Nylon Bondage

by softtights

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© Copyright 2002 - softtights - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bondage; nylon; pantyhose; reluct; X

Nylon Bondage
by softtights

hi - would be great to see more tights related stories..so here's one to get started with..all the best..softtights

I was returning home from work one evening last autumn and followed my usual route, which once off the motorway wound for five miles through some narrow country lanes. In fact the road was so narrow in places that if you met anything coming the other way the only option was to use one of the few passing places that were there.

I must have done the route hundreds of times and naturally I drove a little too fast for the road, being familiar with every turn. This evening as I was rounding a tree lined bend I met a van coming the other way, also going rather too fast and had no alternative but to crash to a halt in the entrance to a farmers field. The van was already gone before I could muster any abusive comment and so I contented myself with an inspection of my car to see if I had damaged that as well as my pride. Walking round to the front of the car something caught my eye further down in the field. It was getting to be dusk and it was not easy to see, but I could make out almost a human form that seemed to be tied to a large tree that made up part of the hedge lining the road.

My curiosity got the better of me and I walked down the field to investigate, as I got closer I began to realise that something wasn't quite right. It was definitely a man tied to the tree and he seemed to be struggling to free himself, but there seemed to be some sort of fabric wrapped all over him. Knowing that he was in need of help I ran over, and to my disbelief found that he appeared to be covered from head to toe in what I can only say were ladies tights. There seemed to be many layers and from these pair upon pair that were then secured around the tree. Muffled cries came from his mouth, but I couldn't make out what he was saying. Instead I started to try to undo the nylon that was holding him to the tree, this meant going part way into the hedge and out of sight. This was not an easy task, as quickly emerged, and I found that the knots had worked so tight that it was impossible to undo them. Just as I was pondering what to do next I heard his cries suddenly intensify.

But before I could turn round to reassure him something was wrapped around my neck and I was pulled forcibly to the floor. I was so shocked that for a minute I didn't attempt to move. During this time someone had sat on my back and pulled my arms behind me. A soft fabric was wrapped around my wrists and I quickly found that I could not move my arms at all. Shouting seemed to be a good option, but even as I had the thought tights were stuffed in my mouth and another pair of tights was pulled down over my head. Strong arms dragged me back through the field and despite my best efforts to kick myself free I was soon lifted into the back of a van.

I was turned onto my back now and someone sat down hard on my chest so I couldn't move, by now I was blind with terror and having realised that struggling seemed to be no use gave myself up to what ever would happen next. I found that another person was removing my shoes and socks; next my trousers were pulled off and off came my boxer shorts. This was getting really strange but I found that I could only emit muffled screams of protest. Something plastic crackled, it seemed like some sort of wrapping or bag, and then silence. Then my left leg was grabbed and the strangest feeling as what I now know to be a pair of ladies tights was pulled over my foot. The process was repeated with my right foot and then slowly they were pulled up my legs. Now this was a bizarre situation to find myself in, but the softness of their gentle pull on my legs was beginning to arouse me. By the time the panty was pulled over my waist I am ashamed to say I was erect. 

All this time not a word had been said to me and I had given up trying to shout now, so the process went on in silence. Next my arms were freed and my shirt was removed, no chance of escape here with at least two people sat on me. Another pair of ladies tights were pulled down over my head, with part of the panty cut out, and then over my arms, completing my encasement. And then nothing. The van had started moving not long after they had started on me and it trundled on, though I have no idea where. Just the sound of the engine and the weight of the people sat on me.

Then laughter, only a short burst and I felt hands on my legs. They brushed up and down, slowly caressing me and the same feeling returned from before. I let out a little gasp and the hands moved upwards, taking hold gently of me, I was ecstatic. This was the strangest feeling I had ever had, and though I new I must be in danger I gave myself over to it. It didn't take long at all and the release sent shudders through my whole body. Abruptly the hands stopped and I was rolled over as what seemed to be a large stretchy nylon tube was pulled up over my legs, my waist, my head. I couldn't move as it held me tight, and the van came to a sudden a stop.

There was no way I could free myself and I was lifted out of the van, not even trying to struggle, and carried into a house. I heard stairs, and then I was taken in to a room. The tube was taken off me and before I could do anything there was a running of feet and a loud click as the door was locked. A voice, female:
"You better get some sleep now. One thing, try to take off ANY of those tights and you will suffer the consequences. For every pair that you take off, two will go on. If you even ladder a pair, more will go on. Understand?"

I made a muffled noise to indicate yes, and passed out.

It seemed I had been asleep for ages when I woke, I was still on the floor where they had left me and still trapped in my strange attire. They must have been watching me, for as soon as I sat up someone entered the room.

"Good morning, now it is time for your inspection".

She walked round me, and then started tutting, "Oh dear, ladders on the right leg, and a snag on the top. Don't say you weren't warned."

I couldn't answer, with the gag in my mouth.

"Right. We'll soon fix this."

More people must have come into the room, it was hazy looking through the tights over my face and I couldn't be sure how many. A large brown box was brought into the room and emptied before me. It was full to the brim of tights, hundreds of pairs. My heart sank as I knew what must be coming next. First they stripped my laddered tights off me until I was completely naked and then first replaced the ones on my legs with some glossy tan tights, then a similar pair over my head and arms and finally one more over my head. The tights were a little large for me and every move caused them to slide over my skin, causing thousands of tingling sensations all over. Now more tights, this time dark brown and really large; they slipped both my legs into one leg of the tights and pulled it up my legs, binding them together. The tights were so large they went up to my shoulders. Then another pair over my head and down to my waist, trapping my arms. This process was repeated a number of times, until I could hardly see through the tights over my face and almost any form of movement was difficult.

So many hands touching me. More pairs went on, and I started to panic, it was becoming hard to move, layer upon layer gently tightening on me. 

