The New Neighbours

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/m; bond; susp; latex; chast; oral; toys; cons; X

Jane sat Quietly in her home, her husband had gone to work and left her to the housework and other drudgery of the day. She looked out the window at the house opposite, which had been sold for nearly a month. When a car pulled up outside the house and two people got out. They were both women, one in her mid thirties one in her mid twenties. The older of the two waited for the younger and held her arm over the others shoulders. They walked up to the house and jangled some keys as if they were the new owners they tried the lock and walked in.

The women stayed in the house for about half an hour presumably taking measurements and notes. The house opposite had a double garage and when the women left by the front door they paused and opened one side of the garage and took some more measurements. Now she could see the younger one was taking notes and holding one end of the tape, the older was measuring the space and telling the first the distances to write down.

As the pair finally left deep in conversation Jane looked at their clothes, both were dressed in black fitted suits, the elder with a pencil skirt and jacket, the younger with trousers and jacket. As they got in their car the older of the women was talking to the younger Jane stared at her bottom working down to her Cuban heeled stockings and stiletto heeled shoes. Jane hadn’t seen such clothes for quite a while and the thought of wearing such thing again dampened Jane to put her hand down the front of her jeans and fondled!

The following morning a large removal van pulled up outside the house opposite. The removal men emptied the contents of the van into the house. Jane didn’t do a great deal today making sure the house was clean. She dressed with a little more care this morning, she just had a feeling if she let herself slip in any way she might regret it. She pulled out her own fifties style suit, she could still fit in it perfectly, dark blue in colour with a long pencil skirt which some would call a hobble skirt. She looked in all her draws for a pair of stockings and the right shoes to match. She found both and sat by her dresser getting ready. As she buttoned the jacket up there was a knock at the door, her lipstick would have to wait! Jane opened the front door to the elder of the two women.

“Excuse me for bothering you, we have just moved in to the house opposite. I was wondering if you knew the number for the local telephone company?”

“Oh of course! Come in I’m Jane by the way would you like some tea? ”

“Fran! And My step daughters name is Amy and yes, thank you!”

Holding out a hand. Jane smiled and shook Fran’s hand, “Nice to meet you!”

“Likewise! Have you been here long?” Asked Fran.

“No not really coming on for a year now since we were married.”

“What’s your husband called?”

“David, he’s a bit of a gentle giant, he used to do a lot of sport but he’s had to give it up now. He fell wrong and put his knee out, he’s never been the same since!”

“I love your suit! It grabs you in all the right places! May I?”

Fran lowered herself down and studied the cut of the suit.

“Wow this was made for you, was it?”

“No, but it was made for my mother and she handed it down to me just before she passed away.”

“Oh I’m sorry!”

“No, she died after a chest infection, it was a bit sudden.”

Jane looked a little vacant as if trying to remember something.

“Oh! I was making tea wasn’t I!”

Fran smiled.

“So what do you and your stepdaughter do?” Jane said clearing the air.

“Well I’m a professional Clothes maker and designer, It’s really great to see a piece of clothing go through the design stage through the making of it to seeing the finished article on the owner.”

“What sort of stuff do you do?”

“Well anything, from a fifties day suit to a Latex cat suit!”

“Wow! That’s fairly diverse!”

“Yes I get an awful lot of “specialist” orders. I think people are getting kinkier by the day. ”

Jane looked at Fran, noticing for the first time that she had on another perfectly tailored suit!

Jane brewed the tea and brought the pot and some cups into the conservatory and they sat down. Fran took of her jacket and folded it up neatly resting it on the side. Under her Jacket was a satin top which seemed to hold Fran in the most sensual way. Jane realized that she was getting wet again! This had never happened before, she had always considered herself to be straight, but the top, the skirt, the stockings the heeled brogues! Wow! They were having quite an effect on her.

“I take it your quite taken with this suit I’m wearing.”

“Oh yes! The suits the absolute best I’ve seen but it’s the accessories I love as well!”

Fran cast an eye down her leg. “Oh you mean these!”

“Yes genuine Cuban heels they must have cost a fortune!”

“Mmmmmm! Well I know a few people through my work and I’m able to buy them at cost, why would you like me to get you some?”

Jane looked lovingly at Fran’s legs they were just beautiful!

“If it wouldn’t be to much bother for you.”

“No, no problem at all!”

Fran finished her tea, “I had better get back, Amy’s probably wonder where I’ve got to!”

Jane gave Fran the number she was looking for and after she thanked Jane was gone!

Jane undid her skirt and let it drop on the floor, she slumped on the sofa with her legs at an obscene angle! She looked at the stocking and thought of her husband caressing her legs then the scene changed and she was making love with her husband. It wasn’t really doing it for Jane. Her mind started to wander and it was Fran who was caressing her legs and Fran who’s mouth she kissed she was just getting there when she heard Dave’s car pull into the drive very annoyed she stormed off to the bedroom to change before he saw her in her suit.

