On Vacation

by yourbdtop

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So I was on a vacation back home when it happened. I had not been back to my hometown in at least ten years and it was time to visit my family and friends. As with all things over time my hometown had grown and changed, a lot. On my last excursion exploring the old downtown area on Sunday, before leaving to continue my vacation on Monday, I looked in the windows of the old shoe store that was actually still there. What surprised me was that in the window display in addition to the shoes and boots were some custom made halters and other tack for horses. Well this got my attention being that I have and love horses. So I had to go back when they were open on Monday.

So Monday morning after checking out of the hotel, all my good byes had been said over the previous couple of days. I headed for the store. Walking into the store I took in all the shoes, of course. Then I made my way over to the tack once again taking in the custom made halters. Custom made halters? Hum, I wonder what else they might custom make.

About that time a nice sales lady interrupted my thoughts. She had a very slender figure with very large breasts, actually way way too large for such a slender figure (I wondered how she could stand up straight), and stood about five foot four with gorgeous long blond hair and blue eyes. But there was something about the eyes that caught my attention. Was it the light in her eyes, or was it the age in them, or the sly look of someone that knows something? It left me unsettled and completely at ease at the same time. How could someone so young have eyes like that?

While all that was going through my mind I blurted out, “Yes, do you have toe boots?”

Well that is called letting the cat out of the bag isn’t it you dim wit. I quickly looked around and saw that no one was within earshot of us and then looked back to her.

There she was with a knowing smile on her face. She reached out her hand to take mine like a long lost friend and said, “Of course we do. We just do not put them out on display for the general public to see. I am sure you understand why.”

So without thinking, she is just so sweet, I take her hand and she leads me to the back of the store, down the stairs to the storerooms in the basement. One of the rooms, about ten feet by ten feet had several comfortable chairs a multi-panel full-length mirror in front of a raised platform. Perfect for privacy when viewing and trying on things like toe boots. After I was seated she took a quick look at my feet and left.

Upon returning she had several boxes. As she opened the boxes I saw that she had brought to me several pairs of toe boots and pony boots. Mischievously she remarked that I might like to try on some pony boots being that I was busy admiring the tack upstairs. Jeez she is reading my mind! Of course I want to try on some pony boots so I suggest to her that we try those on first and save the ballet boots for later. So she asked me to remove my shoes, socks, and jeans, after all they are not meant to be worn over those clothes. Laughing with her I said of course.

So down to my panties I went. Then she handed me some nylons to put on first, gosh she thinks of everything. Finally the boots were on my feet and I pranced around the room then got on the raised platform and studied how well they looked. They looked fantastic and I loved them, although I just had to comment that these nylons really need some help staying up. They fit so perfectly like they were made just for me. I absolutely had to have them, price be damned!

I never heard her leave after my comment about the nylons and then she was back at my side. I just could not take my eyes off of the boots I was wearing until she startled me my touching my arm and telling me that we could do something about the nylons if I wished. I said okay and she promptly told me to get completely undressed except for the boots and nylons. Now why I did it I have no idea but I immediately stripped after which she handed me an absolutely incredible corset.

Without thinking, or was it more of a compulsion, I took the corset and with her help put it on. She laced me in until I was sure I would never be able to breath again but I never objected, never asked her to stop. Once she had it laced she attached the garters to the nylons and I just stared at the reflection in the mirror. I was stunning! I did not notice the passage of time or my body adjusting to the corset until she told me it was time to finish lacing the corset. Raising my hands above my head I grabbed the waiting bar. Where did that come from? Oh well.

Now she was lacing the corset even tighter. Once she was finish she announced that she had it closed all the way. It took six inches off of my waist. As she fiddled around behind me I heard a zipper start and felt her zip something up my back. This was followed by the click of a padlock. And I did not even flinch, matter of fact I just smiled! Then I asked about the toe boots. Of course she replied lets get these pony boots off. Which toe boots would you like to try on?

I asked for the tallest pair. Leaving the platform she helped me sit down, the corset really made it hard to do on my own. With loving attention she removed the pony boots and set them aside. Then she pulled out the tallest ballet boots I had ever seen. I just could not wait to try them on. A few minutes later they were on my feet and all the way up my legs. The garters disappearing into the top of the boots. Around the top of each boot was a strap that once fastened covered the zipper completely and was locked on.

Mmmmm Boots stay on until the lock is opened, I like that. So with a little help I was soon back in front of the mirrors. Wow! And I thought I loved the pony boots. I really loved these ballet boots, and the strange thing is that again they seem to be made for my feet and legs and it is easy standing enpointe. Matter of fact with the way these feel I feel like I could were them all day and they would still feel comfortable.

