On the Road Again

by The White Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - The White Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; consensual

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 On The Road Again - Chapter 2
 by The White Knight
(This is a fictional story based upon a similar encounter that did not in anyway turn out like this fantasy.)

“You may talk freely now slave Katherine”, I said.  “I would very much like to hear from your own lips what you are feeling and thinking, as you kneel helplessly bound before me.”

“Thank you, master”, she replied.  “I don’t feel as frightened as I thought that I would.  The ropes that you have binding me are tight, but not painful.  I am stretched a little akwardly, with my legs spread and my arms bound to opposite sides of the chair, but these flats let me use my feet to give me balance.”  The toes of each foot were pointed away from the chair, giving her the side of each foot for leverage.  “Like you said master, I am helpless.  I been thinking about it and I really don’t think, short of screaming for help, that there is anyway that I could get out of this position without your help.”  She squirmed a little.  I watched as each arm and leg tested its respective bonds.  “Truthfully, master, I find it sort of exciting to be bound this way.  In fact when you were finishing tying off my wrists, I had this hot flash course through me and I could feel myself getting wet down between my legs.  It was a warm, yummy feeling.  But, ... what I have mostly been thinking about is that bulge in the front of your pants and what you intend to do with it.  Please master, I am hot for you.  Come use you slave and fill your desires.”  She said the last sentences in a breathless and saucy manner, which made my blood, boil with excitement.

I knelt down before her and began to fondle her breasts.  The soft satin fabric of her bustier melded beautifully with her firm luscious mounds as my hands kneaded them.  I found each of her nipples, which had quickly popped up into existence, through the thin material.  I rolled each separately between my thumbs and forefingers.  Kathy’s eyes had closed and her head had arched backwards. She was moaning softly as she tried to push her body forward, closer to my pleasurable manipulations.  I began kissing the inside of her neck, which she had graciously offered.  I worked my way upward, to nibble upon her ears.  The lady / slave gave a gasp of pleasure at this attention to her ears, so I marked them down in my memory as somewhere to return to.  Right now, I headed for her lips.  For the first time, I touched those warm red lips with mine.  It was as if an electrical current had been joined and did not want to let go.  Our heads and bodies coursed from left to right, her tongue and mine wrapping around one another and then retreating.  I kissed all around her mouth, sometimes playing with just one lip or another.  While I did this I watched her reactions.  Her whole body leaned towards me, trying to complete the teasing kisses I was giving her.  The slave’s hands had gripped the rope binding her wrists and were pulling against them futility.  All this time I had continued to play with her nipples.  With her at the height of this level of excitement, I squeezed down on both nipples, pinching them and quickly letting loose.  Kathy’s eyes popped open and her body shivered from stem to stern.  “Ohhhhhhhhh”, she moaned around my half kisses.  Her eyes closed again, as she once again tested her bonds.  “Ohhh, yes master”, she said huskily.  “Please use me like that.”  One more time, I pinched her nipples.  This time I did not let go as quickly.  This time Kathy’s eyes remained closed as she arched her back, pushing her breasts into my hands.  I let go.  “Ohhhhhhhh, yes”, she groaned, with as smile, as she exhaled the breath she had been holding.

I released her breasts and shifted over to her side.  I used both hands to rub her left foot, feeling all of the delicious textures of the soft black leather of her slipper like shoe and the soft satiny feel of her stockings.  The flats molded themselves around her feet as I work my way up to her ankle.  I took my time, massaging and caressing her captive flesh as I worked my way up her leg.  I kneaded the calf muscles, easing any cramps that may have been caused by her predicament.  When I reached her left knee, I shifted to her right leg and repeated the process.  Her eyes remained closed, with a smile on her face, as she moaned softly in happiness. 

Moving back in front of her, I began caressing the inside of her thighs.  My hands traveled upwards from the cords binding her knees too nearly below her lower lips and then downward again.  I ran my fingers lightly over the indented soft flesh and the smooth satin cord, revealing in her bondage.  As I continued this upwards and downwards motion her body pushed downward, obviously trying to get me to touch and caress her love canal.  She bit her lower lip and pushed forward her hips on my every upward trip.  Finally she sighed loudly and said, “Please master, touch me there.  I need you there.”  And then more forcefully with her eyes opened, “I want you in me.”

