A Night Playing Monopoly

by Jenny Bonici

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© Copyright 2008 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission

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As college exams were over and most folk would be away on vacation we decided that there would be no UniTies Bondage Club meeting in December.  So I organised for some of the girls to come round to my place for the evening for a few pre-Christmas drinks and to indulge in a few tie-up games.  Everyone was to bring along as much rope and bondage gear as they could manage – added what I already had that should be enough to keep us entertained for quite a few hours. 

Leanne, Lynn, Kiana and Mandi had all arrived when, late as usual, roly-poly bubbly Rachel came bouncing in: “Look what I’ve brought!” she exclaimed waving a box above her head.

“Oh, bloody hell, not Monopoly!” shrieked Leanne.  “I gave up playing that when I was fourteen.”

“Steady on, old girl,” shot back Rachel. “I’ve doctored all the Chance Cards and changed the rules a bit so it’s very likely that we will all find ourselves subject to all sorts of bondage and humiliation during the evening.”

“OK then, sounds cool, so what gives?” asked Lynn.

“Help me move the table into the middle of the room and I’ll show you.”

Rachel set out the game.  It didn’t look any different to the normal Monopoly.  But then she explained that if you landed on one of the Chance squares there was a good chance that you’d be removing some or all of your clothes, getting tied to the chair, being gagged or getting a fat dildo pushed up you know where.  I thumbed through some of the Chance Cards.  This could be fun I thought.  The first four on the pile read:
You are to be gagged for an hour.
You must remove all your clothes below your waist for rest of game.
Your wrists and elbows are to be tightly bound behind your back for 30 minutes.
You are to have a spreader bar locked between your ankles until someone goes to jail.
She had certainly used her imagination as the rest of the pack promised equally dire punishments.

I asked what would happen if one of the players could not roll the dice or move her piece because her hands were tied behind her back. 

“Simple,” replied Rachel, “Someone else will do it for them.”  Then she added, “The same applies if you are blindfolded and cannot see – someone else will roll the dice and move your piece for you.”

Rachel went on the explain that if you picked up the Go To Jail Card not only would you go to jail, miss two turns and lose your $200 for passing Go, but also your wrists and ankles would be cuffed (that’s if they were not already cuffed) until you went round the board once and passed Go again.  Even more horrendous were the consequences of going bankrupt.  Any one running out of money had to pick up one of the special Bankruptcy Cards that she had devised.   These ordered punishments such as being hogtied or being blindfolded, gagged and bound to a chair or being tied spreadeagled on the bed – all these punishments lasting until the game is over. 

With all the tying up that was likely to take place the game was likely to go on for hours.

The game was set out, chairs moved into position, drinks topped up, bowls of nibblies strategically placed and the stack of Chance Cards shuffled.  The game commenced.

We had not gone round the board more than a couple of times before the sophisticated Leanne was sitting nude from the waist up, Kiana was sporting a bright red ball gag and Lynn was in jail with shackles on her wrists and ankles.  Mandi and I seemed to be keeping out of trouble and were happy to help out making sure that the orders on the Chance Cards were stringently enforced.  By the time another two circuits of the board had been completed Leanne was completely naked, Rachel had nipple clamps on her huge tits and Lynn was wearing an evil looking posture collar.

The game had been going for an hour and a half before my little Top Hat landed on a Chance square.  Oh horrors, what was in store for me? 

Lynn picked up the top card.  “It’s about time you got one,” she said as gleefully handed over. “Come on, tell us what gear we need to get.”

I read out the words written on the back of the card, “You are to wear a chastity belt with two plugs for the duration of the rest of the game.”   I suppose it could have been worse.

“Come on, drop those jeans and panties,” ordered the still naked Leanne as she waved a leather chastity belt in front of my face.  On the other side of me Rachel was lubricating two fat plugs.  Then I felt her slippery fingers slide onto my two openings.  One after another the plugs were pushed deep inside me and the chastity belt encircled my waist.  Finally the crotch piece was pulled between my legs and the whole contraption locked together.  I had the feeling that this belt was made for someone at least one size smaller that me.  I pulled my jeans back up and sat back on the chair.  Wow, sitting down seemed to push both plugs even deeper inside me.  For the rest of the night I tried not to move round too much, but even so, I was soon getting hot down below.

Mandi seemed to have avoided landing on any Chance squares.  She spent much of her time busily tying people up, fetching bondage gear and keeping an eye on the clock to make sure that the others served their full times in each of their punishments.  Being so busy I don’t think that she had really been concentrating on the game for suddenly Rachel announced, “Mandi, you’re bankrupt!”

“I can’t be!” She exclaimed.

“Oh yes you are!” The rest of us replied in unison.

“Oh hell, I suppose I am.” She replied rather sheepishly.

Rachel took great delight in handing her the top card on the Bankruptcy pile.

“Oh no!” Mandi cried. There was a long pause and a lot of prompting from the others before Mandi finally read out the words written on the card.  “It says: For going bankrupt you are to spend the rest of the time until the end of the game, gagged and bound spreadeagled naked on the bed.”

Lynn, Rachel, Leanne and I grabbed the protesting Mandi and marched her into the bedroom.  Kiana could not help as she still had half an hour to go before the ropes tightly binding her to her chair were released.  It was not long before Mandi was lying face down on the bed as naked as the day that she was born with ropes round her wrists pulling them out towards the bedposts on the headboard.   We tied her face down so that she wouldn’t drown in her own drool – we are kind like that!   More ropes soon had her ankles stretched until they were nearly touching the bedposts at the other end of the bed.  Rachel had great fun using all her 170 pounds to pull these ropes as tight as possible before tying them off.  Mandi’s protests that she was stretched far too tightly were soon silenced as a big fat penis gag filled her complaining mouth.  Lynn buckled the straps of the gag harness tightly round Mandi’s head and under her chin so there was no way that she was going to be able to work the gag out with her tongue.

