Paul & Susan's Intitiation

by Serval

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© Copyright 2006 - Serval - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/mf; D/s; bond; bdsm; cbt; cons; X

They were lying in bed.  Paul was reading the Sunday Sport, perusing through the contacts section when an ad caught his eye, Dominant Couple seek submissive pair to train.  If you fancy this ring for a chat.  He read it out to his wife.  “Let’s give it ago”, he said, “the person at the other end will probably sound awful, but it is a local number”.  

“If that’s what you want”, she replied.

The phone was answered almost immediately.  “Hello”, said Paul, “I saw your add in the Sport and thought that I would give it a try”.  

“Tell me what you are looking for”, the voice replied pleasantly.  

“Well. My wife and I want to try something different, we like the idea and practice of being submissive, but we both want to be submissive.  Neither of us gets what we really want”.  

“Let me see if this appeals too you both then”.  Susan was watching Paul, she could that his faces had reddened and his voice gone husky, tell tale signs that something had aroused him.  She leaned over so that she could listen to the conversation as well. 

“My partner, Sarah and I are the opposite to you both or so it seems.  Both of us want to be dominant.  I want to watch a man squirm while I fuck his partner and then grab him by the balls.  Sarah wants to have a woman licking her pussy while she canes her partner’s arse.  Is this what you want?”

Paul and Susan could hardly believe their ears.  This was the very thing that turned them on.  They arranged the date of their first visit for next Saturday.  They were told not to wear anything special and at what time to arrive.

When Saturday arrived they both took their time in the bathroom.  Paul got out what he wanted Susan to wear.  If he was going to give her to another man for the first time he wanted her to look her best.  He chose a pair of see through knickers with matching bra because he was sure that his wife’s large nipples were one of her most attractive features.  He also chose hold-ups to emphasise the soft white flesh at the top of her legs.  He decided on a pair of boxer shorts for himself.  These did not support his balls and prick and he liked the feel of them when he was aroused.  They got in the car and drove to the address, hardly able to speak with excitement.  They also had nothing to say, they had spent the whole week discussing what they thought might be done to them and by whom.  Susan was especially quiet, Paul’s was the only prick that had ever entered her pussy, in fact the only erect prick she had even seen.

They got to the door and rang the bell.  Before the door was answered they heard a dog bark which stopped on the command of “Not now”.

“Come in.  I’m Richard.  You must be Paul and Susan.  We will have a drink first, discuss the evening and then get down to business”.

They went through into the living room where Sarah was waiting for them with glasses of wine.  “These are the rules”, said Richard.  “We can do anything we like with either of you.  We will beat, cane and whip you as hard as we like and on any part of your body that takes our fancy.  So Paul can expect his balls to receive lots of attention and Susan will have sore tits, arse and pussy.  The limiting factor is that we will not do anything that injures you.  I will put my prick wherever I like, in mouths, pussies and arses.  Your tongues will go where they are told, pricks, pussies and arses.  Do you both agree?”  Paul and Susan tried to say yes, but no sound came out so they just nodded together.

“Now let’s get you ready, Susan with me, Paul with Sarah”, he said.  This was not what Paul had in mind, he wanted to watch what was happening to his wife, but he was whisked upstairs to the bathroom before he could object.  He obediently took his clothes off and folded them neatly as instructed by Sarah. 

“Shame about the small prick and balls.  We’ll manage though; I think they are big enough to get a good grip on.  I’ll soon get rid of that erection as well, but it won’t be through you coming” she laughed.  

Wide leather cuffs were put on him and his hands joined behind his back.  He was made to sit on the edge of the bath a spreader put between his knees.  Sarah had her back to him at the sink.  She turned round and grabbed his prick pulling his foreskin back roughly.  She then covered the exposed head in toothpaste.  Soon his knob began to sting!  Paul was made to kneel in the bath.  Her next trick was to cover his balls in shaving foam, squeezing them playfully, but hard enough to hurt as she did so.  The cream was spread up and into his arse.  She then got a razor.  

