The Party's Over

by RopeBound

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© Copyright 2003 - RopeBound - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bondage; reluct; X

The Party's Over
by RopeBound

OK.  So I can remember the party.  My best friends’ 30th and it was huge.  All in total I think there were about 100 people attending, most of whom I knew.  It was open bar, live music, and in a hotel, so my level of intoxication was not to be an issue. 

There were some new faces, one face I remember clearly (along with other of her attributes), a red head, about 5’5” and looking like a Victoria’s Secret model.   She was dressed in tight blue jeans and a low cut top and seemed to be interested?  Now, I am not the super stud, hunk of a man that would seem to be her type.  I am about 6’, 200 lbs., and have that “boy next door” look, you know, the one who the parents always liked but she wanted something a little more “dangerous”.  That’s not to say I don’t my dark side, the side that I apparently shared with this stranger, Aaron.  I think.  Anyway, I remember talking to her at the bar and hitting it off.  We talked for hours, or so it seemed.  I know that we entered into some conversations relating to sex, and as I put down the beers, they became quite explicit.  I shared with her my fascination with bondage, something that only an X would have known about me.  She in turn shared some of her more risqué sex stories.  She was obviously more versed than I in the subject and I found myself becoming aroused.

Another drink and we were in a debate over oral sex.  I expressed my love of receiving it and my unwillingness to give it.  Maybe I am just not comfortable with my abilities when it comes to this, what ever the reasons, its just not my thing.  Another beer gone, I was really beginning to feel light headed.  I know that I have drank allot more than this at parties before without feeling this drunk, maybe I’m getting too old for this?  But I remember feeling like I was going to pass out.  Did I pass out?

That brings me to my current predicament.  I have found myself lying naked on a cold concrete floor, well almost naked, I am wearing a tight, black leather thong, which I assure you I wasn’t wearing when I started out this evening.  As I looked around, I realized that I was in a garage.  It was a very neat space, the floor was sealed with that high gloss gray paint that you see on ship decks, its cold and slippery.  There was a wall with a workbench, and a door that lead into another room.  In the corner there was a large cardboard box, like a refrigerator box, and a pile of clothes, mine.  The only other items I could see in the room were those that were “attached” to me.

As I lie in a puddle of my own drool, caused by the large rubber gag that is in my mouth, I looked down at my feet.  I am lying on my back, my feet are attached the two eyebolts on a piece of plywood, about 2’ apart, by a small length of chain.  The chains are padlocked to leather cuffs wrapped around each of my ankles.  The board is about 3’x3’ square, and seems to be attached to floor.  Additionally, my hands are cuffed to two wide leather straps wrapped around my thighs, just about an inch below my cock, holding my arms taught, at my sides.  These straps were also padlocked, and are on so tight that they would not shift around on my legs, as I tried to rotate them in to see if I could get them loose.  Some movement is possible, but I can only squirm on the floor.

How long had I been like this? Minutes, hours, days?  Its all a blur.  And who has done this to me?  Is it a prank, or something more sinister?  All know is that I wanted to get loose, yet I was also getting hard.  My dick was pushing against the tight confinement of the thong.  Then the door opened.

“So your awake now, It’s about time”.  It’s the girl from the party, Aaron, Amy, whatever her name is.  “I was beginning to think I gave you too much” she said.  Too much what?  Did she drug me?  Is that how I ended up here?  “I told your friends I would take you home when you passed out at the party, so everyone thinks your OK”. 
“I know better!” she said.

She walked over to me, reached down and grabbed my balls and said “Looks like your up for a little fun and I have just the thing”.  “Stand up” she said.  Now this was a difficult task.  I am still light headed, my feet are affixed to this board, and basically I have no use of my hands.  Not to mention the combination of embarrassment, fear, anger, and just about any emotion I could find, I feel like I could pass out again. 
“Here, let me help you” as she helped lift me from behind.  And just as I was about standing, a strong slap across the ass, put me at full attention.

I was now standing, feet spread, and hands at my sides.  She reached around from behind me and wrapped a wide leather choker around my neck, and buckled it.  Then, hanging from the ceiling was a chain, I hadn’t noticed this before, and she attached it the choker.  I was now unable to move at all, standing in the middle of this garage.  “I’m going to help you get past this thing about oral sex” she said, “but first I want to be sure you go anywhere for a while and that you don’t get any satisfaction from it”.

She walked over to work bench and pulled out about a 2’ length of clear flexible tubing, and a roll of black electrical tape.  The tubing is about 2” in diameter “this should fit, it may be a little tight”, as she walked over towards me.  She reached down and pulled my raging hard on out of the thong and proceeded to shove the end of my cock into one end of the tube.  “I guess that’s about as far as its going to go” as she pushed the tube down, just beyond the head of my dick.  She then began tightly wrapping the electrical tape around the tube, securing it to my cock.  What the hell is she doing?  Jesus!  “Mphhh!”  “Mphhh!” I tried to speak but could not.

