Opportunities Abroad

by Guy le Bouc

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I will eviscerate you… I was naked for a day; you will be naked for eternityChaucer (maybe…)

“Let’s see… Nabat Agaev for direct transfer this morning. Geez, she’s a sight. How long’s she been under t-and-e?”

“Paper says… three months? That can’t be right? Most I’ve ever seen is seventeen days. According to records she made acceptable levels twenty-two days in.”

“What’s that note in the details say?”

“Hmmm? Oh. …By orders of Dr. Jan Greere, contractor number 78, Nabat Agaev, is to undergo physiological test and exam as follows for a period of no less than three months before permanent compulsory transfer to… Tarjblenistan!? Do we even have a consulate there?”

“Damn! Look at the diameters and durations she’s had to do! Her current levels are nearly catatonic.”

“Is she going to be fucking a whole football team full of Caligula’s over there?”

“Well, she signed the contract. Details say compulsory… and shipped fully nude?”

“Dr. Jan signed off on it personally, look. I’m sure they’ll sort it out on the receiving end.”

“I’ll need your help. I’ve only done a compulsory in-training. And that was with a dummy!”

“Find the checklist because neither have I.”

The two technicians left the viewing window. Tara, her eyes hollow, allowed a single tear to escape.

Four months earlier

“Here’s your nametag Tara! Have fun!”

“Thanks Wendy.” Wearing expensive heels and a strapless form fitting black sequin dress that she had lifted from a dry cleaner 6 weeks prior, Tara stuck the nametag to her left boob.

She walked into her old high school gymnasium and looked indifferently at the large blue banner with silver letters that read, ‘Welcome Back Classmates! 10 Years! Future so Bright You Gotta Wear Shades!’ She spent the next two hours catching up with other members of the cheerleading squad, old jock boyfriends, and a couple of teachers that she gave blowjobs for grades. Unable to shake them down as they were retired from teaching and unattached, she mingled for a bit, bobbing to hits from her teenage years blaring out from the deejay booth and keeping an eye out for another easy mark. She finally noticed someone she didn’t recognize and was curious as to why more than a few of her old clique were gathered around him. From a distance she saw that he wasn’t wearing a name tag and as she approached, observed that he was sharply dressed in a blue Armani suit complete with Rolex and a diamond earring. He cut a tall slim handsome figure with long wavy brown hair and a well-manicured goatee. Tara took a moment to check her cleavage and smack her lipstick before she approached with a drink in hand close to her chest. Seeing her, he waved the other women away. They retreated with envious looks to watch from as far as they dare, trying to keep within earshot.

“Hello! It’s good to see you! Man, you look amazing! What you up to these days?”

Throwing some flirty attitude and her blond locks his direction, “Well hello yourself! Forgive me but I’m drawing a blank. Did we go to school together, or are you here with someone?”

He shot a shocked expression with a chuckle, “I’m Lee! Lee Stettling! I sat near you in algebra, science, and social studies… You used to copy off me!”

“Oh! Lee! Oh my gosh! You just… You look so different!”

“Yeah, well, I got my eyes and teeth fixed up. Track and field at college didn’t do me any harm either.”

“Well,” she placed a hand on his chest as she took a sip through a straw, “you certainly seem to be doing well for yourself. I guess I didn’t place you because your name tag came off.”

He chuckled again, “I don’t make it a habit of putting stickers on expensive suits.”

“Oh! Well, what is it you do?” continuing to bat her lashes at him and pursing her lips around the straw in her drink.

“I, uh, I’m a doctor actually.”

Tara’s eyes lit up with the possibilities of seducing him and getting a good year or more out of his bank account. She’d honed her craft over a long series of lonely men, even been engaged to one for six months and married to another for eight before they wised up to her gold-digger ways. Others weren’t so fortunate and she left them high and dry; broke, bankrupt, and swearing off women all together. “Wow! So you’re a surgeon? Or like a general practitioner?”

“No, not quite that kind of doctor. I have a PhD in psychology.”

This point of fact complicated her plans to get under his skin as he’d probably be around more often than if he was a doctor at a medical hospital. “So, like a head shrinker?” she slyly smiled at him. “Perhaps you’d like to study me, sometime?”

