No Room at the Jails

by Rael57

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© Copyright 2008 - Rael57 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/mm; bond; rope; gag; arrested; nc; X

Ryan and Paul ,both aged 25,were watching the news on TV in Pauls’ apartment. It was 9pm.Friday 4th March 2016. One of the main stories was about the emergency legislation the Democrat Government had brought in to ease the cronic  overcrowding now present in US Jails. Now Police Officers had the power to imprison suspects in their own homes for up to 24 hours under the new "Home Custody Law."

This was a very controversial piece of legislation causing uproar among civil liberties organisations. However, it was popular among the general public and most likely the voters, 2016 being a presidential election year.

The two young men both felt uneasy upon hearing this news story-they had good reason to be. About 3 weeks earlier they had both committed a burglary in which the occupant got assaulted. They were repeat offenders, both having served short sentences 5 years ago in low security prisons. However since then much tougher sentences had been brought in. If caught and convicted they could  each expect 12 years inside a maximum security prison without parole-maybe 9 with an early guilty plea.

American Jails were a horrific place to spend time in at the moment. Stricter sentencing plus a massive reduction in parole, as well as the vitual elimination of bail, led to the prison population increasing from 2 to 3 million within a few years. However no new prisons were built in that time leading to hopelessly overcrowded conditions.

When there was no room in the prison system, imprisoning people in their homes would give the authorities breathing space to release some prisoners nearing the end of their sentences. This would then release space for new prisoners. Of course the problem could be solved by relaxing parole conditions. However the Government wanted to be seen to be tough on crime in face of a soaring crime rate. They did not want to release any prisoner before the end of their sentences unless they had to.

The problem in California was particularly acute with no space whatsoever in any of the state prisons or County Jails or Police stations. The Governor had no choice but to invoke the operation of this new law. All Police Officers were instructed accordingly.

"This new law is weird, " said Ryan, " How can you keep someone prisoner in your own home? It’s just not going to work".

At that point they were shaken by the sound of the front door being forced open. They were then met with the sight of 2 women Police Officers bursting into the lounge brandishing guns and shouting.

"Stay were you are and get your hands up!"

Ryan and Paul sat on the Sofa with their hands in the air not daring to move.

"You are both being arrested on suspicion of burglary." They were then both read their rights.

"Now both move slowly off the sofa and lay on the floor on your stomachs. Keep your hands where I can see them."

The 2 men did as they were told and both laid on the floor.

"Now both put your hands behind your backs".

The 2 Officers then each got a short piece of rope from their pockets and each tied the suspects hands tightly behind their backs. They both searched the 2 men, removed their mobile phones from their pockets and placed them on the dining table.

"Well this is romantic," said Ryan.

"Shut the fuck up!" said one of the officers. "You guys are in serious trouble - we haven’t got time for games!"

It was not the first time Ryans’ mouth had got him into trouble. He was full of these little witicisms that would better off not being said. Paul was not so subtle. "What the fuck is going on bitch - we have not done any burglary".

"You can shut the fuck up as well!" said the officer. "We know you did the burglary as we found traces of your DNA at the scene. You have also been positively identified. Your going down for most likely 12 years so get used to it. You are going to be held prisoner here under the Home Custody law until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. There is no room in the prison system now but there will be space then. We're allowed to keep you here for a maximum 24 hours." She then instructed the other officer to get the rest of the restraints from their police car.

The Officer returned with the bag which contained a number of ropes of different lengths plus some long strips of cloth, which were to be used as gags. The 2 Officers then continued tying the men up. First their feet were tied together and then their hands, already tied, were then secured to their waists. Then another rope connected their feet to the rope around their waists. They were not hog-tied but could not stretch their legs out fully. It would be very difficult to stand up. Finally the 2 men were tightly gagged with the strips of cloth.

The new law allowed Officers to use any restraints they saw fit which basically meant they could do as they liked.

"We have had to use ropes as we have run out of plastic handcuffs and tape - we have been busy tonight," said the Officer. "We will leave you copies of the paperwork which shows you have been taken into home custody." Copies were then put into the 2 suspects back pockets.

Ryan was then dragged towards the radiator and had his feet secured to it with a short strip of rope. Paul was then dragged behind Ryan and they were bound together, back to back and sat upright, with a long piece of rope. It was clear they were going nowhere that night.

