A New Experience

by Logan Andrews

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© Copyright 2015 - Logan Andrews - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; FF/m; D/s; collar; bond; shave; cd; toys; insert; rope; bdsm; spank; strapon; oral; anal; sex; denial; climax; cons; X

Logan turned the knob and let himself into the house. He called out his greetings as he normally did. “In here, Sir!” came back to him from the living room. Placing his bags down near the door, he made his way towards the voice that answered him. “How was your day, My Lord?” His dear Elle was seated in one of the recliners, stretched out. She dropped the foot rest as he entered the room. He crossed over to her and leaned down for his kiss. Her tongue played across his lips and teeth, briefly, but thoroughly exploring his mouth, as he returned in kind.

Elle wasn’t his, or rather theirs, since Logan and his wife were both switches and thus both could Dom Elle at the same time. But Elle had no other place to be, and was unable to move in with her Daddy Dom at this time. So Elle lived with the couple, who had play rights with her. Logan mostly since Dawn wasn’t into women. But Dawn did make use of Elle domestically, helping the young woman prepare for when she ran her own household.

“Not bad,” he answered the girl as they separated. “Believe it or not I actually got flashed on the road today. A whole car of women went by and they slowed down while passing me. As I looked, all but the driver lifted their shirts. Serious lack of bra-age in that car.”

“Jealous!” Elle answered him. She rose from the chair as he turned and started looking around.

“Is your Lady upstairs? The Gryphon was in the drive. For that matter where is Allen?”

“Oh, Jim came by and got Allen. We’ve got the whole weekend to ourselves, the three of us.” Elle gave one of her little trills as she turned Logan around and kissed him fully on the mouth, pulling him close to her. Logan leaned into that kiss.

Just about the moment that he realized his ward had failed to answer the question of where his wife was, teeth clamped down where his neck met his shoulder. Hard! He let out a cry, as he fought briefly, but Elle had clamped her hands down on his arms, pinning them to his sides. The pressure continued as he slowly sank to his knees, guided by Elle and the person behind him. Steady mewling/whimpering sounds fell from his open mouth as the pressure let up only slightly. His eyes were closed as thomas took over control of the body. Or rather as he was forced into the primary position.

His arms were released by Elle who moved off somewhere. Moments later, he felt her stepping back up to him and then felt his collar touch the front of his neck. As the collar moved along the sides, the teeth released him and the collar continued smoothly around until the ends met in the back. thomas then felt and heard the click of the lock, that not only locked the collar in place but him in the body.

“Well now, my little one, it’s been too long since I’ve played with you,” Mistress Dawnsfire cooed in his ear. “And thanks to my other toy here, and her recent visit to that club, I have some new ideas I am looking forward to trying on you.” The strict and playfully threatening tone in her voice was already getting thomas hard. His pants seemed too tight. Mistress seemed to sense this as well. “Elle, stand him up and strip him, completely.”

“Yes, My Lady.” Elle reached down and slipped her fingers through the underside of the front of the collar, grabbing hold of it. She lifted up, the top of her fist slowly pushing up on thomas’ chin forcing him out of the kneeling position and to his feet, his head forced back the entire time. Once standing Elle released the grip on his collar and knelt back down. Lifting his feet one at a time, she removed his shoes and socks. She then stood and pulled the bottom of the shirt from his waistband. Once all of it was cleared, she roughly and quickly pulled it up over his head. His head and arms moved as required by the shirt’s removal and then returned to their previous position of head bowed and hands clasped lightly in front of him. “Hands to the back of your neck,” Elle ordered, as she started to kneel again, hands on the belt buckle.

“Yes, Ma’am”

Elle quickly stood again and grabbed the collar once more, this time in an overhand clutch. “Our Lady has decided that I am to be the Alpha slave for this session, and you will address me properly as such, is that clear little boy?”

thomas swallowed hard and replied, “Yes, Alpha”

Nodding, Elle dropped back down and undid the buckle, the zipper and the button. Pulling his pants down to his ankles, she observed as his hardened cock sprang fourth, eager for all that awaited it. She had him step out of the pants and tossed them over with the shirt, a resounding thud sounded out as they hit the floor. She licked her lips as she took in his erection. “My Lady, may I have a ‘snack’ before we get started?”