The line did not go unnoticed by Lee and he guffawed briefly. “I actually own my own company. I have a government contract through the State Department to provide suitable professionals to liaise with foreign nationals and dignitaries around the world.”

This prospect excited Tara even more than trying to seduce cash out of him directly. If only she could start living off the government’s tit and travel around the world! Her enthusiasm was palpable.

“Wow! That sounds so exciting! What type of professionals are you looking for?” as she struck a subtle yet sexy pose, trying not to overplay her hand.

He eyed her up and down, “Well, we try to find good conversationalists, people that are a little extraverted, it also doesn’t hurt to have an attractive figure like yours. The contract allows for regular pay, a clothing stipend, housing, and of course opportunities abroad. All our contractors are placed in foreign locales.” 

Tara was all but showing him her goods at this point, her mind filled with places such as Paris, Madrid, and Tokyo. “It just so happens I’m looking for a new position. Do you think I would be a good candidate for your company?” She tried hard to finesse in the double-entendres.

His eyes went cold ever so briefly with the faintest trace of a sneer on his lips before he resumed a warm expression. “I dunno… You would need to pass some qualifiers before we could fully contract you.” Tara looked on eagerly, not wanting to spoil her chance as Lee considered. “I tell you what, here’s my card. Give us a call Monday and maybe we can set up an interview.”

“Gee, thanks Lee! And hey, about those things that happened in high school years ago… I felt really sorry about it. I was really hoping you would be here tonight so I could apologize,” her eyes glazed as she pouted slightly. Her acting was a bit ham-handed but always effective given her looks. Fact was her looks were what usually got her out of tight spots with authority figures.

“Forget it, water under the bridge. Everyone has regrets about things when they were young and foolish. I got it all the time from patients before I started my company.”

“Oh, you understand! Of course you do! You’re a doctor of psychology after all. You must have heard it all before!”

“Hmm, quite. If you’ll excuse me, I must be on my way. I have a conference in D.C. next week and it’s a long drive. I’ll let the office know you’re going to call.”

She escorted him to the door as they exchanged friendly goodbyes, watching him get into a new model Jaguar and drive off. She bit her lip as she considered how to make the most of this opportunity.

“So, you understand. After the contract is signed you will be disassociated from all friends and family. This position falls under a classification such that your past life will no longer exist. Public records and social media accounts will show that you have expired, and you will have a new identity before you arrive at your final destination.”

The mention of public records being expunged and getting a new life pleased Tara as she had served time in jail for passing bad cheques and insurance fraud, but to erase her completely! “…When you say expired?”

“Yes, typically some kind of small boating accident at sea. Your next of kin will be notified and any will, life insurance, and estate transfers will be exercised.”

“…and I have two weeks to think about it?”

“Yes,” as she pushed up her glasses.

“Dr. Jan? Is Lee available? I wanted to ask him what he thought about prospective destinations after the training. I haven’t seen him since the class reunion.”

“I’m afraid Dr. Stettling is very busy, but rest assured he has taken a vested interest in your success under this contract. We don’t usually take on professionals with your… background.” Dr. Jan let a frown slip by as she briefly glanced at Tara’s background record. “But he was very invested given that you two were affiliated long ago.”

Tara smiled, thinking she’d once again pulled the wool over another one. “I won’t need two weeks, I’m ready to sign today!”

“You’re sure? Most of our contractors take the time to part ways with persons of significance in their lives before coming on.”

Tara being who she was, the only people of significance in her past resented her with a passion and never contacted her again after their paths parted. There was no one else but her to account for. “Yes. Here,” and she took the pen from out of Dr. Jan’s hand. Not bothering to read the ream of paperwork in front of her, she quickly flipped to the very last page to sign and date. Her head was intoxicatingly filled with exotic travel, spending funds on designer brands, and splurging on cosmetics and spa treatments.

“Well then, welcome aboard! You’re now officially a contractor. In the meantime, you’ll be shown to your lodging. Training and lessons will commence tomorrow. The accommodations aren’t much to look at and you’ll be isolated from others during nighttime hours. Here, this is Todd, one of our technicians. He’ll show you to your room. It was a pleasure to meet you.”

