Out of Control

by O-2-B-Tied

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© Copyright 2003 - O-2-B-Tied - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bondage; slave; cons; X

Out of Control
By O-2-B-Tied  2003

It all started when I arrived home from work one night.  I was met at the door by my wife wearing a leather g-string and leather & chain style bra that allows her ample breasts to be supported but exposed.  She was sipping a glass of wine as I entered the house and announced that tonight I would be her slave to do with as she pleased, that was if I didn’t have anything else on for the evening.

I slyly told her that I had much to do, but if it made her happy, I would make myself available for the evening for her pleasure.  Internally my heart rate increased and I became excited at what might be in store for the evening, which my wife knew, judging from the look on her face.  “Excellent” she said with a villainous tone and I knew I was going to enjoy whatever was in store for me.

With the formalities out of the way, she instructed me to strip out of my work clothes on the spot and put them away.  I was then to shave my face, shower thoroughly, dry off and wait for her on my knees facing away from the door of the bathroom.  As she walked into the bedroom her parting words were; “You have fifteen minutes, I strongly suggest you don’t keep me waiting!” 

I did as I was asked and assumed the position in the bathroom, as ordered.  A million thoughts went through my mind and my erection was showing my arousal.  I heard footsteps coming down the hall and knew my submission was about to begin.  A blindfold was placed over my eyes, followed quickly by leather bondage mittens being placed on my hands and fastened together behind my back.  Prior to fitting the right hand mitten, a small rubber toy was placed in my hand.

Next, I felt a ball-gag head harness being fitted to my head.  The gag harness had a panel covering the mouth with a ball attached to it that included a breathing hole. All the head straps including the chinstrap were securely tightened and a leather slave hood was then fitted and laced up tightly over my head.  I was still kneeling on the floor and soon realized I was completely in the hands of my Mistress for the evening.

Finally she spoke.  “This evening you are mine to do with as I choose.  You have volunteered control of your body to me as I see fit, and for any reason I see fit.  I have taken away your ability to talk, as I am not interested in anything you have to say.  In your right hand is a squeaky toy for you to communicate to me in case you are in distress or I want to know something from you.  If you are not enjoying yourself, simply squeeze the toy repeatedly and I will fix the problem or end the game.  To answer “YES,” squeeze the toy three times.  To answer “NO,” squeeze twice.  Do you understand?” I squeezed the toy three times to acknowledge “Yes.”

“Very good” she said, “now, stand up and turn around.”  I did as I was told and felt a leather ball stretcher being fitted to my balls.  I then felt my balls jerked forward and was told to follow.  I was led out of the house and put into the back seat of a car, lying down.  The car drove off and traveled for about fifteen minutes before stopping.  I was led away from the car and into somewhere with a hard floor.  Mistress spread my legs and fitted a wide spreader bar to my ankles.  Next my hands were attached above my head and pulled upward until I was tightly stretched, but with my feet still on the ground.  A heavy weight was then attached to my balls and dropped, jerking my balls towards the floor sharply.  This certainly got my attention and I moaned loudly through my gag.

I was left in this position for about half an hour and could hear noises in the room but had no idea what was going on around me.  There could have been any number of people in the room and I would not of known.  Come to think of it, since I was removed from the car, I had not actually heard my Mistresses voice and was now unsure who was in control of me.  My mind was in overdrive thinking about where I was, who was in the room, what equipment or torturess devices were around me.

My erection was as hard as ever as I waited for what lay ahead.  I heard footsteps approaching from behind me, which sounded like the wearer was in heels.  Hands lightly stroked all over my body as she walked around me and studied my predicament that she had orchestrated.  Still no words were spoken.  She stopped touching me and stepped behind me to apply a hard slap to my rear from a hard leather spanker.  My whole body jerked from the surprise and I moaned loudly again.  She continued with the spanker, varying the location and the timing to keep me on the edge.  I was getting very hot and started to sweat all over.

After what seemed like about twenty attacks to my arse cheeks, the spanking stopped and I was left to catch my breath for a few moments.  She must have been standing in front of me, because suddenly I felt my balls being whipped by a whip with about twenty suede leather strands doing the work.  This continued for a similar time to the spanking before I was left to recover again with my balls on fire from the attention they had just received.

I then heard the sounds of a microwave oven being used and couldn’t imagine what possible purpose it could provide for my captor to use on me, but I was about to find out.  After a few minutes, I felt something hot and sticky being smeared onto my leg and then almost immediately it was stripped from me removing all the hairs in its grip.  I screamed out, as best I could with the ball-gag in my mouth, when I felt my leg complaining about the situation.  Once again the element of surprise had crept up on me and now I was having my manly body hair removed from my skin by being waxed.  Mistress had indeed surprised me and I wondered just how far she was willing to take it.  She knew, for the rare chance to be submissive to her, I would endure a lot, but I was beginning to rethink my limits.  If ever there was a good time to squeeze my right hand, this may very well be it. 

