A New Direction

by Lady Volcano & SadiaX

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© Copyright 2014 - Lady Volcano & SadiaX - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; cuffs; gag; collar; boots; foot; leather; latex; sleepsack; wrap; bdsm; cage; toys; insert; rimming; oral; mast; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

This is a story I co-wrote with my kinky female friend SadiaX. We take turns adding from the point of view of our own character.

Spring exhilarates me. I love the new buds on the trees, the fresh breeze clearing out the cobwebs, the bulbs pushing up through the rich, dark earth into new, bright life. Lambs in the fields and everywhere a sense of optimism and hope.

As I strolled along the road that evening, just as dusk was settling over the green fields I felt full of suppressed excitement. I suppose I was feeling frisky. I didn’t really consider it. Lou was an old friend. We’d known each other for years and we were old friends, but I had been away working for some years and was so looking forward to seeing her again. My step was light and quick on the ground. In deference to the warm spell I had on a thin summer dress and a light cardigan, with strappy heels. I already was beginning to regret it as the day grew colder, but there, up ahead was her house, out on a point of land looking over the sea. I turned off down the path and under some fruit trees, loaded with white and pink blossom already, and was in front of the door. As I stood there, about to knock a strange feeling of butterflies rose in my tummy.

I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Lou. She’s very pretty and feminine. She has a kind of earthy sexuality which has appealed to me for years. Of course, I wouldn’t dream of telling her that. She’s happily married and so am I. She works as a massage therapist and sees her clients here at the house. The large room overlooking the sea is her ‘clinic’.

I ring the bell and soon can hear her footsteps. My butterflies rise again and I wonder what on earth is wrong with me. When she opens the door she’s prettier than ever and my voice seems to dry up in my throat. I smile trying to appear normal and take her in my arms without a word. Her body is ripe and womanly beneath her clothes and I feel myself beginning to get wet as she presses against me. She’s wearing knee high, heeled boots despite the weather but on her they look great. She really looks well, healthy and alive.

“Sadia! How lovely!!” she enthuses and I feel the old friendship return with a force. Suddenly we are laughing and joking as if we had last seen each other yesterday. There is no edge to it at all. She suggests going into the clinic as the last of the sun is so pretty this evening. I hand her the bottle of Sauvignon blanc I have brought and she ushers me into the clinic room as she goes for glasses.

The room is a surprise. Not as clinical as I was imagining. It’s clean and quite spare but there is a couple of armchairs upholstered in red leather by the huge window that looks out over the bay. A massage table covered matching red leather is off to one side. The room is bright and the walls are papered with a warm yellow paper with periwinkle flowers. It’s pretty and calming.

Lou returns with the glasses and the opened bottle and places them on a side table. She pours and I am aware of her again, watching that sweetly curvaceous body moving. We talk and laugh and catch up on old friends. Soon it has become quite dark and we are onto the second bottle of wine. She’s flushed and beautiful and I find myself speaking without thinking.

“I always had a bit of a thing for you”


She looks at me for a long time. Probably just a second. What on earth am I saying? How could I be so stupid? I blush but there’s no way those words can be unsaid. I look down and see my bag. I consider leaving there and then. I feel so awful now.

She speaks.


The word hangs there. An opening. An acknowledgment?

A smile crosses her face. A playful smile.

“Such a naughty girl”

The words are like electricity and I literally shiver as she speaks them. Does she know of my desires around bondage and submission? Surely not. How could she? But I am an open book to her, I feel. My secret is out and she has indicated that she will not at least throw me out and shame me to all of our friends.

“What on earth are we going to do with you?” she asks. Can I detect a trace of hoarseness in her voice? Her eyes are bright and alive, sparkling with light and mischief and I can feel my knickers getting wet as she looks at me.


I had been waiting for this day to arrive for weeks, Sadia and I had been such good friends and I was sad when she moved away. There was something about her that intrigued and aroused me despite the fact we were both hetero and married. I recall a particular event during her hen night. After several hours of drinking we were feeling naughty and in good spirits. From my handbag I produced some handcuffs “These are for you Sadia, every hen should have a pair, shall we put them on?” I saw a glint in eye, her chest and face flushed as she nodded. I locked one cuff around her wrist and the other around mine – later that night when her wrist had chaffed from the metal cuff I offered to release her and remember her saying “no, not yet, I rather enjoying wearing them.”

Still, she was my friend and as such I will behave. I busied myself all day, tidying the house and spending time choosing my outfit that evening. Spring had arrived but there was still a mild chill in the evening air so I decide on a tight fitting blouse, knee length skirt and my favourite leather boots. Everything was ready for Sadia’s arrival, I prepare a wine bucket with ice ready to chill her choice of wine from my fridge.

I hear footsteps up the path, my heart suddenly starts pounding… what on earth? Am I nervous about seeing Sadia again or it this feeling inside more excitement. I open the door and we kiss as friends do although I hold her for maybe a fraction too long. The wine flows and we both become tipsy and the mischievous side of Sadia reveals itself once more, we giggle and talk about old times.

Did I hear her right?? Did she just say she had a thing for me?? This is music to my ears indeed. All of a sudden I am pleased that my husband is away on business for a few days and that we have the house to ourselves. What I am going to do with her resonates in my head…

I approach her and as if reading my mind she stands to face me. Our eyes meet, there is electricity in the air I know we can both feel it as I pull myself closer to her, our faces almost touching. I take a piece of ice from the wine bucket and gently trace the edges of her lips with it. Sadia’s eyes are sparkling, she parts her lips so seductively and I pop the ice in her mouth. That first embrace feels amazing a fire builds inside me as our tongues explore each other’s mouths, exchanging the ice between us. I can feel my pussy getting wet, Sadia is a great kisser and without even realising I hold her tightly.

The ice eventually melts and I pull away.

“Sadia would you like to submit to me, I have a very dominant side and would like to explore that with you?”

“Yes please.” Music to my ears…

I open the side table drawer and produce a set of leather wrist cuffs and a 2 inch stout leather collar adorned with D rings.

“Once you put these on Sadia I am no longer your friend but your mistress for the evening, do you understand?


“Yes mistress” Sadia replies and I watch her carefully tightening the leather cuffs to her wrists and fastening the collar around her neck. Holy shit, she looks amazing. My knickers are already soaking.

“I would like you to strip for me Sadia” I return to my chair and eager await her compliance. She looks nervous and awkward. I smile in an attempt to put her at ease as she slowly pulls off her cardigan and then her dress. She stands motionless in her heels wearing a lacy black bra and satin knickers. Mmmm, how sexy I muse as I beckon her to remove her remaining attire. She stands naked and vulnerable, I almost feel sorry for her for a second…

“Crawl on your hands and knees to me Sadia”

My heart races as I watch her move across and kneel at my feet.

“Good girl” I praise her and as our eyes meet I can see the lust building in her eyes.

“I would like you to lick my boots Sadia and make sure you do a proper job otherwise I will have to punish you.”

Hesitantly she bows her head and begins licking my leather boots, kissing, caressing them, extending her tongue along their shiny length whilst holding my gaze. The feeling is amazing, I can feel my nipples hardening. Whilst she greedily works her way up and down my boots I produce a riding crop from under the chair. Her eyes widen in an instant.