Tara stood and shook hands with Dr. Jan as Todd took her suitcase. She walked behind him down a labyrinth of hallways.

They arrived at a door where he handed her a badge to get in and out of her room and wear on her person, giving her instructions that a chime would sound at the end of the day and a minder would patrol the halls directing contractors back to their rooms before lights-out. The technician left and Tara slipped inside her room. A map on the inside of the door showed where the dining hall, gym, and lecture rooms were, along with a schedule of times and events. A small note at the bottom said ‘ALL doors will be locked for safety and security after lights-out’.

She looked around the room noting the single bed, a small sitting area and table with magazines and books, a tiny bathroom, and the fact that there was no window; a large picture of Rio de Janeiro lit up at night in what would have been its place. She slipped out later, noticing that all her fellow contractors were women as well. Most were just as alluring as herself, but a few made her downright self-conscious about her physique and looks. At the end of the day, she heard the chime and got back to her room. A few minutes later an electronic clank let her know she was locked inside for the evening. In the morning there was another chime followed by the door lock releasing as she got ready for the day.

The whole first day had the contractors filling out personality and psychological tests. The remainder of the month, lessons included classes on proper etiquette, information gathering, manipulation, seduction, data sourcing, and espionage, amongst a host of other more boring topics. If Tara thought she knew what she was doing regarding getting what she wanted out of men before, she felt like she was fully armed and ten degrees more dangerous with the skills gained.

She did however notice a gradual shift in tone regarding the instructors as when they first began, they were very cordial. By the end of the month, they became exceedingly demanding and took to menacing with wooden pointers, slapping them on tables or striking whiteboards when something a contractor did displeased them. One almost struck Tara’s hand on the table when she started to doze off during a lecture on evasive conversation. “Ms. Brass! You will pay attention or we’ll use you to demonstrate simple torture techniques on during the next lesson!” Tara kept her mouth shut and only nodded, being startled out of her daze.

The lecture rooms had mirrored one-way glass at the far end, and she couldn’t help feeling creeped out knowing someone was likely observing them. Regarding the other contractors, none of them talked to each other. When Tara attempted to make small talk in the dining hall she was met with cold stares before another instructor finally walked up behind her and sent her lunch crashing to the floor. “You will have noted in your contract… that contractors are not to talk amongst themselves lest they be disciplined or dismissed! Now clean that up Ms. Brass!” Finally at the end of the month an exam was given whereby contractors were expected to score at least 90%. The instructors left the room while contractors filled out the test. Out of the fifteen others in her cohort, two were told they had failed and were escorted out, sobbing. Tara didn’t understand why they were so sad other than they would be missing out on travel and money. That and maybe having to reestablish their lives after everyone they knew being told they had perished. She was smug about having passed as she wasn’t the best student in high school and relished her prospects for an exciting new life of travel and leisure given that she’d basically be a spy. Old habits die hard though, and she employed the dropped pencil, feigned sneeze, and yawn-and-stretch to glance at others’ answers. 

The next day Tara and the other contractors were taken to a new area of the building. 

Dr. Jan met them in her long white buttoned up lab coat, one of the black pointer rods in hand. “Welcome to the physiological test and evaluation portion of your conditioning before you are released to your final assignments and destinations. Some of you may find portions of the t-and-e strenuous, others pleasurable. But please keep in mind that you are contracted professionals and while some measures may seem… invasive… it is meant to build your skills and protect your cover. You are assets and your benefits and compensations are meant to ease any experience you may find unpleasant.” Dr. Jan’s speech gave Tara a little unease and butterflies in her stomach. “But this is what you signed up for! A new life in an exotic destination! So the sooner you achieve acceptable levels the sooner you will be able to embark. Technicians, please take your assigned contractor to their t-and-e room now please.”