Dawnsfire shook her head from where she was seated on the couch. “No little one. You will have to wait your turn as much as thomas has to.” Elle’s face dropped and her lower lip shifted out just slightly. In a meek voice, with just a touch of Brat in it, she replied, “Yes My Lady.”

“Put the cuffs on him,” Mistress commanded. Elle placed the wrist and ankle cuffs, that were lying nearby, on thomas. They had clips already attached.

“Lay down on the couch, thomas.” Mistress rose as she gave her order. thomas moved to the couch and stretched down upon it, wondering what was to befall him next. Dawnsfire took a large metal ring and slipped it over his balls until it was close up on the shaft. “now thomas, I want you to lay there and relax. I’m going to start Elle on some chores. When I return, you had better be soft, because that is what I need for the next step.” As she told him this she slipped a blindfold on over his eyes. “Come Elle.”

thomas heard the two women move off and go up the stairs. He tried to relax and empty his mind. He put himself in a state to take a nap. First off, who knew how long Mistress would be. Secondly it was the fastest way he knew to lose his erection. He must have dozed off because the next thing he knew was his now flaccid dick was being shoved through the ring, so that it now encircled the base of his whole cock. Whoever was doing it also worked some smaller rings over the ball sack, causing it to stretch away from his body some. Only three rings were added.

“Sit up,” Mistress commanded. He did so and was then helped to stand up, hands to either side of him. He was then guided to the bathroom. He knew where he was from the feel of the floor changing from the carpet to the tiling. thomas groaned as he suspected what was coming. Sure enough, he was helped into the tub and ordered to lay down.

Now Mistress Dawnsfire didn’t like watersports as a form of play. However, she also didn’t like certain types of clean-up after certain types of play if she could help it. So thomas tried to relax as the hose was inserted into him. The first flow of water was very warm, almost hot. Mistress may not like watersports as play, but she was certainly not above using what she had to do as further torment and teasing on poor thomas. As he laid there, water filling his guts, he felt tweezers slowly pulling out pubic hairs, one by one.

thomas was feeling rather full and thought he would start cramping soon, when Mistress said, “That should be about right.” The hose was removed as he was ordered to hold it. He was helped up and over to the toilet. He sat down and struggled to maintain the fluid within him, until told otherwise. At last he heard, from by the door, that he was allowed to release the water.

When he was sure he had gotten all of the fluid out and had cleaned himself off sufficiently, he opened the door to inform Mistress. She then repeated the procedure 4 more times. Sometimes she used hot water, other times it was cold water. thomas was glad that Mistress was respecting his preference for nothing freezing, although he did wonder if some of the water had once had ice in it and been allowed to sit at room temperature until it had all melted. Each time the procedure took a little longer as the water was able to work its way up further into his body. When the fifth time was over, Mistress was satisfied that she would not have to clean her toys, and more importantly, her sheets from anything worse than semen or lube.

thomas was then led upstairs and laid on the bed on his back. “My Lady,” he heard Elle say, “His legs are looking awfully hairy for the next part, don’t you think?”

“Hmmm, I believe you are right, little one. Go ahead and get the razor and make sure there is a fresh blade on it.” thomas heard Elle rush downstairs and return a few moments later. Mistress then proceeded to shave his legs clean, from his toes to his thighs, as well as between his legs. When she was satisfied that all was smooth, she had thomas stand, and his blindfold was removed.

Elle was now wearing only a skirt and a bra. Her collar was now on as were her ankle and wrist cuffs. Mistress Dawnsfire was in a tight black dress that barely covered her crotch region and ass. Elle was holding a corset and Mistress was holding hose. Mistress tossed the hose to thomas and ordered him to put them on.

thomas sat down to don the hose. They were net-like, but not fish-nets, with a latex garter belt built right in. The belt piece was tight going up over his hips, but they did, fitting snuggly.

“Now, Elle is going to work her magic, and give you actual cleavage.” Elle came close and ordered thomas to raise his arms. She put the corset on him and proceeded to tighten it up. When she was finished, it was feeling very snug indeed. And to his amazement, he somehow did seem to have cleavage.

Mistress then put on thomas a white frilly blouse, a short plaid skirt and some sandal like shoes with a two inch heel. The shoes had ankle straps that actually locked. And they were about half a size too small. Elle then went to work on make-up and hair for thomas. When she was done, the only thing ruining the image was the goatee. thomas was quite impressed, not to mentioned quite embarrassed.

