The Nocturnal Visitor

by Archie

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© Copyright 2001 - Archie - Used by permission

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In the early hours, as I prepared for bed, all thoughts of sleep abruptly vanished as the badger camera alarm erupted. Maybe tonight that timid nocturnal creature would reward me with the award-winning photographs that I so badly wanted. Investigation however revealed the garden visitor to be my next door neighbour and, horror of horrors, examining my favourite bondage magazine, left on the bench after I had been perusing it earlier that evening.

This was embarrassing. How was I going to look at my attractive thirty-something neighbour in the eye again now that she knew my secret obsession? I watched her glumly for a few minutes and it eventually dawned on me that she wasn't just examining the magazine to see what it was, she was carefully reading it. Something clicked and I sprinted upstairs to reset the badger-cam to take further random photographs. Oddly enough Jo didn't seem too perturbed by the occasional flash from the camera, once she had established she was by herself she carried on reading. I carried on thinking out the rest of my plan, consoling myself with the thought that even if it didn't work then at least the photographs of Jo would be a desirable consolation prize. Not only was my raven-haired neighbour something of a beauty but tonight she was dressed to party, in a dark, daring, and clingy minidress. Eventually Jo closed the magazine and with high heels tapping on the patio she headed for home. I took a deep breath and launched my plan by stepping out behind her.

"Good evening", I said as calmly as I could. Jo nearly jumped out of her skin, dropped the magazine and turned with a look of shock on her face, a look which turned to relief as she realised who it was; quickly turning to a guilty look of consternation.
"You left this….er… outside and I thought…I …er…had better bring it inside in case it got damp" she gabbled as she waved her hands and then bent down to retrieve the magazine, which had fallen open to reveal a slight young woman bound rather revealingly over a chair. Jo licked her lips and closed the pages with trembling hands before holding the publication out to me.
"You were going to borrow that without my permission, weren't you?" I accused her, as sternly as I could. "You were going to…"
"No! No! Honestly. I'm not interested in all that stuff. I was just taking it out the damp. Honestly." She paused with her hands fluttering again.
"Then why did you spend over an hour in my garden reading it?" I asked.
"I didn't. I must have just fallen asleep, it's a nice night" she muttered defensively.
"And I suppose you must have been dreaming were you, when you put your hand under your dress and played with yourself? " I asked triumphantly. She at least had the grace to colour at this point.
"I, I, er…"
"Listen young lady" I stopped her in mid stutter. "You are a bad girl. You have been playing with yourself in my garden", her gaze fell, "and you were going to 'borrow' my magazine".
"I wasn't" she persisted, as she turned to leave.
"When the neighbours find out what sort of a thieving trollop they have living amongst them they won't be pleased. And can you imagine what your colleagues are going to say?"
"And just how are they going to find out?" She turned and swung confidently on the gate, "do you think they'll believe a pervert like you?"

I grinned. "Yes, I think they will. Especially when they get the photographs. The neighbourhood net and your office can have them in their e-mail before you get home." She looked less assured now and I could see doubt in her eyes. I pressed home my advantage. "What do you think those flashes were? Garden illuminations?"
"Go on then, prove it. Show me", she demanded, closing the gate and stepping towards me expectantly. 
"Come on then", I turned and led the way upstairs to my study. The doubt in her eyes returned. I brought the captured images up on screen and secretly sighed with relief that it had worked. They clearly showed Jo, reading a magazine that was clearly a bondage magazine, with her hand quite clearly up her skirt.
"Well, I was adjusting my suspenders" she explained defiantly.
"Yes of course", the sarcasm in my voice wasn't lost on her. "Let's see what the neighbours think shall we." I sat down and started to tap the keyboard.
"No! No! Don't" Jo dropped to her knees alongside my chair and grabbed my arm. "OK. You win. What do you want?" She knelt there trembling with her head down.

"I think some bondage would be an appropriate punishment, don't you?" I led the way back down to my kitchen diner and standing on a cube of wood measuring about 30cm square (12inches) reached up to unhook my hanging chair from its ceiling hook. Now I had a hook in the ceiling easily capable of supporting the weight of a person, under which was a very solid wooden block. I hung two light chromed chains that fell to below the level of my shoulders and stepped down to brandish some white cotton rope at Jo. Crossing her wrists behind her back I bound them tightly together, ignoring her voluble complaints. As I finished she turned around to voice her unhappiness still further, so at this point I pushed a generously sized ball gag into her open mouth and quickly heaved the straps tight. 

