Locked in a One Bar Prison

by Techie and Techster

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© Copyright 2020 - Techie and Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; fpov; bond; insert; display; hum; naked; stuck; cons; X

Over the years Techster and I have played some adventurous XXX rated adult games. Usually I was the one in control and Techster was my submissive; but this time I would be the submissive locked up in an inescapable device that would leave me naked, helpless and on display.

It all started when Techster got a call from Domina Bonita asking him if he had ever made a female restraint device called a “one bar prison”. He replied that he had not so Domina Bonita sent him a video of a woman who was locked in one.

Techster told me “Bonita has given me an order or something called a ‘one bar prison’ so I will be out in my workshop making one, when I have finished will you help me by testing the prototype?”

Of course I answered , “Of course, sounds like fun testing something new!” About two hours later Techster emerged from his workshop carrying two 3 foot square plates of half inch thick stainless steel with a tube with a round ball at the upper end that was sticking up from the middle of it.

“Hey, Techie, it’s testing time! Please strip and put on your tall high heels.”

He set the plate up in the foyer by out front door and told me to stand with my legs spread over the tube. I felt exposed and almost scared as I stood over the tube.

Techster put sex lube on the ball end and raised it up into my vagina. When I could feel it touch my cervix I said, ”stop, That’s as high as it should go!” 

Then he put a long pin through the tube locking it into me. “Now this is a female restraint device that is called a 'One Bar Prison' see if you can escape!” I was totally helpless; I could not raise myself off of the end of the tube that was locked up inside of me.

Techster brought out his cell phone and took a video of me wiggling and trying to escape. He sent the video to Domina Bonita and several of our friends. I pleaded, “Please let me off this, you’ve proved the point. It is truly a one bar prison!”

Just then the doorbell rang, Techster opened the door and Domina Bonita and her husband entered. Domina asked me to turn around for her to see. It was humiliating as I stood there naked on display and captive.

Techster told Domina, ”I made a second unit in case you’d like to help with the beta test.”

Domina said,”Hell yes I bet I can escape from this!” The devices were set just far enough apart so that Bonita and I could touch each other’s hands. Domina Bonita already had on six inch high heels shoes so she stripped, and stood over the second one bar prison. 

Techster lubed the bar end of the inner rod that slid in the tube and raised it up into Domina Bonita's vagina. “Tell me when it is fully up in your pussy.”

After it went up a ways, Domina said, “Stop, it’s there.” Techster put the locking pin through and locked it in place.

I and Domina Bonita turned and wiggled and desperation tried to raise their legs but there was no escape. Domina’s husband and Techster sat on the sofa enjoying a cool drink and watched us struggle.

Finally after an hour we both gave up struggling. I asked, ”Just what do we have to do to be turned loose?’

Techster replied as he passed Bonita a spanking paddle,”Your task is to give each other 20 swats with the paddle.”

I turned with my back towards Bonita and she laid 20 very hard swats across my butt, then she passed me the paddle and I did her. 

We stood there for about thirty minutes with our asses stinging as Techster and Domina’s husband enjoyed watching us rub our sore butts and whimper. Finally Techster told us,”Well that is payback for the balls spanking while we were on all fours in the humblers!” He pulled the pins which let the inner tube and dildo drop out of our vaginas, and released us. 

Techster smiled and said, “That is payback for the torture you gave us when we were in the humblers, which was a bitch. Now I know everyone enjoyed the beta test of the one bar prison which are absolutely escape proof!”

Domina bought both of them and we all dressed and went out to a fine steak luncheon which she and I ate from a standing position at the bar because of our tender asses! 


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