Mistress then attached a small 6” wooden rod to the wrist cuffs. thomas’ hands were pretty much held in place in front of him. He had maybe a half inch of play on each hand, the length of the clip.

“Now Elle, you may have a treat. Sit on the floor in front of the bed, back against it.” Elle settled herself on the floor, legs open in a partial split. Mistress maneuvered thomas in front of her. “Lift the skirt up and tuck it in the waistband.” Elle did this in the front as Dawnsfire did so in the back. thomas’ genitals and ass were exposed. She then pushed forward and down on thomas’ back telling him to brace himself on the bed. Elle began to work on thomas’ now rigid cock.

Mistress, lubed up thomas’ asshole and the surrounding area. She then applied a generous amount to the small anal plug. When she applied pressure, the plug slid in quite easily. But she had expected it to. She maneuvered it in and out and moved it to all kinds of angles to help stretch out thomas’ hole. After all he had bigger things to take.

Once she felt that the small plug had stretched thomas as much as it could, she removed it and brought out the dildo. It was larger than the first plug but slightly smaller than the final object slated for insertion tonight. This too she lubed up quite generously. She pressed its tip to his anus and applied a low but steady pressure.

She listened to the change in thomas’ moans as she watched the dildo try to go in. As his moan changed she let up just a little and let the dildo slide back out all the way. Then she reapplied the pressure again, a little harder and making sure it went in a little further. Soon, the dildo slid all the way in and she held it there, fully inserted. It was a long dildo and thomas was full with it. Then Mistress began to fuck him with the dildo as she had with the small plug, including changing the angle to help stretch the anus more. She worked slowly at first. Then she fucked him with it faster and faster.

Soon she was pounding it into him and he was constantly crying out. Elle continued to feast on the boy’s cock. Then Mistress swatted Elle with a crop lightly, to get her attention. “HE is allowed to orgasm but do NOT let him cum, or it will be you I take it out on.” Elle gulped and replied, “Yes My Lady”. She felt around the base of the cock and found the urethral tube and pressed hard against it with her thumb. She then continued to lick and suck on the end of his dick.

thomas had long ago been trained to orgasm without ejaculating. Mostly Mistress would force additional orgasms on after the initial one in which he also came. It was a torture of sorts as he felt more pain than pleasure for a little while afterwards. Of course achieving an orgasm without cumming just wasn’t as satisfying and left him longing for the complete experience.

Mistress continued to ram thomas’ hole a few more times and ended it by the expedient move of simply pulling it completely on the backstroke. She discarded that for the medium butt plug. It briefly crossed her mind to wonder what the large must be like and then immediately discarded that thought with “I don’t think I want to know”.

She placed the tip against the abused hole and started applying a rhythmic pressure to it. She kept pushing and letting up with a steady pulse. Each time the plug got a little deeper. thomas was near sobbing, but nowhere near tears. Suddenly, between the pressure and the lube, the larger plug slipped in. thomas let out a gasp and then a sigh as the muscle tightened around the narrow base. “Straighten up,” his Mistress commanded.

He pushed himself off the bed, his cock pulling out of Elle’s mouth. She started to lean in to get more when Mistress tapped her lightly on the head. Elle looked around thomas’ leg, blinking innocently. Mistress gave her a knowing look and shook her head. Out came the lip again. “Ha-rumph!”

Dawnsfire, took a length of rope and folded it at its midpoint. She then wrapped it around his waist, running the ends through the fold. Pulling it the opposite direction, it cinched around his waist. She then wrapped it around the other way and drew the ends through the second bend, locking the rope in place so it wouldn’t tighten anymore. She then drew the rope down between his ass cheeks, and through his legs, handing it off to Elle. The girl took the ends, and as they planned, split them to go around either side of his cock. She crossed them over the top, back down across the bottom and joined them together again above his cock. She then slipped the rope ends under the loop around his waist, and tugged it back down. This pulled up at the base of his cock, digging in behind the metal ring. She then proceeded to wrap the cock base again, only in the opposite direction. Passing it through thomas’ legs again, she handed the ends off to Mistress. Dawnsfire took them and threaded them under the waist loop and tugged it down. Now thomas’ cock base was being pulled in two directions. Mistress tied off the ends. “There. That should make sure that plug doesn’t slip out. Now both of you downstairs.”