“Ahhhh, I can see you are ready now, slave”, I smiled.  Standing, I looked into her eyes.  She was so hot that she forgot to look down, but I didn’t feel like correcting her.  She had a much more pleasurable job to perform for me, just now.  I moved closer and rubbed the soft fabric of the crotch of my pants against her cheeks.  She responded immediately, by moving her head in and up and down rubbing motion, kissing my pants around the bulge and then, as seconds turned into minutes, in frustration... nipping at the material! 

Unbuckling my belt and lowering my zipper I let my pants fall down to around my ankles.  Her eyes widened as my raging hard on popped upwards, as I removed my shorts.  “Wow”, she said.  “You want me to suck that off?”  I smiled.  “Do not forget to append ‘master’ to your questions in the future”, I reminded.  “Yes, that is exactly what I expect of you, slave.”  She continued to stare at my hard on, but I had begun to caress the sides of her head below her ears with my fingers and rub my rock hard cock against her cheeks.  Pre-cum juices began to streak hers soft rosy cheeks.  She moaned softly as her excitement level was brought back up to a fever pitch.  “But, your so... thick...master”, she sighed.  “How am I going to take all of that in?”  Yes, that was a good way to describe my sex organ.  Not large, probably no more than six inches, but thick.  I would say it was a tad wider than a silver dollar (not the Susan B. Anthony crap).  “Ohh, I’m sure you will be able to manage slave Kathy”, I replied with a chuckle.

Kathy had already begun to kiss, up and down the sides of my inflamed meat.  A sucking kiss right on the tip and then she worked her way down and around my pole kissing and licking every inch of the way.  My cock throbbed and bobbed of its own accord, like a loose firemen’s hose attached to an active hydrant.  I thought of holding my cock in place, but it was way to much fun to watch the bound beauty darting her head and tongue this way and that to catch up to it.  I continued to massage the area below her ears and behind her neck, she sighed and moaned appreciatively. 

Kathy finally caught up to the head of my penis.  She held it in her open mouth, as her tongue licked around and over the cap.  As her mouth closed on the sides of my cock, I could feel her strong suction power.  This pulled her head forwards and encased a good two inches of my manhood.  She slid backwards and forwards, continuing to take in only the first two inches.  I moved my hands to the back of her head, wrapping my fingers in her short blond hair.  Now it was my turn to moan.  I watched, in rapt attention, as her obscenely spread pink colored lips moved up and down my hardened rod.  The sides of her mouth had closed in upon the sides of my cock, surrounding it while she sucked for all she was worth.  The noises emanating from her efforts excited me to no end. Her labored breathing through her nose.  Oh and those warm, slurppy, sucking sounds.  Sounds of sucking a favorite ice pop... except oh so much more sensual.  I moaned in ecstasy.

The slave had gotten herself into a comfortable rhythm of upward and downward motions.  She thrust her head forwards on the downward plunges.  Her increased efforts had finally achieved perfection as her nose began to bury itself in my pubic hairs.  Looking behind her I noticed that she was tipping the whole chair that she was bound to forward, to meet this goal.  Her bound wrists, pulling the back of the chair forward and lifting her feet off the ground in the process.  I could feel myself on the verge of coming.  My cock began to give little pre-cum jumping jacks in her busy mouth.  Kathy obviously knew what this portended, as she began to back me out of her mouth, with the intention of having me explode outside of that warm orifice.  I watched her as she did this.  Eyes closed, sucking strongly as she pulled backwards.

Until this point I had left her in complete control of her fate.  Now, I held her head tightly in my strong hands and pushed my meat back into her mouth roughly until it hit the back of her throat.  Her eyes popped open in surprise.  I began to push her head forwards and backwards once again.  Just as my jism erupted, I forced her to totally deep throat my entire cock.  With rough pubic hair ground against her nose and lips, she gagged at first, as shot after shot of hot cum hit the back of her throat and was pumped into her stomach.  After the initial shock, which had caused tears to form in the corners of her eyes, she took to the job at hand like a champion.  She sucked and drank down my entire load!  As she finished and my excitement ebbed, I let go of her head.  Kathy backed her mouth off of my manhood.  She looked up at my satisfied features and then back down at my still hard cock.  A drop of white after cum glistened in its one eye.  Leaning forward she gave the head a luscious kiss and licked the goo away.  Again she looked up at me and smiled.

