Party Favor Part 2: Dear Diary

by M Twain

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Storycodes: MM/f; costume; mask; gag; armbinder; bond; hood; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 2: Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Thursday, Nov 1 – All Saints’ Day

Last night I did something I never dared to do. I was so naughty. I still can’t believe I did that. I went to a Halloween party as Alice, as in Alice in Wonderland. Me, timid little Susie. My face looked like a living doll. An anatomically correct living doll that is. Yes everyone at the party knew I was an anatomically correct doll. I proved it. All night long. They all saw my tits, pussy and behind, au naturel. But they still don’t know who it was at the party. Why? My face was made up to resemble a doll like storybook character. Behind that mask, I felt free, I could do it, and I did. I was so wanton.

Did I remember to say I met two cute guys? No. Well I did. I not sure if they want me, the dress, or what was under dress. Well almost under the dress. One is tall and dark, with dark hair. The other is tall and skinny with nice shoulders, and blond. Oh, their names! Bill and Tom.

Well at the party, I got to know a little about both of them, but they still know nothing about me. Well that not really true. They know that I have two pussy rings and two nipple rings. They know that I shave my pussy bare. This they have seen. But they have never seen my face. They do not know my name. Strange, these two young men have seen my pussy, tits and bare behind and would not know me from Eve on the street.

Well, Bill just recently graduated from college, business major. He works for a fortune 500 company as an entry level manager. Tom, well when he is not surfing, he’s an artist, seems to be able to sell some of his work on eBay. He hopes to get “discovered.”

Well we spent the night playing with my costume, did I ever get wet down there. Bill and Tom saw that also. Now I am scared to let them see my face. I was OK (well mostly) as long as they did not know who I was. But how embarrassed I will be if they ever find out. They saw my pussy before they ever knew who I was. Strangers, well maybe not anymore, but they were strangers when they first saw my pussy. I didn’t even know their names.

Well back to we (they) spent the night playing with my costume. No making out. I was gagged, you see. But they weren’t. Kind of nice having two guys kissing you all over at the same time. Makes you feel, well special. All gooey inside (and literally). We did some light petting (on me). Nothing more (yet I hope). Before they left, they wrote their phone numbers on my chest. One phone number on each boob.

Friday, Nov 2

I called both Bill and Tom last night. That was the first time they ever heard my voice. Did I mention I was gagged at the party? Well I was. They saw my pussy! I still can’t get over that. Well it turns out Bill and Tom are college friends, roomies. They asked me out on a date Saturday. All day. Said could I wear my mask again? Well maybe I can eat a liquid diet on Saturday. Remember my mask has a gag, and my lips are sealed (with tape). I agreed sure, but not the dress. They said that’s OK, but they wanted to leave the mystery for a bit longer. I’m dancing on air. A date with two handsome guys!

Sunday, Nov 4

I still can’t believe it, here I have been to a party and a date with two guys and they know what my pussy looks like, but they still have never seen my face, know my name or even know where I live. I met them at the beach, as it was only a few blocks away. And they still have only heard my voice over a phone. We went walking on the beach, ate a late lunch (early dinner). Well they ate; I sipped through a straw a tomato vegetable smoothie and for desert a shake. At least I only wore the ruby red tape on my lips and not the foam ball gag. Still couldn’t talk though. Then we went to a movie. Bond, James Bond. Well he has his secrets and I still have mine. Then we went back to back to Bill and Tom’s flat. This time the dress I wore was a nice pink number, but still no bra and panties. The dress was long enough, so I felt “safe.” Watching TV, me between them, some more kissing, well they kissed, remember my lips were still sealed. A little fondling. Look ma four hands. (No, I am never telling my mother about this!) Nice really. Got all gooey inside again. A girl could get used to this attention. Still can’t believe it, they have never seen my face; but they have seen my pussy! Oh, they still don’t know my name. They call me Alice Doll. I like it. I might have to keep it.

Wednesday, Nov 7

I spent an hour on the phone tonight. They asked me out again on Saturday. Weee! Third date (well counting the party). It must count, they saw my pussy! We still have not gotten beyond kissing, well Bill and Tom kissing my body parts. Well kissing and fondling. And, they asked me out again. They want me to wear my Halloween costume this time. They promised to be good, well at least discrete. They said they had a surprise for me. And did I trust them? REALLY trust them. I said yes. After all, they’ve seen my pussy! If they can do that and still act like proper gentleman, of course I can trust them. They still don’t know my name or have seen my face.

