New in Town

by Ashley

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© Copyright 2013 - Ashley - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; lingerie; stockings; office; bar; drunk; bond; cuffs; gag; toys; insert; les; oral; climax; cons; X

My name is Ashley and I just finished college in Boston with a degree in finance and moved to Austin, Texas to take a job in the banking industry. After unpacking all week, getting settled in to my apartment and all of the b/s of the first week on the job I sure was ready to party and let loose this weekend. Not really knowing anybody in town I started chatting up Lauren who works in our office, she was a few years older than me maybe 27 but was a real beauty about 5 foot 6 brunette, big tits and great long legs.

Lauren was a university of texas grad just down the street from our office and knew where all the good bars were and said she would show me around this weekend. So we made plans to go out on Friday night after work and the more I thought about it the more excited I became, so I decided to treat myself to a new outfit. First of all I hit the Fredericks of Hollywood website to get some new lingerie consisting of a new black satin bra size 36d with matching thong and just because I was feeling naughty I got the garter belt and silky stockings too. The party dress that I found was solid red and really hugged my body tight I would finish my outfit with a new pair of 5 inch knockout stilletos. The next day at the office I told Lauren about my new dress and high heels, she was jealous and was now going shopping after work.

Friday finally arrived and I could not wait to go out that night, after much thought I finally decided to just wear my new outfit to work that day, even though I may get in trouble with the boss. I started prepping early that morning by waxing my long legs, I have always received many compliments on my legs because I played volleyball in college and always kept in great shape. I also waxed my pussy due to the extra smooth and sexy feeling it gives me next to my panties. Now was time to dress, first came the new bra which fit like a glove and pushed my tits up and in for extra cleavage, next was the thong which barely covered my pussy and went up my ass crack for that no panty lines look that men just love.

I then rolled up one silk stocking at a time over my smooth long legs and to me nothing feels sexier than that. To finish the look I put the garter belt on and hooked all four clasps to the stocking tops. Moving on to makeup I put on some light blush, red lipstick, dark eye shadow and long sexy eyelashes, I brushed my long blond hair, sprayed on perfume in all the right places and was almost ready. Sliping on my 5 inch stiletos I then walked to my full length mirror and admired the sexy hourglass figure that was staring back at me. Getting into my dress was a bit difficult due to the way it hugged my body like a second skin but was worth the effort, I looked unbelievable in it, as I looked in the mirror one last time I knew that somebody tonight was going to treat me like the little slut that I am.

When I arrived at work I could feel people staring at me both men and women but I did not care because I felt so sexy, the way my heels made my nice ass sway back and forth, the way my lingerie felt against my skin as I walked, my thong shoved in my ass and freshly waxed pussy was making me hornier by the minute. At one point I knocked papers off my desk on purpose so that I could bend over to pick them up and give everybody a show of my stocking tops. When I saw Lauren that morning I almost lost my breath, she did go shopping alright. she was wearing a black "business suit" with a really short and tight skirt with blouse and high heels, she came by my desk and asked if I was ready to party tonight and then gave me a wink. I knew that if I did not find a man tonight that Lauren would do.

As the work day came to a close we skipped out early and took Lauren's car to sixth street where a lot of bars are and found an irish pub to start the night off. After a couple of beers the shots of jameson started, next came a martini bar and then a night club. By the time we made it to the night club and started dancing with some guys my head was starting to spin. Lauren and I started to grind on each other and started to make out in the club, by midnight it was time for us to go but Lauren did not know where I lived so she suggested that we head to her place. By the time we arrived at her place I was ready to pass out, the last thing I remembered was getting onto her bed.

As I awoke a few hours later I was startled to the fact that I could not move, as my blurred vison improved I could see my reflection from a ceiling mirror over the bed, I was still in my bra, thong, stockings, garterbelt and heels but my party dress was gone. I was now tied down to a strangers bed spread eagle with leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles with a gag shoved in my mouth. I must admit that even though I was scared I looked amazing, like a porn star ready for action. In the past with former lovers I had fooled around with handcuffs but nothing like this before, as I lay there I wondered what happened last night, what happened to Lauren? Did she do this to me or somebody else and was I here all by myself?

A few minutes later I heard what sounded like heels walking up the stairs toward the bedroom, at this point I was really frightened not knowing who was coming my way and then I saw Lauren enter the room, what she was wearing was stunning, starting with thigh high glossy black boots on top of what looked like at least 6 inch heels, a matching corset that was laced to give her a hour-glass figure and half cups so that half of her tits and nipples were exposed and to top it off a sexy choker collar around her neck. She came over and sat down next to me on the bed and started to discuss our conversation at the club most of which I did not remember due to all of the drinks. She told me that I said I wanted to get laid tonight at any cost but that all of the guys we met were complete losers, and that I would be up for sleeping with a woman, she also said that I wanted to be dominated.

With that in mind Lauren said that I now belonged to her for the rest of the weekend until we went back to work Monday morning, I felt a lump in my throat grow as she said this. She then climbed on top of me, took the gag out of my mouth and as I tried to speak she shoved her pussy in my face and said, "Get to work slut!"

I did as I was told and started eating her out, to my surprise Lauren was also waxed as clean as me, her smooth thighs felt great around my head as she grinded against my tongue, I could also feel and smell the pvc boots and corset, and watched her nice big tits as they bounced with her rythmn. Being tied down to her bed and being forced to eat her hot pussy was almost enough to make me come right there, I began to see beads of sweat forming on both of our bodies. As I brought her to orgasm she shot a steamy load of cum into my mouth and face and I licked every last drop of it, she then collapsed on top me for a few minutes while she regained herself.

Lauren then pulled out two huge double dongs one side was about 7 inches, the other side about 12 and thicker. She started stuffing one 12 inch end into my already well lubed pussy and the other dongs 7 inch end in my mouth. Then got into a 69 position turned on the vibes and we started going at each other like wild animals, I watched her pussy ride the huge cock while I sucked the other end and I fucked the big monster shoved in my pussy. Within minutes of fucking each other and watching her amazing body in the mirror and my body tied to the bed stretched to its limits I had an orgasm like no other. Lauren came for the second time and we laid there totally spent. As I dozed off I wondered what she had in store for me the rest of the weekend.

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