Our Aruban Vacation

by Polarbear

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© Copyright 2011 - Polarbear - Used by permission

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Our Aruban Vacation….one happy island!

My girlfriend and I are both into bondage, and enjoy all sorts of activities. We switch, which can be very interesting, but recently we had an idea to both be controlled. We are both professionals, so finding an outlet was more than difficult as we want to keep our play activities to ourselves. I came upon a perfect solution recently…and a vacation to boot! Aruba has very relaxed attitudes and laws concerning sexual activity, and we decided to hire someone to tie us together. We made inquiries and booked an adventure vacation. We thought and planned together until the time of our trip.

We arrived on island and checked into our hotel. I had called a number of the local out call services, explaining in detail what we wanted and for what purpose. We settled on a specific service and had a reservation for that evening. We had some beach time after our arrival, and time for a nice steak dinner at El Gaucho before our adventure began. My girlfriend, Pam, didn’t know that I had made extra plans, but I knew her reaction would be fine after all was said and done.

We got back to our room with about an hour to get ready. We both showered and both cleaned ourselves out as well as in. We sorted out the gear we brought, and set up the bed restraints to get a head start. We use straps under the mattress with D rings to attach to leather cuffs. We have also the ability to increase the tension with a small locking strap tightener so that we can really stretch out the other, and makes escape all but impossible. With the bed ready and toys laid out we awaited our escort.

The young lady arrived about 10 minutes later. A Venezuelan woman, about 5’ 9” with light brown skin, and ample bust and hips. She had long dark hair and was extremely attractive. Pam had only limited experience with woman, as she much preferred men, and the plan was not for the escort to have sex with her, but to control our sex with each other. Pam didn’t know that I had already worked out some details with our escort Adella, but those surprises are what keeps life interesting. We agreed that she would tie us together and “encourage” our sexual activity. We had hired her for a 2 hour session…but I had already paid for an additional 2 hours!

Pam & I had already worked out the position we wanted to try tonight, so I stripped down first, and lay down on the bed on my back. Pam & Adella placed leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles and secured me to the bed with the straps, locking them to my cuffs with padlocks. I was pulled fairly tight, but I could still move some as that would be required as we progressed. Needless to say, being naked and helpless in front of 2 women made me quite hard. Pam then gave me a kiss before inserting a large red ball gag which she made a tight as she could. I was now completely at their mercy.

Now it was Pam’s turn. She stripped down to her underwear, a black lace bra, garter belt and stockings. The ladies were both blushing and giggling as Adella helped Pam into her wrist and ankle cuffs. She looked damn sexy just standing there. Adella was still fully dressed, and that in and of itself was an interesting situation and made us both squirm a bit. Pam thought she was going to remain that way as this was more about her controlling us. Pam used a little KY jelly on herself, not that she needed it, and then got on the bed and straddled me. She got right over my manhood and hooked her legs over mine. I had enough slack to bring them up a bit so she could then impale herself on me. Now the fun really began, as Adella took our heavy leather X strap and attached it to Pam’s cuffs. Now her ankles and wrists were bound together, lock around my legs with my cock deep within her pussy. I could feel her already beginning to squirm, and the heat from her pussy was amazing. Now Adella took a black ball gag and inserted it into Pam’s mouth.

Here we were, in a hotel in on a tropical island naked and tied together with a woman we had known for 15 minutes in control of what we would be doing for the evening. Adella then finished with the original plan as Pam had explained to her. She gave my straps a bit of a tightening, which welded us firmly together and took out any chance of serious movement from me. At this point Pam began to moan and closed her eyes while she rocked gently on me. Little did she know that the unexpected was about to begin!

Adella circled the bed a bit, admiring her work. She took a few pictures with a camera we had out, and seemed to be more than just an uninterested observer. That is when she began looking at the other toys we had. They were on the credenza behind Pam, so all she knew was that Adella was there and looking at all our toys, but she was in her own world as she was enjoying the helpless feelings. Adella came over with 2 pairs of nipple clamps and hung them in front of Pam. She asked Pam if she liked these, which she nodded yes to. I doubt Pam thought of what was going to happen next, but Adella then placed the clamp of one on her left nipple, and then connected the other end to my left nipple. She then connected the other clamp to Pam’s right nipple, crossing the chain and attaching the other end to my right nipple. This drew Pam forward a bit, and made her gasp a bit and struggle some. All she could do was to shake her head and make unintelligible sounds.

Adella was already back behind us and returned with 2 small egg vibrators which she deftly attached to Pam’s nipple clamps. These are the battery powered variety and I had modified the one switch to be a bit more fun than an off-on switch. I made a dead-mans switch, which was on when released, and off when hold down. To increase the fun I had added a spring which required about 5 pounds of pressure to hold down. You could hold it for a while, but not for a long time! Pam’s eyes were as large as saucers as Adella ran the wire over her shoulder, handed the control to Pam, and then turned on the eggs. Pam was holding it closed while she continued to protest this new predicament.

