New Experience

by Jugrntts

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Oh my God! What I have done?

I never imagine things turn so weird!

Why I have to open my big mouth?

Did I really regret what I did?

There's really no turning back now, I guess?

Now I'm sitting here, in the middle of the living room, exhausted, sweaty and very, very aroused for something I never imagine could turn me on in such ways.

Forced to wait for him while I'm tightly bound with so many ropes all over my body and so securely gagged with this damn gag that keep me drooling so badly.

My feelings are so confused, I'm scared and very nervous, but also, I’m so horny like I never was before, and very excited about what is the next thing he is going to do with me.

How much longer?...


Just a couple of hours ago, my husband and I, we were cuddling in the couch in the living room, watching a movie where an sexy actress has been held hostage in her own home and bound to a chair in the middle of her living room and left alone.

Then it came to my mind when my friend Claire said something about some kinky roleplay that her husband did with her from time to time, about tying her wrists to the bedposts or behind her back while they have sex. And this part of the movie could be a good idea to introduce some roleplay time with my husband, so, I begin to talk about how is possible she can't scape from those bindings, they look so easy to get loose. If I was in her place, I'll be free in no time.

He was looking at me and asked me if I had ever been tied up sometime, I said, "Yes, sometimes when I was a child, and I was the best escaping from my cousins when we played in the backyard of my grandma".

He smiled and he told me that if he had been the one who had me tied up, I never could have escaped.

"Oh really? You think you are so good!" I said while I kneeled on the couch in front of him, and daring him if he is so sure about himself. His answer was that he thinks the same about me.

I was starting to feel very excited, so I took his face between my hands, I kissed his lips and looking into his eyes I tell him with my most sensual voice: "There's only one way to find out who is the best".

He took my wrists and gently pushes them behind my back, holding them with both hands, hugging me at the same time, while he keeps looking straight into my eyes asking me what if he wins?

I tell him to keep dreaming, because I'm not going to loose, with my voice almost breaking because the way he was holding me, makes me feel like I'm melting between his arms.

"You name it", I said. "What is what you want if you win?"

My heart began to rush because he took his time to answer, he just kept looking me so serious without saying a word, then he looked down to my breasts, they look more prominent by the way he is holding my arms, and seconds later he return his look to my eyes. Finally he smiled, and told me if he wins I have to take him to watch the NASCAR race next weekend instead visiting my parents and to drink some beers at some bar.

I agreed with him and then was my turn to express my wishes if I win.

Besides going with my parents, he must take me to the theatre to watch a musical and later a fancy dinner.

He kissed me and said that he agreed. He keeps his soft but firm grip on me all this time. "But!" he said, "you have to dress like her, just like the girl in the movie; you know how I love to see your beautiful legs".

"Alright, I can do that, but first, I'm going to need my arms back". I said smiling at him.

He blush a little when he realized how firmly he was holding me against him.

He stood up and said he is going to find something in the basement. He meet me here in 15. I run upstairs to our bedroom with my heart full of anticipation, it been some time since I felt like this, we have good sex but it was becoming a little ordinary. I'm sure this will be a wonderful night.

I take a quick shower and open the wardrobe to find the clothes I'm wearing tonight.

The actress in the movie was an assistant of some high executive who has being held hostage in her home because she is the only one with access to some very important data and the bad guys need access to that data, so the poor girl ended tied up and gagged in her own living room.

She was wearing a black short sleeve satin blouse with one red pencil skirt, sheer pantyhose and a pair of black pumps and her hair was a bun, showing her long neck.

I was already imagining myself struggling like that girl and my skirt going up while he watches me and turning him on, imagined he is my savior and taken me to our room to fuck me like this was our first time together.

I can't wait any longer so I hurry up to dress myself; fortunately, for me and him, I have garments way more sexy than the ones on the pretty actress in the movie. She looks pretty but so sober, and tonight I want to look like the most sexiest assistant in the world.

I pick up all the pieces I have in mind, I put on my strapless red wonder bra under my black long sleeve choker top, and it has an ample v-cut in front, barely covering my bra and I’m showing more way cleavage than the actress in the movie.

