A New Workout Program

by Stealthbinder

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© Copyright 2010 - Stealthbinder - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; bond; spandex; gym; maid; tease; mast; oral; sex; cons; X

This is a story that I have long thought about doing but never put it to paper before. Back in the 80s, I saw pictures in a bondage magazine of a shapely and very pretty dark hard girl, dressed in white spandex tights, pink spandex leotard and matching pink high heels, tightly tied up with bright white ropes and a large red ball gag wedged between her pearly white teeth and glistening ruby red lips. While the images were visually pleasant to look at, I always wondered what possible scenario would explain her bring tied up dressed in workout clothes and high heels at the same time. So after a lot of consideration and a little inspiration, I finally came up with a plausible explanation that would fit into a storyline. This story took off from there.

While I appreciate a fine female figure in form fitting attire that displays her curves well, plus the smoothness and shimmer of the tight material and all, spandex workout clothes always seemed a little hard to work around from a sexual hookup angle. A woman arrayed in a lace body stocking and high heels are more my style and provide the same tight and smooth imagery, and since many are “crotchless”, these lend themselves to bondage and sex better.

So while I’m not a big fan of the spandex/bondage mix working together, I have seen enough to understand the attraction and appeal it can offer. So I decided to give it go at combining the two and write a story that had both a spandex clad heroin and plenty of bondage action that matched the sexy erotic image I still remember of that dark haired beauty in tight fitting hot pink attire and white ropes.

Tony stood by the large plate glass window on the upper level, looking out at the parking lot below. At mid-morning, many spots close to the doors were open for the non-working crowd to park in. The early pre-work crowd was long gone, leaving the equipment and trainers open for the non-working spouses, vacationing and retired crowd to get in their workouts.

Tony had been in the club since before dawn, working with members who paid extra for a personal trainer to turn back or keep the hands of time and gravity from affecting their bodies and looking old or even middle aged. In many ways, he was as much an ego manager as personal fitness instructor at the private and very expensive club. And the members paid good money above their monthly membership fees for his services. Middle aged men wanted to look lean and fit at their meetings and brag about how many laps they could swim or how much they could bench press while pretending they still caught a young woman’s eye. Women wanted to look like they did in high school, despite having kids and too many high calorie lunches and martini parties, and to keep their rich husbands or boyfriends happy and not looking for the next Mrs. Hot Young Body.

Tony finished with his last client, Mrs. Maszk, about 10 minutes earlier, which gave him time to relax and wait for his next to arrive. Maszk was typical of most of the middle aged ladies at the club, thinking she was still young enough that flirting with Tony was to his liking, but with enough miles on her that her face showed her age and how hard she’s been ridden. Tony was smart enough to flirt back just enough to keep a customer happy and coming back for more without committing to anything more than 1 hour twice a week lifting weights and working the stair climber. Fact was, many of his female clients actually repulsed him in a sexual way and never dreamed of getting horizontal with them, ever.

He didn’t feel the same was about next client at all.

The expensive imported red sports car pulled quickly into the lot and the driver expertly whipped it into a parking spot up front like it was pulling into the pits at a stock car race. Tony could hear the powerful engine rev through the windows before it finally shut down. His next client had arrived with the usual dramatics, but the real show was just beginning.

A moment later the driver’s door open. First a bright red high heel immerged followed by a long, shapely leg swung out, followed by its twin. She stood up, exiting from the car, with the sun shinning off her long dark hair and her red designer dress radiating in the light. No TV commercial could have been staged better.

Mrs. Marilyn Wainwright was making her famous grand entrance. Her tight, shapely body looked magnificent in the tight fitting dress, so short it virtually exposed her entire leg, so low cut Tony could clearly look down her fine cleavage, and tight enough to display the bikini worthy body of a movie star or expensive call girl, which rumors said she had been one or the other before her marriage.

Mrs. Marilyn Wainwright was the trophy wife of Mr. Charles Richard Wainwright, a powerful, filthy rich business executive who he preferred golf and tennis to sweating in a gym. Marilyn was the second Mrs. Wainwright and a major upgrade from the first. With the face of a super-model that could grace any magazine cover and a body any porn star would die to have, it was easy to see why old man Wainwright dumped his prior wife, whom Marilyn was over 20 years younger than. Rumor had it that the old man was shagging Marilyn long before the divorce papers were filled. Another unconfirmed tale was Marilyn was a friend of the old man’s daughter that caught his eye on a family vacation and she screwed him on the beach nightly to seal the deal. That had to be slightly uncomfortable around the dinner table if true.

She moved purposefully, rolling her head to fling her wavy hair around, display her ass while bending over to pull out her oversized gym bag, bumping the car door closed with her hips, then slowly walking with one foot in front of the other like a sultry fashion model into the club, her fine tight ass swaying and her generous boobs giggling as she walked on 5” stiletto heels, wanting everyone to see the hot body she worked hard to keep. She even gave a playful but knowing smile to the men looking down at her, all of whom had nearly froze in place in the middle of their workouts as she entered the club below. A few seconds later, everyone was moving again and time resumed.

Tony smiled to himself as he walked away from the window and to a free weights rack. For obvious reasons, he really enjoyed his private 3 times weekly sessions with Mrs. Wainwright. All the other male trainers were green with jealousy of him for having her as a client, and the female trainers envious of the figure she maintained so well.

Now in the locker room, Mrs. Wainwright would be leisurely changing into her workout clothes before coming up for her 2 hour 1-on-1 session. Word was she would often strip down to her high heels and stand around naked for several minutes before dressing in her form fitting spandex outfit, just to flaunt her perfectly toned body for all the ladies to admire and envy. A few employees discussed rigging up a camera to catch that sight, but thought better of it. Of course, many suspected Tony has seen that delight up close and personal himself, which he could honestly answer he never had the pleasure of.

But that was something Tony was working on to change, and if things went as hoped and planned, the site of Mrs. Wainwright naked would only be the beginning.

In his line of work, you get in close and make plenty of physical contact with your clients, so it can lead to suggestive thoughts and misdirected feelings. Several women have clearly made it known they would like to see Tony outside the club, including a couple female employees. He refused the clients overtures but did take up the offers with his lady comrades with some past success and even continuing actions.