David walked through the door clutching his keys. “Hi Hon! Have you seen the new neighbours Wow! Do you think I should ask them if they need anything?”

“Well the elder one’s Fran, the younger one’s Amy. Fran is is Amy’s Stepmother. And yes they are really friendly!”

Dave had some food and walked over to see. After an hour and a half Jane looked out of the window at the house opposite.

“Where is he!” Thought Jane. She had changed into some beige Capri pants and a white T shirt . She slipped some flats on and walked over.

Amy answered the door.

“Hi I’m Jane! Fran came over for a cup of tea earlier, I’ve come over to haul my husband back! Is he still bothering you?”

“Hi I’m Amy come in!” said Amy who had the most perfect smile Jane had seen in a long time.

Jane walked into their home it was obvious they were in the process of unpacking. Amy showed Jane to where Dave was last seen.

He was bolting up a electric motor to an industrial sewing machine.

“Oh Hi You!” He said to Jane without really looking up.

Fran who was standing over him said, “The removal people were good enough to take the motor off the machine but couldn’t be bothered to do it back up!”

“Yes we had a similar problem with our exercise machines, they were dumped all over the garden when they left, but Dave rang them up and said that he would clear the rest of our stuff in the garage but he would charge his rate for the work he had to put in and he would deduct it from the total bill.”

“Why, what does Dave do?”

“He’s an accountant, he earns loads!” Said Jane proudly.

“ My husband Left both of us for someone else! I never found out who, but after a few years she’ll be in the same boat!”

“Ouch! You sound like your happier without him?”

“Oh much happier!”

Now with Dave they walked home, not wanting to seem over eager to run opposite on a whim. They kept it up for most of the week until Fran came over.

“Hi! Have we done something wrong?”

“No! of course not we just thought we would let you settle in, in peace! You know without the nosy neighbours sticking there all in!”

“Oh I see! Well we’re having a get together tomorrow night, it’s just some of our old friends and Amy’s grand parents, Oh and you!”

“Sounds good would you like us to bring a bottle or ten?”

“Oh no we have it covered, unless you drink an oddity!”

“What say Malibu and milk!”

Fran shriveled at the remark.

“Yuck! Well if you drink that,”

“No! No! I don’t but I know a man that did, for a bet!”

“Anyway I just popped over to tell you about nine OK?”

“OK well be there!”

The following night Jane and Dave walked over on the stroke of nine, Dave was reaching for the bell when the door opened!

“Wow!” Said Jane as she saw what Fran had on, a Latex cat suit!

“Wow indeed!” Dave said dribbling his way through the door.

Jane hadn’t taken her eyes off of Fran’s delicious backside. Fran turned and smiled at her.

Dave had all ready noticed Amy had an exact copy of Fran’s suit, and was blissfully unaware of any one else in the room.

“What’ll you have to drink Jane?”

“Thank you I’ll have a white wine if I may!”

Fran opened the fridge, Jane stared at her bum!

“That’s twice I’ve caught you staring it me, if I didn’t know better I would think your after something!”

Jane unused to the role swallowed uncomfortably.

“I Just thought how different you look.” Trying desperately to control her self!

“So I suppose what the question should be is. What do you want from life?”

Fran stood there pouring a glass of wine for Jane smiling. Jane was starting to feel warm, She had dressed in another fifties pencil dress with a bolero jacket in the same material. Fran walked up to her with her white wine, but put it to one side and came very close to Jane fingering her dress under her Jacket.

“I think you need something you're not getting at the moment.”

Fran zoomed in on Jane’s neck and kissed her softly,

“Have you any idea how much I’ve wanted to do that to you?”

“No but do it again, higher perhaps?”

Fran looked at her and gave Jane a slow passionate kiss first on the lips but as they both opened up it very quickly turned into a no holds barred kiss of epic proportions.

When they broke Fran was caressing around Jane’s breasts.

“I just love your suit Jane! I bet you would give anything to have a few of these!”

Jane having recovered from kissing just nodded. Fran lifted her arms and pulled the jacket off of Jane. Fran unzipped the dress and Jane allowed it to fall on the floor, she stepped out of it losing her knickers at the same time into the arms of Fran.

“I know you’ve only known me for a couple of weeks but would you trust me?”

“Well of course I would!”


“Yes !”

“OK! Just shut your eyes and believe what you have just told me.”

Fran trained Jane’s hair back and pulled some sort of Latex hood over her face, carefully zipping it up down the back of her head.

“Keep your eyes shut and open your mouth?”