The two slaves rushed to make it down the stairs. They waited kneeling at the bottom of the stairs, knees together, palms resting on their thighs, heads bowed. Dawnsfire paused a moment as she reached the bottom to enjoy the view. “Dishes” was all she said, but it was more than enough. “Yes, Mistress/My Lady,” the two said in unison and got to their feet and moved quickly into the kitchen.

They were just about done cleaning and putting away all the dishes when there was a car door slam heard from outside the kitchen door. Elle, went out to the living room where Dawnsfire was working at the computer. “My Lady, I believe we have visitors. Should I take thomas upstairs?”

“No, dearling. I’m expecting them. Make sure you two greet them properly and then show them in here.”

“Yes, My Lady.” Elle turned on her heel and returned to the kitchen. She relayed the instructions to thomas and they both knelt, facing the back door, knees together, palms resting gently on them. They then waited for the visitors to enter. thomas was only slightly worried, as Mistress would not let anyone in to see him unless she knew she could trust them. Which left precious few people it could be.

The door opened and in stepped two people, a man and a woman. thomas did not recognize the latter and only the knowledge that his Mistress had said she was expecting more than one person, kept him in his place.

“Daddy!” Elle jumped to her feet and flung herself at her Daddy-Dom. He grabbed her up and hugged her tightly. “I wasn’t expecting you!”

“I arranged for him to be here today to take you away for the weekend,” Mistress Dawnsfire said from the doorway leading to the dining room. “You’ve been doing such a good job around the house that you merited a reward. So I arranged for Lady Nightshade to bring him here and she will let him use her car to take you away to whatever he has planned.”

“Get your things, little one” her Daddy said. Elle rushed out of the kitchen to her room to quickly pack.

Dawnsfire strode across the kitchen to give Lady Nightshade a hug. “I’m glad you could make it. I’m looking forward to what you can teach me.” She turned to thomas. “Little one, take Lady Nightshade to the living room and settle her in. Get her anything she wants.”

“Yes Mistress,” he answered and rose to his feet, indicating with his arm for the Lady to proceed him through the doorway. “This way please, Milady.” He took her to the living room and saw her settled on the couch. “May I get you anything, Milady?”

“Coffee, with Kaluha,” she said.

“Yes, Milady.” He returned to the kitchen narrowly avoiding being run over by Elle. He started preparing the coffee, while Elle said her good-byes. She gave Mistress Dawnsfire and big hug and kiss, gushing out her gratitude for her weekend away. thomas then paused long enough in his preparations to return the hug and kiss she gave him. When they left, Dawnsfire went to the living room to sit with her guest while thomas finished the drink.

He walked into the living room and up to Nightshade. Kneeling before her, head bowed, he offered up the steaming mug with both hands. “Your coffee, Milady.”

She took it from him, sipped it and nodded her approval. thomas, watching from just under his eyelids, smiled inwardly. It would not do to displease Mistress’ guest and he was happy to be able to prepare a drink correctly the first time for a new guest.

“thomas,” his Mistress spoke up. “Lady Nightshade is here to first and foremost teach me some new things. She is also here to do new things to you. You are to do everything she says. We’ve already discussed what your hard limits are and she will not violate them. If you balk at anything she tells you to do then you will be put away and not allowed to come out again for at least a month. Have I made myself clear?”

thomas gulped as he nodded. He worried about what these new things might be. He remained kneeling in front of the ladies as they talked. When Nightshade finished her drink, she handed the mug to thomas and let go without looking to see if he had gotten it. At least, not obviously. thomas was sure, as he took the cup from her, that she was testing him to see if he was being attentive. He caught his Mistress’ eye, who nodded, and then rose taking the cup back to the kitchen, cleaning it and putting it away. He returned to find Dawnsfire and Nightshade in the doorway between the living room and dining room. “Don’t bother to kneel, little one. Bedroom.” His Mistress said. He preceded the women to the bedroom, kneeling in front of the bed.

From out of the closet, Mistress pulled a bag thomas had never seen before. Nightshade, meanwhile grabbed his collar and hauled him to his feet. The Lady was strikingly beautiful.

