The New House Rules 5

by Cshiny

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Storycodes: FF/f; naked; slaves; collar; gag; objectify; bond; tape; cartrunk; transport; tease; denial; cons; X

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Chapter 5

The Saturday morning sun wakes me up first. I am pinned under Taylor’s leg, but squirm loose without waking her. On my tiptoes I slip out of the room and find the shower. It is long and hot and I might have washed the sex off my body, but my mind wanders to last night’s events and my pussy is soaked by the time I towel off. I wrap the towel around me and go to get a cup of coffee.

Tara is up next and she comes into the kitchen stark naked with her wet blond hair spiralled behind her head. Apparently we were not doing clothing anymore, which I know I am very much down with. I will ditch this towel the second I was near a laundry basket.

She smiles at me.

“Good morning, sunshine.”

I am sipping my coffee but make some silly little eyebrow movement to acknowledge her. ‘You are such a nerd, why the hell did you just do that with your eyebrows?’, I think to myself. That sure seemed a lot cuter in my head than it must have looked to see. Am I getting nervous around her? Oh my God, is this how guys feel when they like a pretty girl? Do I like her like that? Why am I thinking of myself as the guy in this situation? Then I relax and tell myself, ‘calm yourself Jill, she is hot, but so are you. Don’t be a spaz. And, oh yea, you are straight. ish...’’

I lower the coffee.

“Morning Tara, I like your outfit.”

She smiles again.

“This is what happens when your Mastercard is declined at the mall.”

“You should be careful being naked around here. You might get tied up again.”

“If that is the case, I may never wear clothing again.”

“I think that was one of items on Taylor’s slave contract, no clothing.”

“Awesome, I am all ready to go then.”

Taylor’s ears must have been burning, she rounds the corner into the kitchen. She is wearing a black sports bra and stretchy pink cropped workout pants. It must be time for yoga.

“Are you two ready for some slave training?”

She must be feeling dominant again. My stomach is immediately twisted with that turned on nervous feeling. Tara and I just look at each other. She was grinning like an idiot, a hot sexy idiot.

Taylor is really in dom mode. She does not even wait for an answer.

“Jill, stand up and take off that towel.”

I put down my coffee and stand up, pushing out the chair. I free the towel and let it drop to the floor. I have never felt so naked or as on display. Well, at least on a Saturday, this week. OK, maybe it is just par for the course now.

“Follow me ladies.”

We walk behind Taylor to the living room and its soft carpet.

“Over here, kneel down, side by side. Close but not touching.”

I walk in front of Taylor and drop to my knees. I was not sure what Taylor wants me to do with my hands, she had not given any instructions, so I just let them dangle beside me. Tara drops down about three feet to my right. She either followed my lead or just had the same instinct and leaves her hands at her sides.

“Spread your knees shoulder width. Cross your wrists behind your back. Cross your ankles. Lower your heads.”

We both meekly comply. I am a little pissed about having to leave my delicious cup of coffee, but my pussy is making the decisions for my skinny little ass, it overrides my mind’s weak protests. I am staring down at my B cups and the carpet below me.

“I expect both of you to learn all of my rules. Every time you disobey, I am going to mark you with this. Look up.”

We both look up to see a red sharpie in her hand.

“Heads back down. For each mark, you are going to get five lashes of a whip when I decide to punish you. At least for this weekend. I will use any punishments I deem fit, and both of you will thank me when after I am done administering it. Understand?”

We both reply, “yes mistress.”

“The first rule is that no speaking is allowed with a only few exceptions. You may answer any question with a yes mistress or no mistress. If I ask you a question that requires more words, you can respond, but I expect you to keep your replies to the point and end the sentence with mistress. At some point I will allow both of you to ask questions and speak, but you will have to earn that privilege. Do you understand?”

We both reply, “yes mistress” again.

Taylor walks behind me and pushes a ball to my lips. I slowly open them to accept it. She pushes it between my teeth, then pushes my head down a little more, buckling the strap tightly behind my head. With my peripheral vision I can see her repeat the process on Tara.

“To help you two learn this lesson, you are going to be gagged for the most of the weekend.”

We both groan under our gags.

“There will be no more of that. If I hear you two whine about my rules or training techniques, you will earn a mark.”

Taylor starts walking around us, like a predator surveying her quarry.

“The second rule is that, as my slaves, your pussies do not belong to you. If I catch you touching them without permission, you will earn at least five marks. They are forbidden real estate unless you have my permission. Understand?”

We both sound pathetic and sad but still mumble unintelligibly, “yes mistress.”

Taylor again walks behind me. She gathers up my long dark hair and pushes it over my shoulder. I can feel her press a collar to my neck. She gently buckles it closed. I can hear a small lock snap shut. The cold steel ring on the front of it presses against the top of my chest. Tara gets the same inch thick leather collar locked around her throat.

“The third rule is that when the collars are locked on, you are my slaves. I expect you to continue to obey me until I release you. You will not be making the choice of when this happens. Am I clear?”

“Yes mistress”, we reply in unison. Our voices muffled by the gags.