"That's enough,” said another female voice "let's see if that teaches him"

The door closed and I started to struggle again. This was too much. I felt an itch on my back and I just had to get out of them. It took me what seemed like hours to get at the first pair, but once I had started they came off more easily. Within twenty minutes I was sat naked, exhausted on the floor with pair upon pair of tights around me.

"Just let me out of here, please" I shouted and shouted, first angry then pleading.

Finally a voice said from behind the door "You didn't want to do that, if you can't learn your lessons the easy way then it's going to be the very hard way.

"What do you want with me? Just let me go."

"We're always looking for new recruits and you were recruited, so shut up."

The next part was a bit of a blur. The door opened again and this time I was roughly dragged out into the corridor and into the room opposite. A new nylon suit was put on me, this time it was so fine I could hardly feel it. There was another difference; the crotch had been cut out.

As if to answer my question a voice said, "that's for the doll, you're going to wish you'd left those tights on."

The doll turned out to be life size and covered totally in black nylon tights. I was made to lie on the bed in the corner of the room and the doll was placed on top of me. It didn't take them long to make me hard, despite the situation, and my cock was placed into the opening in the doll, which promptly closed tight on me with some hidden mechanism. 

Next they pulled another extra large pair of tights over both mine and the dolls left foot, then the right and pulled them up all the way. Now the doll and I were one. This process was repeated with more pairs, then inevitably pairs of tights over my head and arms and then my arms were wrapped in an embrace around the doll and tied tight. They did the same to the doll and finally pulled several more pairs down over both our heads and shoulders so we were totally one. I could hardly see through the nylon haze. I tried to struggle but there was just the soft press of the tights as the doll moved with me.

"Now were are going to break you, you'll learn your lessons one way or another"

"Ugh." A huge rush of pleasure shot through my body, the dolls opening had suddenly started to throb and vibrate to such a level that I came instantly. I've never experienced anything like it before or since. It took me several minutes to come down.

"That's to get you started. Now you're going to have it on the gentle setting for the next four hours. That should make you cum roughly once every fifteen minutes. If you so much as try to get free I will put another fifty pairs of tights on you both. Understand."

Life stopped. I ebbed back into subtle waves of pleasure as the doll did its work again. This was wrong, but it felt amazing. 

"Aaaah, god" that wasn't fifteen minutes. The next time was great, but then slowly it started to change. After what was only two hours I could hardly move, yet still the doll continued relentlessly, there was no getting free, no stopping it.

"Please" I cried

Nothing but silence and the noise of the doll and my short breaths.

By the end of the four hours I was dry, crying with tiredness and losing touch with my surroundings. 

"That will do for your first session then."

My first session!

The doll stopped and I was slowly freed from my tormentor. The first pairs of tights were left on me and I was returned to the original room, where a bed had now been placed.

"Remember no ladders,” said a new female voice laughingly

I couldn't speak. For days this went on, in between meals, the toilet and the doll I slept. I dreamed of tights, I woke to find ladders. Sometimes they just wrapped me in dozens of pairs and left me for hours to struggle, sometimes coming, sometimes not; other times it was the doll.

By the end of the second week I obediently put on the fresh tights they brought me each day. Tan coloured, sometimes blue, sheer, shiny, opaque. Always covered from head to toe in nylon. Not even missing normal clothes now. The itching had gone and I began to love the way the nylon slid over me. I was occasionally caught pleasuring myself, punishment was just more tights until I couldn't move my arms to finish it.

"First assignment" said a voice one morning "put these one"

She was holding two pairs of shiny opaque blue tights. I slipped into them, being careful not to ladder them.

"Now we're going to take you shopping. If you do this right, you'll get a reward. Do it wrong or try to run away and I've much worse than the doll for you. Understand?"


She was also dressed from head to toe in tights, red in colour. With her another woman, totally covered in tan tights, what seemed to be many layers so I couldn't make out her features. I was taken out of the house, my first fresh air for weeks. There was an overwhelming desire to run, but I held back knowing the consequences.

"We’re going to asda, it's Sunday in case you didn't know. You will go into the store and buy one hundred pairs of tights." She handed me a roll of ten-pound notes. 

"You choose the tights you want to buy. You only buy the tights and then you leave"

"But I can't be seen like this, I'll get locked up or something."

"You'll shut up and do it, or I'll give you reason to fear me"

The drive lasted around 20 minutes and it must have been early as there were few cars on the road. We pulled into the car park and stopped in the far corner from the store. 

"Get on with it"

I ran as fast as I could across the car park and grabbed a trolley. Not having bought tights before it took me a few minutes to find the hosiery section. I was already getting strange looks; thankfully the store was not busy. I heaped as many pairs as I could into the trolley and ran for the checkout. The girl was young, maybe 20, and she just stared at me before breaking out into laughter.

"It's a stag night thing. " I said, improvising quickly.

"No bother. What are you going to do with all these?"

"No idea, I just have to do it"

I ran with the trolley back to the van, but not before a group of old ladies shrieked in surprise.

In the van I was told to empty the tights out and count them, seventy three pairs.

"Not enough. Go back and get the rest."

"For god's sake please," I said "don't make me do it"

"Get it done now, or we'll leave you here"

There was nothing for it, I ran back into the store and counted out the remaining twenty-seven pairs. Back in the van there were howls of laughter from the two women.

"Well done. Now lie down on the back"

The van drove on as the woman layered in many pairs of tights slid over to me and wrapped her legs in mine. Her hand reached down to my groin and very gently began to rub through the nylon. I gave myself over to it, there was no escape. Even in my screams of pleasure I realised that I was now their tights slave. What the future would hold I had no idea, but I couldn't be out of nylon again. 

"Your turn now" she said.