“Think of the damage I could do with this!   I want you to hold very still”, she chuckled and proceeded to shave off all his pubic hair.  When she had finished she got the shower head and rinsed him clean.  First it was stinging hot, but when he made a noise it was turned to freezing cold, his balls tightened into his body accordingly.  She ran her fingers over her handiwork.  “That’s better, all exposed now.  I like to see my targets.  Nothing hidden, nothing to deaden the pain.”  She circled the top of his sack, making his balls squeeze out of her hand.  “I’m not meant to start yet, but I can’t help myself.” With that she grabbed his balls with her other hand and squeezed painfully hard.  She kept her grip for what seemed like ages.  He gasped.  “You are soft aren’t you, but that’s why you are here”, she said letting go and giving the aching orbs a playful punch.

He was pulled out of the bath and the spreaders lowered to his ankles.  A bit was put in his mouth, leather collar round his neck and he was forced onto all fours.  “Come on”, she said pulling at his lead, “we are ready to start!”

Meanwhile Susan had received similar treatment in the en suite bathroom.  She was told to undress which she did nervously.  She stood with feet together and hands in front of her pubes.  “Spread your legs and put your hands on your hips”, Richard said.  “And don’t talk unless spoken to, understand”.  She nodded and did as she was told.  His eyes roved over her body, studying her tits and pussy.  She felt uncomfortable.  This was the first man she had undressed for apart from her husband.  He pushed her to her knees, pulled his cock out of his trousers and pushed it in her mouth.  “Just suck, and no teeth”, he said as he grabbed her head and forced his prick to the back of her throat by pulling her head forward.  

She was then was told to kneel in the bath.  Her pubic hair was covered in shaving foam and a finger explored her arse hole and pussy.  She sighed from the invasion, her pussy flushed and opened itself in readiness.  Richard’s hands weighed her breasts and pulled each nipple in turn. He then shaved off her public hair leaving her crotch bald and open.  Her nipples had been pulled and twisted quite painfully.  A finger searched up her pussy again before her inner and outer lips were covered in toothpaste.  Her boobs well and truly groped. She crawled back into the bedroom in time to she Paul’s arse crawling in front of her.  She could see his balls were red and thought of her stinging lips and twisted nipples, but she knew it hadn’t started yet.  The bed part of the four poster bed was slid out leaving just the frame.  They were spread-eagled to opposite sides of it, standing facing each other.

They were left gazing at each other while Sarah and Richard went to get changed.  Paul’s eyes fell to her pussy, he could see the dark outer lips, with just a hint of her inner lips, his lips and his lips only before today.  Had she taken another prick yet?  Susan looked across at Paul’s prick and balls, it was so strange to see them bare, is this is what they wanted.

Minutes seemed to pass before Richard and Sarah returned.  Both were dressed in leather with metal rings highlighting their sexes.  Richard wore a metal ring round his balls and prick, pushing them out in front of him.  He wore a light harness around his shoulders.  Each hand was in a pair of fingerless gloves.  Sarah’s fingerless gloves stretched up to her elbows.  A platform bra forced her breasts up and gave them support.  On her legs were long stockings linked to a leather suspender belt.  Her pussy was shaved at the back with a neatly cropped flash of hair at the front. Without saying a word Sarah walked behind Paul while Richard walked behind Susan. It was only now that Paul and Susan saw that behind them each was cupboard with an array of whips, canes and crops on top.  Paul watched as Susan received the first cut of riding crop.  He heard the swish and felt his arse erupt soon after.  Susan tried to smile and pushed her arse out inviting the next cut.  Paul followed her lead.  It was hard for them to be so accommodating after the twelfth stroke! 

Richard and Sarah changed from the thick crops to thin swish canes and walked round to their same sex partner.  Twelve strokes were put onto of the first twelve.  Both Paul and Susan bit into their gags.  “Now we will work you over one at a time.  Paul you will be first”.  With that he slipped his hands between Paul’s legs and grabbed his balls, pulling and squeezing to start them aching.  Sarah came round to help.  Richard picked up a cat of nine tales while Susan kept her switch.  She expertly took hold of his sack again and after each swish of the cat she switched his balls.  His arse balls and back were on fire! 