Then I choose a pair of nude crotchless suspender sheer tights, so, no need for a panties or a thong, I’m pretty sure that after he see how hot I look, he will not want to remove any of my garments before he fucks me. That way he has a free way straight to my pussy.

I slide in my tight high waisted bandage arched mini skirt and with a little effort I manage to close the zipper on the back of my waist, the high waist of the mini skirt is so tight that there's no need to wear any belt.

I choose my black sky high stiletto heels and buckle the ankle straps on my ankles and finish my hair in a ponytail with long side bangs, I didn’t want to waste time making a bun, but my long neck is at full view with the choker top. I put some light makeup, gold ear rings, pink lipstick and as a special touch for him, I put on a choker with the cameo with the red rose engraved on it that John gave me some time ago. He asks me to wear it sometimes.

I walk to check my reflection in the mirror and I was speechless, I looked fabulous.

Proudly of myself and way more than 15, I start walking down the stairs.

He was already waiting for me, sitting on the couch with a sports bag at his side that I had never see before and he already set up the scene just like the movie.

He moves everything that was in the center of the room and replaced with one metallic chair from the kitchen, right in front of the big flat screen.

He drops his jaw when he sees me. He stands up and took some time for him to stop admiring me, then, with a reverence, he shows me the chair. I walk in front of him and before I can turn myself to sit, he gave me a spank on my tight ass. He catches me by surprise and I jump. He just laughed and took my arm and lead me to sit, he walks behind me and put his hands on my shoulders and he began to kiss my neck.

I start to tremble with each kiss he gave me.

He speaks to me close to my ear, telling me how hot I look, dressed like that and ask me if I’m ready.

"Do your best!" I said an then he moves his hands down my arms and pulling softly behind my back, he puts together both of my wrists, palm to palm, and before I can say anything my wrists ended up securely tied behind the back rest of the chair.

I guess that he must have had a small rope in his pocket. He walks around and his crouch in front of me, puts his hands in my thighs and he took his time to slowly going up and down to my ankles, caressing all along my nylon clad legs, while he tells me how wonderful are my legs and how much he loves that I wear tights and high heels for him. Then he put my ankles together and begins tying them up with white cord.

I ask him from where he found those ropes while he keeps tying me, he cinched the rope between my ankles and passing the rope under the soles of my heels and again between my ankles, tightening the rope with a knot in front of the ropes.

He said all this rope is from his old camping stuff and this is the best use he could do to all this rope.

I tell him the ropes does not look like the ones that keep bound the girl from the movie, so, he asked me if is too tight.

I said, "No, not too much, very snug, but comfortable, I guess, but... "

He said if it's not too tight there is no problem, besides, he doesn't want to lose the bet.

I try to complain but he reminded me that I was supposed to be the best at escaping tight ropes, so what's the matter? He was right, I was the one who was full of confidence about escaping ropes. I try to use my charm on him, asking for mercy and to loose a little bit the ropes on me, but, he just smiled and shaking his head denying any pleas from me.

Then he pulled out of his pocket a pair of handkerchiefs and rolled it into one to form a big ball and asked me to open my mouth, I ask him why, there’s no need to gag me. He asks me if I remember the full state of the girl in the movie.

"Yes I do, she was gagged too", I said, "but I think isn't necessary and besides the one in the movie was just thin cloth between her teeth, it wasn’t that big".

He said, "You will be gagged the same way, but a real "cleave gag" needs some cloth inside my mouth to be really effective", and he reminds me again that I’m the best to escape, so, what’s the problem? he asked.

He shut me up with that, so, reluctantly, I open my mouth and he put the handkerchief inside my mouth, filling it, and with the other he made a knot in the middle and he put the knot between my teeth pushing even deeper the cloth inside my mouth, and finally, he make a tight knot behind my head.

He kisses me on my cheek and steps back admiring his work. I'm pretty sure I was given him quite a show, the way I was dressed, the pose of my body, bound and gagged like that.

He told me to begin to try to free myself, he has to go out for a moment, and he will be back in one hour, hoping it's enough time to free myself when he returns.

What? Why? I was so disappointed he wanted to leave me tied up like this and he doesn't want to be here to watch me struggle.Teasing him!

That's was the whole idea!

I try to complain, but the gag was muffling my voice so well. He put a hand behind his right ear and saying he can’t understand what I said, then, he turned and walk away.

