Office Visit

by Nathan Black

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© Copyright 2010 - Nathan Black - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; susp; bdsm; spank; tease; anal; oral; cons; X

She had never been to my office before, so she had no idea what it would look like. I'd already given her a tour of the rest of the building, but I'd saved my office—the best—for last. By the time we had completed our tour, the rest of the staff had already made their ways home for the weekend.

My office is . . . well, let's just say that rank hath its privileges. I have the biggest office in the building, though it's rather unfinished for an executive office. You can still see some of the pipes above the line where the drop-ceiling will be, and crossing bare metal girders support the roof above. It's a beautiful office for all that, however, with oak bookshelves and desk, soft couches, and gentle lighting.

She was surprisingly excited. "I almost had an office once. All I managed was a little cubicle."

"Well, you can share mine," I replied. "I've got girders to hang your arms from and everything." As her eyes got wide, I slid my arms around her. Kissing her firmly, I backed her up until she was pressed against the wall; I held her there by pressing my body against hers. I raised her arms over her head, and then slowly removed her sweater.

She squirmed. "Oh my!" I pressed against her with more of my weight, and she stopped squirming. I removed a length of twine from the pocket of my pants and tied her arms together--tightly, but not enough to cut off her circulation.

"Hmm . . . something's missing." I walked around the office, leading her by her bound hands. I could hear her breathing getting shorter, her steps getting jerkier; and I could tell the feel of the twine around her wrists and the pull against them was turning her on. I knew very well what I needed, but I wanted her to get used to her ropes. Her breasts rose and fell quickly in her bra.

"Oh, there it is," I said, reaching into an open drawer and pulling out another length of rope. I looked into her eyes as I attached the end to the twine around her wrists, and then I looked up to the metal girders. "Are you okay?" I looked into her eyes again. She swallowed hard, and then she nodded. "Spread your legs for me, would you?" She nodded again, and spread her legs just a little wider than shoulder-length apart.

I smiled at her. And then I tossed the ropes over the girder. "Are you sure you're okay?" I asked her as I tugged slightly on the end of the rope. Her arms rose just slightly, and her eyes got very wide. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she opened her eyes, blushed, and said, "Yes, sir." My cock swelled in my slacks, and my smile grew feral as I pulled on the rope, pulling her arms above her head, stretching her body taut. I tied the loose end of the rope to the back of her bound wrists.

"Stand still," I said, walking behind her. I reached around her from behind and unbuttoned her jeans. Without prompting she pulled her legs back together, and with just a little aid from me the jeans slid over her hips and down to her ankles. Then I smacked her ass hard. As she gasped I took a firm grip on her hair and pulled her head back. "Who told you to move?" I released her hair slowly. "Now . . . spread your legs again." I helped to steady her as she moved one leg and then the other back to their widened position.

I could no longer help myself. I slid my hands all over her body: her legs, ass, back, through her hair, around to the front where I lifted her breasts, teased her nipples, and caressed her neck. I leaned in close to her, and I breathed into her ear, "What are your thoughts on leather belts?"

I slowly unbuckled my belt as she moaned. I pulled it free from the loops around my waist, doubled it over, and slapped it against my hand. It made a satisfying snap! as it smacked my hand. I set it aside briefly as I unclasped her bra and removed it, and then ripped off her panties, watching the silk float gently to the ground as I retrieved the belt. I moved to her side, reached between her legs, and grasped one end of the belt in each hand. I slowly slid it through her nether lips, soaking it with her juices. I slowly pulled the belt free.

Smiling, I rubbed the belt against her cheek and mouth, coating them with her juices. My grin grew vicious as she licked her lips. As her tongue returned to her mouth I quickly doubled the belt over and smacked her ass hard with it. Her gasp came out as a squeak, I smacked her ass again, and the belt snaked around and just barely caught her side. She gasped again.