I decided to remain silent and began to wonder just how far she was willing to go.  How would she explain to her friends, her husband’s sudden lack of leg hair, if it were noticed.  More importantly, was she only planning to strip my legs of hair or would she take this adventure even further.  In my current position, the only areas of my body that were not vulnerable was my head and my hands, not to mention my under arms were very available and long & established.  Once again, Mistress had my head racing at the speed of light as I had no idea of her intentions and she was not exactly keeping me in the loop.  The disorientation created by the sensory deprivation was sending my mind on an amazing adventure that kept me very alert and sensitive to noise and physical contact.

The waxing continued up my legs then continued onto my bright red butt.  My ball-stretcher and weight was removed and my genital area was next receiving extra care, but no mercy.  Next came my stomach, chest and ultimately my underarms.  Only my arms were spared the experience.  I was tingling all over and glowing hot.  My head was sweaty with the erotic scent of leather filling my sense of smell to overload and my arms were stiff but otherwise ok.  I was so turned on, I thought I would explode at any moment and I could feel my penis throbbing.  A wet & soapy sponge was wiped all over my body to remove all the wax residue left on me from the waxing.  This was cool and refreshing after the struggling and sweating I had been doing until this point.

A water hose was used to rinse me off, then I was dried and moisturizer was applied to my entire body, which only turned me on even further.  My ball-stretcher was re-fitted and my arms were lowered from above before a short chain joined my hands behind my back and was connected to my balls between my legs.  The leg spreader was removed and a leash was fitted to the collar of the hood.  I felt a tug and knew to follow from my earlier experience.  I was again in the back of the car, driven home, lead into the house and pushed onto the bed lying on my back with my arms trapped by my side and still attached to my balls.  I felt a hand on my manhood, followed by the familiar sensation of my Mistress pleasuring me with her expert mouth.  She squeezed my balls as she sucked me deeper and deeper into her mouth for what seemed like an eternity before she mounted my shaft and impaled herself.

Up and down she went, fast & faster all the while rubbing her self on my newly found smooth skin.  The sensation was great as she rubbed herself along me with hands and legs.  Eventually I could hear her start to moan and I knew Mistress was close to an orgasm.  I was close to climaxing myself, so I rose up from the bed as best I could to meet her downward thrusts until we climaxed together in a sweaty, screaming and moaning sea of skin and leather.

After a few minutes I felt the hood being removed, followed by the ball-gag, the blindfold and the ball-stretcher.  Mistress then gave me the deepest most passionate kiss, signaling how much she had missed having access to my mouth over the last few hours.  She gave me a drink and rubbed her hands over her smoothed-skin subject admiring the silky feel she had created.  I asked her where we had gone and who else was involved, if anyone, and lots of other questions.  She smiled as she told me that; “what Mistress does with her toys and how she does it is none of your business.”  I gave up on the questions and relaxed.

“I could get used to this kind of power I think, it turns me on and you don’t seem to mind it too much either” Mistress said.  I told her the night had been an absolute mindblower and I could not wait to do something similar again, but could she please release my hands now.  My Mistress said with a surprised expression; “what’s in it for me?”  I asked her; “what would you like?  With that she quickly re-fitted the ball-gag and fitted a dildo to the dildo holder on the mouth panel.  Before I knew it she was riding my face to another orgasm while she ran her hands over my smooth skin and fondled my exhausted manhood.  It was an amazing sight from where I was watching.

Mistress released me soon after and we went to bed snuggled together as always.  The next day at breakfast Mistress looked out the back window of our house and noticed that the light was on, outside the shed.  She mentioned this and asked me if I could go down to the garage and turn it off.  Still in the afterglow of the night before, I said I would be happy to and grabbed the keys and went down towards the shed.  After opening the door, I entered to find all the evidence of what had happened to me the night before.  The spreader bar, the leather spanker and suede whip, our old microwave and everything else was all there just as it was left.  Shocked, I just laughed out loud thinking of how I could get back at her.

It had been a really enjoyable experience that we both enjoyed and she had done a great job of making me believe that we were anywhere but home.  I turned off the light, locked the door and went back to the house to finish breakfast without saying anything.  As I sipped my coffee and read a magazine, I could see my wife getting fidgety with anticipation and eventually she asked me; “Did you see anything interesting in the shed, dear.”  I looked up at her with a blank face and said with a smile; “nothing out of the ordinary!”  To which she just smiled.