was suggesting I do it naked. 

I put the knickers on the bed. Jane picked them and my bra, shorts and t-shirt, and stuffed them, along with my toiletry bag inside my overnight bag.

"What do you want me to wear then? Huh."

"Chanel Number Five and a smile."

My jaw dropped. I carried on drying my hair with the drier and then adding a big squirt of perfume on my wrists, ears and neck, and a little squirt over my fanny. I told Jane I was ready as I ever would be. 

We picked up the overnight bags and our hiking boots and carried them downstairs to the kitchen.

I sat and finished my lukewarm coffee and was going to get another cup when Jane said she didn't recommend a second cup. She intended to drive us all the way to the cottage without a break. She told me to eat the cereal and toast and then we would get going. I did as she asked and while I washed the breakfast items leaving them to air dry on the sink drainer, Jane went off to load the bags in the car.

I checked the windows and doors were locked and then set the alarm and went through the kitchen door to the garage locking the kitchen as I went.

Jane was ready waiting for me in her cut off denim shorts and an old white AC/DC t-shirt and walking boots. I stood in front of her naked as a new born baby wondering why Jane wouldn't let me wear clothes.

Laid out on the hood of the SUV were several lengths of rope and a big red two inch latex Ballgag.

Jane spun me around and pulled my palms together and tied my wrists behind my back. I almost purred at her when she cinched the rope and then squeezed my ass cheeks and nuzzled my neck. My hands went back to stroke her fanny through the shorts she wore but she slapped my hands away.

"This is all about you today Honey. I hope you to enjoy your trip." She spun me around and gently kissed me on the lips. I was in a relationship with a beautiful lady who was the best kisser I had ever had.

Jane spun me around again and I looked over my shoulder at her as she coiled rope over my chest and arms above my breasts several times before coiling the rope under my breasts forming a snug rope chest harness. She used the last few feet to cinch my arms to my side. It would be tough to get out of this tie I thought. 

I heard her kneel behind me and rope was coiled and cinched above my knees and then just below. I felt her lips kiss the cheeks of my ass and her tongue flicked just once between my ass and I shivered in excitement.

Jane moved to position herself in front of me. She blew softly against my pussy lips and I gasped. I was waxed and neatly trimmed in a small Brazilian. If Jane and I were fooling around I certainly didn't want to be the cause of any hairy flossing, so prided myself to stay neat and tidy for her to enjoy. 

I saw her stick her hand between my thighs and work its way up to my pussy. There she stroked me until I started to pant. Oh god was she turning me on. Then she stood and taking the rope chest harness in her hand started to drag me to the back of the car. Hobbled at the knees I could only slowly shuffle after her. She clicked the lock of the boot and pulled it up, to open. Then she spun me around and lightly pushed my body face down into the boot before she continued stroking her hand through the back of my thighs rubbing at my pussy again.

I closed my eyes and was panting again in pleasure when I felt her push something cold against the lips of my pussy. Then with a little more pressure with her thumb, it popped in to me. There was another press against my pussy lips, followed by another push and something similar to the first item popped into me. 

"I hope you like Ben Wa Balls? This should make for an eventful ride."

"They don't really do a lot for me to be truthful about them." I replied.

Jane helped pull me up to a standing position, and before I knew it, a rope was being wrapped around my waist and was passed through the backs of my thighs.
Now you have to be in the mood for crotch ropes. Touched in the right place they can make you explode. Otherwise they can just be an irritating nuisance. Jane pulled the rope and I realised she had deliberately trapped my wrists under the crotchrope. She gave it a little yank and tied the rope at the front of my waist. With every wriggle of my hand it would tug on the rope splitting my pussy in half.

Then Jane tied my ankles and cinched them snuggly together.

"There you go Paula. You are all ready for the big drive. Face down in the boot and I'll help you in."

I was shocked at this little turn up for the books. Jane had misunderstood what I wanted to do. I looked at her and saw the evil grin on her face.

"You want to sit up front with me right, Hon?" I nodded an affirmative.

"Well you sitting up front stark naked will put a lot of drivers off. It may even put me off. I might want to play with you like that and crash the car. Besides, I don't want to get arrested for public indecency. Not on my holiday anyway."

I frowned, but Jane was being logical. I am a little claustrophobic at times. I know it sounds daft. A woman who likes to be bound and gagged in tight bondage, and yet I still like to be free. Not shut up in a box. I sometimes I choose to walk several flights of stairs rather than take a lift. 

"I wondered why there were no bags in the back."