I smiled back, pulled up my pants and sat down on the bed.  I opened the mini-bar and popped open a beer.  I took a sip and then held it to her lips so that she could have a drink also.  “You have been very pleasing, slave Kathy”, I informed the lovely lady.  “I have truly been amazed at your oral prowess.”  Kathy drank the beer thirstily, than looked to me and smiled again.  “That was the most fulfilling head that I have ever given”, she stated.  “I have had plenty of oral sex before, but I’ve never really cared for it.  You know how it is, it’s made out by everyone to be something dirty, so I always felt if I’m doing it I must be ...we’ll dirty.  But doing it like that master....”  She paused.  Her voice had change in timber to one of unbelief or adoration.  “Doing it while I was bound released me from those feelings.  I’m at your mercy and could not stop you from doing whatever you wanted with me, so any guilt I would have had flew from me.  I was doing it because that’s what was expected...no demanded of me!”  Stopping, she looked off into the distance reminiscing.  “Even when you forced me to swallow your cum, at first I was rejected by the thought, but then that release....  that freedom I felt from being bound and helpless, let me accept it, even enjoy it.  It was just amazing, master.”

As she spoke I had been busy, removing the cords from her wrists and knees.  The lady was rubbing the white indentations made by the cords on her wrists as I finished untying her ankles.  “I am very glad you feel that way, my most beautiful slave”, I told her.  “Because, there is more to be experienced, for the both of us, before the night is over.”  Released from her bondage, Kathy sat herself on the chair to which she had been bound and began to smooth out and tighten her powder blue stockings.  She bent over and worked them upward from her ankles to her thighs, sexily correcting them upon her shapely legs.  Next she stood and looking into the nearby mirror, first smoothed and straightened her bustier and then ran her fingers through her hair.  “Master”, she said as she finished.  “I feel ready for anything.”  She flashed me a bright smile.  “What is your next desire, oh exalted master.”

I stood and stepped towards her.  Quickly, I picked Kathy up with one arm under her knees and the other behind her back.  Carrying her the short distance to the bed I laid her gently upon it.  “I think it’s time for a short intermission”, I stated softly as I lay down besides her and began a sensuous kiss.  The kiss lasted a long time as each or our questing hands found and caressed tender spots on the other.  Each time I lightly brushed my fingers over the hair poking out from her split crotch panties, she groaned loudly and pushed her hips upwards.  We rolled from one part of the bed to the other, first me on top and then her.  Either way, whenever my rod and her love mound came into contact we dry humped each other frantically.  As she began to realize that I wasn’t going to help her to the orgasm she now so desperately desired, she moved her own hands down to glistening love canal.

“Ohh, no, no, no slave”, I said as I grabbed both of her petite hands in one of my own.  “You have much to discover before I will let you cum.”  Picking up one of the gold braid cords I wound it around her X crossed wrists, binding them tightly together.  I left a good three to four feet of loose rope hanging from her bound wrists.  Standing, I pulled her upward off the bed using the rope to led / help her. 

Kathy stood there pouting, like a little child.  Her diminutive stature and flat-soled shoes only made the comparison stronger.  “Quit with this long face, slave, you will eventually get what you want”, I informed her.  She looked up at me, this time imploringly, “Pleaaaaase, master”.  I faced her sternly, “No. Not until I want you to.”  Her eyes went to the floor and as she resumed her pouting.

“Hold you hands, up over your head”, I ordered her.  She complied, but a little more slowly than her earlier performance.  Obviously Kathy was trying to show her displeasure at my refusal to let her orgasm.  I took the loose end of the cord from her wrists and passed it through the sprinkler systems protective “O” ring cover.  I yanked on it to make sure it could hold my weight.  Then I pulled on the gold cord until Kathy arms were stretched tightly over her head.  I took the loose end, which now hung from the ceiling, and guided it to her hands.  “Hold this rope, until I am finished securing you ankles.”  She took the rope, as instructed, but seemed a little peeved that I would make her hold herself up in this suspended position.  I moved her high heels next to her, with the toe of my shoe.  “Time to regain your lost height, darling slave”, I smiled.