Adella was back playing with the toys. She continued to comment on the variety and quantity of our stuff. Pam was getting hotter, but also had a pleading look in her eyes. She was completely out of control and had no idea as to what was going to happen next. She was looking at me to save her, but I was in no condition to help her out… and she knew that! We were helpless and had to endure together. I had talked with Adella on the phone a few days prior, and mentioned the nipple clamps and vibrators, as I knew Pam really enjoyed them. As we talked I also mentioned some of the others toys and I told her we were at her whim and fancy to do with as she saw fit. Basically I told her to have fun with us, do nothing to cause a lot of pain or serious harm, but to use her imagination and that I would tip her generously if she gave us an excellent session. She was very excited about the whole idea as we talked more and more about our likes and dislikes, and this had gone to plan so far. I was hoping that she would add some of her own touches to our session, and I was not to be disappointed!

Adella came back into view, this time with a large red vibrating butt plug that Pam occasionally liked, but not always. This plug was equipped with a similar dead-mans switch as the nipple clamps had. She asked Pam if this was hers, and Pam shook her head “No” frantically. She squirmed and struggled against her bonds, and I could feel her building to her first orgasm. Adella played with the plug in front of Pam, who just stared at the toy and struggled. I could see her face changes as she approached the edge. Adella was applying some lube to the big plug as Pam reached her first orgasm. Her thighs were pulsing and she lost her grip on the controller and the clamps began to vibrate. I could feel it through the clamps, and to her it had to be much more powerful! Her breathing was short and rapid, and she was quite flushed and beginning to sweat. Her eyes were screwed shut so she didn’t see Adella move behind her. Pam was half bent over because of the nipple clamps and had no chance to really protect her rear, which Adella began to assault with the plug. Pam’s eyes got very wide as she stated to play it around her rectum. Pam tried to squeeze her cheeks closed, but she was still Cumming and had little control over her body. Soon Adella had the plug inserted and Pam was squirming even harder, her eyes pleading, but her body writhed and squirmed as she fell further and further into the sensations assaulted her body.

Adella helped her to squeeze the nipple vibrators off, then put the other controller in her other hand, and switched it on as well. Pam was still coming down from her last orgasm, and it looked as if the next would be here soon. Finally, Adella placed a blindfold on Pam. She was completely out of control and had no idea what would happen next. The final part of my plan to give her the big thrill was about to happen. Adella slapped Pam hard on the ass, and said “You're all trussed up and ready to be found. Thanks for the nice time, but I think I need to go home.” “I am sure someone will find you tomorrow….enjoy!” She laughed, took a few more pictures, and headed toward the door to the room.

I have to admit, I was a little scarred here. In our current condition if Adella had walked out we were totally helpless until someone found us. I am sure that would have been an interesting thing to explain! But Adella wanted to extra large tip I had promised, so she opened and closed the door, and then quietly padded back into the room and sat in the comfy chair to enjoy the show. On the way across the room she shed her clothes, and she was quite a sight! I was losing control! Here was my beautiful girlfriend welded to my cock, struggling for all she was worth, and this extraordinary attractive Venezuelan call girl sitting in a chair naked… watching us and masturbating! Thank god for Viagra, or I would have been useless shortly.

Pam struggled on me, and I tried as best I could to rub her the right way as I moved my hips as best I could with my limited mobility. Pam was in the same way, but her look of panic had shifted to one of ecstasy. She was building slowly to her next orgasm, and it felt like it was going to be a good one. The nipple clams kept her bent over me, and the leather cuffs strapped to her ankles prevented her from laying on me entirely. She had a lot of pressure on them, as I could feel the pull on my legs. She was literally hanging in her cuffs. I looked over and Adella was mesmerized by the show in front of her. I doubt she had ever seen anything like this before in her life. She was entranced by this crazy American woman being forced into an orgasm. She was slowly playing with herself while Pam was working to an incredible climax.

I could feel Pam was very close, and as she inhaled sharply she lost both remote controls. All the vibrators sprang dutifully to life. Pam screamed and bucked as best she could while her body took over… her thighs were clenching, her body shook and she squirmed as much as our bindings would allow. This continued on for minute after minute. When it seemed as though it was over, she moved ever so slightly and it continued. I came during this process, and when I shot my load into her I felt more shakes and shudders. She tried to fall over on my but was stuck in the cuffs, just inched from my chest. Drool was flowing freely from around her ball gag onto my face and neck, and she was making noises like I had never heard before.