Her eyes glared daggers, but her speech subsided to an unintelligible gurgle. To hammer the point home I held up the small padlock in front of her before locking the gag in place. The gurgling rose in pitch before subsiding into exasperated breathing. With her wrists crossed I couldn't begin to tie her elbows together, so taking a further length of rope I tied one end around her right arm above the elbow and led this forward across her body, beneath her heaving breasts, to be secured to the left arm in a similar fashion. Goodly portions of her ample charms were displayed by the low neckline and it was pretty clear from the scanty dress material that she wore no bra. There was no visible panty line either and I made a note to investigate that later. For now I gestured at the block.
"Come on then, step up onto this block." 
Jo looked at me blankly, a trace of drool already appearing at the corner of her mouth.
"Step up onto this wooden block", I said distinctly. The response was unintelligible, but it certainly wasn't compliant. I stepped into the kitchen and selected a heavy palette knife as favoured by professional cooks. 

"On the block, now. Otherwise I will warm your bottom with this." I waved the flat steel warningly at her, and then, sensing stubbornness brought it down flat across her delicious derriere. The dress clearly offered inadequate protection and a muffled shriek was accompanied by a hasty lurch up onto the block. She stood awkwardly, now level with me; cautious in her high heeled ankle strap sandals on such a fairly small perch. I offered up two more small padlocks for her inspection, before reaching for the chains that dangled down from the ceiling to lock one to each of the hoop earrings that Jo sported.
"Now I suggest you stand still", I calmly advised her. "Step off that block and your ears will know about it."

Jo peered cautiously up at the hook; but her indignant noises showed she grasped the essentials of the bondage. I started to brew some coffee, as although it was only around 3.30AM breakfast seemed like a good idea after such an exciting night.
I sat at the breakfast bar and enjoyed both my breakfast and the sight of my helpless captive. To be honest the breakfast was mostly a tease, as my appetite was diminished in proportion to my rising excitement, but you know how tantalising fresh coffee smells when you can't have any. Jo obligingly squirmed and squeaked as I consumed a token breakfast whilst admiring her petite form. I couldn't help but notice that the lining of her dress had snagged on the top of a stocking, pulling up her hem and revealing even more leg and stocking top. Which reminded me, was she wearing panties? I strolled over and slid my hand up her thigh, lifting the dress from the stocking and revealing a shaved pussy with a neatly trimmed growth of hair over the pubic bone; lovely. She wriggled her hips at this invasion of privacy, but could do nothing else to prevent my appraisal.
"What about some breakfast for you then, would you like some?" I asked solicitously. Jo nodded furiously, so I fashioned a short ankle hobble out of some rope, as I didn't want her trying to kick me when she found out what I was up to. Then I unlocked both ears and lifted her down off the perch, before steering her towards the door.

"Come on then, this way. If you want breakfast you'll have to earn it." I guided Jo out to the garage, where the prospect of getting into the car made her balk. Good job I'd hobbled those long legs, it made getting her strapped into the front seat relatively easy. She mmmpphhed her protests but I was confident that at 4.00AM our semi-rural urban environment would be deserted; and I was right. That didn't stop Jo from fighting to stay in the car when I dragged her, still bound, gagged and hobbled, out into the grey light of dawn a few minutes later at our municipal park.

Holding her writhing form against the side of the car I slipped my hand under her dress and, with my knee holding her thighs apart, sought out those neatly shaven lips. This time I allowed my fingers to tease her clitoris from its hiding place and to quickly clamp it with those wicked little devices that grip tighter when pulled. To the clamp was attached three feet of light cord, the other end of which I kept a firm grip. I unfastened her ankles (oh the view up those legs!) and stood up.
"Now Jo, we're going for a walk", I announced cheerfully. "If you walk with me then we should be back here quite quickly and this light cord will just dangle harmlessly between us. If, as you're doing now, you pull away from me, then the cord lifts your skirt, reveals your pussy and", I tugged the cord lightly, "squeezes your clit". Jo let out a muffled grunt and took a hasty step towards me, her eyes blazing. 

"Good, we understand each other. Come on then." In the brightening dawn light I led my seething captive down the path past the tennis courts and on towards the lakeside. Her high heels tapped loudly in the peace of the morning and I found I could regulate the pace and volume of her heels by walking faster or slower, Jo naturally having to adjust her pace to prevent her delicate flesh from being cruelly tugged if she lagged too much behind. She was a picture; her wide-eyed gagged expression, the steady flow of drool down the cleavage of her figure hugging velvet minidress, her wrists still bound behind her, whilst her frontal elbow bondage pulled the dress even more snugly under her breasts. Her ankle strap sandals couldn't be kicked off and her barely black stockings displayed her legs to perfection. It was an all too short walk and before long we were back home.