I begin to struggle, very angry with him, but the ropes are very secure, there isn't any slack left to try to slide my hands between the ropes. I twisted my hand trying to reach the knot, but I can't find in with my fingers, maybe it is on the top of the ropes between my wrist.

Every intent to loosen the rope was in vain, the same happen with the rope in my ankles, very secure, I try to cross them to get a little slack, but the rope under my heels prevent me to do that, so I guess that's why he tied my feet and shoes like this. I wonder where he learned how to tie a girl like that. It seems he really knows what he is doing, and I start to get worried about losing the bet.

I try to slip from the chair and kneeling on the carpet to try to undo the rope on my ankles; my tight skirt keeps rolling up while I slip of the chair, 'Great' I think. 'I'm making a great show and nobody here to look at me, why he has to leave? Damnit!' The knot in my ankles was in front so I can't reach it with my bound hands.

Using the chair for support I stand up and I try to hop to the kitchen, but I remember the kind of shoes I’m wearing, my sky high heels, I kneel again to try to loosen the ankle straps from them but even if they don’t have ankle straps, I can't remove those from my feet because that rope under the heels.

I said again, he really knows how to tie a girl and make her completely helpless. I stand up again and very carefully and very slowly I try to hop towards the kitchen to find something sharp, maybe a knife to cut the rope, but when I finally arrive and open the drawer of the knifes I can't find anything, he must hidden all the knives and everything sharp. Damn it! He is smart.

I try to think where I can find a scissors, but the only ones I remember are in our bedroom, upstairs, I think is impossible I can reach the second floor without handrails and the steps of the stairs are made of wood, a little slippery with some kind of shoes, I have to descend very carefully those stairs when I wear high heels with leather soles, just like the ones I’m wearing right now, and I can’t jump each step with my ankles and wrist tied together. So helpless! I repeat to myself.

But maybe if I crawl all the way up? Yeah I'll try! And then again, very carefully and very slowly I hop towards the stairs, on the other side of the house. I began to feel tired but I have to make it, finally I reach the bottom of the stairs, and then I sat on the second step and I began to crawl.

After some time struggling to reach the end of the stairs, while I crawl one of my heels break a little piece of wood in the edge of one step and I lost contact with my feet, then I fell down acouple of steps but the spike edge on the broken step went through my black top, and when I push me up again the top rip a little down and the force of the pull let my breast fully exposed, only covered by the small bra. Now the top was stuck under my breast and bra, just like framing them!

By this time, I was almost completely exposed, even though how tight my skirt is, keeps rolling up to the top of my thighs, exposing the top of my crotchless suspender tights and my black top showing my red bra. I was close to the end of the second stairs when I hear the front door open.

Suddenly I feel panic. There's a possibility that person is not my husband! What if he didn’t lock the door? I just kept still, listening. After some time I hear the voice of him calling me from the bottom of the stair.

I can only mumble unintelligible words with that gag in my mouth but he was close enough to hear me.

When he got closer and find me sitting in the last step of the stair, I feel his gaze looking every part of my body. Then he asked me if I was done or I want to keep trying. I still have ten minutes before the time limit ends.

Before I can answer he told me that if I'm looking for something to cut the ropes I will lose the bet because we only talked about get free of the bindings and escape, not to cut them off, so, Penny, you keep going or surrender. He said.

Facing reality, I'll never be able to lose those knots in such little time, or better said, never, so, I descend one step of the stairs.

He understood my resignation and he took me over his shoulder with my head hanging down in his back and my fully exposed ass close to his face.

I feel like a total damsel in distress while he carried me this way, completely helpless to prevent him touching my thighs and giving me some spanks on my ass. by that time, with him playing with my body, I began to feel so aroused to be at his mercy, bound and gagged like I was, he can do whatever he wants with me, I almost cum thinking about that.

When he put me on the chair again, I open my legs until the rope of my ankles hurt me, inviting him to fuck me right there, he put one of his hands on my pussy, fingering me, and his other hand fondling my breast, I was moaning very hard and began to rub my pelvis against his hand, more and more strong, more and more… then, suddenly he removed both of his hands just before I reach the orgasm.