I was regaining my senses after my orgasm and looked over to Adella, who had stopped masturbating herself and was just starring in awe at Pam. I don’t think she had ever seen a woman cum so hard in her life. My eyes were locked on her as I felt the waves of pleasure passing through Pam. I could feel the butt plug through her pussy, and the nipple clamps were torturing my nipples even further. I could barely move anything but my head, so I locked my eyes on Adella. She just watched as Pam continued. She began to look back from Pam to a clock on the bedside. Some minutes passed and eventually Pam stopped coming and simply collapsed into her bonds. I am not sure if she actually lost consciousness, but it had to be close. Her breathing was short and slow as she occasionally shuddered as she came back into reality. Adella just watched her jaw slack and her eyes wide.

Eventually she came over and traced her fingers over Pam’s back. Pam startled, and with what little energy she had left tried to move away from the unexpected touch. Adella came close to Pam’s head, and blew a warm breath into her ear. Pam shook from head to toe. Her mind must be racing as to what was happening now. Adella nibbled her ear while tracing her fingers lightly all over Pam’s helpless body. I could tell she was getting excited again, but the moans from her gag were frantic. Adella knew Pam was close to losing it, and she winked at me and then gentle removed the blindfold from Pam’s eyes. Pam looked shocked at Adella, who just smiled at her. Pam through me a look, then winked at me too. I knew she had been scarred, but had also had the hardest orgasm I have ever seen her have.

Adella removed Pam’s gag, and whispered in her ear, and Pam nodded her head. Adella then removed the nipple clamps from Pam, leaving them on me. She unstrapped Pam’s bonds, leaving the wrist and ankle cuffs on. She then relaxed my straps ever so slightly so Pam could wriggle free. Pam slid off me and he legs seemed to be useless. She slid off the bed onto the floor; sitting leaned up on the bed. Adella slid in beside her, and they whispered to each other for a minute for Adella got up and got my I-pod, turned it on and put the ear buds in my ears. I could hear nothing as they sat and had some girl talk. I was going crazy and my erection was coming back strong. Soon Adella was up and hovering over me. She was playing with my balls and teasing my nipples while Pam moved into the bathroom. I figured she needed a break and I was enjoying the attention I was getting.

Pam called from the bathroom, and Adella jumped up and abruptly left me to my bonds. She came back fairly quickly, but now placed a blindfold on me. I could not see what was happening, but I could still feel. I waited for a bit of time, not really sure how long, when I was mounted again. I could feel the straps being replaced and my cock being carefully glided into a warm and wet vagina. The nipple clams tugged as they were replaced. I figured Pam had really enjoyed this and wanted some more. Hey, I was game, but even if I didn’t want to continue I had little choice in the matter!

Now I suddenly jumped as I felt a soft touch in my armpit. I was being tickled and had no ability to defend myself. I writhed around as best I could on the bed, as my straps had mot been fully tightened yet. This went on for a while, and my ear buds fell out of my ears. I could hear the familiar moans and groans that Pam made as my hips thrust against hers in my spasm of laughter. Just as suddenly as it had begun, the tickle torture had stopped. I felt the straps being tightened rather harshly, and I was again spread eagle, immobile, with Pam fused to my crotch. The moans were fabulous, and what little movement we had together was making us both crazed.

Soft hands then gently cradled my head, and I felt them reach behind my head and loosen the ball gag. With a few gentle tugs it was removed from my mouth, and I moved my jaw to regain some feeling and ease a little of the pain. Soft hands were gently rubbing my jaw, giving me quite a nice feeling. I suddenly felt the nipple vibrators spring to life, but only for a few moments. Pam made a squealing noise through her gag, and then they stopped. My nipples were now being aggressively tweaked, with the clamps being pulled and twisted.

Adella was no amateur here, and the fire it was creating was incredible. This went on for a long time, while Pam squirmed and struggled on top of me. I had lost the ability for rational thought and only wanted to be driven to cum. I could hear and feel Pam, but not see her. This was incredible powerful, yet frustrating. I was rolling my head in a futile attempt to remove the gag when I felt a weight shift on the bed. I felt legs pinning down my arms as Adella straddled my face. I said no, but I had little choice as she maneuvered her lips to mine. She brushed her pussy over my mouth, brushing it against my lips. I could not resist. While this was not in our plan, what could I do? I was helpless with this fabulous woman demanding with lick and eat her pussy? Who could resist? I licked for all I was worth, and was rewarded with the sounds of a woman enjoying the effort I was putting out. I felt the nipple vibrators come on again, to more surprised sounds and moaning. It went on for about 30 seconds before clicking off, then back on again.