She then pulled the thong back up over the tube, which was now hanging out, over the top.  “Now,  we need to make sure that we protect your skin from this next step.  I want make sure you can not move at all”.  She walked back over to the workbench and pulled out a roll of clear cling wrap.  Not like the grocery store type, more like the stuff they wrap around carpeting,  She started at my feet, and began wrapping me, each leg separately.  She left the tube on my cock to hang out side the wrapping as she worked her way up.  She was really stretching this stuff on, it was very tight and I could already feel my legs starting to sweat.  She continued up my chest and finished at my neck.

“Just a few more things now, get those lips ready!” she laughed.

She drug the cardboard refrigerator box over next to me.  Pulling a matte-knife from her pocket, she cut off the top and bottom flaps, and then split the box down one corner.  The box was now open on the side and she slid the box around me.  It fit perfect around the plywood on the floor, and I was now standing in the box.  She grabbed a roll of duct tape from the work bench an resealed the corner she had cut open.  Then she took the mat-knife and cut away the top of the box, so it was just as tall as my neck.  I could still see everything around me.  Finally, she cut a slit in the front of the box, just large enough to pull the other end of the tube through.

“Almost finished.  Your not in a hurry are you?”  With that, she went back to the workbench and opened the cabinet underneath.  It was full of spray foam insulation.  The kind that expands, then hardens.  “you see why I wanted to make sure your skin was covered, this stuff can really stick”.  Oh my god, she was going to foam me into this box!   She must have been planning this for while and I was just the “lucky” one!  At this point I am over whelmed by all of this.  I am standing, chained in a box, covered in saran wrap!  I can feel my dick throbbing, and with a shutter, I involuntarily cum.  “Mhpppppppp” I gasp, as I cum into the tube.  I am now shaking and sweating, like nothing I have ever felt before.  I can’t tell if she has noticed or not, is there cum running down the outside of the box?  I don’t know.  But she continues to prepare at he workbench, taking the tops off of the cans, with her back to me.

“What are you doing” she yells as she turns around.  “I told you that you were not to have any satisfaction.  Your lucky I don’t spray this foam down that tube”!  “That would stop you from doing that again!  That tube is supposed to be for you to pee out of, like I said, your going to be here a while”.  Then she started spraying the foam in the box.

It felt cool at first, as I felt it through the cling wrap, then it quickly warmed up and I could feel it closing in around my feet.  With each can, I became more confined, it squeezed me so tight, I could not move at all, not even my toes.  It took about 5 cans to reach my waist.  The 6th can was the worst, it squeezed my cock and balls so tight, it was like having a boa-constrictor wrapped around it.  I also realized at this point that my erection had gone, after I came.  This foam was tightening around my flaccid dick!  She just continued to spray in the foam, working her way to the top of the box, to just to my neck.

It was like being sealed in concrete, no movement was possible and my chest was somewhat constricted, making it hard to breath.  “I need to let out some of these fumes” and she walked over and opened the garage door.  The cool night air felt good on my face, I was sweating profusely.  I breathed in the fresh air the best I could with the gag.
After a few minutes, she closed the garage door and said “now we’re ready”.  She walked over and unhooked the chain on my neck, then she tipped me and the box on its side.  I was now lying face up suspended in the foam, with my head about 2’ from the floor, and my entire body frozen in the box.  She proceeded to undress where I could see her.  She slid out of her tight blue jeans, revealing a teeny pink satin thong.  It was wet at the bottom from her dripping pussy.  She was obviously enjoying this!  She then pulled off her top and bra.  She had perfect, full, round breasts, with quarter sized nipples that were as hard as a rock!

I could feel my dick trying to get hard again.  There was no place for it to go!  It was pushing itself further up the tube as I got hard, pulling at the electrical tape!  I feet like I want to scream.  My dick was in so much pain, but pleasure at the same time!! 

She opened the door at went into the other room.  Where is she going I wondered.  She’s not going to leave me here?  What else could she do to me?

“I have one more thing  for you” she said as she walked back into the room.  She was carrying a chair and something  else in her other hand.  She sat the chair next to my head and sat down. The seat of the chair was just about at the height my head was from the floor, maybe a few inches higher, an her pussy was now about 1’ from my face.  She then reached around and took out the gag in my mouth.  I wanted to yell, but my jaw hurt terribly and I was still having a hard time getting enough air to really make a lot of noise.  “Shhhh” she said, “I have a new gag for you”.  It was a round metal ring, wrapped in leather, about 3” around, with straps attached to either side.  “Now open wide” she shoved the ring into my mouth, behind my teeth, so I couldn’t close my mouth.  Then fastened it behind my head.  “I need you to be able to use those lips and that tongue.  Now keep quiet and get to work, you should have moved beyond your limitations in oral sex in just a few hours or days, I’ll be the judge”.  With that, she stood up, took off her panties, turned around and sat backwards in the chair.  She slid the chair up until the seat just touched my head, I knew what was coming next.  She slid back in the chair until her wet pussy was just over my nose, then a little further, until she was over my mouth!  “Ready? I want to feel that tongue!”  as her clit slid down over my open moth and she began to grind, her juices flowing around my face.