Friday, Nov 9

Tomorrow I go out on my third date with Bill and Tom. I wonder I this is going to stay a three way relationship? I asked about that and they had a vague response. Rather elusive actually. Well, I can live with it for the moment, maybe this is just a fling, but I like the attention. And they are cute. They still have not seen my face or know my name. But they’ve seen my pussy. I can’t get over that. Actually, I have kind of gotten used to that they’ve seen my pussy both at the party and again on the second date. Actually they did rather nice things to my pussy and my tits on the second date. Mmmmm. Talented fingers, if I so say so. I still have my honor; my dress never left my body. Just a bit disheveled. Really!

Sunday, Nov 11

Well now I know why they wanted me to wear the Alice costume again. Wow!

I met Bill and Tom at the beach again. First we went shopping at the mall; they bought me some sexy lingerie. Well they have never seen me wear any; maybe they assumed that I don’t own any. Well I do. Really I do. Honest. That’s something else they have never seen of me. They saw my pussy and tits, but never my panties or bra.

Well continuing my story. They bought me some lingerie. For later they said, then . . . I can’t believe this. . . . then, we went to a sex boutique. Really a sex boutique, on a date! Well they had seen my pussy, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised. There they bought me a very expensive pair of leather pants, a leather bodice and a leather jacket. Did I say expensive? I don’t think there is room for the lingerie under those leather clothes, so where did they think I was going to wear the lingerie?

They bought some other things, but the clerk wrapped those up before I could see them. I was back in the changing room putting my Alice dress back on again, when they bought the mystery items. I was still wearing my Alice Doll face. So I was not consulted.

Again another late lunch, liquid for me of course. After lunch, Tom asked me if I would go to the restroom and put the foam ball back in my mouth. We had talked about my gag on the phone Wednesday. So they knew about the foam ball gag and had asked me to bring it with me on Saturday.

While we were driving around, Bill driving, Tom and I in the backseat. Tom would reach behind me and pull on my strings exposing me to the world. Bill could see me in his mirror. Sweet Tom, he was careful, no one (I think no one), got an actual chance to see me. But he would wait the last moment. Actually, a bit thrilling and scary. A real adrenalin rush. Especially when Tom would push the buzzer. Yikes that hurts. I can’t believe I really wired myself up. But Tom and Bill think it’s a lot fun seeing me jump and squirm, I like that, the attention that is, so it really is worth it. After all an Alice Doll can’t complain can she?

This time they drove out to a deserted part of the beach well out of town. We got out and walked down to the beach. No one else in sight. Tom was walking behind me, pulling the three strings in back, exposing me to the surf. Bill was carrying the mystery package.

Well we get down near the water, when Bill places a large towel on the sand and invites me to lie down on the towel. While I was lying there, Bill opens the package and pulls out a funny looking small black sack. He walks around above my head and starts putting the sack over my head. “Mmmmf” I cried. When I started to raise my hands up Tom holds my hands down and says “Remember you said you would trust us, and you can, we are just making your day very memorable and tomorrow you will wonder what the fuss was about.”

“Mmm Mmm” I went.

So on went the sack over my head. Actually, it was a form fitting mask. So now I had a mask over the mask I was already wearing. There was a small breathing hole at my nose, everything else was covered. I was Blind. Next I felt something being pulled up over my arms holding both of my arms together behind my back. This they tightened until my elbows touched. I could not move my arms. I was truly armless. Then some straps were fed over my shoulders. I could only guess but it seems that the straps were to hold whatever enclosed my arms in place. Next I felt my legs being covered by another sack and then straps were tightened, pinning my legs together. “Well I have to trust them now.” I thought. What could I do? Then I felt my dress being opened up in front exposing me to the open sky as well as Tom and Bill. Well, they didn’t waste anytime. For next the hour? they teased me, caressed me, fondled me, messaged me, basically pampered me. Not that I could stop them, so here I was. Nice really. Then they stopped, rolled me up in the towel and carried me back to the car and using the seat belts strapped me into the back seat. “Mmmf” Not that I could do much about it.

We drove about for maybe a half-hour and then stopped. They got out and un-strapped me from the backseat and carried me somewhere. Then I realized we were at their flat. In they went and I was placed, I think, on a bed. My arms were freed and then straps were placed around my wrists and they were pulled back above my head and stretched out like a “Y”. Next my legs were un-strapped and unwrapped. They too had straps applied to my ankles and were again pulled out to the sides. Now I was in a spread eagle position. “Well I’m still not going anywhere.” I thought. Then I felt the mask being pulled up just enough to expose my mouth. No more, no less.

