Party Time

by Jenny Bonici

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© Copyright 2017 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFF; FM/f; FF/m; latex; bond; rope; gag; chairtie; strip; naked; collar; handcuffs; cockcage; chast; hogtie; spreadeagle; tease; massage; mast; climax; cd; cons; X

Part 1 – How did I get into this?

I opened my eyes. It was eerily silent. A coal blackness filled the room. There was a chill in the air. What was the time? How long had it been since I fell asleep? It could have been hours; but it was probably a lot less. I tried to move but the girls had made a far too good a job of tying me. Even so, I struggled yet again but all the knots were far from the reach of my searching fingers. My muscles and joints had long since stopped aching; now there was just a dull ache through my whole body.

I tried rolling on to my side but my weight on my shoulder soon made that position too painful. I struggled to again get back to lying on my stomach. Not comfortable, but far better than lying on my side. The panties that were stuffed in my mouth were a sodden mess and there was no way that I could push them out. There was the itch between my shoulder blades – an itch that would have to remain unscratched. My bladder was just about bursting. I’d just have to try and hold on. I did not know whether the CB-6000 that caged my cock and was clamped tight round my balls would be a help or not.

How long before the girls woke up? It was Saturday and they did not have to go any lectures and they were not working this weekend. Would they both sleep in after the party games last night? I don’t think that either of them were early risers. What was the time and how much longer would it be before someone came to release me? These questions and more churned inside my head. But how did I let myself get hogtied like this? Let’s go back to yesterday afternoon.

It was a cool but sunny Friday afternoon and I was sitting outside a cafe downtown drinking a coffee and checking my emails when two girls that I knew from college walked up. “Hi Sam, hi Kate” I called out. They came over.

“You’ve got the only two spare seats out here, so we’ll join you” said Kate. Sam was a tall, slim quietly-spoken brunette. Kate was the bubbly blonde with a curvaceous figure Dolly Parton would be proud of. After chatting away and putting the affairs of the world right Kate said that they had to be going as they wanted to get to the shops before they closed. As she left she suggested that if I did not have anything else on that evening why not go over to her place for a bit of a party.

As I had met both of them first at the bondage club in town I guessed what sort of party it was going to be. So I was not surprised when Kate added, “See you about 8. Don’t be late ... and, don’t forget to bring along some of your gear.” Looking down at my crotch she said, “From that bulge in your pants I see that you’re excited at the prospect already!” She blew a kiss as the pair of them left. I waited for the bulge in my pants to cool off and shrink a bit before I got up and went to pay the bill.

As soon as I got home I got my toy box out from under the bed and packed a selection of ‘toys’ plus a couple of bottles of wine into my sports bag. The clock seemed to be taking ages to tick round towards 8 o’clock.

Kate lived in an old 2-storey terrace house about half a mile from my apartment. As parking was a bit difficult in her street and as it was a pleasant evening I set off to walk to her place. I arrived at 8 on the dot. Sam opened the door. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as she was wearing a bright red latex cat suit and 5-inch heels (and probably little else except a broad smile). I followed her into the lounge room where Kate was busily putting on some music. “Good job you weren’t late” she called out. “Late comers have to pay a forfeit.” There are no prizes for guessing what sort of forfeit that would have been. Kate was wearing a skin-tight black leather miniskirt and a white satin blouse that was well filled out by her ample bust. The two girl’s sexy gear made my green top and light grey slacks seem very ordinary.

We cracked open a bottle of Chardonnay and set about sorting out what bondage ‘toys’ we had got between us. “Who else is coming? I asked. “No one – just us three chickens” cooed Sam.

We soon had all the ropes, cuffs, gags and other pieces of gear laid out on the settee. Sam topped up the wine glasses then Kate suggested that we shouldn’t waste any more good bondage time. We drew lots to see who was to be the first one to be tied up. Sam drew the short straw. It was not long before Kate had her in a relatively straightforward but unescapable chair tie. A few pics with my iPhone then it Kate’s turn - but not before we let Sam have some time to ‘enjoy’ her bondage.

Sam took great delight in getting her own back on Kate. A spreader bar stretched her ankles as far apart as they would go before she split in half. This was followed by a strict strappado with a rope pulling her arms up towards the ceiling (I hadn’t noticed the eyebolt in the frame above the door when I came in). Sam then fondled Kate’s tits until her nipples stood out hot and proud – then she attached nipple clamps, each one with a swinging weight. This was also the opportunity for me to slip my hand up under her skirt and work on her crotch. Between us we kept her hot and crying for more but taking care not to let her cum. After about half an hour we released her. Then it was my turn.

“Get your gear off soldier boy” commanded Kate. I took off my shoes, socks, trousers and shirt. “And your pants soldier boy” she added as she picked up my clothes and threw them in the corner of the room. They cuffed my hands behind my back and then used the same spreader bar on my ankles. A huge inflatable gag filled my mouth. She tightened the gag strap by one more notch. “That’s to stop you complaining” said Kate as gave the pump a few more squeezes. A steel collar was slipped round my neck. This, I found out, was to stay locked in place for the rest of the night.