But something about Mrs. Wainwright really got to Tony. She was nearly his same age and in fabulous shape, but other women were as well and didn’t have this kind of haunting affect on him. Mrs. Wainwright oozed sexiness, but that wasn’t it, or at least not all of it. Tony had almost an obsession about her, yet to this day, he remained a professional and never acted on it. But something finally broke the barrier down and Tony decided to take a shot at the dark haired beauty, just with a special yet unusual twist.

As usual, Mrs. Wainwright arrived precisely on time for her session. Many heads turned to watch her walk in wearing her usual attire. White shimmering spandex tights, bright white slouch socks and expensive running shoes and a spandex body suit, today being an emerald green that matched her eyes. Only the color of the bodysuit changed from day to day. She had several, including a dramatic red, vibrant blue, hot pink and of course black, the last two being Tony’s personal favorites. She carried a water bottle and towel as always as she came over to her smiling trainer.

“Good Morning Mrs. Wainwright. My you look as dazzling as ever.” Tony said to greet her. He always tried to compliment his clients when the came in, but with Marilyn, it was so easy for there was so much to comment on.

“You flatter me as always Tony, but how many times must I tell you to call me Marilyn?” she said in her soft voice, like she was calling him to join her in bed. “Calling me Misses makes me feel like an old woman. Must I speak to your manager to get you to comply?”

“Policy and protocol, Mrs. Wainwright.” He smiled back. It was how they always started. Besides, a healthy dose of respect never hurt, especially when he would be pushing them hard later. “Ready to get started?” he said enthusiastically.

After a warm up period of stretching, they got to her workout. Her customized program was for toning and shaping, not strength building. She wanted a soft girly figure, not a muscle show woman. She first went on the treadmill for a short jog to get her good and warmed up. Then they went to free weights and the bench. Tony loved to see her stretched out on the padded top, her legs together and arms above, this the inspiration for his plans for her. After a brief rest and a run on the stair climber, it was onto the mat for the last series of floor exercises, which included around 50 stomach crunches.

“Com’on Mrs. Wainwright, 10 more to go. That’s it, you’re doing fine.” Tony was holding her feet down as Marilyn sat up again. A nice sheen of perspiration coated her skin.

“Sometimes I think you like torturing me, don’t you?” She said as she sat up for another crunch. This was her usual line when she was nearing the end of the hour. “Just keep on punishing me till I can’t stand it any longer.”

“You know you’d enjoy it.” He replied. “5 more to go.”

“Pushing me as hard as you do, you’d think I was your slave.” She said as she did the last crunches then did one more just to show off before flopping to the mat.

“It’s what you signed up for.” He replied. “You want to keep your body in this shape, right?”

“Till I’m 90 or dead.” She replied.

“Then I’ll be the slave driver and keep pushing you till you quit or fire me.” He said as he helped her to her feet. The hard work was over, now it was time for a cool down and final stretch. And time for Tony to put his plan into motion.

“Though I do have a suggestion for you.” He said as he helped her stretch. This was his favorite part, when he could finally get his hands on her and still look innocent. He was careful not to let his rock hard cock brush up against her.

“What do you have in mind?” She asked. “Anything kinky that I can’t tell my husband?”

If you only knew, Tony thought to himself. “Actually, it’s a workout program that could save you a trip to the gym, give you amazing results and even improve your sex life.”

“Oh, if it improves the sex life, I’m all for that.” She said with a soft laugh. “Heaven knows I could use help there. So don’t tease me, tell me more.”

“Have you ever tried Kegel exercises before?” He said, throwing his line into the water.

“No, but I’ve heard of it. Tell me more.”

Tony did his explanation of how the program works by tightening muscles in series and how it would supplement her between workouts. Marilyn listened and asked some questions. She seemed to like the idea.

“It’s low impact and can be done anytime, even sitting at the dinner table, without anyone knowing a thing.” Com’on, take the bait.

“Sounds simple enough, but you haven’t told me the best part yet.” She smiled seductively.

Tony smiled and spoke softly, knowing the bait dangling in front of her was tempting. “Since it works to strengthen the pelvic muscles, the muscles contract more strongly during orgasm and many women enjoy the accidental "side effect" of more intense sexual pleasure.”

“I’d like that side affect anytime, if only to improve on what I’m getting now.” She laughed. “Where do I sign up?”

“Well, we don’t teach it here at the club. I tried to get it as part of the class offerings, but the management feels it would affect business and doesn’t want it taught here.” Tony replied, almost whispering so others couldn’t hear. He could tell she was about to take bait in.

“I see.” Marilyn replied. “Are you willing to teach me, on the side of course?” she said nibbling at the lure.

“I possibly could,” Tony answered, about to snag the hook into his prey, “though it would have to be outside the club.”

“I see. Well, I think my home would be a safe enough place for a clandestine rendezvous.” She replied, always a tease. “Of course I would happily compensate you for your efforts.”

Gotch’ ya! Tony thought, but didn’t show any excitement. “Why thank you, Mrs. Wainwright, that sounds perfect. I sure we can work something out.”

They set up a time for Tony to come over on his next day off and Marilyn wrote down her home address, even though Tony had already pulled it from the computer. With her private session over, Marilyn went off to showered and hobnob with the ladies before she left.

Tony had an hour before his next client, so he headed off to the employees lounge for a break and lunch. He was quite pleased with himself. It almost had been too easy to get an invite to her home, where the two of them would be alone and he would get the chance to put the next phase of his plan into action. He expected to have to work much harder to convince Mrs. Wainwright to first want to do the program and then do it somewhere private, where he could have her all to himself. And her little comments about needing to improve her sex life were nothing new, so there was a possible interest in what he had in mind. Things were falling into place very nicely.

Tony was almost embarrassed to drive though this neighborhood, if one could call it that. All the homes were huge and set on massive estates with iron or brick fences and locked gates to keep the common folk at length. Shortly before 10am, services were already on sight at many home pruning hedges and cutting the grass, uncivilized tasks the wealthy had no intention of doing themselves.

