One Night

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; rope; straps; gag; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

Dear Mary,

As promised, here is a complete report on my first serious night with Robert. I hope you enjoy reading it, though I know you won’t enjoy half as much as I did, experiencing it.

We met at Shay’s. You know, that fancy restaurant downtown, with the dim lights. Remember how we used to joke about the place, saying they should be able to pay for decent lights, with the prices they charge? Well, the lights were just as dim, and the prices just as high, as ever.

Robert looked incredibly handsome in his suit and tie. He was every inch the dapper gentleman. I was wearing that black strapless dress, the one that barely covers my nipples, looks like it could fall down at any time. No bra, of course. And, believe it or not, no panties! I couldn’t wear any. Oh, I put a pair on, but looking forward to the date had them drenched before I made it to my own door. So, off they came! And there I was au natural under my dress. Well, except for the sheer black stockings and garter belt, of course.

I would like to say that dinner was delicious, but I honestly have no idea. Robert ordered for me, and I think I ate it all, but I don’t even remember what any of it tasted like. To be honest, that whole part of the evening is a bit blurry, so let’s get to the good part, shall we?

After dinner, we went back to his place. Mary, you wouldn’t believe the size of that old house. I know it looks big from the outside, but inside, it’s huge! All big rooms and high ceilings. I swear, you could hold a circus in his living room, and the guy on the trapeze wouldn’t even have to duck. It was that big, or, at least, it seemed that way.

Once we were inside, Robert faced me and took both my hands. “Are you ready for this?” When he asked me that, my mouth went so dry, I couldn’t even speak. So I just nodded. Robert smiled, let go of my hands, then just walked around me, looking. He made about three laps, then stopped behind me and touched my back.

Mary, that damn dress just dropped. I swear. All he did was touch me, and suddenly there was a pile of black cloth at my feet. And there I stood in just garter belt and stockings. I am never wearing that dress again. Unless it’s for him.

Robert started doing laps again, only this time, it was different. Every so often, he would stop and touch me. Nothing major, really. A light touch to my arm, my hip, my back. Then the touches started moving toward the places I wanted him to touch, but he never quite made it. It seemed like ages before he finally touched my ass, let alone anything else important.

I know it sounds crazy, but those touches were driving me insane. There was nothing sexual about them, and maybe that was the problem. I wanted him to touch me sexually. Hell, I needed it. But he wouldn’t. He just kept touching me other places, until I wanted to just tackle him and rip his clothes off. I couldn’t believe how horny I was getting from such simple touches.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, he took my hand and led me upstairs. Good thing he did, too. Another couple minutes of that, and he would have been carrying me! I was that bad. My knees felt like they were going to buckle at any time, I was breathing like I’d just run a race, and I could feel the wetness starting to trickle down my thighs. I wasn’t aroused. I wasn’t turned on. I was horny as hell! And, apart from a couple light taps to my ass, he hadn’t even touched me sexually yet.

In the bedroom, Robert had one of those big, old fashioned brass beds. He led me over to it, but stopped me when I went to climb on.

“We have to prepare you first,” he said. When he said that, I felt something go through my whole body. I’m not sure what it was, but it felt scary and wonderful at the same time.

To prepare me, Robert started by having me raise my hands. Then he grabbed a long rope from a table beside the bed. There were other ropes there, and a couple things I wasn’t sure I recognized. Robert put the ends of the rope together, then followed back until he got to the other end. He put the loop in the middle of my back, then wrapped the rope around my chest, with one strand above and one below my breasts. Then he fed it back the other way. I guess he pulled the ends through the loop. He wrapped my chest three times, each time with one strand above my breasts, one below. Then he moved behind me, and I guess he tied a knot in the rope, because he tossed one end over each shoulder, and the rest stayed in place. It was very snug, even tight, but it didn’t feel bad.

Robert moved in front of me and grabbed the rope ends. He fed one behind the part between my breasts, and the other in front, wrapping them around that part of the rope. Then he pulled the rope tight, pulling the strands above and below my breasts together, pinching my breasts in between.