“Please Lou… I’m not sure about that.”

“Sadia, did I say you could speak?? I don’t think so. And from now on you will ask permission to speak and refer to me as Mistress.”

Smack, I flick the end of the crop on her left nipple which startles her. Oh god, have I gone too far??? Then I see the look of desire on her face as it flushes.

“Yes Lo.. I mean Mistress.”


Crouched there on the floor, naked and exposed, the crop flicks out and hits my breast, right on the nipple. It stings, a burning pain that flares and diminishes quickly but leaves residual warmth which radiates out to the rest of my torso, settling in my stomach. It adds to the furnace growing there within me. I feel alive and overflowing with passion and excitement. My heart beats faster and faster. Lou is reaching round to a heavy looking black wood chest which she unlocks using a key on a long chain around her neck. She looks back over her shoulder at me kneeling on the floor, trying to cover myself and smiles. It’s more of a smirk actually and as she turns she is dangling something on a strap from one finger.

She looks so imperious and dominant it takes my breath away. Her eyes are sparkling with arousal and excitement and I imagine that mine match them. Who would have thought that we would have ended up here, like this?

“Come here Sadia” she commands. I shuffle forward on my knees until I am between her thighs. I feel the butterflies again, a whole flock of them this time as I recognise the item.

She reaches out with both hands outstretched and it takes all of my self-control to allow the ring between my teeth, where it settles, keeping my mouth open.

“Bend your head and hold up your hair for me, there’s a good girl” her voice is calm, in control, aloof, as though she’s talking to a child. I blush as I begin to drool. A drop falls from my mouth and tumbles spinning and gleaming, as though in slow motion until it lands on the tip of her pointed boot toe.

She buckles the strap tight and the ring is fixed hatefully in my mouth. I shake my head, trying to adjust to its presence. It forces my jaws open and allows my mouth to be vulnerable and at her entire disposal. She can put a finger in there I she chooses or feed me anything however horrible and I would have no option but to take it.

“Get your head down and lick, subbie” she tells me.

I bend and poking my tongue through the ring I apply it to the toe of her boot as she leans back, almost purring to herself at my humiliation. The crop lands on the top of one breast hard as I whimper through the gag. I apply myself more diligently and lick up the saliva which has cooled and makes me retch a little. I lick the boot, tasting the rich leather and feeling her warm foot through it. It arouses me far more than I would ever have dreamed. Her foot is unattainable but present, shielded by the boot.

“All over, Sadia”

I lick diligently, from the tip of the toe to the heel, a spike, fitting crosswise into my mouth like a horses bit. She smiles at that, considering. When I have finished she presents the other boot and I lick it as well. My jaw aches and I am drooling heavily onto my bare chest and tummy by the time I’ve finished polishing those high boots to her satisfaction. She smirks and slides her feet out of them and presents one to me.

“Mmmm” she declares “what a good little bootlicker you are, Sadia. I would never have imagined. I would have had you in cuffs sooner if I had known…”

I blush furiously but I am aware that between my legs I am dripping wet.

“And now, my feet…”

I sigh and am about to get my tongue between her delicate toes when she stops me with a raised finger and reaches around to the chest again. She turns back, brandishing a short chain and a padlock.

“Hands behind you” She snaps. I do so and feel the chain going through the d-rings on the cuffs and a heavier weight linking my hands together with around 4 inches of play. The lock clicks decisively. She turns me roughly and the crop again lands on my exposed bosom, creating a line of sudden, sharp and arousing pain. It feels so delicious. I can feel the juices flowing down my thighs from the pain and the submission. It’s intoxicating.

“Okay, carry on…” she says.

I bend at the waist and slide my wet tongue through the oppressive ring of the gag and between her toes, making her wriggle and squirm a little in delight.

“Suck them”

I suck each toe into my stretched mouth and swirl my tongue around them as erotically as I am able while wearing the hated gag. She pushes her foot at me, pressing two then three toes into my mouth, choking me a little. I am however in heaven. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that this kind of servitude would make me happy and turn me on.

But it does.

My nipples stand out like bullets. My thighs are wet with my juices. My mind is overwhelmed with infatuation and excitement.

“Such a good girl….”

I try to respond but my speech is muffled and unintelligible. A combination of the toes in my mouth and the gag. She suddenly slices down with the crop across the top of my breasts and it makes me weep with sudden pain and humiliation. She looks down sternly at me and my arousal deepens a notch.

Finally, I have licked her feet to her satisfaction and she allows me to sit back.

“What a mess” she shakes her head in mock disappointment.

She is holding a thick strip of what appears to be latex and she cocks her head to one side, clearly expecting something from me. My mind goes blank. She waits until it dawns on me. The clock ticks slowly in the background. It’s a blindfold. I lean in unsteadily with my hands cuffed behind me and Lou (Mistress, I remind myself) places the cool rubber over my eyes. I feel so helpless as she buckles it tight behind my head and all light is denied me. I have never felt so helpless and dependent. It feels so exciting. She is being so cruel to me but I love it. I suddenly have an insight into Stockholm syndrome, the identification by victims with their kidnappers.

I wait.

I can hear her doing something.

Cloth rustles.

I make a small, gagged, interrogative noise.

“There now, darling” Her hand presses the back of my head and I lean forward unsteadily.

“Come on…” urges Mistress Lou.

Suddenly my nose touches bare flesh and I scent her musky arousal. It hits me like an aphrodisiac.

“Well, get to it girl!” she snaps, her voice a little throaty with excitement. I am unable to smile thanks to the ring but I do so inwardly, pleased to be having such an effect on the object of my affections. When my tongue touches her she moans long and deep. Her thighs press to the side of my head, clamping me in place, helplessly and I lick at her, pushing my tongue between the swollen lips. I start when I realise that like me, she is fully shaved there, her skin soft and bare. And wet. Dripping wet. She holds the back of my head tight and tilts her pelvis as she grinds herself forcefully against my mouth, her hips gyrating obscenely. I lick frantically, almost drowning in her copious juices.

“You like it?” she snarls, “Do you like the taste of your Mistress?”

It’s a rhetorical question but one I would answer with a desperate ‘yes’ were I able.

“You will please me with that hard working tongue. You will give me pleasure.”

“Harder” she commands “faster”

My tongue works harder, my jaw aching and cramping, making me weep tears of pain and shame, but at my groin, I am on fire and in my mind I am in heaven. She tastes delicious, her juices are like nectar to me. I feel so honoured, so privileged to be allowed to do this, albeit heavily blindfolded, gagged and restrained as I am. She works my face and tongue, using me like a tool to achieve her satisfaction until I can sense something building in her. She squeezes my head harder as she writhes and pushes her pelvis into my face. Her lips rub against my nose and her hard little bud is out and there on the tip of my tongue. I suck at it, flicking it with the tip of my tongue and circling the less sensitive area around it. She explodes into spasm, gasping. Her knees close over my ears and I cannot hear anything, just sense her body thrashing in climax.

Suddenly she yelps in pain and snatches a handful of my hair, twisting it viciously and making me grunt in pain.

“You stupid slut!” she shouts and suddenly I am very fearful as well as turned on. The sensory deprivation makes more questions than I can answer.