Though his was only 6 years old, he felt out of place driving past cars that were valued more than he made in a year or two. But his ride had the best options of all, it was paid for and it ran well. Good thing for a guy living on his own and wanting to keep his expenses down, even though he made good money both at the club and on his own giving in-home workouts.

The gate to the Wainwright home was already open, so he drove right up, happy to know he was expected. Looking back, the gate closed behind him, informing him no one else was welcome at this time. Not knowing where the servant’s entrance was, he pulled up to the front of the house and parked. There was plenty of space to pull his car off the drive and out of the way. He grabbed his oversized gym bag and headed for the front door. So far, he was keeping things on the up and up. Dressed in workout shorts and t-shirt that show off his well maintained and muscular body, Tony felt very confident as he rang the bell.

Tony was about to ring the bell again when he heard footsteps approach inside and the large heavy door finally unlock. He was quite surprised at who was there to greet him and it was not Mrs. Wainwright.

Tony guessed the woman was somewhere around 23 years old, but actually looked like a college age girl. She was of Latin American decent, perhaps Puerto Rican or Cuban, with a very pretty face, glowing fair skin, large dark eyes and a head of black hair pinned up on top of her head, but left a few wisps cascading down around her face.

“May I help you?” she said in a Spanish accented voice, partly hidden behind the door.

“Yes, I’m Tony, here to see Mrs. Wainwright for a personal fitness consultation.” He replied.

“Welcome Mr. Tony, Mistress Wainwright has been expecting you. Please come in.” She said as she opened the door fully and curtsied slightly.

Tony stepped in and the maid closed the door behind. Tony was able to see all of the women now. Her figure was slender but still nicely shaped in the classic hourglass way. She was maybe a couple inches over five feet tall, but appeared much taller and thinner with the 4” black high heels she wore.

She was dressed in a very expensive and overtly sexy French maid’s uniform of black satin and white lace trim, with a white satin and lace apron, white lace headpiece, choker and gloves and finishing the uniform with what appeared to be white opaque stockings held up by a garter. It was cut low across the chest and very short, the frilly skirt exposing most of her well-formed legs, but tight across her small waist to clearly display her feminine figure. The classic black and white contrasts of the classic uniform made her look very elegant and one hell of a welcome for a visitor.

“This way sir, if you please.” She said, as she curtsied slightly again and walked down the hallway. Tony watched the sexy figure of the woman walking before him, looking rather appetizing in her fantasy stirring uniform. Too bad they didn’t meet on different terms or for different intentions. Tony found Latin women exotic and appealing, even though he never got the chance to hook up with one, and her sexy uniform conjured up erotic images in his mind.

The home was amazing. High ceiling, rich paneling on the walls, marble and inlaid hardwood floors, brass light fixtures and loaded with expensive furniture, artworks and even a suit of armor. Old man Wainwright sure had good taste and a thick wallet.

They turned down another hallway till they reached a door. The maid opened it and waved Tony in. “Mistress Wainwright will join you shortly, so please wait in here.” She said with one final curtsey. Tony went in and the maid closed the door behind, secretly wishing she would stay and entertain him further, even if it meant she’s just stood there and look burning hot sexy. But then again, he had other ideas on how he planned to entertain his hostess today and didn’t want to be distracted. He set his bag down and looked around.

The large room was a private workout center. One entire wall was floor to ceiling mirrors with a horizontal railing installed like dancers would use. Part of the floor was covered in workout mats and there were several pieces of high tech and pricey equipment around. It was almost as well equipped as the club, making Tony ponder why they needed a membership at all. The room also had a nice music and TV setup and a couple of hardwood chairs, a couch and a bench to sit on. Had he known all this was here, he might have come up with a different plan and used some this stuff. But maybe if he played this right, he might get his chance another day, but wouldn’t count on it.

After several minutes of this daydreaming and scheming, he heard the clicking of high heels on the wooden hallway floor outside and suspected the spicy little maid had returned. But he was delighted when it was Mrs. Marilyn Wainwright who entered.

She was dressed just like she did when she worked out at the club in shimmering white spandex tights and a spandex body suit, only today her hot pink one. More amazing was she was not wearing gym shoes but matching hot pink high heeled pumps of at least 4 inches in height, which added even more sex appeal to her faultless figure. Her hair was done up full but kind of wild like, with her lips painted a bright red and matching pink eye shadow. Tony had never seen a client looking so perfectly beautiful and erotically sexy, and wondered if maybe she was on to him or looking for more that a workout. She closed and locked the door behind her.

“Good morning Tony. Please excuse me for being a trifle late greeting you.” She said as she hugged him and lightly kissed his cheek. Damn, another great welcoming. “I had a call that I needed to take and could not end graciously.”

“No problem, Mrs. Wainwright. I’m very happy to be here.” He replied.

She put her hands on her trim waist and gave him a stern look before waging a finger at him. “Now don’t start that with me this morning Tony. We’re not at you club and here my policies and protocols apply, so I am Marilyn to you today, got it?”

“Understood.” He replied. “I must say you look exceptionally beautiful this morning, far more than I've ever seen you.” Tony was hoping she didn’t see how his telephone poll hard cock was poking out at her behind his shorts.

“Why thank you Tony, that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard today.” She replied. “I just wanted to look nice for you today.”

“You look more than nice, you’re absolutely stunning.” He replied.

“You sure know how to compliment a woman. Oh, before I forget, I may need to cut our session short. I have an appointment at 1 that I cannot miss and I will need some time before to get ready, so we need to be done by no later than noon.”

“Well then, if you’re ready, we better get started.” He was somewhat disappointed there was a time limit in place, but he wouldn’t let it deter him. There was plenty of time.

“Yes let’s do. I’m more than ready.” She replied with a broad smile, having seen the affect she did have on her well equipped fitness instructor as she hoped she would. Marilyn loved to give a man a good tease and watch them squirm. It was working, for she could see he was well equipped.

Part of the Tony’s plan was to lull her into a sense of false security before he started on his real intent. But seeing how she was dressed and how she was acting, he figured that maybe he could speed things up a little and get to the good stuff quicker than planned.