Kathy removed the soft leather flats and uprighted the first of the high heels.  She placed her stocking covered toes into the shoe almost at the heel and then slid them forward down the steeply arched slope, until her foot was firmly seated in the five inch high heel.  There was something pleasantly erotic about watching a woman arch her foot so steeply so as to be able to wear these extremely high heels.  It was almost like a submission to a man’s will all on it’s own.  As she finished with the second shoe, I knelt down to bind her ankles.  Each ankle was bound separately; one tied to a leg of the bureau and the other to a leg of the bed.  I had spread her legs in the process so her feet were about two and a half feet apart.  Next I took the loose end of her wrist suspension cord from her.  I pulled upon it, hoisting her higher towards the ceiling.  I stopped when I saw her stiletto heels leave the carpet.  Then I tied the rope off above her hands.  Now all of her weight was resting on her wrists and the toes of her highly arched feet.

“Now, my dear slave”, I said.  “It is time to indoctrinate you in the use of nipple clamps.”  I picked up one of her silver earrings and opened the fastener.  With my finger I then pushed it closed.  Metal snapped against metal with a satisfying clink.  “You see dear Kathy, a less astute individual might take this clip and attach it, oh anywhere... like here for instance.”  I pinched the top of one of her milky white mounds with one hand to provide enough flesh for the earring to clip onto, then closed the clasp.  “Ouuuww”, she winced, looking down towards the source of her discomfort.  The silver earring lay atop of her left breast, pinching the tender skin.  Quickly the initial pain subsided and she looked up at me.  “Of course the more knowledge individual places the clip directly on the tip of the nipple....”  I pulled the clip swiftly off of her breast, leaving behind an angry white mark.  Kathy gasped, “Oooooowwwwww, that stings!”.  I pushed the lace push-up cup of her bustier down below her nipples, so the half of her tit was in the cup and half out.  As I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I informed her, “Oh, as a note of interest.  It hurts more when the clip is removed then when it is put on.”  From the look she gave me I could tell that she had already found this truth self-evident.

Once her nipple had sufficiently hardened, I brought the opened earring over towards the tender pink flesh.  The slave watched my hand, mesmerized, as the painful pincher moved ever closer.  At the proper moment I flipped the clasp with my thumb and it closed tightly on the tender tip of her nipple.  “OOOOOWWWWW”, she cried loudly as her eyes closed tightly against the pain.  “Not so loud, slave Kathy”, I told her we don’t want to wake up the neighbors.”  I let the half-moon and silver balls dangle freely.  She was swaying her body from side to side till the pressure lessened or at least she got used to it.  This swaying motion though, made the weights of the silver moon and balls sway also, which in turn twisted her tormented nipple.  Her eyes popped open as she looked down at her chest to find out where this new pain was coming from.  As she centered all of her attention on her left breasts, I moved in quickly, pulled out her right breast, pinched the nipple and then clamped it with the second earring.  “OOOOUUUCCCHHH”, she called out, again too loudly for my taste.

“You realize that you can quit any time you want”, I reminded her, “Don’t you my most beautiful slave girl?”  She looked up at me.  Kathy was trying to hold her body perfectly rigid so that the earrings would not jiggle and torment her further.  To emphasize my words, I gave each of the half moons a push, send them into a rocking motion.  “OOOHHHH, no please master stop”.  I rocked them yet again.  She pulled at her bonds and pleaded again, “Ohhh, please master make the pain stop.”  I looked at her face.  Her eyes were once again closed and her head was arched backwards.  I also noticed that she had not asked for ‘mercy’, which would have signified and end to this game.  For that I decided to reward her.  I bent over and kissed, licked and sucked the area around her cruelly nipped nips.  At the same time I ran my hands up her widely stretched thighs and over her soft love mound.  In fact I took my time around her vagina, pushing the blue lacey crotchless panties to either side, in order to gain clearer access.  “Ohhhh yes, master”, she moaned.  Her body shivered in delight and anticipation, which again caused the earnings to swing.  “OOHHhhh, OOOHHhhh”, she exclaimed.  “Wow, master.  When you rub me like that and with my nipples being twisted and pinched it sends something like an electric shock right down into the heart of my sex!  Wow, I never felt anything like this before”, she finished breathlessly.  I slid two of my fingers gently into her warm interior and began to play with her most tender spot.  “Yes, yes.... OOOOHHHhhhh, yes”, she called out loudly.

I discontinued my caresses and walked over to the bureau.  “You are being much too noisy my dear”, I informed her.  “I think we would both prefer not to have the management knocking on the door.”

Kathy was rolling her hips in circles, trying to continue the stimulation that would finally let her orgasm.  “I am sorry, master”, she said softly.  Her eyes were closed once more as she tried desperately to regain the prior excitement level.  “It’s just that I can’t help myself.”