“You hurt me” her voice is calmer and more menacing now. I jerk my hands in the cuffs and make a desperate, muffled plea for clemency through the gag.


I am feeling mellow from Sadia’s attentions to my pussy, seeing her so vulnerable and so eager to satisfy me has increased my arousal tenfold. She had not meant to hurt me by nipping my clit with her teeth however I decide that I will use that transgression as an excuse to punish her.

“My my Sadia you have left a mess on my chair, all that drool mixed with my pussy juices, get lapping it up, be a good girl.”

I watch Sadia struggle to lick up the juices through the ring gag, it amuses me. Without warning I push my left foot on her head squashing her face into the seat pad, she writhes and moans.

“I’m off to freshen up and get changed Sadia, make sure it’s nice and clean when I return.” I withdraw to the bathroom, strip naked and freshen up returning to Sadia dressed in my black satin robe. She is still knelt facing the chair. I move behind her and begin kissing her neck, my fingers wandering down her chest and gently tweaking her nipples. A murmur escapes from her gagged lips. I trail my fingers down her belly to her pussy, she is soaking. I can feel her heart racing. I remove the ring gag and open a chilled bottle of water which I draw to her lips. She drinks it greedily, licking my boots, feet and pussy for so long has made her very thirsty and for what I have in store for her she will need the fluids.

I take more items from the wood chest, she watches as I slowly smooth a pair of tight fitting black leather gloves onto my hands. I ease each of my slender fingers into place. Little does she know of right hand glove’s extra feature… yet.

“Now where were we, ah yes” I remark as I find Sadia’s moist panties laying on the floor. I mop up more of her juices from her dripping pussy before grabbing her head and roughly stuffing the panties in her mouth.

“oomph, ger off” Sadia’s struggles are no match for me whilst restrained in her cuffs. I clamp my left gloved hand tightly over her mouth.

“Now now Sadia, be good or you will regret it” as I begin wrapping the bondage tape around her head and over her mouth several times. I attach a leash to her collar and beckon her over to the massage table.

“Bend over so that your chest is flat on the table slut!” I bark and take the leash and attach it to a metal ring positioned on the other side of the table which renders her unable to pull herself back up.

“Spread your legs Sadia” she obeys, her bottom looks so vulnerable and exposed. My clit starts twitching.

“Sadia, what I’m about to you is not dissimilar to the methods deployed when cooking a piece of meat – step 1….. tenderise your meat”

I begin spanking her with my left gloved hand, she struggles but her bonds keep her from moving much, she arches her back but it does nothing to stop me turning her arse cheeks a rosy red colour.

“Aren’t you going to thank me Sadia?” I mock.

Silence. Just as I had hoped.

I return to spanking her but this time with the right gloved hand, the panel in the palm houses hundreds of tiny metal pins, sharp enough to cause pain but not to puncture the skin. Her legs thrash wildly and her bottom becomes covered in tiny red marks, much to my delight. After another 20 hard smacks I decide she’s had enough. Removing both gloves I walk around to where her face is pinned to the table. I cruelly slap her face with the smooth glove, her eyes thin and I giggle. So helpless and I love it. I crouch and place kisses on her taped gagged mouth, our eyes meet once more. The desire is still there.

“Step 2 Sadia is to stuff the bird” I return to the wood chest and collect a 2 inch tapered butt plug and 6 inch long dildo together with a small leather groin harness. Both toys have a hidden secret. I place a black latex glove on my left hand, it snaps in place, how I love that sound. I dip the plug in her juices, she moans against the gag and then yelps as I slowly push the plug into her anal cavity. Mmm, it looks so sexy. Next comes the dildo which slides in her pussy so easily, it’s so wet with her juices. I finish off by attaching the groin harness which holds both toys tightly in place. How satisfying….

“Step 3 Sadia is to baste the bird” All she can do is writhe and test her bonds, I ignore her muffled complaints through the gag. I remove the latex glove and apply some latex lube liberally to her back, using my massage skills I knead her aching muscles and for a moment take pity on her. I remove the chain holding her wrist cuffs together.

“Don’t you dare move Sadia!” I bark. She complies, probably relieved at her sudden freedom. Shame it is going to be short lived I smirk to myself.

“Step 4 Sadia is to wrap the meat ready for cooking” I leave her momentarily and return with an item that makes her eyes wide, large folds of thick black rubber hang in my arms.

“This my dear is what’s called a latex sleep sack, a body bag if you prefer. It has internal sleeves to keep your arms nicely bound within it. Notice the straps along its length, I will be fastening them tightly along your torso once we have you zipped inside.”

I unclip Sadia’s leash from the bench, remove the cuffs and collar and allow her to stand. She watches me position the sack along the length of the table.

“Right, get on the table and slip your legs and arms into the sack little subbie” I command. She gingerly does as asked and slips her legs into the formidable looking sack, her arms now trapped in sleeves either side of her torso. I slowly zip up the sack from her feet to her neck, wow she looks so sexy and vulnerable. I tighten each strap, one at her ankles, ones above and below her knees, thighs and chest. I pull her to a sitting position, it’s difficult for her but I need full access to her head…..

It is the next pieces of bondage that make me a little nervous, they are pretty hardcore. I dangle the black latex hood near her face.

“Sadia, this hood has perforated eyes so you will be able to see what I do to you next. However I’m afraid there are only these two tubes for insertion into your nostrils for breathing. What a pity” I mock. The hood looks very sci-fi, almost alien and not very sexy. However I am using it for practical purposes and I’m not yet finished with her head trip. I lube up the inside of the hood and smooth it over Sadia’s head. She flinches when I gently insert the small rubber tubes in her nostrils, the faint hissing of her breathing is intoxicating. I pat her head gently.

“Good girl, now what is next, ah yes” I produce a large roll of black pallet wrap, it has hand holds either end for easy wrapping. Starting at the base of the sack I begin tightly wrapping my precious parcel, pinning her body to the massage table. I ignore the muted protests from Sadia, I can tell she’s a little frightened. I finish the wrapping just by her lap, she is still sat up and watching my every move.

“Are you ready for the next hood Sadia? This one is a particular favourite of mine, it’s a leather discipline hood. See how the area around the eyes, ears and mouth are have extra padding for heightened sensory deprivation and the additional straps that lay across the eye and mouth areas. I had this one specially adapted so that your nostril tubes fit through the nose holes in this hood”.

As this point Sadia thrashes on the table wildly, I feel her panic.

“Shush my darling, I promise to look after you, we are after all good friends, let’s not forget that” I croon. It seems to have the desired effect of calming her down.

I slide the leather hood into place and tighten the laces at the rear, it is an intense head trip, even more so with the latex hood that Sadia is already wearing. I make sure the nostril tubes are correctly aligned before pulling the eye and mouth straps tight. My final act of cruelty is to fit a three inch leather posture collar around her neck. Still, I want her completely motionless.

I push her chest down to lay her flat on the table and continue tightly wrapping her remaining torso. She lays silent, other than a very faint mewing from her gagged and hooded head and the hiss of her breathing from the tubes. I take a small roll of pallet wrap, it’s about 4 inches wide and wrap it around her head and the table. Sadia can no longer move an inch. I step back and admire my handy work.