We stood back to admire our work as Mandi struggled against the ropes that secured her.

“She could do herself an injury if she keeps on struggling like that,” said Leanne.  “Get me some more rope.”  She tied the rope round Mandi’s waist and then made off the ends round the legs halfway up either side of the bed.  Next she tied ropes round Mandi’s legs above her knees and again tied these off to the legs at the centre of the bed.

“That should fix her.  Let’s get back to the game.”

The naked Leanne led the way back out of the bedroom.  Rachel, Lynn and I followed. 

“I wish I had a perfect figure like Leanne.” The very overweight Rachel said wistfully as we followed the slender waist, long legs and swaying hips of Leanne back to the table.

I looked at the clock.  The game had now been going for over four hours, and for less than a third of that time had we been actually playing Monopoly.

The game went on for another four hours by which time everybody was stark naked and had been tied up in a number of different ways and had endured several different punishments.  About two hours before the game finally wound up Kiana had gone bankrupt and so she was having a pleasant ‘rest’ lying on the floor severely hogtied.  She had long since given up struggling in the hope of freeing herself.  Now her only struggles were attempts to get herself in a more comfortable position - and there was little real hope of her achieving that either.

I was pleased that, although I now had less funds that the other three girls still in the game I had avoided bankruptcy.  The girls were saying that they ought to call it a night as the first glimmer of light could be seen on the horizon and, although they were all having fun, tiredness was creeping up on them.  However, just before the game finally wound up I picked up yet another Chance Card and collected a large ball gag that completely filled my mouth and stretched my jaw to its limit.  Then, oh shit, I went bankrupt.  Lynn delightedly handed me the next card off the pack.  I mumbled something past my gag.

“Give it to me and I’ll read it out so everyone knows what’s in store for you.”

I handed Lynn the card.

“Ooh, this should be interesting.  The card says that the bankrupt will wear wrist and ankle cuffs, a hood and the most severe posture collar available until the game finally winds up.  It’s a pity that the game’s nearly over and you won’t have to put up with this punishment for too long.”

Then Rachel came up with one of her bright ideas. “We’ll leave the gear on her a little longer while we clear up and get our clothes back on – after all she’ll be wearing her own stuff and as she lives here she’ll have plenty of time to get them off after we’ve left.”

By this time both Lynn and Leanne jumped up and were heading for the jumbled pile of gear on the floor at the far side of the room.  Rachel would have loved to have helped but she was somewhat restricted by the straightjacket she was wearing.  She too was danger of joining Mandi, Kiana and me in bankruptcy.

Once the cuffs had been locked on my wrists and ankles Leanne started to lace up the black leather hood.  Gradually she pulled the laces tighter and tighter until the leather was like a second skin.  Then, at last, she tied off the laces at the back of my neck.  Although I could reach the back of my neck with my cuffed hands I was unable to undo the knots as they were covered by the posture collar that Leanne was now buckling tight.  As she then slipped two padlocks through the eyelets in the straps I was unable to get the collar off and get at the knots without first getting the keys.  The 6-inch hobble chain between my ankles allowed me to shuffle around the room – but with the hood encasing my head and not being able to see I was likely to bump into things and end up falling over.  So, resigned to my fate, I plonked myself down on the settee hoping that the game would soon be over.

It was quite light and the first rays of the weak morning sun were streaming through the windows when the game finally wound up.  Lynn was declared the winner – well she now had most of the money piled up in front of her.

The girls untied Mandi and Kiana and removed Rachel’s straightjacket then they all pitched in to sort out all the bondage gear and tidy up the place.  True to their promise I was left helpless sitting on the settee.

“Thanks for the great night Jenny.” I heard Mandi say.  It was obvious that the girls were now dressed in their street clothes and making to head off home for some sleep.  As they were heading for the door I hmmmphed into my gag to get them to release me.

“Oh, we nearly forgot you.” Said Leanne. I heard the click clack of her heels as she returned to the room.  She unbuckled the blindfold from the front of the hood.  I blinked at the bright light now streaming through the window.  At least now I could see.  I waited for her to unlock the cuffs, but all I got from Leanne and the others was: “Cheers, see you soon.”

I again hmmmphed into my gag as loudly as I could manage and, with my cuffed hands, I pointed frantically at the leather hood that still encased my head.

“Oh yes, that,” said Leanne poking her head round the half closed front door.  “We’ve left the keys for your collar, cuffs and chastity belt in an envelope in your mailbox.  It’s not a long walk.  Have fun.” 

With that the front door slammed shut and I was alone.

“Shit,” I hmmmphed to myself.  “Even though it’s only a short driveway I can’t venture out to the mailbox like this in daylight.  I will have to wait until it gets very, very dark.”

It was now just gone half past seven and it would not get really dark until about 9 o’clock this evening.  “Hell,” I thought, “That’s a hell of a time to wait!” 

Already the inside of the hood around my chin and neck is saturated with my drool – what’s it going to be like by 9 o’clock this evening?”

It was going to be a long day.  I passed the time watching a few videos and getting on the computer to write up this report on our Monopoly night to send to Gromet.  All the time I was plotting my revenge on those other five the next time we meet.

All you bondage folk out there who fancy getting together with a few friends for a fun evening I suggest that you too might consider Rachel’s version of a game of Monopoly.  But allow plenty of time – the game will undoubtedly take a lot longer than you think.