“I understand, dear slave”, I said smoothly.  “That is why I have prepared this gag”.  Her eyes opened and she looked upon what had become of her scarf.  I had taken her red paisley scarf and placed one of my tightly rolled handkerchiefs in the center.  I next wrapped the scraf around the kerchief, forming a ball like gag of material in its center.  Finally I knotted the scarf at each side of the ball like bulge.  I was not sure if this would be as effective as the ball gags I had seen in magazines, but it looked about the same size.  “Please open wide my dear”, I ordered her, “So that we can rectify the noise level problem.”  Kathy looked at me searchingly, perhaps even with a tinge of worry.  I could see by the one look that she understood that once she accepted this gag, she had absolutely no way to get herself out of this situation.  Up until now, even though it would have been embarrassing, she knew she could always scream for help.  Whatever she saw in my eyes must have satisfied her, for she shrugged her shoulders, and did as requested.  The wad of material was larger than I had thought and I ended up having to use two fingers to push it into her mouth.  I lifted her short blond hair away from her neck and tied the gag tightly in place.  The lovely slaves pink painted lips were spread widely around the red paisley ball type gag in her mouth.  Kathy munched on the wadding a first to try and find a comfortable position, but she soon gave up as the material popped back into shape.  Regardless, the edges of her mouth were stretched backwards by the knots I had put in the material.

I walked behind her and picked up my camera.  As I moved around her clicking pictures, I explained, “New rules slave Kathy.  Obviously you can no longer cry out the key word of mercy to halt the scene in progress, therefore you will hold onto this gold pen of mine.”  I placed the pen in her hand, which she grasped tightly.  “If anything going forward gets too tense for you, drop the pen and I will whatever I am doing.”  The bound and gagged lady nodded her acceptance, and her whole body seemed to relax a little. 

“Now back to the game at hand”, I said as I walked around behind her.  I removed something from my suitcase, but bound as she was she could not see it.  I slipped it under my arm holding it against my body as I placed both hands on her firm bottom.  I caressed those soft milky white cheeks, reveling in their perfect shape.  My hands traveled over the lacey panties that barely covered her glorious posterior and then down between her legs.  Once again she began to push her sex towards my tender caressing hands.  Her hips regained their gyrating motion and her eyes closed as she sucked in the wonderful feelings.  “Uuuuummmmmmm”, she moaned softly through her gag.  The sound she emitted was well muffled, but I felt it was time to really try out her improvised gag.  I stepped back from her, removed the thin bamboo cane from under my arm, and slashed her twice, in quick succession, across her buttocks.  “Aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh”, she screamed.  Of course what came through the gag was only a shadow of the cry she must have tried to make.  Her eyes had popped open, and her whole body had bowed forward.  I could hear the silver bells on her nipples striking each other, so I knew that her butt was not the only thing being tormented.

I looked up to her hand, where she had fumbled with the pen during the initial impact but then brought it back under control.  “Thank you, my dear”, I told her.  “Before we went any further with your training, I had to be sure that your gag was worthy of its name.  I think that we can safely say that it will do what it was intended to do.”  I walked around her bound form, allowing her to look at the latest source of discomfort.  It really was an innocent looking item.  A simple shoe horn attached to an eighteen inch bamboo shaft, in order to allow the person putting on their shoes the luxury of standing when doing so. 

“The way that I understand the slave / master ritual”, I told her, “is that it seems to be very important for the slave to receive an initial whipping from her master.  This seems to be the consummation of the S&M relationship, even more so than the actual intercourse which follows.”  Her pretty ass cheeks now sported angry pink lines, defining my previous assault.  “Your still holding on to my pen”, I pointed out the obvious to her.  “Do you wish to quit?”  Kathy looked at me.  Her beautiful face framed by her light blond hair.  Her body bound into an impersonation of the large letter ‘A’; complete with weighted earnings dangling from the tips of her tormented nipples and the toes of her feet crammed into super high heels which barely touched the floor.  She must realize by now, I thought to myself, that each time I see that see has achieved a level of comfort in her current predicament that I will add a new tormenting variable.  Right up until the time I let her ... Kathy nodded her head negatively.  “Then you wish to proceed”, I asked for total clarification.  The lady waggled the pen in her hand, as if she were waving a flag.