They first stretched and loosed up together in front of the wall of mirrors. So far he was keeping up professional appearances, acting like and working with her just as he would at the club. Standing next to her but one step behind as he usually did, he monitored her progress and still kept a lusty eye on her fine feminine figure and perfectly formed ass. He found it strange and quite erotic that she didn’t remove her pink stilettos as one would expect during a workout. But she seemed very comfortable in her tall heels, so if she was fine with it he wasn’t about to complain. Damn this woman knew how to get to a man and keep him stiff as a rock. Maybe that was her intention, he hoped.

With the warm-ups complete, Tony had Marilyn sit on the couch and he began to instruct her on the Kegel routines of tightening her muscles. Tony acted a little shy when he asked to place his hands on her body to feel if she was doing things right, but in reality it excited him like crazy, but a good crazy it was. At last, when he felt the moment was right, he put the next part of his plan into action.

“OK, now that you’ve got those down, let try it a little different.” He said. “Place your feet together on the floor. Good, now I want you to work both your thigh and calf muscles together hard.”

Tony placed one hand on her spandex coved thigh and another on her leg below the knee. Her legs felt so firm and toned but soft and silky.

“Am I doing it correctly?” She asked as she tightened her legs.

Here goes nothing. He thought before he spoke. “Close, but not exactly. This may sound strange, but act like your legs are bound together and you’re fighting against the bindings.”

“Oh, I see.” Marilyn replied with a bit of sarcasm in her voice. She tightened again. “Better?”

“Close but not quite.” Tony was about to make a suggestion, but Marilyn beat him to it.

“I’m not quite sure how this should feel exactly. Too bad there isn’t anything in here that you could use as a prop to show me what that would really feel like.”

Gotch’ ya! Time to reel this baby in!! Tony thought, suspecting but not caring she was on to him. Either way, she just signaled she was willing to play along.

“Well, I did bring something that might help.” He said.

“How fortunate for us you did.” She replied.

Tony quickly moved to his gym bag. Inside he had several white strips of rubber that had a lot of resistance to them that he used for low impact workouts. His plan was to use these first before moving on to the heavier stuff. But since Marilyn was indicating her willingness to play along, he skipped the intermediate step and pulled out a couple bundles of bright white rope.

“Ah, I see you’ve thought of everything and brought all the right equipment.” she said when she saw the ropes. “How lucky for us you thought to bring those.”

“Former boy scout, always prepared.” He said as he unknotted the first rope. “Never know when you might need to take this step.” Tony knelt down at her feet.

Marilyn kept her legs and feet tightly together as he bound her ankles together. Tony was pretty good at bondage, having prior experience with it, so it didn’t take long and there was little chance he would fail to do a good job, even with the handicap of her slippery slick tights. A second rope securely bound her legs together above her knees and a third below. All three ropes were cinched in the middle to make an extra snug fit and prevent slippage.

When he was done, Marilyn stretched out her legs and reviewed his bondage work. She seemed to approve before she pulled her feet back.

“Now let’s give it a try.” He said as he retuned his hands to her legs. With a whimsical smile on her face, Marilyn struggled and wormed, her muscles tightening and working hard against the white cords on her long, lean legs.

“Have I got it now?” she asked after a moment, noticing his caressing hands were doing a little more than just checking her muscle actions.

“Perfect.” He replied. His stiff dick was almost blowing a hole in his shorts.

“I’m a fast and eager learner.” She replied. “I suppose you want to move on to my arms next?” she said sarcastically again.

Tony got several ropes out, even some very longs ones. Marilyn was not only going to play along, she was encouraging him on, so to hell with pretenses and games. “Let’s just say we’re going to work on your upper body.” He replied.

Tony had Marilyn stand up. He proceeded to add more ropes to her body. When he was done, Marilyn’s arms were secured behind her back, tied at the wrists and elbows, which he had drawn close together. More ropes wrapped around her upper torso, a long rope above and below her heaving bosom, pinning her arms to her back. Fast and efficient with his work, Marilyn was rendered completely helpless in a matter of moments, secretly impressed at his creative ways to get her so.

“There now, that should do it, for now.” he replied.

Marilyn twisted and turned in the ropes, struggling hard as she tired to break free of his tight bondage. But the more her sexy, tone body struggled and strained, the more she knew she was utterly trapped and entirely under his control.

Tony could not believe how easily it all happened. He plan was to get Marilyn into this state at some point, if not today, another day soon. Now she stood before him, his white ropes encircling her white and hot pink spandex covered body in tall hot pink high heels, completely bound and helpless, and willingly at his utter mercy.

“Some exercise program you’ve come up with here Tony.” She said with a smile as she continued to struggle against the ropes.

“Does get the blood pumping.” He replied.

“Yes, I can see that.” She said, making it obvious she had noticed the bulge in his shorts.

“Damn if you don’t tie tight ropes.” She said softly. Apparently she wasn’t accustomed to someone tying her up that knew what he was doing, at least not lately.

“You’re welcome to work at getting free.” He said as he got something else out of his bag.

“Aren’t you afraid I might and spoil all your fun?” she said as she sat down on the couch again, thinking she might find a new way to get free of his bindings but doubting it would help.

Tony kept whatever he had hidden behind his back as he closed in on her, kneeling on one leg behind her. “No, not really, especially after I put this on you.” He said.

A large red rubber ball dangled before her eyes. Marilyn knew full well what it was, a ball gag, but larger than she’d ever seen or used before. She wasn’t quite prepared for this twist.

“What’s that for?” she asked, buying a little time to decide.

“To keep you from making too much noise while I feel you up and ultimately give you a good, hard fucking. OK, Marilyn, open up that pretty mouth of yours for me, nice and wide.”

She found it quite humorous that the very first time he ever called her by her first name was when he was about to gag her before dominating her. Marilyn looked up at Tony with an amused look on her face. Tony held the ball in place, waiting for her to accept or reject it, but looked determined for her to have it. In reality, he’d be fine if she took it or not, for his plan was flexibly enough that his cock would be a suitable substitute if she didn’t.

“Well Tony, since you’ve put it that way.” She said smiling and turned back, opening her mouth to accept his gag. Tony gently but firmly worked the large red ball into her mouth, making Marilyn grunt erotically once or twice before he had it wedged in place, her white teeth clearly visible as he strapped the gag in place.