As they came on I felt the controller bounce off my balls…Pam must have lost her grip. With Adella sitting on my face, facing the headboard, she would have no idea that Pam had lost control. Oh well, nothing I could do about it, and it felt pretty darn good to me! Pam was trying to buck, wiggling as much as her bonds would let her. I felt the pull on my nipple clamps relax as Pam had fallen forward into her bonds and into Adella's back, causing her to be pushed down onto my face. Breathing was getting difficult, but I knew Pam would be over the edge soon, and it felt as if Adella was not going to be far behind.

Suddenly Adella got off my face, sliding to the side and off the bed. I felt her soft leg brush against my face as she struggled out of the sandwich we had created between our bodies. At least breathing was a lot easier. We continued to grind together when I heard one of Pam’s vibrators come to life. The buzzing was unmistakable, and I felt Pam get frantic as she tried to crawl up me, but the bonds were doing their duty and she was open to whatever Adella had planned. I felt the buzzing coming through into Pam’s pussy again as she drove the vibrator deep into her ass. The sounds she was making through her gag were absolutely animalistic, as her hips writhed and her thighs clamped down on me as best they could. I was lost in the moment and didn’t realize that another vibrator was about to be employed.

I felt the tip of a medium vibrator being touched against my rectum, and I immediately clinched. This was to be of no avail, as I felt a warm hand cup, then begin in tighten around my balls. The message was obvious, relax or suffer the consequences. I relaxed and the vibrator, which had fortunately been lubed, was pushed into my butt. As soon as it touched my prostrate I came, and came hard. I shook in my bonds, unable to do anything but shudder and moan loudly. I felt Pam was close too, as Adella was playing the vibrator in and out of her rear and she got closer and closer. She suddenly and violently came, screaming, shaking, flexing…losing all control. I could feel her head thrashing around as that was the only free area on her body. I was returning to normal again, but Pam was again lost in desire. I felt the shudders as she continued on with the strong orgasms, washing over her body in crashing delight. This continued for a long time, and again I felt her spent body fall into her bonds, pulling against my restrained limbs, totally spent and unable to move or pull herself upright. Her breathing came in ragged gasps around the ball gag, and the drool continued to fall onto my face and neck. We were completely spent and exhausted, but still had a few hours to go before Adella was to release us. I may have committed us too far to much on this one!

Gentle hands cradled my head and released the blindfold covering my eyes. Pam sat cradling my head, smiling warmly at me. She put her finger to my lips and requested my silence. The confused look in my eyes must have amused her. She searched around the bed, found my I-pod, and put the ear buds into Adella ears. She tried to lift her head, but was totally spent after a long, strong orgasm. Now Pam winked at me and we began a conversation.

Pam said “Wow, that was intense. Adella tells me you planned a little extra, is this true?” I fessed up immediately, which got me a nice kiss and a tweak on a nipple. Adella was beginning to grind her hips on me, and I was coming back to life again. Thank god for Viagra! Pam grinned widely. She told me all about her conversation with Adella, and how amazed she was at what Pam experienced. Pam had told her about the joy she had felt, and the overwhelming sensations while forced to orgasm with a bound lover. Adella wanted to try, and they hatched the plan to utilize me since I was still “in position”. She figured the blindfold was necessary so I would not complain. I looked at the beautiful Venezuelan and my equally gorgeous blond girlfriend, and asked “now what?” Pam continued to grin. “We have 2 more hours to go, and she does not seem to be in any condition to say what happens next. Maybe you want to tie us up and have some control?”

Pam carefully unlocked Adella ankles, pushed her off my body, and locked her in a classic hogtie with the same straps. She then released my straps, and massaged my arms to get the feeling back in my shoulders. As I stretched and moved I could hear Adella moan into her gag and begin to check out her bonds. I watched her with Pam for about 5 minutes, and then Pam reached over and took the cuffs off my hands and placed them on hers. I didn’t need any more encouragement as I pulled her arms behind her back and padlocked them together. I then removed my ankle cuffs, placed them on Pam and hog tied her on the bed next to Adella, inserting my ball gag in her mouth for effect.

I removed Adella’s blindfold and let her look around. Both of these women were at my control now, and I really wanted to have some fun, but I had to ask Adella “Is this OK, is this something you want to do?” I asked her to blink twice if she want to continue, and three times to be released. She stared for a long minute into space, looked up, and blinked twice, looking straight into my eyes. This was certainly turning out quite differently as to what we had originally planned, but what plan ever really works out completely as envisioned? I went over to our suitcase filled with toys, found Pam’s double ended dildo, and displayed it to the girls, asking “Now, what position do you suppose that you both could get some use out of this?”

Needless to say, the next 2 hours continued to be rather pleasant. Adella is our very special friend, and we are working to get her to live in the United States with us. Our Aruban vacation was much more intense than any of us bargained for.

More on our adventures if there is interest.