Once again my revere was interrupted by that gentle touch and sweet voice asking me if I wanted them. Well duh! And if all the others fit the same I would take them all. She assured me they would all fit the same and if I was interested there was more I could try on, but only if I really was interested. Well by this time I was completely under her spell so of course I would try on pretty much anything she brought out.

The next item to come out was a full chastity system. That is all I could call it. But this was no regular chastity system at all. Attached to the inside of the belt were two very very large dildos and where my clit would be there appeared to be a clamp. The bra portion was also unique as it was designed to be used with the corset I now wore. Between the corset and the bra the base of my breasts would be compressed swelling them once on. Where my nipples would go the bra had a bulge inside the bulge there were again what looked like clamps. Wow, just wow.

So on the chastity system went and I was right they were clamps. They latched onto my nipples and my clit firmly. And talk about full, I have never been so completely fill in my life. And it felt so absolutely wonderful I almost swooned right then and there. I guess this is not coming off until I learn how to undo the clamps. In the mean time I was totally enjoying the feelings running through my body and getting horny as all get out!

“There is more”, the whisper in my ear informed me. Breathlessly, “I want it all” was my reply.

“Then all it shall be”, she said.

From that moment on I could not move or resist. Polished steel ankle cuffs with a twelve-inch connecting chain complete with a bell in the middle were locked onto my ankles. Next she pulled out a hobble skirt. It was not to tight at the ankles, but the chain between my ankles took care of my ability to walk before I reached the hemline. Ever try doing that in a full-length hobble skirt that appears to have been designed perfectly so as to allow you to just barely be able to go up and down steps, let alone chained ankles underneath it? Next she showed me this gorgeous sweater with and enormous turtle/cowl neck, of course I wanted it. But before I could wear it there were a few other things to do.

Next on was a gag. This again was not like any gag I had ever worn before. I was very difficult to get in my mouth. I mean it was utterly huge! Once she had it in, and I helped a lot, she buckled it as tight as she could behind my head and locked it. Then on the front of the gag she inserted a key and started turning. I thought the gag was huge before, well now it was expanding even more and gripping my teeth. And all I could do was smile, well smile with my eyes that is.

This was followed with a Gwen style hood. With my hair already in a ponytail and she put it through the opening for my hair then pulled the hood on my head and zipped it closed. Darned if this did not feel as though it was made just for me, it fit perfectly. But I was puzzled because she did not lock it, everything else was locked why not this I wondered. I found out soon enough.

She brought a neck corset out that would go over the bridge of my nose with a strap of leather. It covered my ears and stretched my neck. It had to be at least 5 inches tall from jaw line to collar bone. She laced me in, zipped it closed, then buckled straps over that all of which including the zipper were locked. I could not move my head at all nor could I make a sound. Oh I forgot to mention the ear buds she put in my ears before putting the neck corset on me. I could not hear anything, and I mean anything, dead silence.

Finally she brought me the sweater. I love sweaters like this one. I love how heavy they are, how soft they are, how cozy they are. The combination of corset, toe boots, hobble skirt, and sweater is my absolute favorite. I have always fantasized about an outfit just like the one I was now wearing. And the bondage, well being a self-bondage fanatic or maybe nymphomaniac, was putting me over the top. It was so hard to contain myself, I was so horny I just want to jump that sales ladies bones and I think she knew it.

As I stood there in front of the mirrors melting at my reflection she gently pulled my arms behind my back and slid the arm binder up my arms and then across my chest. It is a bolero style arm binder. Pushing the neck of the sweater up over my head to get it out of the way she fastened the front. Then going behind my back she laced my arms until my shoulders were pulled back incredibly tight and my arms were crushed together all they up just past my elbows. I am very flexible. After which she zipped up a zipper that covered the laces that locked at the top then buckled and locked numerous straps. Talk about overkill! But I loved it, all of it. It is almost as if all of this was made for me.

Somehow I do not think I will ever escape. But do I want to?

Then I feel through the layers of sweater, neck corset, and hood collar another collar being fastened about my neck. I cannot see it so I have no idea what it is. She then leaves me like this for a few minutes. Upon her return the collar is rolled back down and she turns me around leading me to the cage that is now waiting for me. It is hanging from the ceiling so the bottom is at the same level as the raised platform and is tall enough for me to walk into. But it is no wider than my hips and no deeper from front to back than is needed for me to fit. How can this be?

Everything she has done is everything I have ever dreamt of. Even combining a variety of my dreams into this one moment. How! And everything fits perfectly. This is not possible. Oh God what is going on? But it feels so wonderful and I am so damn horny!