When done, he moved off the couch and stood looking down at his captive client. Marilyn squirmed and struggled in her restraints with immense pleasure, looking both innocent and sultry, every bit a perfect damsel in distress in her own home, while he, the rotten villain, was about to enjoy the fruits of his hard labors.

She grunted and groaned as she fought against the ropes, yet she seemed to be having a lot of fun doing it. The gag, framed by white teeth and bright red lips looked fantastic. It worked well too, for all she could make were muffled grunts and groans. In fact, everything was working well. Her sexy outfit, the right ropes, her struggles, the gag, it was all perfect.

“You know Marilyn, you’re a real cock teaser.” He said as he took off his shirt. “You parade around in your sexy spandex and heels acting so innocent and all, knowing you’re teasing the hell out of me.” He said as she stripped off his shorts, standing completely naked before her, his well sculpted body looking strong and healthy. “Well Marilyn baby, this is the result of all that teasing.” He said pointing his 8 inch cock right at her, showing off how hard he was and never took steroids. “You get tied up, and I get some.”

Marilyn struggled even harder with a dreamy look in her eyes and moaned softly as she looked at his amazing body and oversized cock, figuring she was going to get some of that soon and excited by the prospect of it. He was about to act further when she surprised him by dropped to the floor so she was kneeling in her bondage. Now she labored full out against the ropes, but gazing straight at his erect rod. Yeah, she was really into it now. Perhaps he was premature with the gag, for she was in the perfect spot to service his man tool.

“Now Marilyn baby, let’s get on with the real workout.” He said as he knelt down behind her. They were facing the huge mirrors so her entire bound body was on display and both could clearly see what was happening. She liked what she saw as much as he did. Her fingers reached out and took hold of his cock, stroking him as best her bound hands could. That’s all the conformation Tony needed. She would do anything he wanted.

He reached around and took hold of her boobs, giving them a good firm squeeze and happy to find the sports bra was foregone. Marilyn moaned deeply as her body stiffened, relishing his hands on her. She lowered her ass down onto her bound legs as his groped her up good. Before long, he worked his hands under her bodysuit to attack her naked flesh. She moaned and groaned intensely when his fingers took hold of her hard nipples, her body withering as much as her binding ropes allowed while her hands worked on his rock hard cock.

After some time groping, he made her rise up off legs kneeling tall. Her ass got plenty of attention before he moved his hands around front. She groaned long when he worked between her legs and over her sex. Even through the spandex layers he could feel how hot she had become, her hips gyrating against his hands as he rubbed her warm crotch.

Tony wanted Marilyn to come before he did. By how hard she was worming her body, pressing against his stiff dick and all the moans and groans she made around her gag, he knew she was on her way to an orgasm. But he knew it would take much more to make her come, so he upped the ante.

He found the snaps at the bottom of her body suit and pulled them open. Now there was one less layer between his hands and her pussy. She groaned when he started to rub harder, working to excite her further, watching herself in the mirror as he worked her bound body over. He loved how the smooth material felt as he rubbed her, knowing she was digging it too. Her breathing got faster, but still she was not near enough to climax, at least not yet, but still so fun watching her wither in excitement.

She had given up on stroking his rigged member with her tied hands. She just held on to it, squeezing his tool often to please and encourage. Tony didn’t mind, for her soft hands felt great against his naked woody. Besides, Tony had better plans for using his cock later and Marilyn was more than hoping for it.

Sensing she was getting close, Tony pulled her tights about half way down her hips. He slipped a hand under, finding her very wet and burning hot. He worked his fingers between her pussy lips until he found her clit. With one hand under her top to fondle her tits and nipples, and the other on her pussy, Tony went full throttle on his fondling.

“You like this, don’t you?” he whispered. She moaned deeply, nodding her head. “You like it so much, you want to come.” Marilyn moaned harder, nodding more.

This is what Marilyn needed. His hands on her sex hot points. He was playing her perfectly, first toying with her to get her hot and bothered, then keeping her in a frenzy to heighten the buildup, and now attacking to make her come. This was why she liked to tease, to get it back in full and then some. It was amazing to watch her reflection as it all happened, her trapped and overpowered body under his dominating control as he touched and teased her to his liking.

Tony was really getting into this, having this hot, sexy woman all tied up and gagged, under his total control, playing with her fantastic body as much as he liked. All the waiting, all the teasing she did to him was worth it for this, and for what was to yet come.

With her hand still wrapped around his stiff cock, she felt the first few pangs of her climax build. She bucked wildly against him, rubbing her thighs together to add to the sensations, groaning constantly around the ball stuffed in her mouth. It was close but slow in coming, but it was coming and it was needed badly.

Tony was still at it when they both knew it would be soon, as long as he didn’t stop. Tony didn’t stop. In less than a minute, it was unstoppable. She groaned harder and faster, her body bucking wildly as it reached a peak. She cried out into her gag as the first wave of her orgasm exploded. Her body stiffened and shook violently as the orgasm crashed over her fettered frame, wave after wave of intense pleasures pulsating through her. Damn it was good and hot, for both of them. Tony kept fingering her, making it go on as on, far longer and more intense than she had in years.

At last, the intensity waned and began to fade. Slowly and sweetly she relaxed, the euphemism of the intense orgasm still resounding over her helpless body, panting as best she could around the mouth filling gag, yet completely satisfied and almost giddy from all the intense pleasures it bought. She relaxed and leaned back against her capture, more satisfied and content that she had been in a long time, with the last few echoes of the orgasm still resounding around her body.

“Yeah, you liked that, didn’t you Marilyn?” He asked, already knowing the answer.

She sounded her approval and slowly nodded, enjoying the afterglow of a superb orgasm, even if she was still tied, gagged, but oddly nearly dressed. She found it ironic that she was almost completely dressed and still had an orgasm while he was naked and had not gotten any action. It was sure the most unique orgasm of her life, and surprisingly one of the best.

Marilyn knew there was still more to be done and it was now his turn. He was still holding her trussed up body, lightly groping her over her slick clothes. Even though the orgasm had taken a lot out of her, she was still horny and he was still rock hard. He promised he was going to give her a good hard fucking, and she excitedly waited for it. But how would he give her the screwing they both craved while her legs were still tied together and her spandex tights on? She began to wiggle around thinking about it, enticing him to get on with it and quick.