I take the remotes belonging to the butt plug and dildo and turn them both on. It is satisfying to hear their distant hum, I hear a small moan from Sadia and a shift in her body.

“Sadia, Step 5 is to leave you to marinate in your own juices. The two intruders in your arse and pussy are on timers and will alternate on and off every minute. This should keep you in a constant state of arousal but will not allow you any relief I’m afraid.”

Looking at Sadia all trussed up, tightly held and strapped in the latex sack, wearing the two hoods, all motionless has made me so sexually aroused. I can feel my juices trickling down my inner thighs. I can’t resist one final act of humiliation. Taking a step stool I mount the table and sit on Sadia’s face, grinding my pussy against her whilst playing with her breathing tubes. I’m in sadist heaven. I giggle as I pinch first one tube then both and watch her attempts at breathing. I only deprive her of air for a few seconds but when the tubes are released the sound of her desperate inhalation just arouses me further.

It does not take me long to climax. I take her nostril tubes and position near my dripping pussy, she has her own juices in her gagged mouth so it’s only fair she is forced to breathe my musky scent, I smirk to myself.

“Sadia, I’m going to bed now, I do hope you sleep well. I will be keeping my eye on your overnight via a camera I have set up in the room. It monitors both sound and motion, not that it is going to pick up any motion”.

I kiss her hood and leave the room.


I’m literally shivering with arousal. She has me so completely restrained that I can barely move a muscle. Panic fills me. My breathing seems odd and distorted by the tubes. The tight gag keeps me completely silent. I am forced into silent contemplation. I replay the evening and it unrolls like a surreal yet highly erotic movie before my mind’s eye. My pussy is dripping wet and I’m glad that Lou was kind and thoughtful enough to ensure I had a drink before placing me in this fiendish bondage.

I have always been a little kinky and had fantasies of bondage and role playing since I was a child but her skill, her knowledge and her adeptness has far surpassed any clumsy play I have had in the past. This is hard-core. I’m frightened but excited. Despite her cruelty I know I can trust her and I have literally placed my life in her hands.

The timers kick in and my anus and pussy are tormented by intermittent vibrations, making me want to squirm, but I cannot. The restraint keeps me completely immobile and the sensory deprivation makes me lose all track of time. I am awash in emotions; ecstasy, delight, fear and impending hysteria compete within me. The vibrators do not stay on long enough to allow me to reach a climax that is always maddeningly out of reach.

I’ve edged before. It’s a favourite way of masturbating. But this is edging times one hundred. I have always allowed myself that denied climax after an hour or so. This is verging on torture. My pussy throbs and my arse feels deliciously full and invaded.

The night seems to last forever and I feel adrift on a sea of unfulfilled desire, an ocean of exquisite torment.

Finally I feel her fingers on the wrappings, unbinding me. I begin to cry, so strong is the feeling of gratitude to her. I blink as the bindings are stripped away and there she is; beautiful in the early morning light. The sunrise lights her face and her smile is a marvel of beauty.

It twists into a sneer though…

“Sleep well?” she asks with mock sweetness.

The gag is pulled away and the stained panties removed from my mouth with a moue of distaste from her.

I keep silent, the tears barely dry on my cheeks. Every word, every gesture of hers is a barb which serves only to drive me to further submission and arousal. She makes me gasp as she withdraws the probes from my pussy and anus. She tosses them onto a towel and beckons me to stand.

I roll weakly onto my feet from the table.

“On your knees Sadia..”

I hurry to obey, her voice striking a chord that runs through me, almost compelling me to my knees on its own. Lou is wearing a satin dressing gown that clings to her ripe figure and makes my mouth water. The curve of her cleavage is sweet and enticing and her feet are bare. The toes are mesmerising to me. She notices me looking.

“Want to suck them again?” her voice is cool, innocent, teasing.

“Yes please, Mistress” my own voice in reply is rough, croaky from the long gagging and the unfulfilled arousal.

She chuckles to herself, derisively.

“I have something else for you to lick” she says, leaving that ‘something’ a mystery. She clicks a chain leash in place on the collar and jerks wordlessly. I rise to my feet, feeling less dizzy now at least and she leads me at a bit of a trot out of the room and upstairs.

The bathroom is large and luxuriously appointed with a plush, walk in shower. On the toilet seat is a menacing looking ball gag.

“Yes” she says, in answer to my unspoken question “that’s for you, you little slut”

I blush. Her words hurt but arouse me at the same time. I have a feeling that I would already do pretty much anything she asked me. My infatuation is completely out of control.

She raises an eyebrow and I approach, allowing her to stuff the ball between my teeth, wedging it there and forcing my mouth open. I gurgle as she pulls the straps tight, stepping behind me, her hip brushing mine and setting off another burst of wetness down my thighs. She delights in my servility and pinches my nipple to test the gag’s efficacy. A small muffled grunt is all it elicits. She smiles, satisfied.

“Get into the shower” she pushes me and I step in gingerly. She turns on the water and the cascade is cold at first, drenching me and making me weep in frustration and shock, but I have to endure for my Mistress and I do so. When it warms she steps in and presses up to me. Her body is so delicious it makes me drool. She pinches my nipples painfully and smiles at my response.

“Get on with it then, slut”

Mistress Lou hands me a bottle of shower gel and stands back, flaunting her nudity in front of me. I nod and take a handful of the gel, warming it and lathering it in my hands before smearing it on her glorious body. My hands soap her, lingering on her breasts and delighting in the raised nipples. I glide my hands over her lush curves. She closes her eyes and allows my touch. I am in heaven. Her body is as delicious as I have always fantasised. She is so sexy I can feel myself becoming desperately aroused.

“Make sure you wash my bum well” she murmurs.

I wait for her to turn and apply the gel to those sensuous curves, feeling her softness and coolness. The firmness of her flesh, the swell of her buttocks all excites me unbearably. I part her buttocks and wash her thoroughly, paying attention to the alluring pucker of her anus. She’s totally smooth and her skin is pale and unblemished.

She surprises me with what happens next.

“Lick it” she commands, reaching around and pulling the gag from my mouth, allowing it to hang on its strap around my neck.

“Lick?” I ask, unsure if I have heard her correctly. She wants me to lick her arsehole? I step back, reddening. A step too far for me. I shake my head ‘no’ speechless and the anger that sparks in her eyes is a furious storm that anyone would run to avoid. I cannot though, I’m rooted to the spot.

Mistress grabs my hair and twists. Her face contorts with anger.

“You useless slut” she hisses as she forces me to my knees. My hands rise unbidden and try to wrench her grip loose but she turns, controlling me by the hair and pulls my face against her cool, soft flesh.

“Lick it! Worship it and consider yourself lucky to be able to”

I nervously place my tongue there and the taste is sweet and musky and so deliciously intimate it fires my synapses like a tornado. I part her buttocks with hands as she leans against the shower wall and pushes out her full bottom. I apply myself in earnest. Suddenly I feel possessed. Feelings of excitement flood my system. I lick around the rosebud of her anus pressing the flat of my tongue to it, all inhibitions now discarded and oblivious of the hand in my hair. I just want to please her.