"They are inside the car with your boots. Look Paula, I promise you will be okay. Here."

She held up the baby monitors I have for when we baby sit my sisters children. She tossed one in the boot. I noticed it was on. Then she tossed in a smoke alarm.

"What's that for?" I asked her.

"For someone so smart, you can be a right Numpty at times." She grinned at me.

"This detects Carbon Monoxide which activates the alarm. I took it from the hallway. It won’t be any use if it goes off in the house if we aren't there. What it will tell, is if the boot is filling up with Carbon Monoxide while you are in it! You will be laying a few feet away from the exhaust pipe."

I was very impressed. Jane was thinking about my safety. I would have jumped in and gone off on a road trip without thinking about any of this stuff.  

"I won’t stop unless you start humming a tune or if the alarm goes off. I will be able to hear you in the front of the car. Ready to go now?" Jane asked sympathetically.

I nodded, but was still a little scared.

"Stupid" Jane mumbled to herself. "I almost forgot this." The Ballgag dangled from her hand as she lifted it to show me. "Open wide, Hon."

I opened my mouth as wide as I could as she eased the Ballgag behind my teeth. Then I felt the leather straps pinch my neck as she tightened the buckle, brushing my blonde hair out of the way.

"Happy?" She asked.

I nodded.

"Okay Honey, gently bend forward until you rest your shoulders in the boot. I will lift your feet up and ease them in after you are comfortable. Well as comfortable as those ropes will let you."

I wriggled into the boot as much as I could, twisting on my shoulder before lightly falling in the rest of the way. Jane picked up my legs and tucked me into the boot in a crouch position. She grabbed the baby monitor and the smoke alarm, and positioned them near to my face. She stroked the hair away from my face before bending and kissing me over the Ballgag.

"Just hum or sing something if you need me to stop and I will. Otherwise, I'll see you in a couple of hours. "

With that, Jane lightly brought the boot down and pushed it shut, trapping me in a
dark little space about four feet wide by three to four feet deep. I raised my head a couple of feet before banging my head on the boot cover. I had more space than I thought. I heard the engine fire up and the SUV edged out of the garage.

Jane braked and then started and braked again. This jarred me and I rolled against the back of the boot before rolling forward. I went to steady myself with my hands which pulled the crotchrope into me, making me gasp with every movement I made. I heard Jane's muffled shout through the back seat I was resting against.

"Hope you are enjoying the ride already."

Jane, the bloody cow, was teasing me already and we hadn't even left the drive. I did notice though, that when she braked hard the Ben Wa Balls clonked and jiggered making my pussy feel like it was churning.

It was going to be a very interesting ride for the next couple of hours.

When Jane drives she drives quite fast which results in her stopping and starting a lot. I am much more of a smoother driver, slowing a little so as not to fully have to stop the car at lights and roundabouts. If I see a red light pop up away down the road as I approach it, I slow, allowing the lights to turn to green when I make the final approach. Obviously I don't get it right every time but I seem to have a smoother journey than Jane. I find it a more economical, but only marginally so.

Well this morning Jane seemed deliberately to speed, slow and stop. I was being tossed about in the boot like a rag in a washing machine. I tried to not rest on my side too long as all my body weight resting on my arm made my arm ache. I was constantly fidgeting around getting comfortable only to be thrown about as Jane took off after stopping at some intersection or other. 

The big Ballgag was making my jaw ache and I was drooling all over myself and the floor of the boot. The carpet was getting wet and so was I, as the constant turmoil threw me over the carpet and also over my own dribble.

The crotchrope pinning my hands to my butt was a constant pain in the ass. Every twist and turn the car made I moved too and so did the rope in my pussy. At first it was good, but soon the constant sawing of the rope between my derriere and lips of my vulva became in irritant. This sort of counteracted against the fun I was having with the Ben Wa Balls.

Ben Wa Balls are just a smaller heavier ball inside a bigger ball. The movement in the smaller one clonks against the bigger one and you can feel the little variations as they rattle around inside you. And Jane was doing her level best to make the car rattle. I thought she was trying to shake the teeth from my head. 

I guess Jane finally turned on to the motorway, as the constant jolting I had endured became minimal and the car seemed to glide along.

The nice feeling the Ben Wa Balls were giving me stopped and I could only feel the crotchrope rubbing my clit and lips. I wriggled myself into a semi upright position, propping myself against the side of the boot and the back of the car seat. I wasn't breathing as heavy now that I wasn't thrown about, and I had a little doze.

It was the car turning suddenly that jolted me awake. I also smacked the side of my head against the back of the car seat.