"We have to remind you that any escape from home custody leads automatically to an increase of 2 years on your sentence. Not that you two need to worry about that. This same penalty also applies to anyone that unlawfully frees someone from that situation."

"Is there anything else we can do for you before we go?" mocked the Officer. "Well we will have to go now - my colleagues will collect you at 9 am tomorrow. You boys make sure you enjoy your last night of freedom as it will be the last one for several years!"

The Officers then left switching the light off and shutting the lounge door as they went. The two unfortunate men were now left tightly bound and gagged in total darkness. They had to somehow get out this hopeless situation. They both tried shouting but only muffled sounds came out. Bail was not now granted for these sort of crimes and it was virtually certain they would be convicted. Lets face it the evidence against them was overwhelming. Well they had done it after all. Unless somehow they could get free they were both going to prison for a very long time the following morning.

Both knew that they would not survive a minimum 9 year sentence inside a maximum security prison. They had just about survived their previous short incarceration a few years ago. This was totally different. They would quite happily risk an additional 2 years inside. However, in the very unlikely event any of the neighbours were to hear the pairs’ muffled cries, it was certain none of them would risk a 2 year sentence. There were people they could contact who might, but it was impossible to contact them as their mobile phones were some distance away, left on the dining table by the Officers.

They struggled desperately against the bonds but it only seemed to make things worse. Efforts were made to try and work the gags free but again there was no joy. Ryan decided a different approach was necessary and tried to untie Pauls’ bonds but had no joy. Paul tried the same with Ryan but again had no success. If only they could somehow get close to a sharp object and cut the ropes there might be a way out. However with Ryans’ feet securely attached to the radiator, this was not possible either.

They probably spent about an hour trying the various ways to free themselves but realised the futility of it. Ryan did a backwards glance to Paul and just shook his head. They could not talk to each other but both realised they were there until the following morning. Some music could be heared faintly-perhaps someone was having a party. If so an invite would have been appreciated! Ryan recognised one of the songs which was "I’m free" by "The Who" which was from the rock opera "Tommy". I wish we could be, he thought ironically.

Ryan had an erection. Despite the hopelessness of the situation there was something exciting about being bound and gagged in a darkened room. The 2 Officers were both tall and attractive which added to his excitement. Also they were both tied up in exactly the same way-there was an exotic symmetry about the situation they both found themselves in.

Paul meanwhile was having all sorts of weird and erotic thoughts go through his mind. He accepted that the women had done a good and thorough job of tying the pair up-he wondered where they had learnt that. Perhaps they had been sent on a training course. Or they may have practiced bondage games with their partners.

Both briefly drifted off to sleep and in the course of the night had some strange dreams. Ryan dreamt he went on a date with one of the Officers and was looking forward to going back to her smart apartment. Paul on the other hand had a nightmare where he got badly beaten up on his first day in prison. It was obvious Ryans’dream would not come true, but as for Pauls’ nightmare…….

It was starting to get light outside so it must be getting close to morning, thought Paul who could detect the first rays against the light curtains. The pair were in a terrible state which added to their distress and humiliation. Their trousers were soaked as nature had took its course during the night. Unfortunately going to the bathroom was not an option. They had long since given up trying to get free and had now accepted their fate-even jail would be better than this!

Time moved slowly on and now it was  9.30 in the morning when they were greeted by the sight of two new Police Officers, both women, who had come to take the unfortunate pair to jail. "Morning boys we are sorry we are late-we got held up in traffic."

She then started to untie the rope connecting Ryan’s feet to the radiator. The other Officer untied the rope which tied the two together. They were still bound and gagged but took the opportunity to lay on the floor as they were both totally exhaumumbled, "fuck off" not that any words could be deciphered by anyone. "Excuse me did you say something?" replied the Officer.

Ryan had noticed that they were not as attractive as the pair that had visited the previous night but seemed just as content to pile on the humiliation. "Oh you poor things you are all wet! What have you been doing? Well you are now to be transported to prison-you will be untied there."

They then proceeded to carry each man, still bound and gagged, in turn to the awaiting police transport outside. Paul had one last look at his apartment –he would never see this again he thought. He had liked living there but he now was going straight to a hell hole of a prison.

This part of their nightmare was now coming to a close-however the next stage of it was still to come.