The Paper Route

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; naked; toys; insert; cuffs; sleepingbag; car; electro; tease; torment; cons; X

Jesus, Alex, turn off the fucking blinker!

2:00 a.m. Alex flicked the button, rolled out of bed, stretched, yawned, scratched himself, padded into the bathroom, climbed into the shower. When he came out Wendy was in the kitchen, wearing her fluffy robe and bunny slippers. She had a serious case of bed hair and she was clearly barely awake. She was screwing the lid on the Thermos bottle. He reached a mug and poured himself a cup of coffee. He reached a second mug and filled it, splashed in some milk and added a couple of packets of the blue stuff.

"Rise and shine, Sweetie."

He patted her ass as he walked by.


Wendy didn't want to rise and shine, she wanted to climb back into bed. But the second mug was her cue that if she didn't necessarily have to shine, she had to rise.

She got up every morning with Alex. He had taken on the extra job so she could go back to school and she felt obligated to at least make coffee for him before he went out.

Wendy took her mug into the bathroom. A nice hot shower was out of the question as it would just intensify the lethargy she was feeling at the moment. She brushed her teeth, rinsed with coffee, spit, took another sip, looked in the mirror, and said, "Yuck."

"Shit! Fucking green as far as the eye can see," Alex called out from the living room.

Green. Weather radar green. Rain. At least he didn't have to walk his route. But, still, he had to open the car window. But green meant no one would see their preparations. Which was why she wasn't necessarily surprised by the mug of coffee - she had heard the thunder. The rain would not only hide them it would drown out the sounds, the sounds she always made. She was a noisy bitch. Which was one of the reasons he took her with him on his route some mornings. Something a bit more entertaining than AM radio was the way he put it.

Alex met her as she came out of the bathroom. He was holding the bulbs, the two plastic, roughly oval plugs that held the electrodes, four shiny metal strips running the length of each, all connected to red and black wires.

Wendy put mug to lips and held up one finger. In the kitchen she gulped down the last of the coffee, splashed some water in the mug, set it in the sink, and presented herself to be plugged. Being bent over the kitchen table was always embarrassing to her. She didn't know why. Maybe it was because that's where he sometimes spanked her. It wasn't the spanking so much. She liked that, well, up to a point. It wasn't punishment. He had never punished her. As his collared slave he could punish her if he wished, but he hadn't - ever.

He spanked her, sometimes whipped her, because, well, because he liked it. Liked to hear her whimper and beg. Sounds sadistic, but it was more honest than masters who create impossible situations for their subbies just so they can "punish" them later.

And, truth be told, she liked wearing his marks. Which is why she preferred a whipping to a spanking. But spanking at the kitchen table just gave her the heebie jeebies. Sitting having dinner, when, just a few hours before, she had been splayed across the very same table having her ass paddled. Like eating a sandwich while taking a pee. Ew.

Alex smeared lubricant between Wendy's pussy lips, slid his fingers up into her. He lubricated her ass, pressing first one, then two fingers into her and Wendy wished she'd gone to the bathroom. She had, of course, but just to pee. She was thankful that she was regular as a clock, but it was way too early for that yet.

He pushed the plug into her ass. It was a bit rough going at first, this early in the morning when she wasn't fully awake or fully relaxed. But in it went and now she felt doubly full and wished for the hundredth time that she could reset that clock.

Alex pushed the second plug into her pussy. She could feel both plugs rubbing against each other through the thin membrane that separated her front and rear canals. She stood and shrugged out of the robe, kicked off the bunny slippers.

Alex grabbed his Thermos, stepped to the door, opened it. Wendy, wires dangling between her legs walked by him, down the steps. He hit the clicker, the car lights flashed, and Wendy pulled open the back door.

At least it was a warm rain, heavy, but warm. She was damp as she crawled into the back seat.

Alex climbed in after her and shut the door. He reached under the passenger seat and retrieved the coil of wire. He unwound it, found the red and black ends with help from the dome light, and plugged them into the wires between Wendy's legs. He unrolled the sleeping bag and snapped a pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs on Wendy's ankles. She put her hands behind her back and he locked them there. Alex zipped up the bag and eased Wendy onto the floor behind the front seats.

He pulled the blue plastic tarp over her, over the back seat. It would keep the fabric from getting wet. Alex climbed behind the wheel, started the car, turned on the lights. The plug in Wendy's pussy buzzed to life. The little vibrator inside was wired to the tail lights. The electrodes on the other hand-

Jesus, Alex, turn off the fucking blinker!

She had barely gotten settled in when Alex backed out of the drive. The brake lights fed the plug in her pussy and it wasn't necessarily painful, just a bit annoying, distracting. The blinkers, on the other hand were wired to the anal plug and were, if not full voltage, a bit extreme.

Alex drove across town, stopping at stop signs, using his directional signals. Wendy lay helpless on the floor as waves of pleasure and pain or some combination thereof swept over her.

She had a bit of a respite while he collected the newspapers, stacked them in the back seat.

Finished, he climbed behind the wheel again, started the car, turned on the lights. The plug in Wendy's pussy sprang back to life.

"Gonna be a long day. Brenda called out. I have to cover her route."

Wendy let the meaning of that little news flash sink in.

Oh shit...


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