I muffled and angry expletive to Jane, who heard me through the baby monitor and called out to me "Sorry Honey, did I wake you up."

Jane must have heard me snore.

Hardly surprising, with a bloody great big gag in my mouth.

I heard a door open and then close, and the car automatically locked all the doors. I was now locked in the boot for as long as Jane wanted to gallivant about.

I tried to force myself upright again wedging my back and my arms against the back seat and my feet pressing against the lip of the boot. I huffed into the gag, angry that Jane left me alone. She had told me she wanted to drive all the way, and I had psyched myself to do just that. I wasn't feeling nervous or claustrophobic at all until Jane got out of the car. Then my mind started to play tricks. How long had I been in the car asleep? How close were we to the cabin? Why had Jane left me alone? How long would she leave me alone?

I guess I could kick at the boot door and try to attract some attention. That would be stupid though. If someone other than Jane heard it and tried to force the boot, Jane would be in trouble; most likely charged with Kidnap until it all got resolved. I didn't want to do that. Besides how embarrassed would I be if it were reported in the newspapers or TV. My parents would know what a kinky bitch their daughter and her girlfriend were. Oh the shame of that didn't bear thinking about.

I was surprised when the car auto-lock opened and the boot popped open. My eyes had adapted to the gloomy interior of the boot, and it was really painful having the sunlight blast down onto your face. I turned my head away blinking and my eyes squinting.

"I ID EE SOP" I muffled through the gag.

"Hi Paula. Sorry about that. I needed a pee. You need a drink or anything? I bought a Choc-ice and a bottle of water." 

I shook my head.

Jane dragged the wrapper of the cold Ice down my breast and stomach slowly before rubbing it into my crotch making me shiver. She had an evil grin on her face. Then she placed the cold bottle of water between my thighs and I squealed in protest. 

She laughed as she pressed the bottle into my pussy.

"I bet that's soothing after that crotchrope being pulled back and forth."

"GED ID OFF EE. 'S OWD." I shouted at her. 

"The water too cold for you? Okay. Looks like Miss Grumpy doesn't want a Choc-ice either. Well don't say I didn't offer."

She turned on her heel, pressing the boot closed, trapping me in my darkened prison once more.

I could hear her teasing me.

"Mmm. This Choc-Ice is so yummy on a nice hot day like today."

It took about another ten minutes for us to get underway again. Jane deliberately got out the car again, I guess to throw the Choc-Ice wrapper into a waste bin. Then the SUV fired into life, and I was thrown about in the back as Jane drove back onto the Motorway.

I wedged myself back upright against the boot and the back seat again. My head was resting against the roof of the boot. I found that it was a little more comfortable this way. If I used my feet against lip of the boot and press myself back against the back seat I could keep myself better upright, and also stop the crotchrope from sawing me in half with every move of my hands.

I thought that sitting upright would also stop the drool flowing out from my gagged lips. Well beggars can’t be choosers. The drool flowed freely down my breasts, over my thighs, puddling down my pussy. I hate drooling over myself. Sure it looks lovely and erotic seeing a beautiful model with a nice tight gag drooling, but it’s completely different if you dribble all over yourself. Still, there was nothing I could do about that.

I tried to imagine where we were. I had no light and could only see a shady outline of the boot and my body. I tried to guess where we were and how far we had come. It was all completely useless because I had dozed off. We had also stopped for a bit. When the boot opened I saw the sun and the side of the diner.

It could be any number of little places along the route. It was very disconcerting not knowing the time of day or where exactly you are, and how long you were sitting in the dark.

My eyes grew accustomed to the gloomy boot space I was sitting in. There was nothing in the boot to concentrate on. I was uncomfortable and my jaw ached. It was some relief to bite down hard on the latex ball just to get my jaws working again. The boot was also getting quite warm. I started to perspire with little beads of sweat forming on my forehead. I guess there wasn't a flow of air conditioning getting to the boot. Jane would be sitting, lovely and cool up front, while I sat in a sweatbox at the back. It was my own bloody silly idea though. Well almost!  

I couldn't believe that I was complaining about Jane wanting to help me act out my fantasy. I guess sitting up front in the car just tied hands and ankles would have been a little boring. Sure I could see out the window and listen to the radio or a C.D. This way I could have more rope on my body. I could wriggle in a confined space and imagine I was being kidnapped; abducted against my free will.