“Very well dear slave”, I responded.  Reaching above her I loosened rope above her head to allow for a bit more slack.  “Please lean your body forwards so that your rear end sticks out as much as possible.”  She did her best to achieve my request, by bending forward at the waist.  The rope holding her arms above her head, despite the additional slack gave her only a tiny bit of working room.  However, her arched body, did, in effect, make her butt stick out.  I walked around her tracing the lines of her body with the tip the bamboo wand.  Her body shivered as she felt the shellacked rod sliding over the tops of her stockings and nudge at her garter belt straps.  I flicked each of her nipple clips lightly making her gasp through her gag.  I traced my way down her well-formed breast and over her firm waist until I reached that aching spot between her legs.  I rubbed the hard shaft through her blond pubic hairs and slid it between her tender lips.  I pulled and pushed the rod forward and backwards, exciting her more and more.  Her body responded instantly, by trying to hump the bamboo cane.  She moaned happily and her eyes once again closed in sexual satisfaction. 

I almost laughed as I thought to myself, that what I could really use now was the ‘Jaws’ theme music.  Like in the movie ‘Jaws’ when things have been quiet for a while, the music would start, getting you ready for the next attack to come.  As the slave moaned again, I quickly reversed my hold on the shoehorn and snapped the shinny metal horn right up between her legs.  Once, twice then three times I slapped her in that most tender of spots.  “YYYEEEEOOOWWW”, she screamed through her gag.  This time I could hear it plainly, but not loudly through her mouth filling scarf gag.  Her body stiffened and her crotch pulled as far away from me as it could.  I slipped around behind her and started raining measured blows against her well-exposed rump.  Her thighs, her cheeks even the inside of her thighs became my target.  The strokes were slow and deliberate.  After her initial shock, at having her vagina stung so unexpectedly, she worked right into the pattern.  With each stroke pushing her hips forward as if of their own accord, she pushed them right back out towards her tormentor and was ready for the next.  Kathy’s constant loud intakes of breath through her nose and muffled moans and cries filled the air. 

I stopped after a couple of dozen strokes.  She again pushed her ass outward to receive more of my “loving” ministrations.  Her firm little buttocks shivered of their own accord, awaiting the next blow.  She was holding that lovely butt of hers outwards with pure guts, because I could see that her body was weakening.  Kathy was hanging heavily against her bound wrists and her breathing was heavy and labored.  Her hand was almost white as it tightly gripped the gold pen, refusing to drop the symbol of her submission.

I dropped the cane on the bed and softly rubbed her violated rear.  While I was back there I took a quick picture, of the pink weals on her rump.  Lastly, I removed her gag and took the pen from her tired fingers.  I went around to her front.  I ran my fingers through her hair straightening it and enjoying the feel of my fingers running through it.  I bought my lips to her and kissed her a long and loving kiss.  Molding my body to hers I continued to kiss and caress her.  My questing hands searched out the nipple clips, pulling them off gently, one at a time.  Kathy winced and sighed each time, but continued our impassioned kiss.  The tip of my fingers gently caressed her very tender nipples.  “Ooooohhhhh, yes master”, she moaned as I moved my lips down to her breasts.  I kissed and licked the area of her prior torment, watching as the deep indentations left by the earrings began to fade.  Continuing my way down her luscious body, I ended kneeling directly in front of her pussy.  I put my hands on her buttocks and pulled her to me.  Her wide spread legs offered me perfect egress.  I kissed and licked my way deep into her clit.  Then when I had found that hard little spot, right at the center, I licked here hidden mound wildly.  “Ooooooohhhhh, yes, yes.  Please master eat me”, she cried out.  Her hips bucked into my mouth; soon I could taste her pre-orgasm fluids.  I stopped eating her and started removing the bonds from her ankles.  “Oh, please master”, she bemoaned her fate.  “Not again, please let me cum.  PLEASE!”