My cock was now standing to attention. ‘We can’t have you getting too excited so soon” said Sam. “I’ll go into the kitchen and get some ice.” No matter how hot you are, ice on your cock and balls quickly puts out the fire. Once it was soft and manageable, out came my chrome-plated CB-6000. With my cock and balls securely caged, a little padlock clicked shut making sure that it was not going to come off in a hurry – or me cum in a hurry! Just to make sure the keys were well out of reach Sam threw them out of the window into the bushes in the garden. “You can find them later – but you’ll probably have to wait until it’s light” she said, adding with a smile “Now we girls are safe.”

Three hours later and a couple more bottles of wine, several rolls of duct tape, many different scenarios and a lot of failed escape attempts, Kate decided that a game of Roll the Dice would a fun way to round off the night. There would be no winner but the loser would end up being tied up for the night. Guess who lost? Me! However I think that the two girls organised it so that I lost. Having lost all my clothes earlier and now having lost the game I was going to be tied up for the night stark naked – except for the cock cage and the steel collar. That’s how I ended up in this predicament – tightly bound, gagged and hogtied on the floor struggling unsuccessfully to get free.

Part 2 – Released but not free

After what seemed like an eternity, I could see a few chinks of pale light round the edges of the blinds. It was morning. This time of year it got light at about 5 o’clock, so I guessed that it would be a few more hours before I was released. I heard a toilet flush and movement upstairs. Then the house was again plunged into silence. The chinks of light were brighter now. At long last Kate appeared. She drew back the blinds. Although it was a cloudy morning the sudden burst of light was almost blinding.

“Did you sleep well, soldier boy? She asked. I mmmphed through my gag pleading to be released. A little while later Sam appeared. “Shall we untie him now, or leave it until after breakfast?” Kate asked. “Let’s leave him to suffer for a while longer. He doesn’t look too uncomfortable where he is” was Sam’s response. With that the pair of them disappeared into the kitchen. Some time later they came back. Sam started to untie some of the knots. Finally the gag was removed and at last I pushed the sodden panties out from between my aching jaws.

“To make sure you don’t rape us both we’re not untying your wrists” said Sam as I slowly got the circulation back into my legs. Then it was quickly off to relieve the pressure in my over-full bladder. Relieved, it was into the bathroom to have a shower. The warm water cascading over my body was just bliss. Drying myself with my wrists still tightly bound behind my back was impossible. So dripping wet I joined the girls in the kitchen. “Where are my clothes?” I asked. The reply was that they were in the washing machine and I’d have to wait until the wash was finished and they were dry. As Kate didn’t have a drier this could take hours – or even days as it was raining. However in the warmth of the kitchen I soon dried off.

“We can’t have him walking around all day completely naked” said Sam. “I’ll find something he can wear.” In a couple of minutes she was back with a pair of her pink panties. At least now I was not completely naked, although I don’t think that I would venture outside in daylight in my present condition. Sam again left the room. She soon returned brandishing and evil-looking pair of ankle cuffs and some police-style handcuffs. Minutes later my wrists were untied and I was standing with them cuffed in front of me and the shiny steel cuffs circling my ankles – the short chain linking them meant that I was not going to go any place in a hurry.

The kitchen was filled with smell of bacon and eggs. Breakfast, or was it brunch as it was now 11 o’clock, never tasted so good. By the time I had finished both girls had dressed. As they were both wearing raincoats and were armed with umbrellas it was obvious that they were off out. ”What about me?” I asked. “We won’t be long, I’m sure that you can amuse yourself for a couple of hours. Anyway you’ve got the washing up to do and you can tidy up all the bondage gear.” Kate replied, adding that when I had finished little chore there was a pile of old bondage mags I could read in the lounge room. The front door slammed closed.

The rain had eased so I decided to venture into the garden to retrieve the keys. I just hoped that none of the neighbours were looking out of their windows. I quickly spotted one key. Alas it was the one for the padlock on the steel collar. I was still searching for the key to release the cock cage when I heard a voice behind my say “So you decided to do a little gardening while we were away.” It was Kate – the girls had returned. “As you seem to like gardening I think we’ll leave you out here.”

With that the pair of them when back indoors. I heard the click of the bolt in the backdoor. I was stuck. The rain got heavier and I still had not found the key to release my cock cage. There was a small shed at the side of the house so I headed for the shelter of that. No luck. There was a padlock on the door. I could go round the front of the house and shelter under the porch over the front door. But that was not a wonderful idea as there I would be in full view of everyone in the street.

The rain was heavier now. Thunder rumbled through the clouds and every few minutes crackling bolts of lightning lit up the sky. The girls must have felt sorry for me as the backdoor creaked open and a voice called out “You’d better stop your gardening and come in as it looks like this weather is here to stay.” Sam appeared with a couple of towels and I was soon dry – cold but dry. Kate had made some coffee. I warmed my hands on the mug.