Staff members then retrieved each contractor and departed to rooms along the hall, leaving Tara standing by herself as she looked around. “Oh! I didn’t know we were one short today. I guess I’ll start your t-and-e myself. Please, follow me.” Tara went into the dimly lit room Dr. Jan indicated. It was sterile and very modern with a raised table in the center. Differing armatures and supports were attached to it. A computer bank with readouts was affixed on the side wall. Clip boards hung near the side of the table and there was an adjoining room with a viewing window. It reminded Tara of an optometrist’s office as all the items and surfaces were white, fixtures curved with swept angles. “Remove your clothes and I’ll guide you up on the table.” Tara hesitated as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt. “Ms. Brass I have a full schedule today. Now is not the time for modesty. The sooner you get situated the sooner you will be finished.” Tara removed the remainder of her clothes more quickly. “Now, get up on the table in a kneeling position. Yes, that’s it. The padded bar goes under your hips and you will rest your chest on the other pad. Now, place your head with the chin in the cup, your throat will rest in the cradle. That’s right, now just look up a little and keep facing forward. Your arms will go through these sleeves with your palms down. Just grasp the silver handles there. That’s it. Please take a little time to adjust yourself as I get you secured.”

“Um, Dr. Jan? Is this like… a physical exam or something?”

Dr. Jan didn’t answer immediately as she began tightening the sleeves down first, securing her arms into the cradled padding. She then moved to her calves, pulling wide straps over each and tightening these as well. “IF you had read your contract, you would know that the physiological t-and-e is part conditioning, part assessment.” Tara still didn’t understand as she felt the bar under her hips gain a few inches in height, pushing her ass into the air and exposing more of her pussy. A padded block was then positioned and strapped between her knees. Lastly, Dr. Jan affixed a rigid piece to the neck cradle that enclosed the back side of Tara’s neck, the effect was not unlike a posture collar. “There are sensors located throughout the table and I’ll be affixing a few others to your body. These will measure heart rate, perspiration, audible decibels, vaginal secretions…”


“Don’t interrupt me again Ms. Brass!” And with that, Dr. Jan gave her a firm stroke across her ass with the black rod. Tara yelped and bucked but found she was too firmly secured to move in any direction. “Say another word and you’ll receive two strikes, another after that and it will be four, and so on.” Tara whimpered as her ass stung. “As I was saying, your physiological responses will be recorded as we… put you through your paces. Probes will be inserted into your orifices, graduating in size, frequency of oscillations, and duration of dwell time. Your own sexual experiences will have shown that most men have a 5.5 inch penis and engage in sexual intercourse for about five minutes. Our contractors have to be prepared for their duties, meeting delegates and officials after hours, so we condition them according to the upper end of the bell-curve regarding length, girth, and duration.” Tara was starting to hyperventilate and squirm at her restraints. SWAT! “Do control yourself Ms. Brass! You signed the contract!”

The second strike to Tara’s rear elicited a quiet sob as she stopped moving and tried to compose herself. Dr. Jan started affixing medical pads with wires over her body and head before putting a rubber glove on one hand. “The conditioning is an effort to control your autonomic responses to such stimuli. You will see your readings reflected on the screen in front of you and learn to control your functions to become an effective asset. To date, all of our contractors weren’t restrained and found the experience somewhat pleasurable, gaining passable levels in seven to nine days.” Dr. Jan circled in front of Tara and dropped down to be face to face, looking straight into her eyes “You, however, are a special case. I had this t-and-e room prepared especially for you, our company’s first compulsory contractor.” Tara gave a fearful and confused look. “I guess I’ll begin with your psychological and personality profile. You are a user Ms. Brass. You’ll use any man so long as you get what you want without regard to how bereft you leave them. Which, as a contractor with our company, isn’t necessarily a bad quality to have. But you’re always grasping for that brass ring without regard as to what will happen should you fall from the pony. Don’t think that we didn’t notice how you cheated on your exit exam, it was entirely expected from you. Usually that’s automatic grounds for dismissal and you would have ended up like the other two dolts who failed, bound for use at a Federal supermax or military prison, pleasuring enemies of the state for giving up their last little secrets. But I and Dr. Stettling allowed you to pass all the same. I know your type all too well. You were popular and achieved your greatest chapter of life in high school. Using people became your modus operandi after because that’s all you cared to know.”

