A Night at the Fetish Club

by Roger

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© Copyright 2007 - Roger - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; FF/m; bond; shackles; public; cons; X


I had long been a devotee of self-bondage, lacking anyone who would indulge me in the fetish - - for free, that is.  (Sure, I could go to a "pro" but I never felt they were in it for the fun rather than the money.)  I had bought myself all sorts of toys and used them at home, and, occassionally elsewhere.

One that I was particularly proud of was a full set of steel manacles; I bought these from a vendor at a Renaissaince Faire.  Swords and armor were his main bill of fare, but I did see a steel collar and so asked him about manacles.  He took me into his back room and showed me his work area, and said that this would be no problem for him to make.  I told him what I wanted and he took measurements, and told me to come back the next day for the finished product.  The next day, I went into the back room and he put them on me, and it was wonderful!  So much so that I had an orgasm then and there.  He told me that his girlfriend, who worked at the Faire was pretty kinky, and if I wanted to wait until she finished working in three hours, she would lead me around and then out to my car.  I couldn't refuse that, but decided instead to take off the manacles and walk around the Faire, and then return.

I should describe the set.  Black steel with an allen-wrench closure.  Around each of the allen wrench spots was a small collar with a hole in it, so although the screw was secure enough, a small padlock (like those combination ones used for luggage) could be put through the hole and keep the screw from being loosened.  The collar also had a hole next to the allen wrench screw.  The ankle manacles were permanently attached with a 15-inch chain and the wrist manacles by a 10-inch chain.  In the center of both those chains was a ring a little larger than the link in the chain.  To finish off the set, a vertical chain would be brought up through the ring on the ankle chain (with a large ring at the end so it could not go all the way through the chain), through the ring on the wrist chain, and finally to the collar where it would lock to the large hole with a padlock.

There was one more place for a padlock, where the vertical chain met the wrist chain, so it could be adjusted for any height, or just left so the wrists could move up and down the chain.

I returned at the appointed time and was met by the wench who had just finished her gig as a swords-woman. What a turn-on that was; I had seen her fighting and little did I realize this fox would be my partner. She put the manacles on me, slowly but securely, and then finished it with the vertical chain, locking it to the collar.  Not to leave anything behind, she locked my wrist chain to the vertical chain at waist level and then put the keys on her belt.  In her fighting costume, complete with sword, she paraded me around the Faire, holding onto the vertical chain between my wrist-chain and the collar.  Of course there were a lot of stares as well as laughter and catcalls, but I didn't care because I was on vacation and far from home, so nobody whom I knew would see me. And, as you can imagine, this produced another orgasm!

She led me out to my car and handed me the keys, and disappeared.  That was the end of it, and for the next couple of years, whenever I wore the set was when I did housecleaning - - pretending I was the house-slave of a group of females. Sometimes I did so in the nude, and sometimes wearing a black turtleneck catsuit.

One night I went to the local fetish night at a bar and got to talking with two sisters who were first-timers.  They were interested in the whole fetish scene, and also inexperienced.  (I wasn't even sure if they would be dominant or submissive.)  I decided it was an opportunity to tell them about the manacles set and that the next week would be a bondage night.  Would they be interested in going to the bondage night as my handlers?  They were undecided but I did make a dinner date with them for that night when I spelled out the scenario; after all, there was no sense leaving it to them when I didn't know what their turn-ons would be - - and I DID know what my turn-on would be.

When I had laid out my plans, they thought it would be fun and came home with me.  On the way home, I had to think what I would wear under the steel and decided that I might as well go all the way in kink; they were stopping first at home to change, so when they arrived, I met them at the door wearing  the catsuit, with only a pair of briefs under.  Their eyes opened wide and they could see that I was, indeed, into fetish.  The manacles were lying on the floor, and they started to apply them - - ankles, wrists, collar, and then the vertical chain.  When it was all finished, one of them took out a camera and snapped my picture with an instamatic, and left the result on my table.

"Should we leave the keys here?"

"That's up to you.  You are in charge."

I considered that if they left them, I knew I would be chained up for the whole time - - not that anyone was going to release me.  They opted to take the keys with them, and then each took a leash and snapped them onto the loops on either side of the collar, and led me out to their van, where they put me in the back seat.

When we arrived at the club, they parked a block away and led me the entire distance.  My entrance was quite the sensation.  Nobody else was so completely secured, though one girl did have on a harem outfit with collar and wrist chains.  Of course the reaction caused me to have an orgasm, but I hoped the briefs would comtain the mess.  My wrist chain was not attached to vertical chain so I was able to enjoy the food and drink at the party.

About 90 minutes into the party, I needed to go to the bathroom and told them so.  The vertical chain was removed and locked onto the loop at the back of my collar, and then the catsuit was unzipped.  They took me to the men's room door and told me not to be too long, and they held the other end of the vertical chain.  I relieved myself and also tried to clean out my briefs, with limited success.  I came out and they decided to leave the chain on my collar and use that to leave me anchored while they went off to the ladies' room.

While they were gone, I felt a terrible itching in my crotch and tried to quietly satisfy it.  Whoops, they saw me and assumed that I was playing with myself. Enlisting the help of a couple of dominant women, they held my arms and unlocked one of the wrist manacles, and then forced my arms behind my back and then re-secured them.  Then the vertical chain went back into place, and they also added the lock between the wrist chain and the vertical chain.  Now I was really helpless, and that's how I stayed for the rest of the evening.

But there was a woman who saw my predicament and decided that it was time to tease me.  She started and soon other women joined in to stroke my crotch, and it wasn't long before I exploded with the best orgasm I have ever had.  This time, the briefs did not contain the mess, and the combination of bulge and cum brought loads of laughter from all there.  (I must admit that I loved the humiliation piled on top of the orgasm.)

An hour later, we went back to my place.  They told me that they would leave the keys but phone me in the morning to tell me where they were.  Yes, I was to sleep in my manacles.  No problem there because I was really tired.  The phone rang at 9:00 and I answered it.

"The keys are in your mailbox across the street. Since this is Sunday, there will be no mail delivery."

So I spent the entire day in chains, wrists behind my back.  When it got dark, I was able to slip across the street to retrieve the keys.

Sadly, I never saw the girls again.  (But you can bet I wore the manacles again . . . and again.)

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