One Weekend in Charlotte's Life

by The Essex Master

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© Copyright 2011 - The Essex Master - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bdsm; bfold; bond; rope; hogtie; gag; tape; cons; X

As I left the motorway, I rang ahead with my instructions for the coming weekend. It had been a long Friday night, the normal drive is 2 hours, but tonight it had rained so hard that the drive took 3 ¾ hours. I turned off towards the dominating huge castle looming on the skyline in the now clearing night sky. I was waiting at the traffic lights when she answered her phone. Her instructions were going to be easy tonight as I was very tired after a long hard day at work then the long tiring drive in the torrential rain.

“You will be naked on the floor kneeling” I said sharply, “with ropes laid out in front of you, then you will blindfold yourself and wait.”. …............a long pause as the traffic started moving, I then said, “make sure your head is bowed and there is a hot and cold drink ready for Me.” I drove on thinking a good nights sleep will refresh Me and then, she will be in for it for her cheek and brattiness on line to some of My friends.

I put the key in door and open it, the hall door is open, I see her shiver from the coolness in the air that enters with Me, or is it in anticipation of what's to come? I sit down and have a drop of the cold juice that she has made for Me. I remain silent She knows I'm there. What's going through her head, I wonder picking up her local paper I start to read it sipping my black coffee. I roll it up rub it on her head just to tease, my coffee finished I command her to stand. She gets up and staggers a little, I grab a handful of her hair pulling hard on it with my left hand I say, "So you want to act like a brat do you? Well this is what I think of brats!" I slap her face hard with my right hand to her left cheek coming back on the back hand make a good contact on her right cheek as she pulls my grip on her hair remains making my pull even harder.

She opened her mouth and said, “I wasn't cheeky, just saying it as it was...”

“Really” I interrupt,” knickers off” I say sternly. I roll them up, she has worn them all day and stuff them in her mouth. These aren’t skimpy knickers, they are quite large, so they fit her mouth snuggly. I quickly grab the roll of parcel tape off the desk and wrap it tightly round her mouth and head not worrying about her long purple tinted hair getting stuck in it.

“There is no way you can spit that gag out you bad girl is there?”

Taking one of the shorter lengths of rope I quickly bound her wrists behind her back, making sure that the loops were cinched tightly, but not stopping the blood flow. Removing the blindfold and regaining the grip on her hair, I pulled her head back and looked into her eyes, I say. “Cheeky and bratty you will learn that I do not accept that from My slut but for now it’s bed time. Go to the bathroom now, while I finish my coffee”. She struggles up the stairs with her wrists bound tightly behind her pushing out her buxom boobs in front of her. I finish my coffee and follow her up the stairs, and use the bathroom myself

I pull the quilt off the bed, grab the hood she so hates, it has no eye holes, padded ears, no mouth hole just two small nostril holes in the nose. Quickly I zip it up then pull on the laces to make it really tight, pulling the collar quite tightly I snap the padlock shut. Pushing her on the bed I grab another piece of rope quickly binding her ankles tightly like her wrists. Spinning her round on the bed so that her head faced the headboard I pull her into a hogtie. That done I get the next piece of rope, I attach it to the hogtie then to the headboard, the same to the foot board this prevents her moving from her placement. I get onto the bed cover myself with the quilt, as I listen to her gurgling through her knickers.

I awake at just before 8am, late for me I might add, get up and use the bathroom. Ignoring her frantic gurglings, I go down to the kitchen, make a coffee and some toast while I ponder on her fate today. A very masochistic day ahead for her, and a very pleasurable day for Me I might add. I go into the lounge and put the telly on to watch the news, its all about the flooding caused by the rainfall of the day and night before. I think water and smile, someone not too far from here must be struggling to hold on to her’s by now I am thinking. I take my time drinking my coffee and eating my toast while watching the news. I then go and make another coffee, nice hot and awakening, I need to be awake for today as I am going to be very busy sorting out my slut lotte.

I go upstairs slowly with a bottle of tepid water, putting that to one side I unlock the hood, her hair is wet and sticky from her sweating during the night. Pulling her head to look towards Me I say, ”for all your struggling you got nowhere. Did you like My new non-stretch rope that attached you to bed?” chuckling as said it. “Unexpected” I repeat twice to her.

I roughly start undoing the tape holding her gag in, her drool has even got past the tape, hair gets yanked out as I unwind the tape, then she spits out the knickers and says to Me, “I hate you but love you too”. I pour the water down her throat through her open mouth she coughs and splutters as it goes down. She has been in this hogtie now for well over 8 hours, her limbs must be really aching, I think to Myself. It’s her turn to be abused this weekend and boy is she going to be. I sort things out of our toy box and get some floggers out of the cupboard where they hang. The crop I get from the dressing table drawer. The things that are still in my little white van parked outside are new things which she knows nothing about.

I go and release the ropes from the bed and hogtie, spinning her round so her head is my side of the bed. I again pull her head sharply up by her hair, looking into her piercing blue eyes, I say, “I hope you are ready for the next 36 hours as you will get more of what you want and harder than you want. I will love seeing your face as you suffer, and wait for your safe word.” (Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch) ”you can say it can't you?” I ask.

Lotte looks at Me and just smiles, knowing full well that she can't say it, she resigns herself that her safe word is as good as gone. I just say to her, “Do you want Me to leave now, a straight forward yes or no is all I want to hear?”

A very short pause and she replies, “No Master,” I smile and push back in her knickers that are still dripping drool and re tape them in but this time tighter as they will be in her mouth for at least 36 hours.

I look into her eyes and say, “Do I really want to see your pleading eyes?” She shakes her head, ”no, wrong,” I say, “I really want to see your bulging eyes pleading for mercy as you wont be able beg for it or say the safe word you can't say” as I smile. “You can hop to the bathroom while I get you some nourishment”.

Down stairs in the kitchen I mix her up some Complan put it into a baby bottle, and return up stairs. She is sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Have you been to the bathroom?” I ask, yes she nods. I get the scapel out of the toy box, and carefully cut a hole in the tape a round hole, I withdraw her knickers and replace them with the teat of the bottle. She sucks but while she sucks I tweak her nipples, and apply clover clamps to them. These are connected by a heavier chain than is normal, in fact a good six times heavier, plus the chain has strange looking clips hanging off every other link. She finishes her nourishment so her mouth gets filled with her inflatable penis gag, I wiggle it in through the tape, her eyes get wider as I start pumping the bulb, maybe because in the past she has struggled with two pumps. I have this time given it five pumps.

In a way I feel sorry for what she is to endure this weekend, but revenge for her tricks last weekend will be sweet, as I still have swollen nipples from the Mistress she let loose on Me, well I couldn't see but that's what lotte told Me.

You see I like to play, as I put it so, I guess I'm a switch but I digress. Back to the penis gag. I pull the strap very tightly behind her head doing up the buckle with a struggle, I leave her like that for five minutes then get two more notches on the strap holding the gag in. Now that it is tight and secure there will be no pushing it anywhere to get jaw relief.


to be continued...