She didn’t need to wait long to get the answer. Sensing she was ready and willing for a through fucking, he got her back onto her knees, making Marilyn think she was going to suck his cock first. Instead, he slowly pushed her body down till her head reached the soft mats. This time she was parallel to the mirrors, so she could all the action going on behind. With her face on the floor and her ass in the air, she knew what he intended to do and wiggled her restrained body to entice him to act quickly.

He slowly pulled her tights further down till her entire her wiggling ass was exposed. He knelt behind her, at first just groping her well formed buttocks, driving her crazy with anticipation and apprehension. His large, rock hard cock was bigger than she had ever taken in before and she hoped he had good aim with it. She wasn’t into anal at all.

Soon a finger worked its way into her hot pussy, giving her a sense of relief and eagerness. She knew where he was going, especially when he added a second finger, but wanted his hard manhood probing her, not his fingers. But she did like when he slid a finger over her clit again and gave her a good long rubbing.

“Damn Marilyn, you’re so hot and wet.” He said as he fingers worked over her wiggling ass. “Guess you really want a good fucking, don’t you?”

Marilyn liked his dirty talk, making her really feel she was his wanting captive. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she could see how erotic the scene was, especially as he coated his cock with her juices. She felt so submissive and Tony so dominating. She groaned out a yes around the ball filling her mouth and pressed back into his crotch. He got the hint and started probing with his tool rather than his hands.

A few seconds later, the head of his cock was pass her pussy lips and inside, very slowly pushing in further. “You have no idea how long I’ve badly wanted this.” He said, holding onto her ass. Marilyn responded by thrusting her bound body back, driving herself down onto his erect shaft, both partners groaning at the sensation.

“Oh yeah, guess you want it bad too.” He said as he thrust in deeper. He filled her like no man ever did before and knew how to use it. Holding her firmly by her hips to prevent her from moving, his early movements were long, slow and deep. He was savoring it, enjoying the fulfillment of his plan and completing the fantasy of seducing her with bondage. But lust has a mind of its own and he soon picked up the pace. The thrusts were quicker and harder, as was his breathing and panting. This was raw, wanting, animalistic sex between a strong and creative man and a helpless but fervent woman.

Marilyn moaned and groaned with each deep plunge his cock made into her. He promised a good hard fucking and he was delivering. She could see him ramming into her, her bound body bucking against each one, getting into it more than any man she ever screwed. And to her surprise, a new orgasm was building up quickly inside her.

From there, it didn’t take long for either of them to reach orgasm. Marilyn came first, screaming into her ball gag as another orgasm stormed through her restrained body. Not as good as the first, but that much more enjoyable that her pussy stuffed with a hard, ramming cock while she climaxed. She clamped her pussy walls down onto him to add more pleasures and extend her orgasm.

Tony heard her come and felt her body shudder under him. While a bonus for Marilyn, he really didn’t care much at the moment. He was more concerned about his own, which was now near a peak. As Marilyn’s orgasm was winding down, his own began and he pulled his cock from her pussy, letting his cum spray all over her ass as his orgasm exploded. He hated pulling out, but knew he'd better in this case. Besides, seeing his cum coat her ass was a pretty kinky and dirty sight. His cock pumped out dozens of piles of cum onto her naked ass and the orgasm was a good, strong one that kept on coming as she stroked his rod to extend the pleasure

Finally, his climax spent and his cock relaxing, Tony pulled away and sat on the mats. Marilyn didn’t move, staying in her awkward yet erotically submissive position. Seeing the clock was nearing noon and figuring Marilyn was spent for the time being, he cleaned her off with a towel before rolling her to the mat. She seemed content to remain there, so he left her tied up as he got dressed before he removed the ropes that had firmly held her for the last hour, starting with the gag. When free of the cords, she rolled to her back and stretched, not caring she was still partly exposed before him. After a few moments, she finally covered herself.

“Mmmm,” she started “that was the best workout of my life.” She smiled.

“So you’re not angry with me?” he asked, already suspecting the answer.

Marilyn laughed as she snapped her bodysuit closed. “Of course not, silly. After all the flirting I’ve done with you, I expected you to make some kind of a pass at me today and suspected you were angling for something more than just showing me a new exercise routine. But when you wanted to get kinky on me, I became very interested and decided to play along to see what you had in mind, even though I wasn’t sure where we would end up going.” She was back on her feet, looking as sexy as ever, just with her hair a bit messed up.

“Are you’re pleased where we ended up?” he asked, knowing this would determine things.

Marilyn decided to end all doubt. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, long slow and deep. His cock sprang to attention in seconds. “I loved where it ended and I found it a fantastic experience. Next week, let’s skip the preliminaries and foolish banter and get right to the hot and heavy action.”

“Fine with me.” He replied.

“Just I hope you have lots more ropes in that bag of yours. I expect some exciting bondage action, and more than just a single tie. You’ve set a tough standard to beat. ” She said.

“I think I can accommodate you’re expectations.”

“You'd better.” She said as she kissed him again while caressing his hard cock through his short. “I think you will. But as much as I would like to continue this, I better get going or I will be late for my appointment.” She said as she undraped herself from him. She pushed a button on the side of a small desk as Tony began to collect up his ropes.

“Oh, don’t bother. You may still need those yet.”

Tony looked at her confused. “I thought you have an appointment to get to.” He said.

“I do, but please be patient for just one moment.” She smiled as she unlocked the door. A moment later, there was a light rap from the outside before it unlatched and slowly opened. The hot Latin maid that had earlier escorted Tony to the fitness room entered.

“You called Mistress?” she said, first curtsying before standing inside the door, with her feet together, hands folded in front and her head slightly bowed in submission to her employer. The perfect little maid and a damn sexy one too.

“Yes, Carmen. Please close the door and come here.” Marilyn was not harsh with the girl, but authoritative.

Carmen, Tony now knowing her name, did as told, quietly closing the door. Her black stilettos clicked across the floor as she joined her mistress and Tony.

“I need to leave soon and leave my guest, who has done a great service for me today, but has not been given a proper thank you. You will do that for me.” Marilyn said to her.

