Paul & Susan's Intitiation 3 Meet Robert

by Serval

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© Copyright 2006 - Serval - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf; bond; enema; bdsm; cbt; hum; cons; X

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Part Three - Meet Robert

Paul and Susan received a letter from Richard.  It just said, ‘We expect you at the house at 8:00pm, on Saturday, where Robert will be waiting for you.  Do exactly as he says.  Be prepared to stay the night.  Dress code, overcoats with nothing underneath, and slip on shoes. ‘

Susan and Paul wondered who Robert was and what he wanted.  They hadn’t spent a night at Richard and Sarah’s before.  When Saturday came they got ready as usual, washing and bathing and removing all their pubic hair.  The taxi came at seven thirty and they were off.  They asked the taxi driver to drop them at the corner of Richard and Sarah’s road, so that they could walk the final few yards to the house and arrive exactly at 8:00pm as instructed.

At 7:59 Susan opened the gate to Richard and Sarah’s house and they walked up the path, unbuttoning their coats as they did so.  They had forgotten to do this the last time they arrived and each of them had both nipples severely twisted for wasting time.  Paul rang the door bell and they waited over a minute before the door was opened.  

A tall young man who was not only totally naked but did not have a single hair on his body greeted Paul and Susan.  Around his neck he wore a silver collar with the name ‘Robert’ engraved on it.  There was also a heavy silver collar round the top of his scrotum, forcing his balls to the bottom of their sack.  ‘Good evening’, he said.  ‘I am Robert.  Put your coats and shoes in the cupboard then kneel on the doormat facing the door and spread your cheeks with your hands.’ 

Paul and Susan complied immediately, forcing their knees and cheeks wide apart to display what used to be their private parts in a very public manner.  Paul’s prick began to grow and his balls tightened into his body.  Susan’s pussy lips began to flush.  They were both surprised when Robert left them there to disappear into the drawing room.  He returned with two blindfolds, which he expertly put on them. Paul and Susan heard a clank as Robert locked the front door.  Neither of them moved.  Robert went back to the drawing room and returned with two collars, wrist and ankle cuffs.  These were applied with the same degree of expertise as the blind folds. 

‘I see that you can obey simple commands effectively’, said Robert.  ‘I may have some more exacting demands for you.  Stand up and I will guide you into the drawing room and explain some of tonight’s events’. Paul and Susan stood up, mildly surprised that their genitals had not been touched while displayed in such an obvious way.  Robert linked Paul’s left wrist to Susan’s right wrist and led them into the drawing room.

Robert sat them on the settee and removed their blindfolds.  Paul was sitting on a wooden chair opposite them, with his legs apart so that his balls, ball collar and prick hung down in front of the chair between his legs.  He noticed that both sets of eyes were drawn to his genitals with a wry smile.  Both were going to have intimate knowledge of these parts of his body. ‘Richard and Sarah have been kind enough to lend me their house for the evening as they are away, so in case you are wondering, we are all alone.’  He undid their wrist cuffs as he spoke and locked Paul’s cuffs together.  ‘They were also kind enough to arrange a faggot and a whore for my entertainment, that is where you come in.  So faggot, get on you knees and start giving my limp prick some attention’.  Susan began to look apprehensive.

‘Don’t worry’, Robert said.  ‘There is no pain for you, only for the faggot.  As I promised to tell you what is going to happen tonight I will.  As I said my name is Robert.  I am Richard and Sarah’s longest serving servant.  I hope that you did not think that you have Richard and Sarah to yourselves.  I know all about you and have seen the videos of you the first time you came and of you at the party.  Let me explain my position’.

‘As I said I am Richard and Sarah’s longest serving servant and I have been trained to a high degree, although I always strive to improve my service.  I am here to begin your next level of training and give Paul something to aspire to.  I only have an erection when permitted by Richard or Sarah and never come unless told to.  Although unnecessary I wear a male chastity belt.  I have not had an orgasm for two months, but tonight I have been allowed to have as many as I can manage!  Susan you are a lucky girl!  Tonight I am going to have you both.  First I will humiliate Paul by having him and then spend the night in bed with Susan, while her faggot husband looks on unable to do a thing.  First I will clean your arses out, as I don’t want any of your shit on my prick so let’s go to the bathroom for your enemas.  Hurry up!’  With that he brought the riding crop down on Paul’s arse, giving him his first mark of the evening.

Susan did not like the idea of actually sleeping with anyone else.  Having sex while being restrained was one thing, but literally sleeping with someone other than Paul did not appeal.  Paul was having similar thoughts.  Who were Richard and Sarah to tell them that they must do exactly as some guy totally bereft of hair told them?  It was different when they were here.  Their agreement had been with Richard and Sarah.  The party had been fun, but being given as gift, wrapped or unwrapped, hadn’t been talked about before.