Dr. Jan stood and moved behind Tara. She heard the rustling of fabric and then something being slipped on with straps being cinched tight. “Poor Lee. He and I were a lot alike. We just wanted to be friends with the popular people at school. We’d let them use us for homework, money, alibi’s for their parents… When I met him at college though, he was just the shell of a man. I honestly thought he was going to do himself in. But I was so attracted to him and he warmed to my affections, eventually trusting me completely. I saw how alike we were, gradually getting him to open up. We’re deeply in love you see and quite happily married. I would do anything for my Lee... But I’m getting ahead of myself. So back in college, when he finally told me about what happened to him his senior year of high school… Well, I was shocked and heartbroken for him. To trust someone and hope to be close to them, even intimate, and then humiliated without mercy… Perhaps you know this story, but I’m going to relate it to you anyway…” Tara shivered as tears left her eyes. She felt Dr. Jan’s hand move over her back and down her rump. Suddenly, two lubed fingers were jammed into her vagina as she gasped. The fingers worked in and out as Dr. Jan continued, “He told me how he helped you pass the final algebra exam and that you said you wanted to give him a special surprise. An appreciation for all his help. He was gangly then, wasn’t he? Pimples, braces, glasses? The typical nerdy guy who would always help you, right? Well, he figured all his time assisting you was finally leading up to a little appreciation the week before graduation. You were wearing your cheerleading outfit when you told him to meet you in the girls locker room. You kissed him there before telling him you were going to undress in the shower while he did the same in the locker area. It was all so unnecessary… except you and your boyfriend thought it would be all too amusing. He was standing there nude when your thug of a boytoy and two of his friends swarmed him from out of the showers. First they mocked and degraded him, taking his clothes away and laughing at him. Then one of them found a broom in the corner…”

“Please, Dr. Jan, I…” WHACK! WHACK! The second series of strikes were so much harder than the first that Tara screamed, the red welted lines radiating pain from her backside. That’s when she felt the two fingers firmly push through her anus. She inhaled in astonishment, losing the ability to make another sound. 

“First, they simply beat him with it. Leaving black and blue marks on his arms and hips. Then one of them though it funny to force him to open his mouth and shove it in, calling him a fag and a queer who liked to take cock like that. Well, then you remember what happened next… If he’s a fag and a queer for sucking on the end of a broom, perhaps he’d like it in the other end as well… And you, you just leaned against the wall and laughed. You laughed until they had enough and left with you. He found his clothes in a tree after nightfall, didn’t he. My poor Lee, he had nightmares for so many years.” Tara felt the fingers leave her anus as more tears streaked her face. She heard a rubber glove removed from a hand.

“It was I that proposed forming this company. Finding all those popular girls who had peaked in high school, the types who used us. It’s a bit poetic that we now use them for these contracts. I also convinced Lee into finding you at the reunion and luring you in. I don’t like to throw the word whore around, but that’s all you’ve ever been and ever will be. As good as you think you had been Ms. Brass, you’ve finally fallen from your pony. Come to think of it, We’ll start calling you Nabat now as once you arrive at your final destination your new identity will be Nabat Agaev. You will have no passport, and no U.S. identity as all records of your life have been destroyed by our team. Once the Consul in Tarjblenistan (Tara wondered where that was having never heard of such a country) determines you are of no more use, you will live out your days in that foul backwater of a third-world country, unable to ever return home. During your contract, which has no end date, you will pleasure goatherds, village chieftains, and whatever ilk passes for leadership in those filthy dirty hills. Fail to do as the Consul directs and you will be homeless in the streets there with no money, no food, and no possessions. I would recommend learning the language right away.”

Dr. Jan moved in front again as Tara’s eyes popped. The doctor had a strikingly curvy figure with breasts, legs, and an ass that any woman, or man, would kill for. Her amber hair was down and glasses were removed as she modeled a black leather corset and an 8-inch black strap-on. She had a dental gag in one hand and a remote in the other. “Do open wide Nabat or you’ll receive an electric shock from the pads affixed to you.”