The cage closes and as expected is locked. I can see hear talking but can hear nothing. But when she stops talking she gives me this lopsided grin and then the dildos front and back start to move and vibrate. Turning off the light she closes the door and locks it leaving me in my greatest fantasies all rolled up into one. What is going to happen to me? Will I ever be set free? Do I even care or want to be set free. My eyes roll back into my head and eyelids close.

As I hang there in my cage, in a state of semi consciousness utterly helplessly bound and gagged in, at least in my opinion, a totally gorgeous outfit my mind begins to wander with my ever growing horniness that quite simply cannot be satiated or lesson. It just keeps growing; I have never been this horny, or this desperate, in my life.

My mind can no longer cope and I drift away into a fantasy or is it a dream or is it real. I can no longer tell. I see myself in the mirror in a drop dead gorgeous outfit and utterly completely helpless. My focus shifts to my nose, it does not itch, quite to the contrary it tingles, not the outside but inside my nose tingles. It feels odd like something is happening to it but I do not notice anything, at first. Slowly sprouting from each of my nostrils thick curving pieces of what looks like metal appear. They continue growing into a half circle then eventually the ends meet in a full circle just below my lower lip. It is large and thick and appears seamless but it is not done. And bell forms on the end of the ring. It is not small nor is it large but just the right size to fit between the bottom of the nose ring the bottom of my chin.

Well that is if you could see my chin and it was not stretched out to its limit by the gag I now wear. I can see none of this as the cowl neck of the sweater rises all the way up to just below my eyes. But somehow I know it is there. I try to shake my head to hear it ring but there is no give at all in bondage. I now have the nose ring of my darkest fantasies. And I continue to drift in those fantasies.

Now my breasts ache, they are so swollen and from my being so horny and my nipples feel like mountains in the chastity bra. Oh no this cannot be happening. In my fantasies my nipples are extremely large and the nipples are being pierced. No my nipples are not pierced let alone any other part of my body, it has always been my fantasy. In my mind I can see and feel it happening to my nipples. They are getting bigger and the piercing happens. The chastity bra is changing its shape as the changes occur to my nipples. Now my nipples protrude through a hole in the cup of the bra into their own form-fitting nipple cup. The clamps well they made their way into the nipple cups. A ring runs through the cup the clamp and the piercing and out the other side of the clamp and then the nipple cup. The rings are seamless in my fantasies with a bell attached to each one. Unless I can remove the ring the bra stays on.

But that is not all that has happened to my breasts. They have grown in size. They look absolutely enormous. Well if I could see them. But in my fantasies my breasts are absolutely enormous just like the sales ladies breasts. So just like sales lady my breasts are just way way way too big for such a slender body.

Why oh why is this happening. Why is it my darkest fantasies about my love of bondage that are being played out? I know what is coming next and it happens. I now have a large clit ring that protrudes from a slot in my chastity belt and on the end is a bell. The ring goes through the internal clamp on my clit and through my clit. This bell is not covered by anything and as I move around in the cage it rings. Unless I can get it off the chastity belt can never be removed.

Now I know that my ears have not escaped. I can feel the large hoop earrings on my ears. And like all the other rings I can feel the bells. Of course there is no way they can ring as they are under the hood and neck corset. And it just keeps going digging around in my mind for those deep dark fantasies. And I feel the ring in the tip of my tongue with two bars one on each side. But what is worse, what is worse is I can see them in my fantasy. They are locked to the gag. Finally in my fantasy a tube slides down my throat as it reaches my stomach a small ball inflates so it cannot come out. The other end is accessible through the gag/helmet/neck corset.

As I stand there in my cage looking at my reflection in the mirrors all I can think is how much I want this and how wonderful it feels. I know my life will never be the same and I wait for the last item from my fantasies. I feel the weight on my nose ring growing. As I watch the leash comes up over the top of the cowl of the sweater and drapes down between my breasts and reaches to just about my knees.


It is closing time at the show store and the sales lady locks the door. As she does so; “It is done”, a voice says, “you are freed and another has taken your place. And this one, this one will never leave or even think about leaving. You know what to do.”

“You mean I am finally free?”


“Thank you. It has been so long I do not know what I will do now. Why I ever put that collar on, what is it now, almost 400 years ago still makes me mad. But I have much that I owe to you and will never forget. And damn you I am now a total self-bondage fanatic. I only hope I can actually have a life now but I doubt it. I will go down stairs now and let her out. Then please leave.”

“I will leave, do not worry, but wasn’t the price you paid worth what you have received?”

Demurely “yes”
“yes it was”

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