A third time I swung the belt; this time the leather caught the back of her upper thigh and snaked around to the inside of her thigh. She moaned uncontrollably, and her juices began to run down the inside of her legs. I moved behind her, and this time I took an uppercut swing, just barely catching her pussy lips. It was a more gentle swing, yet it drew a scream from her lips.

I paused. I moved back in front of her, looking in her eyes. They were glazed over, dazed, half-closed in a mix of pain and pleasure. I took her face in my hands, licking at the juices I had left on her cheek, then kissing her lips and caressing her face until I could feel her come back to life again, though she was still panting.

"Ohhhh . . . I want you, I want you," came her breathless plea.

"Does that mean I should keep swinging?" I asked. "Or should I finger the welt I left on the inside of your thigh, and then pinch it just lightly?" I slid my finger over the welt on the inside of her thigh, and then lightly pinched it, making her gasp. "Or maybe I should take one more swing, making sure this time to catch both your pussy lips and your clit?" I raised the belt and moved behind her. "I mean, I don't want you to be unhappy."

"Oh, please . . ."

I swung the belt harder this time, and the belt did, indeed, catch both her pussy lips and her clit. She shrieked, thrashing about so much that I dropped the belt and held her around the waist, lifting her so she wouldn't hurt her arms. She continued to thrash so much that I knew an orgasm was taking her. I continued to hold her until her thrashing stilled. Holding her about the waist with one arm I released her wrists from the twine as quickly as I could. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the couch. I held her close to me, comforting her. As her body stopped shaking, I gradually began to rub her neck and shoulders, soothing her.

She sighed, and then she began to press her reddened ass against the bulge in my slacks.

I laughed. "I was going to let you rest, my dear, but if you're feeling that well . . ." I reached around the front of her, gently fingering her sore clit. And then I slid a finger between her tender pussy lips. She shuddered. I slid a second finger inside her, slowly fucking her. With my other hand I gently squeezed her nipple, twisting and rolling it slightly. She gasped and then moaned. Then she whined as I bit the back of her neck. She again pressed her behind against my cock.

"Please, sir . . ." she whined again.

"'Please' what?"

"I want you."

I licked and then gently bit her ear. "Good."

"You are so mean," she moaned.

I released her nipple, stopped fucking her with my fingers, and then grasped a handful of hair and pulled it hard. "MEAN?!?" I demanded.

She gasped. "No . . . yes . . . no . . ."

"I'll show you mean!" The fingers on my free hand found the welt on her side from my belt and pinched it HARD. Then I rolled her on her stomach and pushed her down face first on the couch. "STAY THERE."

I slowly undressed, taking my time, folding everything neatly. Then I picked up the discarded leather belt. "MEAN, huh?" I slowly raised the belt again. She whimpered and tightened up, bracing for the belt. Instead of swinging, I lowered the belt, rubbing it over her back and legs. As she relaxed, I then pulled the belt back quickly and swung it hard, striking her ass, leaving a red mark and a quickly-rising welt.

"MMPH!" she cried out through the cushion.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her off the couch. She landed on her hands and knees, and I pushed her head down so her ass was raised in the air. "STAY THERE!" I ordered, giving her hair a pull for emphasis.

I mumbled under my breath, "She tells me I'm mean."

Looking afraid, she said, "No, not mean. Really, not mean . . ."

Without preface, I grabbed her hair again and stuck my hard cock in her pussy, fucking her hard, using her hair as leverage, pulling with each thrust.

"Please," she yelled.

I continued to ride her hard, relentlessly, without mercy. "What? You want it from a mean man? Are you that much of a slut?"

"Pleeeeeeeeeease . . . just fuck me! Use me! Cum inside of me . . . please!"

"Why should I? I should just cum inside of you, tie you up, and then leave you . . . if I'm so mean . . ."

She whined, "Pleeeeease?"

"Please tie you up and leave you?"


"You have to tell this mean man what you want, slut."

"Please . . . fuck me . . . stay, fuck me . . . please?"