The Tom starts explaining. “We decided to let you pick who you want to date. We can’t, actually we could, be we won’t keep sharing you. We’ve been on three dates. And right now you are not showing anything we have not already seen.”

“So here will be the choices, Bachelor number 1, Bachelor number 2, or none of the above. What we are going to do is one of us will go down on you and see how high we can float your boat; while the other one will place his cock near your mouth. When you hold up two fingers we will switch places. If you hold up one finger we will take our original position. So you can pick “One”, “Two”, or none of the above, the number being who’s between you legs. Whose cock would you rather go down on and which tongue would you rather have go down on you? It sort of a compatibility trial-by-fire; as it were.”

“For example whose taste do you prefer, which tongue does you the best? A most basic compatibility test. And oh, when we free your mouth, don’t talk. You still have never spoken a word in our presence.”

So with that, someone, using blunt scissors, cut an opening down the middle of my ruby red tape lips and for the first time I could open my mouth with Tom and Bill around. Someone removed the foam ball.

Then a rather nice tongue parted my nether lips. Then I felt a cock touch my mouth. Opening my mouth I start feeling around that unknown cock. After maybe five minutes I signaled “two” with my finger and they traded places. After another five or so minutes I signaled “one” and again there was a trade. This I kept up for several rounds until the tongue between my legs became undeniable. I was panting. I wanted it, NOW! So I took the cock at my mouth and sucked the whole thing in. Around my tongue went. How the owner of the mouth with the cock in my mouth kept quiet I will never know, but quiet it stayed. And just as I started to raise my hips in earnest, the cock in my mouth came, filling me. Taste, Taste, slurp, slurp I went swallowing and tasting that load. Nice, salty, but nice. And then my big O hit! Now that was really NICE!

Then I signaled for “two” and they switched place and there was fresh ripe full cock at my mouth. So again I took that cock into my mouth and going full bore again. Well there was also a new appreciative tongue between my legs and it started, first lightly as I had just come, but in a couple minutes the heat started to rise and I could tell I would get a second serving. At that point I started on the cock in my mouth in earnest and in a couple a minutes I got a second helping. Again, Taste, Taste, slurp, slurp. And then I came; my second orgasm of the day. Again really NICE! But now I knew who I wanted. I would take number “Two”.

So I signaled “TWO”, “TWO” and then felt the foam ball being replaced in my mouth and a new piece of tape being placed over my mouth, again gagging me. The black mask was replaced. Next my legs were released from the bed and again the sack and straps were replaced. Similarly my arms were release and again enclosed and strapped behind me. I was rolled up in the blanket and taken to the car. When the car stopped, I was removed from the car and carried somewhere. Then they removed the arm restraints, the leg restraints and the black mask. I was back at the beach on the blanket.

They explained, next Saturday when I went to met them at the beach, again in my Alice costume, only one of them would be there, number “Two”. Then I would know who I picked. From there “Two” will take me to a nice resort hotel in town where he will take me to his bed. There he will undress me completely and for the first time I would be completely nude in front of him. Then slowly he would remove my Alice mask and for the first time my face would be exposed for him. Then he will hear my voice in person for the first time. It’s like in olden times where the first time the couple sees each other is on the wedding night. Except here, he has seen my pussy, but never my face. All of this because when we first met he saw my pussy first.

I wonder if he knows I’ve been wearing blue contacts and he has never seen my hair colour. I’m a red head BTW. I wonder if that will scare him. Well if I talk too much I know he knows how to gag me. And if I nag too much I know he will know how to wrap me up. So the peace can be kept. Really there can only be one boss. So Mister Two will have to be My Keeper. And I also know he wants me for something other than ephemeral beauty.

I think this one is a keeper. I know this one is a keeper. I’ve seen him, spent time with him, and he tastes and smells right, I know the chemistry is there. Everything else is details. I still don’t know who Mr. Two is, but I can wait for next Saturday. I think I might keep the name Alice Doll. Oh, I’m never going to tell him why I picked number “Two”. Not even, you diary.

And he’s seen my pussy!



Side note:

Love American Style – An American television show of the 1970’s. They had one episode there the lady never took her long black gloves off. Not even to make love. In the story this drove the suitor crazy until he proposed. On the night of the proposal, she took one glove off and said she was saving the second for the wedding night.


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