New Part of Town

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2011 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; capture; bond; armbinder; leather; straps; bdsm; oral; climax; nc; XX

It’s not a nice feeling to realise that you haven’t got arms or legs anymore, but it’s a feeling I have just discovered and I do not like it one little bit. And the reasons for my torment are standing over me with cruel smiles on their lips.

I’m a big girl. I stand over six feet tall and I work out, and these two cannot stand taller than four foot six, but they have taken control of me. It all started as a game, a silly little game really. A game I entered it with my eyes wide open and now things have got out of hand.

They are twins. Slender black girls both, with long black hair and big brown eyes that glowed with the potential of terrible cruelty. They did not look a day over their young teens, but I know now they are much, much older.

When I had arrived at this house in a good part of town as their childminder they had taken me in unsuspecting in their baggy sweatpants and loose tops over scuffed trainers.

Now they are clad in tight boots with spindly heels, black leather hotpants that might have been sprayed on and tightly laced black basques that forced their breasts up and out in a manner that would make any man tremble with lust. Only their thoughts were not turned towards men, they were turned towards me.

Both them are tapping the end of a riding crop on their palms and looking down at me. Yes, that’s right, looking down at me. I’m down here on the floor and I just tried to get up. And I cannot. All I managed with a sort of a shiver when I found out what it must feel like to me a paraplegic. I no longer have the use of my arms or my legs. I am trapped. Trapped and helpless.

They had still been wearing their baggy outfits when they found me examining a pile of leatherwork apparently discarded by their parents before they went out and helpfully told me what they knew about their parents ‘naughty’ games and showed me how that glove with the straps worked.

And like a fool I allowed them to move my arms behind my back and slip my unresisting hands into that glove. I actually moved my hands so they would get the laces tied better, and before I knew it there were straps tightened about my wrists, elbows and upper arms and I had lost the use of my arms.

They were laughing at me as I twisted about trying to get the thing off of me, and as I paused for a moment four hands darted in and fastened the collar about my neck.

I swore at them. I admit it, I swore like a trooper and demanded they get this thing off of me, and they just laughed at me again. Then, as I watched, they peeled off their baggy clothes and slowly emerged as the leather clad dominants they were now presenting themselves as.

As I fought the leather embrace of that monoglove they told me how they liked to work. As they looked so young they liked to book babysitters and childminders to lure them into their clutches. Then they captured them for their own pleasure. And hey, look what they’d caught this time. A nice big strapping blue-eyed blonde for them to play with.

At that moment the phone rang and I lunged for it. My legs are long and I can move fast but there were two of them and one of them tripped me before I could get close to my ringing salvation and I sprawled on that richly carpeted floor.

I was winded and panting as those four eager hands helped me back up onto my knees, rocking me back onto my haunches. There had been other scraps of leather on the bed, and I felt them under my ankles as I made a start to regain my feet. I half heard the rasp of leather running through buckles and felt a pressure on my ankles before I realised my fate.

I started to move, stretching my long legs to rise and tower over them, and nothing happened. My legs refused to obey my commands. I could feel my muscles straining , but just like my arms they refused to obey my brain.

I looked down and soon found out why. Wide leather straps had been slipped under my ankles and pulled tight, tucking my ankles tight up against my thighs making my legs their prisoners. I was trapped on my knees and quite, quite helpless.

The twins were watching me and laughing as they saw me trying to figure out what had happened, then laughing even louder as I tried to get out of my bondage. But when your arms have been reduced to a solid column up your back and your legs might as well be cut off at the hips it is a lost fight and they knew it.

One stepped forwards and thrust her hips into my face. I could smell her through the tight leather of her shorts and in a terrible moment I knew what was expected of me. I felt hands against the back of my head and my face was thrust forwards until it was tight up against her.

I puckered my lips and kissed her hard through those leather hotpants, working my lips against the hide in a desperate attempt to win my freedom.

I heard the sound of the zip, and moments later my lips were pressed up against her shaven womanhood and I was licking for all I was worth. I could taste her arousal and as I plunged inwards I only half-felt other hands ripping away my top and rough fingers tweaking my treacherously erect nipples.

I heard and tasted her orgasm, and for a moment I could gulp in fresh air. I threw back my head and revelled in the freedom for long seconds before more hands grabbed the back of my head and hauled my head forwards into intimate contact with a fresh womanhood. The twin.

Orgasm followed orgasm as they took their turns at using my face and tongue for their pleasure. The feeling in my arms and legs had long-since faded by the time they had tired of me and left me a panting, kneeling wreck in the middle of that vast bedroom.

“I’m bored with her” one of the twins stated from where they perched on the bed “Shall we play with another of the toys ?”

Another of the toys? I thought desperately. Did this mean there were more childminders trapped in the house ? Maybe one of them would be able to set me free.

“Lets go and get Helga” said the other twin “It’s been a while since she got any exercise”

The first twin laughed nastily and they swayed out of the room arm in arm leaving me to contemplate my fate. Even if I had been able to get those straps off I knew there was no hope of getting away. My limbs were numb and would not be able to support my weight for quite some time.

I heard sounds outside the door and moments later it burst open to peels of girlish laughter and the crack of a whip. Then Helga entered the room.

If anything she was in a worse situation than I was. Straps had made prisoners of both her arms and legs. Her wrists strapped back up against her shoulders and her ankles up against her thighs just like mine, only she had been rolled over onto her front and was now being forced to walk on her elbows and knees like some strange amputee.

She looked up as she came through the door and our eyes met across the room. There were tears in hers as the twins drove her on with liberal use of their riding crops.

One of the twins was perched on her back like a child riding a pony, and every time Helga’s meaty frame halted she slashed her whip across Helga’s generous naked flanks to drive her onwards.

Helga was whimpering, but that was all she could so as her head was swathed in what could only be called a human bridle. I could make out a cruel metal bit pulled deep into her mouth, and there were reins on either side so the twin on her back could guide her.

As I watched in horror she rode Helga around the room in a slow, lumbering lap. I could hear Helga’s soft sounds of pain and fear as she was whipped and tormented by those two terrible twins.

Eventually they tired and tied Helga’s reins to a post of the vast four-poster bed and turned their attentions back to me. Now it was my turn to cry as I heard again the rasp of a zip and my vision was filled with a shaved vision in dark flesh. I felt my tongue extending of it’s own accord and touch the velvety softness of her sex and somewhere in the distance I heard the soft sound of her pleasure at my caress. And as I allowed my mind to drift away I wondered how long Helga had been their plaything, and where I went from here.

After all, there had been loads of rooms in that big house I had not seen inside and who knew what little secrets they might be hiding.