“I understand Mistress.” She said, a bit of a smile playing across her lips.

“As you can see, Tony has some very unique tastes, but I know from experience you will be more than happy and willing to satisfy them.”

“I will be happy to serve him, Mistress.” The girl seemed to squirm on her heels. She seemed to be getting excited rather than nervous at the prospect.

“Carmen is a pure joy to have around here, and she keeps me from getting lonely.” Marilyn said to Tony as a finger caressed the girls chin. “Since I need to rudely leave before we could compete our workout, Carmen shall entertain you in compensation for the next hour or so in. Is that a fair deal till next week and make up for my leaving before we finished?”

“Yeah, I think so.” Tony said almost choking.

Marilyn laughed a bit. “I’m happy to hear that.” She said before turning to the maid once more. “Please take off your panties and show my guest what he will be getting.” She said.

Without hesitation, the maid reached under her short uniform and pulled off her satin panties, which was hardly more than a g-string or thong. She held it out for Marilyn, who took it from her. Again without any hesitation or embarrassment, Carmen lifted her satin and lace skirt, exposing her naked and cleanly shaved pussy to Tony. She then slowly turned till her well formed ass was on display, even bending slightly for a few seconds before she turned back to face the two, dropping her skirt and resuming her submissive pose. Tony suspected she had done this kind of thing before.

“Satisfactory?” Marilyn said. Tony only nodded. Marilyn was quite amused at the shocked look on her instructors face.

“You have till 1 to do with what you like with her, and I think I know what that will be.” Marilyn said with a sly smile. “She is clean and safe for you to use as you desire. I just ask that you be gentle with this lovely little Spanish flower and leave no mark on her, for I do enjoy her so, as I sure you will too.”

With that, Marilyn left the room, twirling Carmen’s panties on her finger and locked the door behind, leaving Tony alone with the sexy Latin maid. Tony stood in disbelief, never have been given a woman as a gift for his pleasures before.

“I am ready to serve you sir.” Carmen said, still standing submissively.

Tony was dumbfounded for a moment. Was Marilyn for real? Did she just order the hired help to do whatever he wanted and serve him sexually? Did crap like this really happen?

“Carmen, answer me one thing honestly. Do you really want to do this, with me? He asked.

“May I ask you a question first?” She said in her Spanish accent. Tony nodded. “You plan to tie me up with ropes?”

Tony looked around and saw the question was an obvious one, considering there were ropes scattered around the room and he still held one in his hand. But there seemed an excitement in her voice too, so he decided that he would answer the girl honestly, since having this nice little Latin dish tied up would be really fun to see and play with.

“Yes, I would very much like to tie you up and have my way with you. I promise to be gentle and have you enjoy it too.”

“Then yes, I do want this very much, sir.” She replied enthusiastically.

Tony got the feeling this wasn’t going to be the first time Carmen would be tied up, figuring her Mistress Marilyn was just as much a dominate as Carmen was a submissive and roped up the sexy maid on a regular basis for her own fun and amusement.

“And what would Mr. Wainwright think about it?” Tony asked.

“I am loyal to my Mistress and my Mistress has placed her trust in me. Mr. Wainwright will learn nothing from my lips ever, sir.” She replied, even daring to give Tony a little wink.

Tony got the complete picture from that statement. Marilyn was Mistress, while the old man was Mister, not master. Carmen was Marilyn’s personal little toy and confidant, devoted only to lady of the house. All secrets were safe with Carmen, which Tony figured there must be several.

“Would you like for me to remove my uniform, sir?” Carmen asked, giving Tony the green light and prodding him to get moving.

“No, I don’t.” Tony replied. “You look too delicious to undress, at least not yet. Turn around and place your hands behind your back.”

With a small smile on her lips, Carmen did as ordered and a moment later her hands were tied tightly. She only started to squirm once the rope was in place and she was rendered helpless. That seemed to be a pattern in this house.

“You like being tied up?” Tony asked as he turned her around to face him.

“Yes, I do sir, very much.” She replied. “I feel my sexiest when I’m bound.”

“Does your Mistress tie you up often and does she do it well?” he asked, taking hold of the girl’s breasts through her uniform. Even through the satin material, he could feel her nipples harden.

“When the mood is on her,” Carmen replied, now worming on her heels, “and she is often in the mood. And yes, she is amazing. I never escape her bindings and rarely does she mine.”

“And your master?” Tony asked, now very intrigued knowing Carman sometimes got the upper hand on her mistress too. Interesting place this Wainwright home was.

“I do not engage with Mr. Wainwright, only my Mistress.” She answered in a lusty voice. Tony’s hands were getting to her. “Mr. Wainwright has my Mistress and the cook to play when he chooses.”

Tony wondered what else goes on in this house, but put those thought outside his head. He was done with talking and thinking. He helped Carmen to her knees and he disrobed again, letting his raging hard-on out. This time his hard cock did serve as a gag, only for Carmen. He made her work him slowly, for he wanted to enjoy a long blow job to get him extra stiff and horny. Carmen’s puffy lips, warm mouth and talented tongue kept him very entertained for some time. He moaned often but let Carmen do all the work.

As much as he wanted to, Tony didn’t finish. Since Carmen was his to play with, he decided to do just that with the time remaining. He helped Carmen to her feet and removed her wrist bindings. After reassuring her nothing was wrong and affirming her excellent oral skills, he told the maid it was time to remove her uniform.

She took off the black satin and white lace costume. She was about as naked as a girl could get yet still be dressed like only a woman could to tease. She stood in black lace garter, white stockings, black stiletto heels and white lace gloves, choker and head piece. Her body was fantastic, perfectly toned, smooth clear skin, full breasts, tiny waist, round ass and lean legs. Tony found one small dimple on her ass otherwise she was a perfect female specimen. Her nipples were hard as pebbles and she was damp and warm at the crotch.

Tony took her over to the wall of mirrors and made her stand facing it. With her arms away from her body, he tied her wrists securely to the dancer’s railing. He found a wooden dowel that he suspected was not a broken broom left behind from to tie her spread ankles too.