“Now little boy, we’re going to have some fun with you, your Mistress and I,” Nightshade purred. She tossed him towards the bed and he landed on his side. “All fours, facing me!” she commanded. Meanwhile, Dawnsfire was pulling out rope from the bag, while thomas complied.

Each of the women took a wrist and wrapped a short length of rope around them, forming short gauntlets. Then they took his hands and pulled them behind his legs. His head was now on the mattress. Nightshade took another short length of rope and slipped it between one gauntlet and the wrist and repeated the step with the other. “See, if you run them like this, then you can tie the wrists at any length apart. So if he is having arm or shoulder problems, you can give him more slack and still keep him bound, or you can go tighter if he can take it.”

Nightshade grabbed his hair and hauled his head up while Dawnsfire forced a ballgag into his mouth. She buckled it behind his head, and then Nightshade dropped it back on the bed, with a slight shove. They pulled the skirt up and over his ass, exposing his plugged rear. They started with their hands and spanked him, turning his cheeks to a bright red. Moans of pleasure and pain escaped from around the ball gag. Nightshade looked at Dawnsfire and said, “Sounds like he said ‘Is that all you got?’ to me.”

As thomas tried to protest his innocence, Dawnsfire said, “Well then I guess we’ll just have to up the ante.” And out came a crop and a flogger. The women took turns working over his back and ass. By the time they were done thomas was practically glowing red. “I think he’s had enough fun for now. How about we take some pleasure of our own?” his Mistress asked her new companion.

Both women walk to stand in front of the bed. They dropped their skirts to reveal that they were already wearing strap-ons. thomas recognized the dildo in Nightshade’s harness was the one that Mistress usually used on him, although the harness seemed to be her own. The one in Mistress’s harness was new, longer and thicker. Mistress was wearing no underwear, while Lady Nightshade had on some dark purple high cut panties.

“I see you noticed that your Mistress has a new toy for you. But don’t worry little boy. We’ll start you off with what you are used to and work you on up. So first you’re going to start by sucking my cock like the little slut that you are.” She stepped directly in front of him, reached behind his head and unbuckled the ball gag strap. Tossing it to the side, she grabbed his hair and pulled his head up. This was new to thomas. Mistress hadn’t tried this on him yet. He started turn his head away, when he remembered two things. This wasn’t something on his hard limit list, and the threat Mistress made. thomas was sure that Nightshade had noticed his slight hesitation by the way she evilly chuckled as she thrust the latex phallus into his mouth. Either she was very good or the fake cock wasn’t all that long, as she came just shy of the reflex point at the back of his throat. She gave a few good strong thrusts and then stopped. “Now suck, slut! Show me how badly you want this violating your sorry ass.”

thomas began to suck as if his life depended upon it. While not literally, in a way it did, as Mistress would not play with him for a long time if he didn’t. While Nightshade fucked thomas’ face, and made him blow her, Dawnsfire began undoing the rope that bound his own cock and held the butt plug in place. With the rope removed, she then carefully removed the plug. There was a great sense of relief to have the large intruder gone from his ass. Then his Mistress applied more lube to the spot and inside. “All ready for you, Nightshade.”

“Thank you, Dawnsfire.” Nightshade pulled roughly out of his mouth and switched places with his Mistress. Dawnsfire grabbed her boy by the hair on either side of his head and thrust her own cock into his mouth. Nightshade, meanwhile, knelt up behind him and pressed the tip of her dildo against his anus. Between the recent intruder and the amount of lube applied by Dawnsfire, it slipped right in. thomas was being pounded at both ends. Nightshade’s thrusts would force him to deep throat his Mistress’s cock, while her own thrust would push his ass back burying Nightshade’s cock deeper. The dual stimulation brought on an orgasm even though it hadn’t been enough to cause him to ejaculate.

Dawnsfire, knowing her little boy well enough to recognize the signs of his orgasm, said, “I do believe that is our cue to move on up to the next level.” Nightshade agreed. Dawnsfire pulled out of thomas’ mouth and lifted his head so that he looked at her. “I’m going to fuck your slut ass now, my little one. I hope that you enjoy this new bigger toy. You had better not balk at what Lady Nightshade does next. Given everything that happened between you and Terri, I think that you are ready to do this.”