I could be a spy or a police officer and an evil villain had the drop on me. I was to be taken away to be questioned and gotten rid of. My mind wandered back to the old black and white reruns of snooping secretaries or girlfriends bound tightly and gagged so they were helpless. Strapped to a tree length, as it slowly drew along the conveyor belt to a waiting Buzz saw.

A cowgirl, tied onto the railway tracks as the twelve fifteen whistled it's arrival as she struggled helplessly. Unseen by the driver, as the train drew ever closer; while the rustlers were getting away with Daddy's Longhorn cattle.

For me, I was Barbara Gordon, the Batgirl. Batman was trapped in one of the Joker's dastardly traps and I drove my powerful motorbike to the hideout to rescue Batman. I felt the throb of the motorbike engine that sat between my purple catsuited legs. I parked the bike down a dark alleyway so as not to give my position away. I climbed a fire escape and across the roof before entering a skylight that was in need of a lot of repair work. I prowled around in the semi gloom of a warehouse I found myself in. In front of me was a small box about three feet square. I sidled up to it for closer inspection.

It appeared to be a Jack in the Box toy. I couldn't resist a peek as I was sure the box was no toy for children. I lifted the catch. A cackle of Clown laughter erupted from the box. Darn I thought. What a Rookie mistake! Now everyone in the building would be on the scene in minutes. The box looked so inviting; I couldn't resist the urge to peek into the box. I guessed the box was rigged with a face recognition device. The inner workings of the box sprung to life. A big spring with the boxing glove uncoiled and sprang out of the inside. I swerved my head to avoid being hit in the face, but didn't duck fast enough. The glove caught me just above my ear and I staggered back.

My purple kitten heel boots caught on something on the floor as I stumbled backward. My purple and yellow cape hardened. The batwing formed just like it was designed to, and it slowed my fall to the floor, before the ridges deactivated leaving me wrapped up in my own cape. I cursed at another Rookie mistake.

It was then I heard the tap of heels running towards me and the weight of someone crush me into the floor. I twisted my head around to see the flash of a black, white and red catsuit clad woman straddling my chest. My cape had wrapped my arms tightly to my chest and I was defenseless to strike at her.

It was the Harley Quinn. She had pounced on me at my most defenseless. I smelt the perfume on her. It was a flowery and subtle. I liked it. The beautiful Harley Quinn wasn't a fighter. She was clever though.

"Hello Batgirl. How's my favourite flying rodent?"

"I see you still have a crush on me Harley Quinn." I grunted.

She laughed and pressed the chloroformed rag across my face, pressing it hard over my mouth and nose. I tried to wriggle my face sideways but Harley Quinn pressed the rag harder and I succumbed to the sweet and sickly smell which had been making me weaker with every second. Eventually I slumped into unconsciousness.

I awoke drowsy with a headache from the chloroform. I was face down strapped onto a bed of little rollers. My hands were tied behind me, but were too snug to wriggle my wrists out off. My arms were pinned to my side with strong rope, and wriggling my purple boots I could feel rope lashing my ankles, and also above and below my knees. My ankles and knees were also strapped down over the little rollers. Darn. Trapped, by a devious and dangerous Harley Quinn.

"Goody. You are awake. How does your head feel you Purple Pest. I wanted you to be awake before we got started."

"You mean tying me to a bed of rollers isn't the start?" I questioned her with curiosity.

"Oh no Batgirl. That is just the prequel. Now open wide and let me explain."

Harley Quinn dangled a latex Ballgag, about two inches wide, from a gloved hands.

"That's never going to fit me."  I pleaded. As I protested, Harley Quinn just jammed the ball behind my teeth and tightened the straps tightly. God dam it. I made another stupid mistake.

She pressed the ball deeper into my mouth with her thumbs, caressing my cheeks which almost made me shudder in pleasure. Then the evil bitch tightened the strap by another couple of holes. It was so tight I thought my head was going to explode.

"Now that I have you suitably gagged Batgirl, I want to explain to you my newest toy. It's called the Earthquake Machine. Those boffins at Cal-Tech use this sort of machine as a platform to test building structures for earthquakes. It vibrates and shudders side to side and forward and backward. I have added my own little touch to it of course, which you will find out very soon. In the end though, it will literally shake you to death. Of course by then I will be off helping Joker dispose of the Boy Blunder, Robin, and that boyfriend of yours Batman!"

"Ees 'ot 'I oyhend!" I mumbled over the thick latex ball in my mouth.

Batman and I were just fuck buddies. Everyone suspected I was Bruce Wayne's latest squeeze. To be fair, I was actually his longtime girlfriend, but were keeping it from the Press. Batman just brought out the animal instincts in both of us. Plus he looked really hot in his batsuit. The sex with him was intense and amazing.