"Right young lady, breakfast." I tethered the cord attached to Jo's clit clamp to the 'fridge door and ignoring her mphing and stamping went to gather some more ropes. Then I was able to change her bondage.
I sat Jo on a chair, and warning her to co-operate if she wanted breakfast, bound her left ankle to the left rear leg of the chair and her right ankle similarly to the rear right chair leg. Then undoing her elbows and wrists I retied her wrists together, this time palm to palm, behind the chair back. A rope from her wrists led down to a spindle under the chair, forcing her shoulders back and her breasts out. Then I reapplied the clit clamp, much to my prisoner's disgust, and drew the cord forward and upward until I could loop it around a vertical pillar at the end of the breakfast bar. I drew the cord tighter, until with grunt Jo thrust her bottom off the seat, arching her back in an attempt to ease the pull on her delicate nub of femininity. At that point I made fast the cord and went to assemble breakfast. Freshly squeezed orange juice, cereal, toast and coffee; none of it seemed to interest Jo. She remained arched in her chair, legs widely splayed, revealing her pink lips and red clitoris, squeaking at the ceiling through her bright red gag.

"OK. Breakfast is ready. If you want to sit comfortably and consume your breakfast you must promise not to say a word when I remove that gag. Do you understand?" 
Jo nodded. 
"Do you agree?" I persisted. She nodded again. I reached between her legs and removed the clamp. As the tension eased Jo subsided onto her bum with a half sigh, half gurgle. I unlocked the gag and gently prised it out of her mouth. She worked her jaw slowly and I stood behind her and delicately worked my fingers into her numbed features. She hummed in appreciation and at length I was able to feed her breakfast, which she devoured voraciously.

Eventually my bound breakfast guest was replete. Her mouth however continued to open as she mouthed words and I gathered that she wished to speak. I did consider untying a wrist and thus allow her to write, but in the end I acquiesced and bid her to speak.
"You were going to keep me tied up until tonight, weren't you?" She asked. "Well what about my sister? Hazel comes by every Sunday, so I can't put her off now, can I."

I held up my hand to stop her continuing. Damm! She had a point. I had forgotten her sister and her Sunday visit; it looked as if I would be releasing my captive early. But then the positive side of me kicked in. Jo had been a disaster when I found her in my garden and look how that turned out, I could do the same with her sister. 
"Ummm. Well you give me her phone number and e-mail address and so on and I'll sort that out" I suggested, but Jo was having none of that.
"No way, you'll only cook up some devious plan to put her off, won't you?"
I grinned. Ah well, I'd have to play a bit hard. Quickly I reached for the ball gag.
"I'll sort your sister out", I said, and I thrust the still wet ball back into Jo's mouth. "You just wait here". Of course in my haste I did not bother to lock the gag.
I gathered some equipment together and ignoring Jo's unhappy squeaks of protest I trawled through her small handbag and retrieved her address book and house keys.

Once in her house I set up my video camera and a small web cam, attached to my laptop, all well hidden and wired to my badger detection kit. Then I put a small stack of bondage magazines in a prominent position on the floor, a further few open and apparently half read. There was no way Hazel could miss them. All being well she would read them as avidly as her sister and the promises of photographs to her office, the address of which I'd just located in Jo's address book, should ensure two bound and gagged women in my life.

When Hazel did arrive she glanced at the magazine bait, but her response was not as I'd hoped; she headed straight around to my house. When I answered the door she was brusque and to the point.
"Where's Jo?" She demanded curtly, pushing past me into the lounge. Now I'm over six feet tall and there was no way this little slip of a woman was going to push me aside. I thrust a restraining arm out, only to find I'd offered her the handle with which to throw me to the floor. I scrambled to my feet, partly winded and pursued her into the kitchen, but again her judo outmanoeuvred me, this time I landed on my stomach, with Hazel on my back. Deftly she twisted one arm painfully upwards, between my shoulder blades, before seizing my other arm and grabbing some of the rope that had been destined for Jo. 

Tightly she tied my crossed wrists high up behind my back and, clearly experienced in bondage, continued to fashion a rope harness around my shoulders, whilst my efforts to throw her off were thwarted by my fingers being twisted until I subsided. Still on my back she turned around and soon had my ankles bound, before standing up and finishing me off with a tight hog tie. Hazel then walked over to her sister and whilst berating her for falling into my trap, ungagged Jo and turned back to me. I confess, I'd become distracted by the view up my captor's mini skirt, and when she bent down alongside me I wasn't looking at what she held in her hand. The drool covered gag slipped into my mouth as easily as it had gone into Jo's. 
My position as bondage master as been usurped and it looked as if Jo and I were both in for an uncomfortable day.