This confused thomas as the ladies again switched places. As he tried to think back to what he (Logan really) and Terri did, the matter became suddenly clear as Nightshade removed her strap-on and her panties. His eyes widened as Nightshade chuckled. “Oh yes, little boy, that’s the real deal!” Her flesh and blood cock was already hard and it swung right in front if his face. It was shaved hairless and he didn’t think it was much bigger than Mistress’s newest toy. As if summoned by that thought, Dawnsfire suddenly thrust deep into his ass with the dildo. It filled him up as nothing she had used on him before had. While not quite as wide as the larger of the butt plugs, it was longer and a constant thickness throughout. The sphincter didn’t close around the base but remained stretched out.

Thrusting her own real cock into thomas’ mouth, Nightshade said, “You will blow me until I come, little boy. And when I do, you had best swallow it all, if you know what is good for you.” thomas groaned as he complied, sucking and licking up and down the shaft. Occasionally she would pull the cock out and force him to lick and suck on the balls. thomas thought about his reactions to this new situation. He realized that he didn’t have any real aversion to this. Nightshade struck him as a woman in every aspect of her being. She just happened to have some different equipment than most women had. This is what Mistress had meant about him and Terri. Logan had almost gotten past that last block with Terri before she moved away for a good job offer.

Dawnsfire continued to ream him from behind, stretching and filling him like he had never been before. The moans from before him told him he must be doing a good job with the other Domme. He began to lose track of the time, when Nightshade grabbed his head and held it still while she fucked his face. “Take it all, slut!” thomas braced himself as the hot thick fluid struck the back of his throat. He swallowed as fast as he could, determined not to disappoint either woman. Nightshade continued to roughly fuck him even after the fluid stopped squirting into his mouth. Finally she withdrew leaving a panting thomas. Dawnsfire took that as her cue to withdraw as well.

The women untied the worn out boy and helped him to stretch out. Both cooed over him, praising him for being so good and obeying. Dawnsfire helped him to drink some water from the little fridge that they kept in their bedroom. He was very grateful for that, as the semen seem to leave an odd feeling at the back of his throat. Once he was recovered and his muscles stretched back out, they had him kneeling on the bed again, palms resting on his thighs.

“Now is really the time of my pleasure, little one,” Mistress said. “Climb on top of me,” she ordered. As she lay back against the pillows, he maneuvered over her until his cock was over her pussy. She had removed her harness sometime during their ministrations on him. She looked him directly in the eyes. “You are going through a lot today my little one and I am very proud of you. For this session only, you do not need to ask permission to cum. You are allowed to let it happen when it does. Now enter into me.”

thomas penetrated his Mistress and then just stayed there. He wasn’t allowed to screw her until commanded to. As he settled into place, Lady Nightshade mounted him. She whispered into his ear, “I’m going to screw you and cause you to screw your Mistress.” With that she plunged right into him, the previous fucking and the excessive lube leaving him “open” to such an attack. As she drove herself into his ass, his own cock was pounding into Dawnsfire, withdrawing somewhat with the backstroke of Nightshade. The sensation was mind-blowing. He felt the pressures quickly building within him. He knew that this was a session that Dawnsfire intended to be more for his pleasure than her, although there were plenty of sessions where the opposite was true. But he was very grateful for this session and did his best to refrain from cuming too soon.

Soon, however, he heard the cries of his Mistress change and he knew she was close to orgasm. He strained just that little bit extra. He was never able to stop an orgasm in himself absolutely…yet. But he had succeeded in delaying them somewhat. Just as he could no longer hold himself back, Dawnsfire’s cries told quite plainly of the waves of pleasure washing over her. He echoed her cries as he came, his own fluids driving deep within her. Nightshade continued to pound them both, Dawnsfire via thomas, until their cries died down. Then she slowed down and stopped. She withdrew out of thomas’ ass as Dawnsfire was stroking the boy’s face. “That’s a good boy. My very good boy. I’m very proud of you. I love you.”

“Love you too Mistress,” thomas replied, his voice barely audible. Nightshade assisted him off of Dawnsfire and gently laid him in the middle of the bed. She fetched water for the two of them to drink and then covered them with the sheets and blankets. After making sure all was in order in the bedroom, Nightshade turned out the lights and then crawled into the bed with them. Both women snuggled up to thomas, their arms draped protectively over the now passed out sub, and fell asleep.

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