Harley Quinn sauntered over to the switch on the wall. She was all wiggles and the cut of her catsuit added to the sensual way she moved. Her heeled boots, lightly clipping on the concrete floor. Looking at her and my fantasising of Batman two minutes ago had made me hot with lust. I wanted to strangle her but I also wanted her to take me to a level of ecstasy I just didn't get with Batman.

I knew I was bisexual, and sometimes I needed to be fucked and toyed with by Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Harley Quinn had eluded me so far. I enjoyed the feeling of being tied and toyed and the danger of their death trap devices they all seemed to magic up for me. The restrictions of the rope added to my warped sense of pleasure and heightened my sexuality, for whatever reason. Perhaps I was damaged goods like the enemies I had put into Arkham Asylum.

"I hope you enjoy the machine Batgirl. You will just "crack up" when you see how much pleasure it will give you, before it rattles your pretty head off your shoulders." She pulled the lever down and the machine whirled into life with the rollers gently vibrating my whole body. She turned on her heeled boots and clipped on out of the door, leaving me to her peril.

I murmured at the slow massage it was giving me. Rollers caressed my breasts and rolled my nipples. I gasped as I could feel them harden in pleasure at the contact with the machine. The heat was rising from my thighs and crotch as I thrust them in closer contact with the machine. There seemed to be one roller that was a little thinner but deeper than the others and as I pressed my crotch down onto it, the roller touched me in that "just so" special way.

I closed my eyes. I could only think of how good Harley Quinn’s contraption was. If she would only give up her life of crime to design wonderful contraptions like this, she would make an absolute fortune. I know I would rob banks to buy something like this. Panting from the touch of the machine I had an orgasm. It was then I noticed the machine become a little faster. The rollers on my nipples rolled faster teasing me through my purple catsuit. Boy was this machine good.  The special roller pressing against my sex had also increased speed. I could do nothing to stop the wonderful feelings radiating from my pussy up my body. I tried to hold myself back but the roller was so intense I had to bite down on the latex ball in my mouth to prevent myself screaming from a wonderfully powerful orgasm. 

And then the machine became faster still. The rollers were shaking me now as well as rolling my body. The special roller between my legs was now caressing my pussy, slit and clit, and from my movements; Oh wow was I in heaven and also in big trouble.

I was so horny now I was on the edge of my orgasm. I also realised that every orgasm I had made the machine go faster. I tried to lift my crotch off the rollers, but the straps held me down, directly onto the special roller. I tried to twist and struggle. I pressed my nails into my palms to bring me some pain to counteract the pleasure building up between my legs. That was useless, as my Bat gloves were a soft Kevlar composite. Flexible to wear as my Bat suit, but would stop high powered bullets. Crying in frustration I came again, this time screaming in pleasure. Then the machine started to shake my body in all directions. The special roller between my legs started to rise, pressing right down on my clitoris.
"Noooo." I cried over the large latex ball in my mouth.

This could not be happening to me. I had wanted Harley Quinn to pleasure me but this was too much.

I screamed again as the roller stroked my clitoris to another orgasm. I shuddered trying to recover my composure. Then all the rollers started to move in random sequences. They rode up and down, started to spread wider then contract so my body felt like it was tearing itself apart while the special roller continued its assault on my clit.

My insides were turning to orgasmic mush as I panted and begged and screamed orgasm after orgasm as the machine rolled and batted my body about. I was thrown about so much I guess I broke the machine.  Panting from exhaustion, sweat poured from my body and slowly realised I was laying on the side of my face in a small puddle of drool.

The boot suddenly opened and Jane stuck her head in the boot, with a worried look on her face.

"Are you okay Paula? We are here Honey, but I have been listening to you pant and squeal and shout for the last ten minutes. The ground doesn't have a tarmac road and the car was bouncing all over the place."

She was trying to unstrap the gag as fast as she could to see if I was alright. It was only then that it dawned on me I wasn't being rescued by Batman. I was lying face down in the boot of the SUV. The big ball popped from my lips and drool ran down my face. I turned over on my side working my jaw with a big smile on my face. 

"Oh thank god you are alright." As she helped me sit up and hugged me to her.

Breathless from the orgasms I had and still trying to work my jaws, I could only croak at her. "Jane you have to try the Earthquake Machine. It's amazing." As I nuzzled into her neck in pleasure, smelling the same perfume Harley Quinn had worn.


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