From his bag, he retrieved a white hanky and a long black scarf. He placed the folder hanky into Carmen’s mouth before adding the scarf between her teeth and around her head. This would keep her words silent yet let plenty of sexy grunts and moans pass through. There was no way the large red ball gag he used on Marilyn would fit into her Latin small mouth. Besides, Tony wanted to save that for exclusive use on Marilyn.

With the maid securely in place and already squirming in her restraints, Tony slid his naked body behind and went to work on her. Tony fondled and probed her entire body, paying special attention to her orgasmic hot spots. The maid loved having her boobs squeezed and nipples pulled, squirming hard and moaning when he did. Tony marveled at how fast she climaxed when he fingered her clit. She wasn’t as loud as Marilyn when she climaxed, only groaning into her gag, but still enjoyed it very much. But where Carmen surpassed her Mistress was how quickly she could come again. Tony could make her almost come at will, only needing a mere moment to recover and rebuild. In hardly any time at all, the tied girl had come a half dozen times and show no signs of stopping.

While it was fun and kinky to make the helpless maid orgasm at command, Tony’s own needs were screaming for attention. Though Carmen was much shorter than he was, Tony was able to bend his knees enough and maneuvered himself between her spread legs to find her love tunnel with his throbbing cock. She was so wet from excitement, he easily slid in. Carmen moaned deeply as he filled her pussy, grunting and groaning as he pumped his cock into her over and over.

Tony continued to play with the bound maid, holding on to her breasts as he rammed into her again and again. It was fun to see her reflection in the mirror, the erotic faces she made and how her body bounced and bucked as he reamed her pussy good. Finally, he held onto the railing and fucked her wildly, using the banister to pull himself into her harder and deeper. Carmen climaxed again, this time crying out loudly just seconds before Tony called out, drove into her as deep as he could and blasted his load of cum into her. His orgasm felt great as he drained his entire load into her, still bucking his hips as he came.

Finally done and his balls drained, he pulled out and stood. Carmen was panting hard and softly groaning, telling Tony she thoroughly enjoyed the kinky sex. He slowly removed her gag and restraints, wishing he had more time with the Latin beauty. To his surprise, Carmen dropped to her knees and cleaned off his cock of any remaining sperm and getting him semi-hard in the process. Once clean, Tony dressed as did Carmen, though short her panties, while Tony collected up his gear.

It was a little past 1 when Carmen, all smiles and glowing with content, led him back to the door. On a table, an envelope was waiting for him. The envelope contained two $100 bills, one for his professional services, the other serving as a generous tip. There was a hand written note as well.

“Don’t take this as an insult, loverboy, just extra incentive for next week, same time. Marilyn.”

Tony pocketed the cash and gave the maid a little smile. The maid curtsied and opened the door for him. “You were amazing.” She dare whispered as he passed by. He wasn’t sure if she meant it or was instructed to say it, but he hoped he’d have another chance at her some day too.

Marilyn came to the club as usual the following day, making another fantastic entrance and looking stunning in ruby red bodysuit, acting like nothing had happened. She didn’t flirt like she always did during the workout, which made Tony wonder if something was wrong. It was when the session was over that Marilyn finally gave him some feedback.

“My schedule is clear on Tuesday, if you wish to continue our training.” She whispered to him.

On Tuesday, Marilyn was dressed in a black bodysuit, 5” stiletto pumps and white spandex tights. In the fitness room, Tony tied her stretched out long and tight on the bench, with her hands above her head and feet together and her mouth stuffed with the large red ball gag. Tony spent over an hour teasing and probing her till he finally let her orgasm. Marilyn bucked and struggled as Tony made her climax three times before she was released.

But they were not alone, for Carmen was with them, tied with her back to the mirror wall, arms and feet spread apart but fully dressed and gagged with a black harness ball gag that Marilyn provided. She was being punished by her Mistress for some infraction, so she was only to watch and not participate. Carmen watched in frustration as her Mistress got all the attention, especially when Tony had Marilyn tied face down and bent over the bench, driving into her from behind till he blasted his massive orgasm into her.

When done, Marilyn turned the tables on her captor, tying him naked to a piece of equipment. She spent several minutes teasing him with her spandex covered body, making him groan into his tape gag till his cock was hard again. Carmen was removed from her observation post and placed kneeling bound before Tony, expertly sucking his cock while Marilyn, stripped down to her sky high heels, played with herself to orgasm watching the maid frustrate Tony.

When Marilyn was satisfied, the maid was freed from her bondage so she could tie up her Mistress. Marilyn was bound with her hands and arms tightly tied behind her back and gagged her with strips of black tape. Standing before Tony, Marilyn wrapped one leg around him while the maid guided his throbbing cock into her hot pussy. The tied twosome screwed standing up, both grunting and groaning as Marilyn humped the tied fitness instructor till he came. After Marilyn extracted herself, Carmen dutifully cleaned off his limp cock with her mouth before she untied Marilyn and then Tony. Then Marilyn and Tony tied the maid into a tight ball tie and ball gagged her again. Tony left a short time later with $300 in his pocket, wondering what else Marilyn had planned for the sexy little maid.

His trips to the Wainwright estate became monthly ones. Marilyn said that doing it more than that would cause it to become routine and dull, which Tony worked hard to never become the case. Tony had plenty of surprises and ways to tie up the lady of the house and satisfy her to keep in favor with her. Rarely did Carmen join them again, but Tony got in his opportunities with the hot Latin beauty, even getting invited to the estate to spend a weekend in kinky fun with the sexy servant when the Wainwright’s were out of town.

And with Marilyn’s help, Tony was making a real business for himself. She told some of her frustrated yet more desirable lady friends about Tony and his unique training skills. At least twice a week, he was at the home of a wealthy and attractive woman, placing her into the tightest of bondage and delightfully teasing her with sexually torments and pleasures before she served his needs or was impaled by his elongated manhood, leaving her content and him with plenty of cash in his pocket for his efforts. Soon he made more money doing the erotic side business than working at the club, and the benefits and perks were far more enjoyable.

But Mrs. Marilyn Wainwright kept held a spell over Tony and was the one he got most excited about seeing, her haunting affect still on him. Marylyn knew it and used it to her advantage, cultivating it for her own personal pleasures that she could not find anywhere else.