Nothing Can Go Wrong

by Sammy4187

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© Copyright 2009 - Sammy4187 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Robot/f; bond; rope; gag; stuck; cons; X

(also appears Machine Stories)


Sara had just finished reading a report on the new model of robot her company was just about to market. She had been testing the new home helper robot at her place for the last several weeks and everything had gone better than expected in her tests and the testing in the laboratory.

Sara had built her company up to the largest and most respected robotics company in the world. When she introduced household robots into the home, the company tripled in size with the new market.

It was a little early but she decided to leave for the weekend, she would have the next two days off, a rare treat with her hectic schedule.

She reached over and pushed a button on her desk.

“Mary could you tell John to bring the car around, I’m leaving early today.”

By the time she had cleared her desk and gotten her coat, the intercom buzzed.

“John is waiting down stairs for you.”

“Thank you Mary, have a nice weekend!”

Sara started for the elevator and proceeded to the ground floor.

John had the car door open and waiting for her.

“John we’ll be going straight home, I hope we can beat the traffic tonight!”

“I’ll do my best.”

The trip took about forty-five minutes with traffic.

As she looked out the window she just relaxed and watched as the scenery changed from city to green country. Sara had purchased this property for two reasons, one it was very private and the second was the view.

The car passed the gates that surrounded her property and finally stopped in front of the large house. As if by magic the front door opened and Susan the housekeeper was waiting for her.

“John, have a nice weekend.”

“Thank you, I’ll pick you up at 7:30 on the 6th, correct?”

“Yes that will be perfect; if things change I’ll leave you a message”

With that John closed the car door and drove down the driveway.

“Hello Susan, is every thing arranged?”

“Yes, supper is in the oven warming and my cab will be here to take me to the airport any moment”

“I hope you have a nice visit with your daughter”

Just then the cab started up the drive and Susan said her goodbye.

Sara closed and locked the door behind her; she went to the alarm system and activated it because she was in for the night and she had other plans.

Sara went to the intercom and asked Robbie to meet her in the kitchen. Robbie was the new robot she was testing at her home.

Sara was placing her dinner on the table when Robbie came in.

“Robbie I want you to meet me in the playroom after you’ve cleaned up. There is some more testing I want to do this weekend; I have something very special I want to try.”

She finished her meal and let Robbie to his chores in the kitchen. She headed upstairs for a hot bath and to relax. As she soaked in the tub there was a knock at the door.

“Would you like a glass of wine?”

“Yes, thank you”

Robbie opened the door and walked in. Sara felt self-conscious about being naked in front of Robbie. She quickly brushed the thought from her mind; after all it was just a machine.

Sara looked at Robbie; she wanted it to look generally human in shape. The shape was not bad, she thought. It had all the general features of a person.

Robbie handed her the glass of wine.

“Is there anything else you would like, Sara?”

“Yes, meet me in the playroom when I’m done here. I want to try something special tonight.”

Robbie left and she relaxed and enjoyed the wine.

Sara finished and dried her hair; she went to her room and did her makeup and hair. She selected a matching bra and panty set with garter belt and stockings. Black of course, this was her favorite color for playtime.

She selected a pair of high hells with ankle straps, black of course.

There was something in her purse she needed. She enjoyed wearing sexy things around the house; it always made her feel very feminine. She found her purse; she had left it in the den when she came in tonight.

She looked at herself as she passed the mirror in the hallway; a smile came to her face.

Finding the purse she opened it and removed a computer data chip.

She headed to her playroom; even the maid did not have access to this room. She always told her it was just storage for files. Little did she know it was a well-equipped dungeon Sara had designed herself.

Sara opened the door to the playroom and turned on the light. She always enjoyed it in here, even if it was to read or watch a movie.

Robbie soon came into the room.

“Robbie, did you read the material I left you today”

“Yes Sara”

“Do you understand what is happening in the pictures?”

“Yes Sara.”

“Do you have any questions?”

“No Sara”

“Come here!”

She reached out and pushed several buttons on Robbie’s side. She had just entered the service code so she could access his data systems.

Opening a small panel she inserted the new data CD.

“Robbie run Master and slave program”.

“Warning, Warning, This data is not on my approved file list!”

“Override command, Alpha, Omega, Sara!”

Robbie loaded the new files and ran a self-check.

“Is everything in order, Robbie?”


“Robbie, with the new data and the bondage magazines and videos I gave you to look at do you understand the concept?”

“Yes, Sara wishes to be placed into bondage for sexual enjoyment for a requested period of time!”

“I want to test you!”

Sara asked Robbie several questions about different bondage devices and showed him pictures of different positions girls were tied in. He got everything correct!

Sara felt it was time for a small test.

“Robbie, tie my hands together!”

He did a perfect job. Sara complemented him on his work.

“Robbie, release me!”

He undid the rope, coiled it up and placed back in its proper place.

Sara felt she was ready for the next step.

“Robbie check the grounds and make sure the security system is on, then come back here!”

Robbie turned and followed her instructions, he returned when everything secured.

“Robbie, tie me to the bed!”

“Please be more specific, how would you like to be tied to the bed?”


“Very good Sara”

Sara positioned herself in the center of the bed.

Robbie went to the wall and brought back four lengths of rope. He started to secure her foot to the corner of the bed when Sara told him he should always start with the hands so she could not change her mind.

He stopped and made a note in his program.

Sara soon found herself tied, tight to the bed; it was just right she thought to herself. She could hardly move an inch in any direction.

“Sara is there anything else you would like?”

“Yes a gag and a blindfold”

As Robbie approached with the items Sara requested, Sara told him to read the note on the table in the hallway.

Robbie completed his task by placing the blindfold and the gaga on Sara.

He proceeded to the table and brought the note back into the room where he read it allowed.

'Robbie if you are reading this note every thing has gone as planned. Release me at 2200 hours. I’m sure you will follow my instructions and nothing can go wrong.'

Robbie stopped in his tracks. He was in a quandary; his program did not recognize the reference to 2200 hours as time. This was a simple programming error.

He just repeated over and over, nothing can go wrong, nothing can go wrong, nothing can go wrong.

John the driver found Sara, when he came to pick her up. She had not answered the door and he used his key to enter.

Robbie was still repeating the same message for the past 50 some hours. Sara thought she would go crazy.

John asked her is she wanted a doctor but she just wanted some rest.

“John tell them I can’t come into day”

“Yes Sara”

Sara then reset Robbie and went to take a hot bath to soak her sore mucsles.

“Damn, I was so close!”

“Now the next time!”