Mary, you would not believe how that felt! It didn’t hurt, but I swear, I have never in my life been more aware of my breasts than I was at that moment. Robert tied off the wraps, then stepped back to look at me. He smiled, then pinched my left nipple. Lightly. And my knees turned to jell-o. It was all I could do to stay on my feet. And just from a little pinch!

Next, Robert took up another rope and moved behind me again. He pulled my wrists together and wrapped them, then cinched the wraps tight. The rope then went up to my elbows. I guess he tied another knot there, because when he started wrapping my arms, the wraps went straight across. Not angled, you know, like if the two ropes had been separate. Anyway, he wrapped my arms, and he pulled them until my elbows touched each other. I didn’t even know I could do that!

Once he tied that part off, Robert pulled the covers back on the bed. Over the mattress, there was some kind of thick foam pad, with a depression in the middle. When he saw me staring at it, he smiled.

“I was hoping you’d come home with me tonight,” he said. As if there’d been any chance of me refusing! “So I made preparations. I hope you enjoy them.”

Mary, he must have measured me somehow, because, when he put me on that bed, my arms went into that depression like it was made for them. The rest of the foam supported my weight, so I was laying on my bound arms, but not really. I mean, my weight wasn’t pressing down onto them. It felt kind of nice, actually.

Once he had me horizontal, Robert used leather straps to fasten my legs together. One at the ankles, one at the knees, and one right below the tops of my thighs. I had no idea how he planned to fuck me with those straps there. And by then, believe me, being fucked was number one on my list of things to do!

After the straps were on, he picked up one of the items I hadn’t been sure about. It was a leather strap with buckles, and in the center was what looked like the end of a cock. It was a gag, and he put that rubber cock into my mouth, then buckled the strap so I couldn’t push it out.

Mary, had you ever sucked a rubber cock? Well, forget I said that. I’ve seen your dildo collection. But have you ever had to suck on it, because you couldn’t get it out of your mouth? It felt strange, even a bit scary, especially when I realized I couldn’t say anything and make it understandable any more. Then I saw him watching me, and, somehow, I knew there was nothing to worry about. He would never let anything bad happen to me, and I relaxed almost immediately.

Now the real fun began. Remember, I was already horny as hell before the first rope went on. By the time the gag went in, I would have killed for an orgasm. Just one.

Robert started by touching me. All over. My legs, my stomach, shoulders, my cheeks above the gag. Everywhere but where I wanted to be touched. And, believe it or not, those touches were getting me even hornier than before. By the time he finally touched my breast, I wouldn’t have killed for an orgasm. I would have died for one.

Once he touched my breast for the first time, Robert began to focus on them. First with light strokes. Then, with one finger of each hand, he started drawing slow circles around both breasts, slowly working his way toward my nipples. When he finally got there, they were so hard, it felt like they were about to burst. He stroked them both, then gave them a little flip with his fingers, and I swear my eyes crossed. I couldn’t believe he had me in this condition. And he hadn’t even touched me below the waist yet!

Well, finally, he did get around to the area that needed attention the most. He slipped one hand between my thighs. It was a tight fit, with the strap there, but he managed it. He ran his fingers across my pussy, stroking, fondling, but never quite penetrating. By then, the rope and leather was the only thing keeping me still, and even that wasn’t doing the whole job. My whole body was writhing, and I was moaning so loud, I was afraid the neighbors would hear me.

I don’t know how long he played with me like that, going from my pussy to my breasts and back. But somewhere in there, I noticed something. The lights were on, but the room seemed to be getting darker. Like my eyes weren’t working right any more. And, Mary, it scared me. Bad.

Robert must have seen me stiffen or something, because he leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Don’t be afraid. There’s nothing wrong. Just relax and let it take you.” Well, like I said before, I somehow knew he wouldn’t let anything bad happen. So I tried to do as he said, and just relax, while he went back to playing my body.

Soon, everything was black. I lay there with my eyes wide open, but I couldn’t see a thing. Then I noticed strange little flashes of light. Some of them were quick, some lasted longer. Eventually, I realized that, every time Robert touched me, I saw a flash. And the flash stayed lit for as long as the touch lasted.