They followed Robert upstairs to the bathroom.  The bathroom was large and spacious with an oval bath slightly away from the wall. The taps were on the far side of the bath, leaving both ends of the bath accessible.  Two enema bags hung above the bath with plastic piping leading into the bath. Susan and Paul did not need to be told what to do, as they instinctively got into the bath, and knelt, one at each end facing outwards.  Robert inserted the lubricated ends of the piping into each end and opened the passageways allowing the enema solution to flow into their bodies. Susan and Paul felt the liquid entering them.  It was an unusual sensation at first, hardly noticeable, but getting progressively uncomfortable as the bags emptied.  Robert gave the bags a final squeeze to make sure that they were empty and then studied his two victims.  He put his arms round Paul and squeezed his stomach and Paul struggled to keep his arse closed.  He then gently pulled the end the pipe out of Susan and instructed her to empty herself in the toilet then clean herself on the bidet.  Paul remained kneeling in the bath while Susan finished her ablutions.  The cramps in his stomach were getting less bearable by the second.  Robert squeezing his stomach hadn’t helped at all.  He was then ordered to follow Susan’s lead and empty himself in front of both of them.  He had always liked to use the toilet in private and was not comfortable sitting on the toilet in front of Robert and Susan, but realising that this was part of the ordeal he let himself go.

When Paul had washed himself they were led into the bedroom with the four poster bed.  This time the bed was in place and there was a table placed at the end of the bed.  The table was the same height as the bed and had anchor points at each corner.  Paul was made to kneel on the table.  His wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs were locked to each anchor point.  Robert looked at Susan and said, ‘I want you whore, to go into the bathroom and try to make yourself look like the whore that you are.  You have five minutes!’   As she walked out of the door she winced as she saw Robert pick up a long thin riding crop.

Susan went into the bathroom to do her best with the make up.  She found a limited supply of cosmetics in the bathroom, the most obvious being the bright red lipstick.  Beside it was a note telling her to put lipstick on both sets of lips, rouge her nipples and apply plenty of perfume.  As she suspected the perfume was cheap and she hated it.  She struggled to make herself look like a tart in the time available.

While Susan tarted herself up Robert took the opportunity of adding a further sixty strokes to Paul’s arse.  He laid them on in batches of ten.  Each batch going directly on top of the previous batch.  After the first batch Paul began to wriggle so Robert tied a rope round his balls and tied it tightly to the anchor points at the back of the table giving Paul no room to move.  He also decided that now was the time to put a ball gag into Paul’s mouth.  By the time Robert had finished Paul could not believe the pain from his backside.  He was dribbling round the gag and tears were streaming from his eyes.  His balls ached from where he had pulled on them to try and get his arse out of the way of the punishment he was receiving.

Susan returned just in time to see the tip of Robert’s prick slowly sliding up Paul’s arse.  ‘Lie on the bed and watch the show’, said Robert invitingly.  He then began to raise the tempo of his thrusts into Paul’s arse.

Robert withdrew his prick after humping Paul for ten minutes.  He uncuffed his wrists and re cuffed them behind his back.  Paul’s balls were released and a rope from an overhead pulley was attached to his wrists and tightened, causing Paul to lean forward uncomfortably.  His gag was still in place.  Robert went to a cupboard and returned with a pair of japanese nipple clamps joined by a chain.  These were duly attached to Paul’s nipples.  A weighted collar was put on Paul’s scrotum and a clamp was applied to his balls bringing an instant dull ache.  Just when Paul thought that things could not get worse he had a weighted collar added to his prick.  The inside of the collar was full of vicious spikes.  This idea began to arouse him and he wished it hadn’t!  As his erection grew the spikes dug in more painfully.  The more pain his prick received the more it hardened.  Once fully erect the collar was agony.  Each time his prick twitched the pain increased causing Paul to think about his prick and twitch again causing another cycle of pain.

Robert joined Susan on the bed and began caressing his partner for he night.  ‘You will do everything I ask ‘, he said.  ‘That includes kissing me passionately.  Your faggot of a husband can only watch.  Oh, I nearly forgot his butt plug.  How naughty of him not to remind me!’ 

With that Robert jumped off the bed and squeezed a butt plug up Paul’s sore arse.  He gave him another ten strokes with the cane, tightened the clamps on his balls and gave the chain between Paul’s nipples a sharp tug.  His backside, arse, balls prick and nipples were all giving Paul cause for concern.  It was absolute agony.

Robert returned to the bed and started to kiss Susan.  He had her kneel side ways across the bed so that Paul could watch Susan’s pussy accept and caress another man’s prick.  At first Susan was worried about Paul and was not turned on by Robert, but as Robert started to fuck her she began to forget about Paul and concentrate on Robert’s prick.  He started off with a slow smooth tempo and then began to ease his prick out to the very edge of her pussy lips before sliding it back in again.  He then began letting his whole prick come out, sliding it up to her clitoris and then back in for another slow long penetrating stroke.  This was exquisite fucking!  Paul could only look on in agonised helplessness as his wife got the fuck of her life.  The sight of this exquisite lovemaking began to arouse Paul.  His prick began to press against the spikes inside the collar.  The more he did to ignore the scene in front of him the worse it got.  At least the pain in his prick made it feel as though all the other pains were reducing.   It was not long before Susan came for the first, second and third times. 

