Normah's Nightmare

by Nolan Lyon

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© Copyright 2001 - Nolan Lyon - Used by permission

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Normah was glad to have a week’s break from looking after her routine family duties. Her husband was away on business trip and the children will not be back from college for at least another two weeks. She has always wanted to go shopping on her own time without any particular schedule to follow. While walking in town she came across a perfume shop. It was empty of any customers and thinking that she could get a better than usual service she entered the shop. True enough, on stepping in, a salesgirl sprayed some perfume on her and told her to take a whiff. That was the last thing she remembered.

The sound of voices woke her up. She realized that she was tied spread-eagled on a table and soon a man’s face hovered over her. She couldn’t scream because of a ball gag in her mouth.
 “Ha, so we’re awake now! Let me answer all your queries that must be rushing through your head you see, you are going to be sold to a syndicate who provides slaves for their clients. However, there are things needed to be done to your body before you are ready for them.”

At that moment she realized that all she had on her body were her panties and bra. She could see the man taking a pair of scissors and slowly snipped away her bra straps. Next he went on to her panties but this was ripped off so violently that she was completely taken off guard. Then the man continued his explanations. “You see my dear, you are good looking, and however there are some requirements made by the syndicate. You have a nice body, nice breast but………” He didn’t finished but instead allowed his finger to slowly caress her nipples, drifting slowly to her cunt, which to her horror was slowly oozing with her love liquid. She was surprised with herself. The man did not say anything else.

She felt someone holding her right arm and realized that she was being given an injection. Normah screamed but the gag was doing its job perfectly. Soon her world turned to darkness……….

Consciousness creeps in slowly and Normah found herself on a kind of hospital bed, not knowing how long she had been unconscious. Surprisingly she was not afraid and could remember rather vividly the events leading to her capture. She felt quite good and rested actually until an aching sensation on her breast brought her back to reality. She didn’t know how long it has been since she stepped into the perfume shop. Looking down at her chest she was horrified to find her breast almost twice the size of her usual size. She was a 36 but this must be at least a 40-44. She tried to get up but realized that she was still tied spread-eagled.

Thousand of questions raced through her mind. What have they done to her? How is she going to explain to her friend, and worse still her husband because there is no way that she could hide her new breast from them?
 Soon a door opened and two men came in. They did not say anything but instead untied her and dragged her to the middle of the room where there was a pillar. Pulling her hands, she was tied to the pillar with her legs spread.
She was left alone again. Normah slowly peek at her own body afraid of what other surprise she might find. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! She screamed………

Normah’s pubic hair was shaven totally clean that not a strand of hair was left. She had a ring on each of her labia and the weight of the two metals was just too much for her. A close look also revealed that both her nipples had been pierced and its only now that she realized that she also had a nose ring attached.

Later the first man came in and greeted her. Normah has lost all strength to scream anymore. ”Well, do you like your new breasts? My dear, if not for the syndicate I would have kept you for myself.”  And he slowly caressed Normah’s nipples. A soft unmistaken able moan escape from her. Even his big palm could not fully hold her breast. Secretly she even felt quite happy to be given such full breast even if they are a little too big that it almost felt weird to carry such massive flesh on her chest. Indeed she is going to have an almighty time explaining this to her husband if and when she meets him again.
She felt her nipple to be very sensitive now. Then the man brought some chain and attach one end to Normah’ ring nose, with the other end running through the rings hanging from her cunt.

Someone untied her hands and legs, and the man held her shoulders to support her. She was asked to take three steps and to stand still. The man walked round her and smiled. “Are you ready for your new role?” All Normah could do was to shake her head and tears were slowly coming to her. Reality is coming in nearer all the time. Then the man told her to open her mouth as big as possible and to keep it open all the time.

She was soon taken to a small platform and she was asked to stand in the middle with her legs apart. Someone came to her and whispered in her ears. She was asked to dance following the music. The rhythm started slowly but she realized that it was getting faster and she couldn’t fight her body, which seem to move on it own gyrating and moving with such tempo she never believed she could before. She was dancing against her will, shaking her body and she could feel her new breast move like she has never experienced before. She closed her mouth thinking it would be okay but a voice boomed out loud telling her to keep it opened. Instinctively she obeyed and was surprised by her own reaction. What the hell for she asked herself. Soon she would find out.

Four men appeared out of nowhere, stood in front of her and stripped themselves naked. The first one came to her with his brief and caressed her face with it. She could smell his personal smell –a mixture of everything personal. Then to her horror he slowly pushed it into her mouth, bit by bit. She couldn’t resist, it was too late. Next the second man came and did the same thing. She could feel her mouth being bloated. The third man came and pushed his finger into her mouth to position the two briefs to fill both her cheeks. By the time the forth man came to her, only about half of his brief could be stuffed into her mouth.

At this point someone came to her and congratulated her on being accepted by the syndicate and that she has just been sold to them. All Normah could do is to hang her head, the taste and smell of the four briefs in her mouth and the weight of her new breast and the tug of the chain hanging from her nose ring. What will these people do next?

(Normah’s nightmare will continue………..)