“The fourth rule is that when your arms are not tied, you are expected to keep your wrists crossed behind you. Do you understand?”

We grumble out more pathetic sounding responses.

“This is just a start, there will be plenty of other rules. You two will learn each and every one of them. Now stand up and follow me.”

My stomach is in knots by the time this conversation was over. Being spoken to like this was the best kind of wrong. I feel demeaned and objectified. Why on earth do I love this and why is my pussy throbbing for attention? If I did not have this gag jammed between my lips, I might smile.

* * * *

Tara was taking a hot shower. The room was starting to fill with steam. I turn my head sideways to look at Tara. She sits there, ass on the floor, tied up on the shower mat. Her legs are crossed, so that her lower legs are parallel to each other. The bindings holding her legs together are tied to a rope that circles around her waist above her hips. There will be no standing or uncrossing her legs. Her forearms are tied together, pressed against each other in front of her. This presses her elbows to her stomach and causes her cute little boobs to spill out over her arms. The rope is one giant spiral covering from elbow to the wrist. Between her tied hands she holds a bottle of body wash. The string handle from a green shower puff is clenched between her teeth and puff dangles from her chin. I try to hold my head to the side, but my neck cramps and lower it back down to see my tied knees.

Our little journey into sharing BDSM with each other is exposing all of our dark secrets. We have been learning quickly that Taylor has a fetish for turning us into functional little bound objects. I try to pull my arms down, but they did not budge. I moan into my gag. Taylor tied my wrists together tightly behind my back. I was then moved under a towel rack. My knees were tied together next. Then a rope around my wrists was passed over the towel rack. This rope was pulled until I was bending over ninety degrees at the waist, my chest parallel with the floor. My arms were pulled up ninety degrees from my back so that my hands brushed the towel bar. The end of this rope passed between my ass, and was tied off at the back of my knees. Another rope was tied around the ring in my collar and then to the front of my knees. A wash cloth is now pressed between my teeth, and a towel draped over my back. Tara is the soap dish, I am the towel rack. What a strange new world I am in. I feel pretty bendy, but Taylor’s shower is dragging and my shoulders are throbbing with pain. I can also feel drool forming around the corners of the gag and dribbling to the floor.

My moaning does not seem to prompt Taylor to hurry up. Ten minutes or so later, maybe longer, I can’t really tell, she dries herself off using the towel draped over me. She is kind enough to drop it back on me, but wet this time. She walks out of the room. Tara turns her head towards me, the wet puff still pressed between her lips. She flashes me a look of concern. I try to mumble an “I am OK” though the gag, and I guess she understands me. She smiles, string and all, and then turns back towards the shower. I lower my head back down and my dark hair blocks out everything except a small area on the floor, directly under me. I stare down and try to focus on the grout between the tiles. Taylor walks back in.

“Of course I can swing by.”

“No really, it is no trouble. I want you guys to have the first look at it. It really is a great house.”

“OK, see you in an hour.”

She presses the button on her phone and looks down at us.

“I need to get you two packed to go.”

A few minutes later, I am in the living room. Taylor had dragged me out here, naked, my wrists still tied behind me. She stood me in the middle of the room and produced a roll of duct tape. She started at my ankles, rolling it around them until there was a perfect circle around them. Then a layer at my calves. Below and above my knees. Over my thighs. I was wobbling at this point. Taylor then released my hands and taped my wrists together. When she was finished with this, she had me ball my fists and press them together. They were cocooned in a thick layer of tape, fingers useless to even attempt to free me. She then made more layers of tape around me, pinning my arms to by body as she went. At my hips. Over my stomach. Below my breasts. Then right over my breasts, mashing them flat under the tape. A few strips secured the ball in my mouth even tighter. When she was satisfied with my utter helplessness, she carefully lowered me to the ground. Now, I am staring up at the ceiling and, at best, can bend my body a little bit and wiggle my feet.

“Don’t even think about rolling off your back.”

I watch as Taylor repeats the process on Tara. It is sexy to watch her little toned body disappear under layers of tape. When finished, she lays her down beside me, our arms touching. Taylor then disappears to get herself ready.

Taylor picks me up by the shoulders and makes me hop in front of her to the garage. My little boobs mercifully not bouncing because of the tape pressing them down. The garage floor is cold. The back of her SUV is open and the interior lights have illuminated my soon to be prison. I groan, but she just pushes me hopping forward.

Once to the edge of the bumper. I put my ass to the edge of the car. She pushes me back onto the rough carpet and swings my legs into the truck. My legs are bent at the knees to fit in the cargo area sideways. I can feel the tight bands of tape squeeze into me. She leans down and kisses me on the nose and disappears back into the house. When she returns, Tara is hopping like a blonde bunny towards the truck. Forced along by Taylor’s prodding. She makes it to the truck and is roughly shoved in beside me. Taylor grabs the luggage cover and pulls it closed. Hiding us from view.

“You two better hope my client does not want to ride along to another property or ten.”