I can hear her moans become purrs and I can scent her arousal, so close am I to her pussy. I poke my tongue against the ring of muscle and she moans again. I must be doing something right.

“Come on you little bitch” her voice is hoarse and low, a growl of encouragement that carries a threat as well. My pussy is flooding and the lips are swollen and puffy as I touch them. I twist my tongue and penetrate her anus, pushing inside and making her writhe in pleasure.

I push one finger then another into my dripping pussy and masturbate furiously as I fuck her arse with my tongue. I feel completely abandoned and frenzied. This act is so primal, so taboo, it sends me into a kind of heightened state of desire.

Then she notices where my hands are….


“You naughty little slut, how dare you disobey me!” I am seething with rage at her disobedience but also feeling smug that she had got so turned on pleasuring me. I snatch the shower head from its holder and blast ice cold water at her chest and face. She cowers and I delight from her screams as she attempts to cover herself with her hands. After a minute she kneels there shivering and looking thoroughly miserable.

“Has that tempered your arousal my dear?” I say mockingly. She glares at me but says nothing. I grab her arm and pull her into the hallway to a large floor cupboard. Part of it is designed for airing bed linen and towels however it also houses a special area for a naughty submissive. As I open the cupboard door the heat from the internal radiator hits us, it feels cosy in there so I am confident it won’t take long for her to dry off and warm up. Her face drops when she sees the internal metal barred gate. I can tell her impending confinement is making her anxious. I turn a key in the heavy lock of the gate and it swings open.

“Get in!” Hesitantly she crawls in and I gesture her to sit with her back to the wall where two shiny metal shackles dangle from separate chains. There is only a few inches above her head, it is claustrophobic to say the least. I ratchet the shackles until both of her wrists are held tightly, raised level either side of her shoulders. She tests her fetters whilst I watch her, I can’t help but smile to myself, she looks so helpless. My pussy starts to moisten once more.

I pull the dangling ball gag from around her neck and refasten across her beautiful lips, what a sight to behold. She has stopped shivering but her nipples are still hard. I lean into the cupboard and plant kisses on her gagged mouth. I tweak her nipples gently which makes her let out an inaudible moan. As she has suffered such an uncomfortable night strapped tightly in the latex body bag I decide that for now I’m going to go easy on her. The punishment I have in mind for her later today will really test her resolve.

“Right my darling, I’m leaving you here to reflect on your disgusting behaviour in the shower whilst I get dressed and make preparations for your punishment” I sneer. Her gaze is intense, I can tell that she is sexually excited but also apprehensive. I watch gleefully as the large gag makes her drool once more. Her muffled moans through the gag are most gratifying. Finally I take a loose fitting black latex hood, it has some air holes and pull it over her head. I watch the folds of latex rise and fall with her breathing as I fasten the strap at the base of her neck. It excites me seeing her so vulnerable.

I lock the internal barred gate and then close the cupboard door satisfied that she is adequately restrained. From my bedroom I take a moment to choose an outfit, opting for a purple latex backless dress, it is fastened at the back with a series of horizontal straps with buckles. I relish the feel of the latex, smoothing over my body, the smell intoxicating. I think Sadia will appreciate seeing my bottom in this dress I muse as I zip up a knee high pair of PVC boots with metal spiked heels.

Half an hour later I return to the cupboard, Sadia is shifting her wrists in the cuffs, no doubt her arms are aching a little. I remove the hood and gag and release the shackles.

“Thank you mistress, I’m so sorry for misbehaving, please forgive me” she looks at me with pleading eyes whilst rubbing her wrists. I savour those eyes, so sexy. Mmmm…..

“I’m afraid you are going to learn a hard lesson from your disobedience Sadia, however you must be hungry, let’s have breakfast first. Do you like my outfit?” I watch her eyes wander up and down my latex clad body.

“Let’s get you dressed Sadia” I smirk as I dangle her outfit on my finger. It is a pair of black latex hot pants, within the crotch area sits a 6 inch dildo and a 4 inch anal plug. I watch her slide the pants up her legs and then hesitate as each of the intruders touches her delicate orifices.

“Don’t keep me waiting!” I scold as she slides the dildo and plug into place. It takes her some effort and I delight in knowing that the anal plug was not lubed for easy entry. She looks so beautiful in latex, the pants clinging to the curves of her hips. I produce a large restraint, she looks puzzled at its appearance.

“Sadia, this is a leather single glove arm binder, it will ensure your arms are held tightly behind you now put your wrists together.” I slide the glove piece over her hands and then pay meticulous attention to the lacing up her arms. I want a very tight fit to ensure the binder traps her arms securely. Once satisfied with the lacing I fit the shoulder straps carefully. I stand back and admire my handy work, the binder forces her breasts forward, so vulnerable and inviting. Perfect for what I have in store for her. Finally I add a leather collar and leash and lead her downstairs to the kitchen.

The kitchen is sunny and inviting. I busy myself making a pot of tea and toasting crumpets spreading them with butter and jam. Sadia kneels at my feet whilst I sit at the kitchen table. I gently stroke her hair whilst taking turns to feed myself and then her. I watch her savouring each mouthful, she must be hungry from her ordeal last night and needs her strength for what is to come. I help her drink a mug of tea through a straw, she guzzles it down and I refill her mug once more. Butter oozes down her chin as I deliberately feed her sloppily. It drips onto her breasts and I can’t resist kneeling in front of her slowly licking her chin, then moving my tongue down her neck to her breasts. Sadia purrs with contentment, her nipples hardening once more. I slip my left hand inside her latex pants and finger her pussy. It is so wet and inviting, her clit pulses with my attentions.

I grab her leash and beckon her into the clinic. Her eyes widen as she spots two long pieces of steel chain dangling parallel from electric winches bolted to the ceiling, about metre apart.

“I’m afraid I lied to you about those winches when we spoke last night Sadia, they are not for use with a hoist to help disabled clients onto my massage table. They are a means to punish very naughty subbies such as yourself. Now remove the latex pants and stand between the two chains.”

Sadia approaches the chains, her breathing is slightly laboured and there is real fear in her eyes. I produce a solid steel bar, it’s about a centimetre in diameter with metal eyelets at each end. Its length fits perfectly between the hanging chains and once fixed in place it dangles horizontally a few centimetres below Sadia’s groin as she stands astride it.

“Please mistress no!” Sadia begs as she has guessed what is about to happen. I ignore her pleas as I press the button on the remote which activates the winches, the chains grind noisily as they pull the bar upwards. I raise the bar so that it parts Sadia’s delicate flesh, the bar glistens with her juices. She writhes and I take pleasure in watching her try to ease the pressure from the bar firmly wedged between her pussy lips.

I take the large ring at the base of her single glove arm binder and padlock it to the chain behind her. Her arms are now pulled taught behind her against the chain, this puts her off balance and her chest protrudes forward… mmmm, gorgeous. Next I fit her with thick leather ankle cuffs which I lock to a small spreader bar. I want every part of her completely helpless.

“Struggle for me Sadia” I command. She tests her bonds, the creaking sound of leather as she struggles in the single glove arm binder mixed with the clanking of the chains is delicious. I produce some metal nipple clamps connected with a chain about a metre long.