I finished removing the cords from her ankles and stood up.  “I told you that I want to make love to you slave Kathy”, I reminded.  “And I am afraid that I am too tall and you to short for us to be able to commit that act while you are bound.”  As I finished speaking, I also completed uniting her wrists.  I picked her up once more and carried her back to the bed.  Lying her down softly, I ordered, “Rollover onto your hands and knees, I wish to take you from behind”.  She did as instructed, kneeling like a dog and sticking her rear end out for me.  Removing my pants I knelt down behind her on the bed.  First I slipped three of my fingers into her sex and stroked her with a soft piston-like motion.  Once they were well coated with her juices, I began to use them to pry at her tight little ass hole.  At the same time I entered her with my restored hard on.  “Ohhhh, yes”, she moaned delightedly.  “That beautifully thick cock of yours feels so good in me.  Hhhhmmmm, please don’t stop master.”  I kept up a slow, but constant pace of inward and outward strokes with my hardened meat, attempting to keep her on the edge of orgasm for as long as possible.  “Ouch”, she cried softly, as I managed to get all three of my fingers into her ass hole.  Ah, She was ready!

I removed my rock hard rod from her cunt and pushed at the doors to her brown dirt trail.  “Ohhh no, master, you’ll rip me apart!” she cried in fear.  But her actions, once again, belied her words.  Kathy put her face down into the pillow and used both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart to give me better access.  Her efforts had spread the split of her royal blue panties even wider, giving me a beautiful view of her milky white crack and her puckered brown opening.  I held my cock with one hand, leaving about two inches free at the top and then pushed forwards.  At first all my thrust did was push her ass forwards without penetrating.  Then, as if in slow motion, my rod head began to push aside her restraining walls.  “Oooohhhhhh my lord”, she moaned, somewhere in that in between pleasure and pain state.  Once my entire head was encased in her rear entrance, I thrust forward once again, until two thirds of my staff were buried.  “Oooohhhh master”, she moaned, “You really are ripping me apart.  I can feel you rearranging my insides.”  Rather than try to push my entire cock in, I started a rhythmic in and out motion.  The walls of her ass gripped my meat like a vice.  It was really an interesting feeling.  With my pre-cum helping to lubricate the way, her rear opening provided me with an incredibly tight fit and these sexy suction like sounds at every stroke. 

Kathy had removed her hands from her rear end, and moved them to her lower mouth.  She was in the process of bring herself to climax, when I brushed her hands away.  Removing my cock from her ass hole, I plunged it directly into her waiting sex organ.  The lovely slave was back up on her hands and knees instantly, bucking her hips backward to meet my forward strokes.  Wildly she impaled her womanhood on my rod like shaft.  “Ohhhh, Ohhhh, OHHHH, OOOOHHHHH”, she cried in frenzied success as she finally came to orgasm.  She shook her head vigorously and called, “DON’T STOP, MASTER”.  Disregarding her plea, I continued because I was hotter than a lit match and well on my way to cumming.  When I was done then I would quit.  I changed the pitch of my strokes to a shallower depth, knowing that each time my cock head rubbed up against her G-Spot it would drive her crazy.  “Ohhhh, Ohhh, yes, yes.... YES”, she cried as she came again.  Now I resumed my deep plunges.  Her tired body did it’s best to meet my lunges.  I could feel myself a the brink of coming, so I bent forward reaching with my hands for her chest.  My questing fingers found both of her nipples and with each surge of my hips forward I pinched them.  “Oooowww”, she moaned in pain.  Then shortly afterwards, “Ohhh, Ohhhh, OOOHHHHH, YES, YES ,YES!!!!”.  We exploded together in a final wonderful delicious relief.  I continued to rock, backwards and forwards, within her beautiful sex organ, until I finished pumping my cum into her.

Withdrawing from her I lay down besides her.  Kathy rolled over and we both just looked up to the ceiling and breathing heavily.  We lay quietly together for quite a while, trying vainly to regain our spent vigor.  “I never knew that sex could be like that”, she said thoughtfully.  “I’ve had a number of sexual experiences, but nothing even close to what we just achieved.  That is the first time in my life that I have ever had a multiple orgasm and there is simply nothing that can compare to that.”  She looked over at me, and solemnly asked, “You will keep me as your slave, won’t you?”

I was flabbergasted.  “What do you mean, keep you?”, I asked surprised that my addled brain could even get that out.  “I was pleasing, wasn’t I”, she persisted.  “Didn’t I just earn the right to be your slave, you know the initiation and everything?”  My mind was awhirl with the implications of what was saying.  “Kathy, please tell me your not some wacko whose going to stalk me and ruin my life”, I asked softly.  Her face lit up into a smile.  “No of course not, you silly master”, she laughed.  “I just want to continue this relationship... as your slave.”  I looked at her questioningly, “And how do you intend that we do that?  I travel quite a bit, but I doubt that I will be back here for quite some time.  So how do you figure we can make this anything more than this lovely one night tryst?  Kathy laughed again, that infectious laugh of her that made you just feel warm inside.  Right now though I was more than a little scared that I had gotten myself into one of those ‘Fatal Attraction’ type of positions. 