After a very rough ride, we arrive at the property. Taylor turns off the engine and exits the car without so much as a word. Tara and I are left in darkness, only a small beam of light slipping in from the edge of the cargo cover. I squirm furiously against the tape. I can’t budge it in the slightest. I of course am beyond turned on. There is no way I could feel more helpless than right now, and it is a giant fucking finger pressing on my giant fucking trigger. My squirming becomes more a desperate sexual frustration. I shake my head and then blow air from my nose. Tara is laying quietly beside me, her head is turned. She is looking at me. I lean my head towards her and meet her eyes. We look at each other intently for a second. Then I turn my head back up. I feel flushed and embarrassed.

It really wrecks my turn on. I find myself back in my head. Wondering what I am going to do about this goddess beside me. At best either of us is situationally gay, probably because we have no dick handy at the moment. Then I wonder if she feels the same way. My thoughts wander to taking a girlfriend home to meet the parents, and then have to tell them we are both sexually submissive. Well, I guess I only am part time. Even if it does not feel like it right now. Holy fuck, I hope to never have that conversation. Why am I thinking about this nonsense? If I have to date a girl, it is going to be in a full time threesome with a guy. I squirm against the tape again. No luck.

Minutes slowly pass. Tara and I softly breathe in and out in the darkness. I feel her warm skin pressed against me. We become slick and sweaty where are bodies are touching. I press my knees against hers.

After what seems an eternity, Taylor gets back in the car. She starts the engine and we pull away.

“Are you girls OK?”

We moan “yes mistress” into our gagged mouths.

“Glad to hear.”

She is quiet for a minute.

“I have been thinking. And this is totally up to both of you. Not being dominant right now.”

I can tell she is trying to find the right words with her pause.

“You know my friend Wil?”

I shout “handcuff marks” under my gag. Tara makes a muffled laugh beside me.

“Yes, he has handcuffs. He is a cop. Smartass.”

She pauses again.

“I told him what we have been doing. He freaked out. The guy is really excited. And he has been begging to see us tied up. And you two are pretty tied and so sexy right now. Can I stop by and let him see you? Please.”

Tara and I turn our heads at each other again. Our eyes wide.

Tara is amazingly clear when a “hell yea” rolls out of her gagged and taped mouth.

“Jill, what about you?”

I feel panic in my stomach. I almost wish Taylor had just not asked and had driven there, so I did not have to make this choice. I breath in heavily and find my courage. Then let out a muffled word that sounds like “Sure.”

“Are you sure?”

I mumble out a “yes.”

She squeals in delight. Then I can hear her dig for her phone. She is quiet for a second then starts her evil phone call.

“Wil, want to see something really sexy?”

“Oh yea, Tara and Jill. I have then trussed up in the back of my truck.”

“I am serious. They are birthday suit naked and tied up with duct tape.”

“No, I am not lying. I am driving your way now.”

“Absolutely not, I will cut your balls off in your sleep and feed them to you if you lay a finger on either of them. They are all mine today. I might let you fuck me while they watch though.”

“Yes, they know I am bringing them for you to see.”

“Cause I asked them dumbass.”

“Yes, I will be there in a like five minutes. I am not speeding.”

“Bye you.”

She jiggles around her purse again and then continues to drive.

“Thanks ladies.”

* * * *

My heart almost stops as I feel the SUV slow down and Taylor signal her turn. We bump down the drive and then come to a stop. She turns off the engine and opens her door. Wil’s familiar voice greets her.

Tara and I listen as her voice trails around the side of the SUV and arrives at the back. She clicks the handle and the glass on the gate swooshes open. Her fingers grab the edge of the luggage cover and our nakedness is bathed in light.

I blink my eyes and look up at Taylor and Wil staring down at us. His mop of blonde hair is messed up in the fun way on his head. He looks at us wide eyed. Tara and I don’t even breath. I can feel her flushing red beside me.

“Holy fuck.”

Taylor squeezes her arm around his.


He smiles at us.

“How are you ladies doing?”

I narrow my eyes at him.

He smiles again. I watch him move his eyes up and down our naked bodies. Drinking in every tiny inch from our painted toes, to shaved pussies, to delicate bound shoulders.

“Why on earth did you tape down their tits?”

“I had to leave something to the imagination.”

“You know I can see their pussies, right?”

“I don’t want to leave everything to the imagination.”

“Do you know how mean it is to bring sexy naked and bound women over to a guy’s house and say they are off limits?”

“Yes, and I like it that way. If you are really sweet to them, maybe they will agree to letting you tie all three of us down and have your way with us. Someday.”

“Oh my, I think I just ruined my pants. Are you sure we can’t do that today?”

I watch Wil look at my crotch again.

“No, no chance. Soon though.”

He makes a sad face at her. She leans forward and kisses him.

“Tell you what. Lets put them on your sofa and let them watch while you rip my clothes off and fuck me senseless.”

“Fuck me. This is the best day ever.”

“No, you are fucking me.”

He smiles.

“So why are we not dating?”

“My dad the cop told me to never date cops.”

“Oh well. At least you like fucking cops.”

“Only if you have your handcuffs around.”

“Always do.”

“Good. Now lets gets get this truck in your garage. I need unload these two.”

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