Kate reckoned that I must be tired after spending all the last night tightly hogtied. So she suggested that I went upstairs and had a couple of hours sleep. A great idea and soon I had nodded off on Kate’s bed. I had not been asleep long when I felt hands pulling my legs. The girls had removed my leg cuffs and were now tying my ankles spreadeagle to the bedposts. All my protests were in vain and they soon had my arms pulled up over my head with a chain pulling the cuffs on my wrists up towards the centre of the bed head. I was still protesting loudly when Kate climbed on the bed and straddled my chest.

“You make too much noise soldier boy” she said as she tried to push a fat penis gag into my mouth. I clamped my jaw shut but with Sam squeezing my nostrils closed and Kate applying pressure to my cheeks I soon had to open my mouth just a little to breathe. The small gap was enough for Kate to force the gag into my mouth. With Sam’s help she buckled the straps of the harness around my head and under my chin.

Again I was stuck with no way to escape and was completely at their mercy. To make matters worse Sam stood beside the bed a dangled a key in front of my face. “Were you looking for this?” She asked. It was the key to the padlock on my cock cage. At last my cock and balls were free. But now they became the focus of the girl’s attention. Warm hands were massaging body lotion into my balls and my rapidly hardening cock. The sensation of fingers swirling round the head of my cock was driving me crazy. As soon as my cock got rock hard their hands moved to the insides of my thighs, my stomach, my nipples and the soles of my feet. Then it was back to my cock; rhythmically pumping it until it was again rock hand and yearning to be taken to a climax.

But the pumping again stopped at the critical moment. Sam then wound some cord round the top of my scrotum – taking great pleasure in pulling it as tight as possible before tying off the ends. More massaging body lotion into my body before they once again retuned their attention to my cock. This sequence was repeated over and over again each time bringing me almost to the point of cumming before stopping. At last the tempo increased and with one, two, three extra pumps a series of spasms rippled through my muscles and I shot my load. Slower now the pumping, squeezing and fondling continued until every last drop of cum was drained from my body.

I was tired from the lack of sleep before I went to lie down on the bed, but now I was completely exhausted. Before the girls went back down stairs Sam said, “We’ll let you finish your sleep now but we’ll be back later to do it all over again.” I just could not keep my eyes open and very soon I had again nodded off. True to their word the girls were back a few hours later and, yes, they did it all over again! However this time after I had shot my load they untied my feet and unlocked my handcuffs – but not before Sam had once again encased my now flaccid cock and balls in that CB-6000. As I sat up Kate said, “Go and have a pee and clean yourself up, then come down stairs as dinner’s in the oven.” I looked at the clock; it was just coming up to half past five. Never before had I been in bondage for so long – and my ordeal was not over yet.

As I showered I wondered if it had stopped raining and if my clothes that were still hanging on the line were anywhere near being dry. Without my clothes I was trapped here. What had the girls got planned for me as long as the bad weather lasted? I had to find some clothes to wear tomorrow and get to back to my place as I had to finish an assignment that was due to be handed in at college on Monday morning.

I thought that I was the only one of us with a problem – as it was still pouring with rain – my problem revolved around my wet clothes. But Kate had to go to work the next day (she worked part time at a store in town) and then she was going interstate with Sam to visit Sam’s folks for a few days. Then Sam suggested that as I was about the same height as she was I could borrow some of her clothes to get home. I protested that I was not into crossdressing, but what was the alternative? She went into the bedroom and came back with a pair of her stretch jeans, one of her tee shirts and a pair of socks – plus another pair of her panties.

They may have been girly clothes but at least they were dry. I complained about the panties but Sam said, “Wear no panties and you get no jeans.” So panties it was. “Put a raincoat over that lot and nobody will ever know” said Kate. “We’re coming back next Friday so bring my clothes back then. I reckon yours will dry in a week.” Then she added, “We’ll have another bondage party and maybe invite a few friends along. Are you game?” I nodded – it sounded like a great idea.

I put my shoes on and donned one of Sam’s raincoats. I stuffed all of my bondage toys into my sports bag. Then I remembered the cock cage. “Give me the key so I can get this thing off before I go.” My request was met with a giggle. “We’ll give you the key next Friday. It’s sort of an insurance policy to make sure you bring Sam’s clothes back.” Was their response. I knew that it was pointless trying to find the key before I left, so I was going to be stuck in this fiendish device for a whole week. As I left for home Kate called out “Don’t get pulled over by the police – it could be a bit embarrassing. See you same time next Friday”

When I reached my front door suddenly realised that I hadn’t got my front door key. It was in my trousers pocket and they were still hanging on Kate’s clothes line. So it was back to Kate’s place. The rain was heavier now. I passed a few people hurrying along the street but none of them would have noticed what I was wearing. I rang the doorbell. Eventually Kate answered it. “You’re back too soon. The party’s not to next Friday.” I explained that I needed my front door key that was in the back pocket of my trousers. At this Sam headed off in the direction of the laundry as she remembered that she had put it on the shelf over the washing machine. Clutching the precious key in my hand once again I set off for home. This time I could let myself in. Even though I had been wearing a raincoat, the jeans and socks were soaking wet. I stripped off and headed for the bathroom to get myself dry.

I looked at my cock imprisoned in its cage - next Friday could not roll round quick enough.

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