Slowly, the touches and the flashes merged, until they were like the same thing. Either his touches were lighting the darkness, or the flashes were sending waves of pleasure through me. Or maybe the flashes were the waves of pleasure. I don’t know, and by then, I didn’t care. I just didn’t want it to stop.

Somehow, the sensations had changed. Before, it had been simple. I needed fucked! Period! Now, as the pleasure flashes grew and merged, the need became, somehow, less urgent, but at the same time, more consuming.

Dimly, I could feel my body writhing under Robert’s magic touch. My moans filled my ears, softly filtered by the darkness around me. Somewhere within me, I could feel something growing.

Vaguely, I could feel Robert removing the straps binding my legs together. My legs sprang instantly apart, opening my body to him, and, at the same time, symbolically opening my soul as well. Because by then, the feelings coursing through me had gone far beyond the physical. Every part of me pulsed with pleasure. Mind and body, heart and soul, I could feel myself opening to him. When he finally entered me, it was less a penetration than a fulfillment.

Before you say anything, Mary, I know I’m not describing this very well. But it was so unlike anything I’d ever experienced, I don’t really have the words for it. I was still horny. Hell, I’ve never been so horny in my whole life. But it was more than that. A lot more. I was feeling things I can’t begin to describe. Mentally, emotionally. The physical part was still there, still strong and intense, but it was like it merged with the other aspects. And all of it grew until it filled me with something I can’t describe. I’m not sure myself exactly what it was. But I do know it was wonderful.

I don’t know how long I floated there. And I was floating. The bed was gone, the world was gone. All that existed was me, and that wonderful presence filling me. I could feel every thrust he made, and I could feel myself responding. Finally, I could feel his thrusts getting faster, stronger. Then I felt a tickle by my ear, and a voice whispered to me.

“Cum for me.”

I exploded. There’s just no other way to put it. Everything that had been building inside me that whole time burst into the most fantastic orgasm ever. I thought it was never going to end, and I don’t think I wanted it to. Mary, did you know your soul can orgasm? Mine did, right along with my body. The pleasure was so intense, it was almost pain. And it just went on and on. I have no idea how many times I came. Finally, though, it began to fade, and I was back in the world.

One of the first things I noticed was that my eyes were closed. I have no idea when that happened. When I opened them, the first thing I saw was Robert’s face, hovering over me. I tried to say something to him, but what came out was muffled, garbled. It took me a minute to remember the gag Robert must have realized that I had something to say, because he lowered himself down beside me, then gently removed the gag. Once it was out, it took a moment or two to actually get my voice back, and then I said the only thing that came to mind.


Robert just smiled, then he rolled me over and started untying me. Which was nice, since my body had already started reminding me that I’d been tied for a while now. No real pain, but my shoulders were starting to feel the strain from having my arms drawn so far behind me for so long.

Once I was free, Robert dropped onto his back. I rolled over against him, and his arms went around me. My head went onto his shoulder, and we just lay there for a while before Robert spoke again.

“Well,” he said softly, “I take it you enjoyed that?”

I couldn’t resist. “Absolutely not,” I replied, hoping he couldn’t see the grin. “I hate cumming like there’s no tomorrow.”

“In that case,” I heard, “I suppose you won’t want to do it again.” Mary, I swear, I would have smacked him right then and there, but I just didn’t have the strength.

“What happened to me?” I asked instead. “I’ve never felt like that before, not even during the best sex.”

“That,” I was told, “is because you’ve never given yourself completely to your lover. This time, you did.”

I thought about that, and he was right. Some part of me, maybe all of me, was now his. Somehow, somewhere during that time in the dark, something changed, and now I belonged to him. At first, the thought scared me, but then I felt his arms around me, and I knew I couldn’t be in a safer place.

Well, to make a long story short, that night changed my whole life. I know where I belong now, and I’ve never been happier. I’ll be moving in with Robert soon. No plans yet for marriage, but we both know it will happen eventually. For now, what we already have is deeper and stronger than anything any piece of paper can create. And for now, that’s all either of us wants or needs.

And that dark place? I’m still not sure exactly what it is. What I do know is that it’s warm, wonderful, and I can’t wait to get back there. There are a lot of things about that place, and about myself, that I need to explore. And I intend to.

Starting tonight.