Richard went to the cupboard and bought out a heavy looking metal contraption.  The disk on the top was taken off and screwed in place like a collar at the top of his balls.  A cylinder was then slid over his balls and attached to the disk above.  Richard let it drop so his scrotum took the full weight.  Just when Paul thought that was all he had to suffer a second plate was attached to the bottom of the cylinder.  This plate had a screw attachment in the middle and when Richard turned it slowly, it compressed his aching balls.  How would they know when to stop! Susan was glad she hadn’t got balls.  Just as he thought he couldn’t bear any more they stopped and walked over to Susan.

Her bottom was still red and stinging, but it had a few minutes to recover.  Richard went behind her with the cat and Sarah knelt in front.  She expertly split her pussy with two fingers leaving her clit and inner lips exposed.  Each time the cat hit her the switch got her most delicate places.  Now it was her turn to feel steel.  Nipple clamps were deftly put in place and a large dildo forced up her pussy, almost splitting her in two.

“After the pain the humiliation, and you’re first again Paul”, said Richard.   He was spread eagled between the four posts and the press removed from his balls.  The aching didn’t stop though.  Susan was untied and made to sit on his face.  “Lick all the toothpaste off”, said Sarah, “I don’t want Richard’s prick to sting”.  He did as he was told. 

“Now suck my prick, you arsehole”, said Richard, and for the first time Paul had a prick in his mouth.  Susan was made to kneel with her pussy above Paul’s face, with Richard kneeling behind her.  Sarah took Susan’s cunt in one hand and spread her lips.  With the other she took Richard’s cock and rubbed it up and down her lips.  Paul looked on helplessly.  He watched as the two inner lips were forced apart and the whole of Richard’s cock entered Susan’s cunt.  She sighed as it did so.  Richard leaned forward and grabbed her boobs and began to pull her nipples before grabbing her hair and pulling it.  This was what she had come for, to be fucked.  This is what Paul had come for, to watch her being fucked by another man. 

Paul watched the prick slide in and out of her pussy, her lips being pulled and pushed.  He watched Richard’s balls tightened and the stem of his prick jerk.  Susan’s breathing became husky and she rolled her arse as they both came.  Richard pulled his prick out and pushed it into Paul’s mouth.  “Clean it”, he commanded.  Paul licked and sucked, pushing his tongue under the foreskin and giving it good clean.  When Richard pulled his prick out Paul looked up to see a stream of white come flowing out of his wife’s pussy.  Her arse was forced down and he tasted her pussy and Richard’s come together.  Sudden his balls were on fire.  Sarah had kicked them!

He was hauled up on to his knees and his hands tied to his ankles while Susan was spread eagled on the floor with Sarah kneeling above her.  Richard then took Sarah from behind.  When they had both come Sarah’s pussy was lumped over Susan’s mouth and she was ordered to clean it out with her tongue.  At first she kept her mouth shut.  “We thought you might need encouraging”, said Sarah as she leaned back and grabbed Susan’s nipples.  Paul’s face was pushed into Susan’s cunt.  Richard groped between his legs and viciously pulled his balls back.  He cleverly secured a leather strap round the top of his scrotum.  A lead was linked from the strap to Paul’s collar and tightened forcing his balls back between his legs.  Richard picked up the switch and while Sarah pulled and twisted Susan’s nipples Richard encouraged Paul’s arse and balls with the switch.  It was the first pussy Susan had tasted.  She licked slowly at first before she explored the folds of skin and clitoris.  Sarah began rubbing herself up and down Susan’s face.  Her second orgasm was not long arriving.

After this Paul and Susan were told to get dressed and show themselves out.  On the way they picked up an envelope.  It told them that they were to be the waiter and waitress at a party next week.  They should arrive at seven o’clock with balls and pussy shaved.  In the car they didn’t stop talking, of what they had enjoyed and how much further Richard and Sarah should have gone.


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