“Let me go Mistress, I don’t like this!” I can sense the panic in her voice, showing me those pleading eyes once more. This just heightens my sexual excitement, I can feel my juices on my inner thighs, my clit throbs furiously.

“I’ve had enough of your complaining young lady!” I snarl as I walk over to the black chest to gather more implements for her punishment.

“Open that pretty little mouth, my dear.” I force the large latex cock gag into her mouth, strapping it tightly at the back of her head. It contorts her face a little and her nostrils flare. How satisfying. I ignore her muffled protests as I fit the nipple clamps to her tender nipples. I thread the nipple chain through a link on the vertical chain she faces which ensures the nipple chain remains taut. I smile cruelly to myself, Christ I’m a sadist.

She watches as I carefully tape a bullet vibrator to the steel bar between her legs, close to her pussy. I press a button and the bullet bursts into life, the bar resonates its vibrations perfectly. Sadia thrashes about wildly, her body contorting, the nipple clamps biting viciously as she pulls against the chains, her back arching as the single glove arm binder holds her arms tightly behind her. Her breathing is now erratic and her breasts flush from excitement and the pain.

Her ordeal is not over….

“Sadia I want you to stand on your toes, be a good girl.” She glares at me whilst trying to keep her balance and reluctantly does as she’s told. I press the remote and the winches stir into life raising the metal bar once more so that it presses cruelly against her tender flesh. The spreader bar holding her ankles apart makes it all the more difficult for her to steady herself. I am almost panting now with excitement.

I stop the bullet vibrator and approach her, she reminds me of a new born fawn, all unsteady on her feet, so amusing. I grab her hair and pull a light grey Russian gas mask over her head, it makes her look almost alien, the large canister hanging at the front. I laugh cruelly as I see the terror in her eyes through the mask’s lenses and revel in the sound of her heavy breathing through the canister made all the more difficult by the cock gag filling her mouth.

My final piece of punishment for Sadia? Well this is the cherry on the cake. The lenses of her mask are starting to mist with condensation however I know she is watching as I fit two self-adhesive electrode pads to either end of the steel bar between her pussy. I hear a faint cry through the layers of latex adorning her face when I attach the wires from the pads to a tens machine which I have already set running. The device has 24 escalating strength settings, the electric current passes along the length of the metal bar to her delicate and already punished pussy. I set her on strength setting number 5 and restart the bullet vibe.

Holy shit, she is suffering now. Trying to keep up on her toes will be causing agonising pain in her calves, however if she tries to put her heels down this will cause her to crush her pussy harder against the metal bar. Her nipples and arms are cruelly stretched taught allowing her little movement as the shocking sensations to her pussy are relentless. The heady mix of pain versus pleasure namely the bullet vibe teasing her clit whilst the pressure of the bar and the shocks causing so much pain.

Finally I approach her, tearing strips of gaffa tape from a roll I cover the lenses of her gasmask.

“Sadia, I expect you are bitterly regretting playing with yourself in the shower now without my permission. I realise this punishment is severe, however I must ensure you behave in future. I do so hope you are enjoying riding the bar as much as I am enjoying watching you.”

I move one of the armchairs to face her and delight in watching her endure such a cruel punishment whilst rubbing my clit and touching my nipples. I am so excited at the sight of Sadia’s predicament, her extreme bondage and the torture to her pussy and nipples is exquisite. It takes very little time for me to climax, as I buck my hips and groan with pleasure leaving a sticky mess on the seat pad.

Suddenly a wave of guilt crashes over me. Have I gone too far this time??...


The whole thing is sending me wild. Suspended on tiptoes with the vibrations running through the bar. The gag stifles any pleading on my part and I am distantly aware of things happening around me. The gasmask makes my breathing sound harsh and alien and even this is a turn on, enveloped in a world of my own. Cocooned within my own torment and very turned on. My nipples throb and I can feel my pulse in them. My pussy lips are either side of the bar and the pressure is on my clit. It should hurt but I’m so turned on it just arouses me more.

I try and try to come, grinding on the bar but I just can’t….

She taunts me about deserving this punishment and it only turns me on more.

Then, there are fingers at the mask and Lou is saying “I’m sorry, Sadia. I’m so sorry”

The gasmask comes off and I see she has tears in her eyes. My heart sinks. I shake my head trying to tell her that I loved it, that I have loved everything we have done these past hours. She unbuckles the strap and eases out the cock, dripping with my saliva. She is cranking the bar down so I can stand and unsnapping the nipple clamps making me yelp with sudden pain and unfulfilled desire.

All the while she kisses me and I try to reassure her.

“It’s ok, it’s fine, really” I tell her “I love it. I’ve loved everything, Lou” my hands are still contained in the single sleeve and I cannot hold her but I press my body to her as she frees me bit by bit. Her post climactic feelings are overwhelming her and she isn’t listening.

Finally I am free and I take her in my arms shushing her and holding her tightly.

“Lou, please” I say “look at me”

I take her sweet face in both hands and tilt it up to look into my eyes. Finally she stills and I have her full attention.

“It’s been the most amazing experience ever” I tell her “I never dreamed we would be so well suited. All those drunken times as teenagers I wanted to tell you I had feelings for you… all those times I bit my tongue thinking you would be appalled by my desires.. the things that turn me on….” I am rambling, the words tumbling out and she stills the tide, calm possessing her once more.

She kisses me.

Her mouth tastes sweet and warm and I melt into her arms. Our hands roam and play with each other’s bodies, open and frank and desirous. My pussy is dripping and she reaches between my thighs, making me gasp. She pinches my plump pubis between her fingers, delighting in it. We kiss in a sudden frenzy and lose sight of all time. Finally she takes me by the hand, my lover, and winks saucily. Hand in hand we go to the massage clinic and she climbs onto the table, beckoning for me to join her.

There, in the morning glow of the early sun, the windows open and the sounds of the sea far below and the gulls, we make love. We find each other’s erogenous places and stroke and probe and kiss and suckle. We taste every inch of the others skin. Her pussy tastes rich and clean and of a thousand complex variants of scent. It is her. It is the essence of her. I eat her unashamedly and she nudges and pushes me into a sixty nine. We lick and suck and fondle and wring every drop of pleasure, one from the other.

Finally, sated and sleepy we collapse into each other’s arms. Within seconds we are asleep. I dream of her. Of her and restraints. Of her wearing them. I wake mid-morning and she is sleeping peacefully, a contented smile on her face.

I am horny. Even the huge climax I had wasn’t enough. She has lit a fire within me. One that has been hidden and denied for so long it cannot now be put out. It has taken over me.

I consider for a while, staring down into her face. Her lips are parted; an innocent gesture but even that inflames me. I cast around with my eyes as I slide from under her arm and onto the floor. The chest is open from last night.

Very careless…..

I stroll over to it, noting her position. She is laying partially on her front. One arm is behind her and the other under her. I consider. I think it could be done easily. I think that turnabout is very much fair play on this occasion. Does she always play dominant or has she taken the submissive role before? We’ll soon find out how much she likes to be in the restraints…

I open the chest quietly and look inside. It’s a veritable treasure trove of restraint and punishment equipment. I keep one eye on Lou’s sleeping form as I rummage. All sorts of ideas come to my mind as I look through it.