Jane smirked, gaining interest in this new game, as she opened her mouth a ball was popped into her mouth that had a strap which did up behind her head she found she could only really make wet noises. Still trying to smirk whilst having a gag in her mouth Fran fitted a heavier Latex Hood which also zipped down the back of Jane’s head. Her hands were guided behind her back and handcuffs were closed round them.

“Nearly ready!”

Fran whispered, as she started guiding Jane into another room, Fran taking special care with her charge. Jane, with her eyes still squeezed shut was getting very moist. Fran must have sensed this as a finger just touched Jane’s pussy.

“Mmmmmm!” Cried Jane, shocked at the sudden touch, more than anything else wanted to give herself to Fran. She tried to turn so that her pussy could again be touched by the woman who had brought her to this point. A blindfold slipped over Janes eyes, It didn’t matter if she opened her eyes or not she wasn’t going to she anything anyway!

A light kiss on the nipple caused Jane to move involuntarily, her senses going into over drive.

“At last!” She thought as as Fran pulled her back to where she started and cupped her left breast and fondled her pussy with her right. At first gentily brushing her hand across Jane’s Labia and teasing her hood. Jane was getting seriously turned on and started twisting and bucking as if being tickled. Fran clipped a chain to the cuffs and a distant motor could be heard rumbling away. The chain started to pull on the cuff round Jane’s wrists and she was pulled forward, protesting into the gag. With her arms nearly vertical she was bent double and very vulnerable, specially as Fran had a paddle she was rubbing on her bum.







Fran rubbed her bare buttocks with a hand finishing with Jane’s wet pussy, she fingered Jane getting her finger into the folds of her pussy. Fran walked off for a few seconds and surprised Jane by pushing a dildo into her pussy. The dildo vibrated violently for a second or so then silence!

Fran walked off again this time for more than a minute. When she came back the motor started and Jane’s wrists lowered to her relief. As she became comfortable again she felt something cold being pressed through her legs, she opened her legs to allow the thing through and as she felt it coming together there was a click! Whatever it was, was fairly tight! It’s coldness touched the outside of her pussy and she wondered what it could be?

Fran pushed Jane down holding her, and preventing her from losing her balance. Jane realized Fran wanted her on her knees as the blindfold came off and so did outer hood. Jane looked up at Fran and was shocked to realize it was not Fran but Amy!

“Hello you!” Warmed Amy

“Fran will be back in a minute Babe! She just wanted me to get you ready.”


Amy stopped. “You like games don’t you?”

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” Jane shaking her head up and down.

“Good then you’ll really enjoy this game!” Amy unbuckled the gag and Jane rolled her jaw, to get it moving again!

Fran walked into the room and stood directly behind Jane’s body.

“You like this so far?”

Fran said looking over Jane’s shoulder.

She nodded as Amy unzipped her leather cat suit and dropped her pussy over Jane’s mouth! The pussy was wet with the distinct taste and smell of leather. Jane lapped at the pussy and had an overpowering urge to submit to the leather lovers surrounding her.

Amy started grinding her pussy into the mouth of Jane and Jane responded by forcing her tongue onto the clit and licking left to right in a frantic attempt to make her come. Amy was panting heavily and came with a shriek! Jane lapped at Amy’s pussy trying to drink the juices but Amy pulled off shaking like a leaf!

“Oh she’s good!”

“Good enough to play?”

“Well you try!”

Fran took Amy’s position and unzipped her crutch inches from Jane’s mouth. As Fran’s pussy came into view Jane pounced on it and started again. Jane was only aware of the sexual release she was having, after a couple of minutes Fran came, and like Amy before, the cum tasted so, so, good. Jane licked and nibbled at Fran’s pussy trying to get every last drop of come off of it.

“I think You had better follow your husband soon!”

Dave! She was so engrossed in what she was doing she totally forgot about Dave!

As Fran released her from the cuffs she got her first look at the thing round her waist, In highly polished stainless steel it was like a pair of steel knickers with a single internal lock in the centre where you would have a belt buckle.

“How do I…”

“You don’t!”

Jane looked up at Fran, who was smiling.

“This is the start of the game Jane You‘ll know when we’ll want you!”

“But how do I stop Dave seeing it?”

“That’s the first part of the game!”

Unconvinced Jane picked up her dress and jacket and slipped them back on, although the dress was a little tight the thing could barely be seen.

Jane was going to say something but Fran put a finger to her lips. “No more questions little one, I thought you liked games?”

Jane was going to say something else but thought better of breaking the moment Fran kissed her tenderly and she walked into the moon light to her home opposite.

“She won’t freak will she?” said Amy folding her arms looking at Jane opening her front door.

“No I don’t think she will, yet! Anyway did you succeed?”

“Oh that was just too easy!”

“I wonder how long it will take before they realize they both have CB’s on?”