"I don't know. I think you've been a bad little slut. Have you been a bad little slut?"

"No," she whined, "I'm a good girl!"

"Would a good girl be begging a mean man to fuck her?"

"YES! PLEASE fuck me!"

"I don't think so." I reached for the discarded twine and tied her hands behind her back. "I think I'm going to leave you like this."

She whined wordlessly.

I smirked at her. "If you were a good girl, you would deserve my cock. Do you think you deserve my cock?"


I smacked her ass hard.

She whined, "I am a good girl. I'm a good slut. Please? Please fuck me?"

"You're a good girl?" I snorted. "If you were a good girl, why would you tell a nice man like me that you're mean? I think you're a bad little slut, a dirty little whore who wants it however I want to give it to her."

She sighed, "Yesssss . . ."

"What was that? I want to hear you say what you are."

She whined. "I . . . I'm a dirty little slut . . . PLEASE . . . just fuck me . . . I need you, please!"

Without warning, I grabbed her by the hips, thrusting my cock into her pussy hard, feeling her gushing around me.

And then I pulled out. When she whined at me I replied, "Dirty little sluts get what they deserve, not what they want. And then I thrust myself into her ass.


I fucked her hard and fast, without remorse, without mercy, thrust after thrust. I grabbed her hair again, pulling it for leverage. It was so tight, and I was so aroused, that it didn't take me long. I pushed into her one last time, thrusting hard; and I left it inside her, grunting as I released deep in her ass, pressing her face into the carpet. All the while she whined and groaned. I let myself stay inside her until my cock began to soften on its own.

Breathless, I did not let up. "Did you get what you deserve? Did my dirty little slut get her ass fucked hard?"

She nodded as much as my hand in her hair allowed, whining, gasping.

"Are you sorry for calling me mean? And for lying to me?"

Still gasping for breath, she moaned, "Yessss."

I shoved three fingers into her dripping cunt, thrusting hard. With my other hand I pinched the welt on her ass, drawing yet another gasp from her lips. When she started thrusting against my hand, I removed my fingers from her pussy. Before she could begin to whine, I grabbed her by the hips and turned her on her back, her weight resting on her arms. I pushed her legs back against her thighs with my shoulders to get easy access to her pussy, and then I fucked her with my tongue. I licked at her juices, sucked hard on her cunt, nipping gently at her lips with my teeth.

"Oh . . . please . . ."

"What do you want, you slut?"

"I want . . ." She gasped as I flicked her clit.

"What do you want? Tell me."

"I need to explode."

I slid my tongue back inside her, fucking her with it. I reached up and grabbed at her nipple, pinching it with my fingernails. She shuddered and moaned for me. With the other hand I rubbed at her clit with my moist fingers as I continued to explore with my tongue. I put my lips to her pussy lips and started to buzz and hum, laughing as she whined and squirmed beneath me.

I slid my finger between my tongue and her pussy lips, getting it nice and wet. Then I slid that finger into her ass, slowly fucking her there, too. I pressed in with the finger until I felt it on the other side of the membrane inside her with my tongue, and the I licked hard there.

"Ohhhhhhh . . . pleeeeeeeeeeease . . ."

I could feel her bucking beneath me, so near to climax, yet not having permission to do so. Finally, I relented.

"Cum for me, you dirty little slut! Don't make me fuck you in the ass again!"

And with that she screamed her orgasm, "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" deafening me with its power, soaking my face with her cum. She shuddered and bucked, nearly pushing me away in her vehemence. When she finally calmed, I rolled her on her stomach and untied her hands. As soon as her hands were free she reached for me, pulling weakly at me, trying to pull me into her arms. I obliged her.

"Oh, my good little girl," I crowed. "You were such a good little slut."

Still breathless, she nodded and smiled. Finally she said, "Thank you for giving me what I deserve."

"Anyway," I said, "this completes your tour of my office. It was nice of you to visit. Do come again."