I select a pair of steel handcuffs and a gag that has a strap and a pouch on one side and a tube attached to a bulb at the other. An inflatable! My pussy clenches at the thought of her in these restraints.

I approach her supine form and gently ease the arm that is under her out and behind. She eases onto her tummy and carries on sleeping.

I pounce. Clicking the cuffs onto her wrists, I ratchet them tight and she is mine. She begins to wake as I push the bulb into her mouth and pull the straps back and into the buckle, across the back of her dark hair. The red shows well in the sunlight and I am entranced at how the whole thing looks. The tightness of the straps, the sweet, pale curve of her neck beneath the hair.

She is awake now and panicked. She pulls at the cuffs and tries to speak. I take the bulb and pump it a couple of times, making her squawk with alarm as the gag inflates in her mouth. Her cheeks bulge as she turns to face me, squirming off the massage table. Her eyes are a mixture of fury and arousal that melts my heart and makes my knickers wet…

I take her by the upper arm to steady her and pump the gag another twice until her cheeks bulge satisfyingly.

“So, ‘Mistress’ Lou” I smile “I think you will find that the tables have been turned…..”

She’s so angry, she actually stamps her foot in a gesture of petulance which makes me smile. I pinch one of her sweet, pouting nipples teasingly.

I pick up the collar and leash and she begins to back away, her eyes widening alarmed.

I present a stern gaze and my lips press together disapprovingly.

“You will do as you are told young lady” I tell her, my voice cold. She shakes her head again, but uncertainly this time. I want to tell her that this is just a game but I don’t want to spoil this electric mood with reassurances. We are best friends. Even the years apart fell away when we were reunited and she knows that she can trust me. Especially after what has happened to us in the past 24 hours.

Defeated, she stills. Her eyes are furious but she allows me to put the collar on her. I take the leash and without a backward glance lead her from the room and upstairs to her bedroom. Her wardrobe is open to reveal a cornucopia of outfits in latex mainly.

“Well, well...” I muse as I jerk down on the leash, bringing her to her knees beside me. She kneels a little awkwardly, hands cuffed behind her back, but I offer no help. I am warming nicely to the Mistress role now. I ponder the things she did to me last night and it strengthens my resolve.

I ignore her as I rummage through the clothing. My goodness. She must have been collecting for years! There are several different styles of catsuit, dresses and skirts, a hanger with pairs of gloves of different lengths on it, jackets, a military style uniform in red and black with epaulettes and a soviet type of insignia. On a shelf are hoods. There must be at least ten different types.

“You are a kinky little slut” I address her, down at my feet where she belongs.

I select a catsuit. Black, gleaming rubber, ominous in the low light. Her eyes widen as I unfold it and lay it on the bed. She watches, rapt as I sit on the bed and begin to slide the tight rubber onto my naked body. As I pull it on, the delicious aroma of latex fills the air. It is tight and clings to me as I pull it on, easing into it and straightening the rubber as I go. My dominance seems to increase as I sheath my body in the tight garment and zip it from crotch to throat. I add a pair of short, tight gloves and spy the perfect set of boots; knee length and with spiked heels. I smile as I step into them and zip up.

I leave her to inspect myself in the full length mirror. My nipples crinkle erect in the cool, figure hugging latex. My pussy tingles. I present a formidable sight.

Pulling my hair into a ponytail I turn to her and smile coldly.

“So….’Mistress Lou’” I sneer “the boot is on the other foot now. I wonder what we should do with you….”

She looks down and mumbles something, muffled and indistinct, reduced to nothing by the tight gag.

“Let’s get you properly restrained shall we?”

At the back of the wardrobe I spy something. It is a roll of black, shiny, pallet wrap. An incongruity here in a bedroom, even the bedroom of a hardcore fetishist. I smile, considering. An image comes to me. Her, naked, wrapped from neck to toes in the pallet wrap, between my rubber clad thighs. No gag; I have use for that mouth of hers…


My head is awash with emotions… anger, apprehension and excitement. As I kneel on the floor before her I am mesmerised by Sadia’s transformed demeanour, the catsuit clings to every sensual curve of her well-toned body. With her hair tied back her eyes are gleaming.. mischievously. I can feel my pussy getting wet once more.

This is most out of character for me, I have never submitted sexually to anyone, my dominant streak dictates that I always remain in control. However, Sadia seems to have given me little choice… I am finding this role reversal rather exhilarating.

“Get up slut!” she barks. I struggle to my feet, the steel cuffs are chafing my wrists, suddenly she releases me.

“Lou, stay still whilst I wrap you up nice and tight, however first I think you need a little something to focus your mind.”

My heart sinks as I watch her produce my spiked breast binder from the wood chest. She fits the two 3 inch round leather plates carefully over my nipples and areola, the tiny pins dig cruelly into my flesh. The long one inch wide leather strap that they are connected to is pulled tight and buckled against my back. A muffled yelp escapes my gagged lips.

“Mmmm, that looks delicious subbie Lou… comfortable??” she sneers.

I am astounded by her change of character, she seemed so sweet, almost innocent when we first chatted in my clinic.

“Arms tightly by your sides!” She begins binding my upper torso, taking her time she moves the pallet wrap around my body keeping each wrap so tight. My arms are already pinned to my sides however she continues to wrap me over and over with ever increasing tightness. The wrap crinkles against my skin, the sensation of restriction is so new to me but it’s liberating to be relinquishing control to this sexy woman. As she continues to wrap my upper body the pressure of the breast binder plates increases tenfold. I look at her with pleading eyes whilst trying to mumble through the gag.

“Oh dear Lou, aren’t you enjoying your nipple punishment, such a shame” Sadia giggles as I watch her pump my gag a few more times. She approaches me, her hands smooth out the creases in the pallet wrap cinched against my torso as she plants kisses on my gag. I can feel my face flush, the desire in her eyes is still there. Her hand wanders down my belly to between my thighs, my pussy is swollen. She rubs her finger along my slit, my breathing is getting more erratic, the arousal building.

I watch as she returns once more to the wood chest for more items to punish and tease me. It takes her little effort to push a vibrating egg up my pussy, my juices allowing it to slip easily into place.

“Ooh that was very easy subbie Lou, are you enjoying yourself, tut tut, we can’t have that.” She snaps on a pair of black latex gloves and delights in lubing up a large metal butt plug, of course she had to have chosen the largest in my collection. I wince as her fingers probe my crinkled hole, she eases it in and slowly fucks my arse. She grins as she slowly pushes the plug into place, its cool surface makes my insides tense making it harder to accept fully in my tight hole. My muffled protests are ignored.

She continues to bind my body tightly with the pallet wrap until I look like a black shiny cocoon. The feeling of restriction is overwhelming, the tightness across my chest not helped by the stiff leather breast binder strap is making me feel breathless. My body is sweating from the plastic wrap, I try to move my legs but I remain motionless. However, she is still not satisfied and I watch in horror as she takes a roll of gaffa tape and wraps it in bands just below my knees, thighs, stomach and chest.

“Let’s get you comfortable!” It takes her little effort to push my tightly wrapped body onto the bed and ease my head onto a pillow. She attaches pieces of black rope to the D rings on my collar either side of my neck and knots them to each end of the headboard. I glare at her but she just giggles. She is enjoying herself and I have no idea what she has in store for me. Further rope is wrapped around my ankles and then pulled tight to the bottom posts of the bed.