“You can’t do this toOOOO! AuGHHH!” Dr. Jan didn’t hesitate to press and hold the button for three seconds. Tara, now Nabat, attempted to thrash about but again didn’t have any relief to move.

“I can keep this up all day and that was only level one. Now, let’s try that again. I said open Nabat.” She reluctantly complied, fearing further shocks. Dr. Jan slipped it behind her teeth and buckled it behind Nabat’s head.

“I thought we’d begin your t-and-e manually today. We’ll move on to the armatures tomorrow. They are fully robotic and programmable, able to interchange the probes, dildoes if you please, without human interaction. Special plugs will be inserted at night to take care of feeding, hydration, and relieving you of waste. Oh, and if you recall I said most contractors reach acceptable levels in just over a week? I’ve seen to it that your t-and-e will last for three months regardless of how well you can control your physiological feedback. That and the dildo sizes, thrusting, and depth will be adjusted to the uppermost levels possible. But for today, we’ll start with something a bit more manageable.”

Dr. Jan moved behind Nabat and roughly pushed the large strap-on into her pussy. She began thrusting without fanfare as Nabat began wailing at the stretching of her vagina both in width and depth. The doctor laughed as she slapped her victims ass. “As loud as you like, Nabat! Nobody can hear you in here!” With that she pushed the remote to shock her body a few intervals in time with accompanying thrusts. This went on for a while as a figure slowly became visible behind the viewing window. Dr. Jan looked in his direction as she pulled out of Nabat and positioned the strap-on in her ass next. The poor girl continued to try to escape her bonds though it was utterly useless. Dr. Jan smiled maliciously at the man watching as she pushed the cock all the way in one go. Nabat howled in pain and indignation, the tears forming a puddle in front of her. The doctor gave her a prolonged shock as she pulled all the way out and thrust back in up to the hilt, repeating the process as the screen in front depicted peaks and plateaus high above cut lines indicating acceptable levels. “Oh my dear, dear Nabat! You’re going to have to try so much harder to pass! Luckily you have nothing but time!” as she rocked the black dildo in and out of her anus.

A speaker announced from the microphone on the other side of the glass, “Perhaps you’d like me to shut our contractor up for you?”

“No need my love! I’ll handle it for now!” as Dr. Jan finally pulled out of Nabat’s puckered anus and walked around in front of her. She stopped crying as horror took hold in her mind. Her eyes begged for mercy, though none would be offered. Dr. Jan looked down with sinister eyes and a sneer, the used strap-on held steady in one hand. Nabat’s eyes darted from the doctor to the dildo and back as it was very slowly inserted into her capitulated mouth. It slid all the way back as she started to gag, becoming sick to her stomach, her eyes rolled back full of tears. Dr. Jan pulled out and reentered with greater gusto, fucking her mouth with the dirty strap-on at an ever-increasing speed. Dr. Jan spoke, “At the end of your extended t-and-e, your compulsory status denotes to the technicians that you are to be packaged just as you are, bound naked and doggystyle with your filthy whore mouth forced open and all your openings plugged, for transport to your future hell hole! Dr. Stettling, all these plans have made me quite, inspired! Why don’t you come in and fuck me while I fuck her in the ass some more? She may find your power added to mine to be most, instructive?”

“Agreed Dr. Jan. I do want her stifled though as we give her a practical application of what she’s in for over the rest of her life.” He pressed a few buttons and a dildo just as long as before but with a thicker girth appeared on a robotic arm in front of her. It fed into her mouth slowly at first before a regular mechanical rhythm was established. Unable to turn away, Nabat resumed gagging in between trying to catch her breath as Dr. Jan powerfully put the strap-on back in her backdoor, slapping her ass for good measure. Dr. Stettler walked in and removed his clothes, giving Jan a passionate kiss before he positioned himself behind her and slid his cock into his beloved’s wet and waiting pussy. He thrusted into her and they began a kinetic ball desk toy-like rhythm between the three of them driving into Nabat’s asshole with an ever increasing force. Eventually Jan began to squeal in orgasmic splendor as Lee neared cumming himself. Nabat sobbed as she wondered where it had all gone wrong for her…

The end


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