Robert came during her third orgasm and managed to twist her arse so that Paul could watch another man’s come stream from his wife’s pussy.  Robert licked out a mouthful of his come and went over to Paul.  Removing his gag briefly he kissed Paul and filled his mouth with his wife’s come before replacing the gag.  He had never felt so dejected.  He had watched helplessly while another man shagged his wife in a way he could not hope to emulate, then had watched as semen trickled out of her pussy before being sucked out and put into own mouth my his wife’s lover.  The humiliation he felt was unbearable.  So was the pain emanating from his nipples, prick balls and arse.  However, he had no choice, he had to bear the wounded pride and physical pain.

Robert got back on the bed and turned Susan on her side with her back to him in the foetal position.  He gently pushed her upper leg forward so that Paul got a good view of his wife’s arse and pussy.  Robert then snuggled up behind her, pushed his hardening prick into pussy throwing his arm round her onto her boob, while whispering in her ear for her to turn her head and kiss him.  Paul did not know about the whisper and thought that she had kissed him out of passion!  His heart sunk even more as they fell asleep locked into one another.

The seconds and minutes dragged slowly past for Paul.  He watched as Susan and Robert drifted slowly apart.  The light outside began to fade which heightened all his other senses.  He could smell the aroma given off by Robert and Susan, together with the musky smell of sex.  To begin with every part of him ached.  He heard every noise inside and outside the house, he heard cars drive past, the noise of animals, probably cats came as welcome distractions. His shoulders ached and this added to his predicament, as did his knees.  His body could not cope with the continued level of discomfort and his mind began to drift away for a few minutes at a time and he gradually got used to managing the pain. 

The light began to return and he could see Robert and Susan sleeping peacefully.  It was all right for some he thought.  No, more than all right.  That lucky bitch had had the fuck of her life, while he was put into agony and forced to watch.  He could still taste the mixture of his wife’s juices and Robert’s come in his mouth.  He longed to be released from being bent double, stretch and clean his teeth!

Paul heard the birds start their dawn chorus, the sound of cars starting, then moving swiftly along the street filtered through.  Robert and Susan began to stir gently.  It was only when Robert went to the loo that Paul began to think that he needed to go.  The sound of the toilet flushing and the hum of the power shower awakened Susan.  As Robert got back to the bed Susan got up and went to the bathroom.  She tried hard not to look at Paul, knowing that he must be suffering greatly.  In the bathroom she relieved herself and decided to wash away last night’s activities.  She entered the room to be told by Robert to go and make two cups of tea and come back to bed.  ‘We will leave him as he is,” said Robert motioning towards Paul. 

As Susan made the tea she began to wonder if she had enjoyed the evening.  The physical sex had been wonderful, if only Paul could perform like that.  She wasn’t at all keen on kissing Robert and did not like going to sleep curled up in front of him while his prick was inside her.  That should be reserved for the one she loved.  As she thought of this she realised that Robert had done that to totally humiliate both her and Paul and prove that nothing was sacred.

Robert and Susan were sitting up in bed silently drinking their tea when they heard a key in the front.  A few moments later Richard and Sarah came into the room.  Robert and Susan did not move and Paul couldn’t.  “That’s not the way to greet us!” exclaimed Richard and Robert flew out of bed and knelt with his nose at his master’s feet and arse in the air.  Susan followed suit and knelt at Sarah’s feet.  “That’s better,” said Richard,” now you two follow me while Sarah deals with Paul.”

Sarah surveyed Paul.  “Robert’s done a good job with you.  I am going to teach you to screw like Robert.  Would you like that?”  Paul nodded as best he could.  If he could out perform Robert he could win his wife back!  “It is a long slow and painful process,” continued Sarah, “but now you have agreed we will start right away.  It starts with only letting you come on my command.”

With that Sarah produced a plastic erection inhibitor from her bag.  She skilfully removed the spiked bracelet from Paul’s prick and removed the weighted clamp form his balls.  The relief was marvellous.  The erection inhibitor was slipped on and locked in place.  She slowly tugged on the chain between the nipple clamps.  “This should be interesting!” she said.  “Do I take them off or leave them on?”  she asked rhetorically.  Paul knew enough about clamps to know that the re circulation pains would kill.  “I know,” Sarah said, “I’ll do it one at a time so that you can get used to the pain and anticipation.”  The first clamp came off. Paul thought his nipple was going to explode.  Sarah’s less then gentle massage didn’t help it.  Paul began to tremble as he thought of the second dose of extreme nipple pain that he was about to get.  His fear was not misplaced as the pain seemed twice as great as the second clamp came off and Sarah’s fingers rubbed his nipple.  Tears ran down his face.

Sarah undid his ankles and then finally undid his arms.  She helped him lie down on the bed before removing his gag.  It was a real luxury to be able to stretch in the right directions again.  “Go and have a shower and Susan will meet you at he front door in five minutes,” said Sarah.  “I’m glad that you want to be trained to service a woman properly.  We’ll enjoy the training.  At least I will.  Go now.  Good bye.”



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