“Struggle for me darling” she teases as I make a futile attempt to move, the rope means I am fixed laying in the middle of the bed unable to lift my head or legs. The vibrating egg is driving me wild, my pussy’s involuntary spasms becoming ever stronger. I can feel my juices dripping down my legs whilst the metal plug cruelly stretches my tight hole. She sits astride me, her expression is so smug, like a hunter gloating over her trapped prey. Her hands roam my body, teasing out yet more of the pallet wrap winkles.

“Now my darling it’s time for payback!” She finally removes the pump gag, it’s such a relief, my jaw was aching so much from the hugely inflated bulb.

“Come on Sadia, I think you’ve had your fun, release me at once!” I glare at her, secretly hoping that she won’t succumb to my defiance. Although I’m in agony from the breast binder and frustrated by the vibrating egg edging me I am intrigued as to what she has planned for me next.

It all becomes clear.

She positions her crotch above my face as I watch her masturbate, sliding two fingers along her crack and then inserting them into her juicy pussy. Her scent is intoxicating, my nipples harden against the tiny spikes of the breast binder however this proves ever more painful.

“Suck them!” She commands as she forces her sticky fingers into my mouth. I curl my tongue around her digits, licking and sucking each one diligently, savouring the delicious taste of her cunt. Her eyes widen, I can sense her arousal building.

“Get licking… bitch!!” Without warning she sits on my face and grinds her pussy against my mouth. I feel smothered by her and try desperately to suck air into my nostrils. My tongue explores her pussy, writhing with pleasure she smears her juices all over my face. I hear her panting so move my attentions to her clit hood, teasing it with my tongue until I feel her rock hard nub.

I flick my tongue over her clit, lightly at first then with more pressure, her moans and panting getting ever louder.

“Faster slut!” The hoarseness in her voice tells me she is close to climaxing. I increase the pace, my tongue flicking her clit as fast as I can manage with the weight of her smothering my face as I gasp for air.

Suddenly her body tenses.

"Arghhhh!!" After being edged last night whilst she was trapped in the latex body bag Sadia finally gets the release she has so badly craved. Her body contorts as she rides my face, smearing juices in my hair. My tongue darts in and out of her cunt feeling it clamp and pulse.

After a few minutes her body calms and I can hear her breathing returning to normal. She dismounts my face and undoes my collar, easing me up so I am sitting.

Her eyes soften and she smiles as she leans in to kiss me, brushing my hair away from my face that is wet from her juices. Her lips feel amazing, so soft and sensual, her tongue eagerly exploring my mouth. In that moment I feel completely hers.... totally hers.

From my bedside table she takes a bottle of water and offers it to my lips. I gulp it down, I'm so thirsty from eating her pussy and dehydrated from sweating profusely in the pallet wrap.

"Thank you... er... mistress. Are you going to let me go now?" I make my best attempt at looking submissive, it's not something that comes naturally to me, it feels rather odd.

"Hmmm. Well I'll think about that subbie Lou whilst I'm freshening up and making a snack. All this face fucking has made my hungry."

I watch as she pulls out one of the most formidable latex hoods from my wardrobe. It is made of heavy gauge five millimetre thick latex and has a moulded contoured face. The hood also covers the neck with just two nose holes and an internal butterfly pump gag. It's one of my most severe head trips... my heart starts pounding.

"Let's get this nice and snug" She pulls the front of the hood to my face. The crudely shaped eye sockets mate with my own as she lines up the nose holes and pushes the gag into my mouth. As she laces the back of the hood the feeling of enclosure is overwhelming. She smooths down the neck area of the hood and then pushes me to lie down once more.

I feel her reattach my collar over the neck part of the hood making it all the more claustrophobic. She adjusts the ropes to either post of the headboard so I can no longer move again.

"Well Lou, time I left you to contemplate your treatment of me last night!” I feel her attach a bulb to the mouth valve on the hood and start pumping. The butterfly gag expands and fills every corner of my mouth. It's so huge but when I begin to gag she stops pumping. My jaw aches once more. My nostrils suck greedily for air through the tiny holes of the hood. I let out a muffled whimper.

Using a remote she turns the speed up on the buzzing egg inside me driving me wild. I so desperately need to cum. I try to writhe but the severe bondage holds me motionless.

I feel her hands caressing my breasts as she searches through the plastic wrap for the binder’s spiked plates where she applies further pressure. This makes the needles dig even harder into my sensitive nipples and a faint sob escapes my gagged lips.

“Hush darling, I’ll be back soon” she whispers.

Then silence…


My pussy twitches in the tight rubber and I stand in the doorway looking at my bound prize. She is so delicious, so sexy and my mind reels with the suddenness of this all. My wildest dreams have come true.

I wonder how we will carry this on. We are both in relationships and are committed to them. My fingers play lightly on my sheathed pussy and I lean back against the doorframe and play with myself as I watch her there, cruelly bound on the bed. Despite only just climaxing I am ready for another. She really brings out my inner slut.

I watch her tummy. The ripples from the egg in her cunt are there for the informed eye to see. She writhes in her bonds, making very little impact on them, a slight rocking is all she can manage.

My heart melts as her first orgasm hits her. She grunts softly into the gag which stuffs her mouth. I bite my lip and use her pleasure to fuel my own. My fingers rubbing over the tight rubber, I seek the bud between my labia and hitting the spot triggers me and I tense and experience a thrill of passion and excitement explode through me. I seek to be quiet as I come and manage it. Slowly the pleasure subsides and I am able to stand up without leaning on the frame of the door.

I walk off on shaky legs and down the stairs, leaving my lover (my lover!!) to more orgasms.

As I sit in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil I consider. A new chapter has begun for us both. My life won’t ever be the same. Nor will hers. We have a lifetime of fantasies and daydreams to catch up on. I remember the amount of equipment she has and shiver at the thought of using each and every one of those toys and restraints and outfits on her and her on me.

Fortune has played an amazing hand here and I will never seek to ruin what has been given me with Lou.

I make some tea in the pot I find in the cupboard next to the kettle and finding a tray I add a plate of biscuits.

Ten minutes later we are naked and lying in the bed in each other’s arms. Her head is cradled against my bosom and I am feeding her biscuits as she lays against me. She has opened the window and outside the gulls are calling and fresh sea air comes in to us, carrying the smell of salt and the promise of adventure.

“Thank you, darling” I whisper.

I can sense her lips curving into a smile. She clasps my hand in hers. She turns and I lean in and our lips meet. We embrace and she pulls me down on her. Our hands roam and explore each other’s bodies. As we roll on the bed, a sense of joyous naughtiness overtaking us, I sense her reaching out and pulling at something. I open my eyes and see a large ball gag hanging on its strap from her hand.

She pushes the ball between my lips and I accept it into my mouth, adjusting my jaws to accommodate its size. Already a feeling of submissiveness is sweeping across me and I blink at her, batting my eyelashes as she pulls the straps tight, then tighter before buckling them.

“Your turn, sexy” she whispers into my ear as her fingers find my nipple, pinching then twisting it.

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