“We talked all about you and your family last night”, she reminded me.  My heart grew frightened at the mention of my family.  “It sounds to me like you have a beautiful family and I would never do anything to hurt them.”  I breathed an internal sigh of relief.  “We did not, however, talk about my job.  I, my dear master, am a customer relation’s supervisor for American Airlines.  I fly all over the world, reviewing our services at different airports, and with only a few exceptions I can plan to be at any major airport whenever I want.  Unscheduled visits to airports are the best way to find out if they are really doing their jobs or not”.  I absorbed all of this new information and started to understand where she was going with this.  “I see”, I told her, “we can meet at different cities, where ever I happen to be sent.”  Thinking a little further, I continued, “But, how are we going to keep in touch.  I don’t want you calling me at home or work and I don’t really want to have any phone bills with your number attached to them, so what can we do about that.”  She smiled and pointed to my laptop computer on the nearby desk.  “We use one of the internet services, like America Online”, she answered.  “I have used them before and as long as you don’t save the messages to your hard drive they can never be found.  We'll keep the messages short, you, with when and where you will be in the next few weeks / months and me to tell you that I will be there or not.  Leave me a hotel name and I will either get a room there or leave a message for you on the voice mail in your room.”  I looked at her amazed.  “How in the world did you come up with such a detailed plan so quickly”, I asked.  “How did you come up with our plans for the evening so quickly”, she responded with a wink.  “Touché”, I said.

“O.K.”, I said. “What else do we need to setup in order to make this work.”  Kathy was quiet for a few moments and then she exclaimed, “We need handles for the online services.  I’ll be ‘SKATHY’ for slave Kathy, but if any one asks me I will just tell them it’s for simply Kathy.”  I thought it through and then added, “That’s great.  My handle will be ‘MMIKE’ for Master Mike.  If my wife asks what the second M is for I’ll tell her that someone else had already used Mike and also Mr. Mike, which was supposedly my second idea, so MMIKE it was.”

“Good now that we have that settled”, she said softly and suggestively, “what about tomorrow night.”  I smiled, yes I wouldn’t be leaving till the day after tomorrow.  I had told her that down in the bar.  “What would you like to know about tomorrow night, slave?”, I asked slyly.  We smiled conspiratorially at each other.  “Well, I was wondering if you would like to expand your little harem?”, she asked with an easy lilt to her voice.

“What”, I asked incredulously.  “It’s just that I have this girl friend Tara”, she began to explain, “who is living down here at the moment.  In fact it’s her house that I am staying while I’m down here.  She was the one who got me to go the hotel bar to help get over... what’s his name.”  The words tumbled out of her mouth.  While she took a breath, I asked, “What does she have to do with anything?”  I was totally lost at the moment.  “You see”, she continued, “she’s my best friend in the world.  We’ve shared just about everything there is to share with each other, if you take my meaning.”  I looked at her thoughtfully.  “I think I get your drift”, I answered.  “But, why don’t you just spell it out for me.”  Kathy looked back up at the ceiling.  “You see neither of us is ready to settle down yet, and great sex, with nice clean guys is all that we were looking for.  We started out by swapping boyfriends with each other, after we had tired of them.  That is to say when I got tired of say Bruce I would tell him about Tara and when she tired of Hank she would tell him about me.  Then there was that one time when we both wanted Gary.  Instead of fighting over him we just shared him together.  That’s when we found out, at Gary’s request, that we could also pleasure each other.  So you see we share everything and I really, really think she would love you and your domination.”  She paused for a minute, looked up at me and asked, “Would it be O.K. if we included Tara in our games tomorrow?”

I didn’t respond immediately, deciding to think through all of the possible downfalls to this new situation.  Kathy walked over to the bureau where her purse was and brought it back over to the bed.  She opened it and took out some pictures.  “Maybe this will help you make up your mind”, she said softly as she handed me a picture of a stunning brunette in a string bikini.  “That is Tara”, she said.  I looked at the picture once more and asked, “And what time will you and you friend be picking me up, slave?”