I start struggling and moaning, angrily for being denied getting my orgasm, he just staring at me until I began to relax and took a step back, I look him back trying to guess what the bastard is thinking.

Then he asks me what happened, why I'm still tied if I was so good escaping from ropes.

I try to tell him, but the words sound weird because the gag.

Then he put a finger over my lips and he said me he has a deal to offer me, I'd already lose the bet, but if I let him keep me tied up more time and with a little more of rope, he will do what we agree in first time, every month for the rest of the year. And he promises me he will let me cum, but not now, the best is yet to come, sweetheart! He said.

I try to think in the proposition, but I can only think of one thing: I want to cum desperately. If being helpless keep me so excited, so, being more helpless only could be better? I think.

Yes, yes, I try to say and I nodded very fast, and I'm pretty sure he loves to see me the way I'm in, I can see it in his pants.

He asks me if I'm sure because there's no turning back. I said yes, again, desperately.

"Ok!" He said.

Then he picks up the sports bag near the cushion. Damn it! I forget the bag; I should take a look inside but is too late now.

He walks behind me, put the bag on the floor, he took something from the bag, I can't look at what as is it over my shoulder, then he told me to look at in front of me, when I turn my head, he put some leather pads over my eyes blindfolding me and tightened on the back of my head.

When I try to move my head, he stopped me and told me close to my ear to calm down, I don't want to spoil the surprises he has for me and he kisses me in the neck again. I feel shivering at my back every time he does that.

I hear when he walks away towards the end of the living room and hear some strange noises, like he is looking for something in the drawers and then he return close to me I hear some other noises I can't figure what these are, and I couldn’t ask.

I hear the sport bag been emptied over the floor beside me; I hear some metallic noises and other thing drop from the bag.

Then I feel him undoing the knot from my gag, removing the handkerchief from my mouth, I use my tongue to moisten my lips and just when I try to thank him I feel a big rubber ball being forced between my teeth, forcing me to open my mouth to the point where I think he is going to break my jaw, I try to scream and move my head but he has a strong grip, then, suddenly the ball sits behind my teeth, but keeping my mouth fully open, there is no way I can spit it up that thing, is stuck behind my teeth.

I feel the ball has leather bands on both sides, stretching the corners of my pink lips while he pull them very tight, and buckled behind my head.

I try to scream in panic but the big ball in my mouth prevents me to make any strong noise, I try to stand up but he grabs me from my shoulders and pushes me back down on the chair.

He told me to calm down, I have to trust in him, he is my husband and he never would do anything to hurt me. He told me that I'm going to enjoy this night as never before, but I have to relax and surrender to him tonight.

I try to relax, is very difficult to breathe with this big ball in my mouth.

He put many coils of rope around my waist and the backrest of the chair, cinching it between my back and the chair, securing me tightly to the metal chair; I was unable to stand up again.

Then I feel more rope being tied in my arms above my elbows and tightened until my elbows almost touch one against the other, then tightly cinched between them, he tied more rope at my elbows and pulled under my left armpit up to the back of my neck and pull down to my right armpit, pass between my elbows, up to the rope behind my neck and tied again to my elbows, securing the rope on my elbows don’t slide down and pulling my shoulders even more at my back.

I never feel my arms so useless. I have to sit very straight. He uses more rope over my breast and passed inside the tubes of the backrest of the chair and over my chest many times and under my breast. I was firmly secured to the back of the chair. It was already hard to breathe with this gag, now is even more difficult with this tight rope all over my chest.

I hear him crouch in front of me, and then I feel his hands touching my legs so softly, just like he is going to rip my stockings if he touched with less care.

Again he took his time caressing my legs. Then I feel more rope being tied over my knees and cinched tightly between both knees. Then he returned to caress my legs, he lifts my bound feet and rests them on his knee, rubbing and kissing all over my tied and nylon-ed legs.

I was getting more and more aroused at every touch of him. I was expecting to happen something like this when he finish tying my ankles an hour ago. He is obsessed with my legs. I began to moaning softly. Then he slowly put down my feet.

I feel some tugs on the rope around my waist in front of my belly, then I feel his hands grabbing my skirt and pulling even more higher up to my waist, in some way I feel so ashamed of this, of course he has seen naked before but this time I was feeling so helpless when he pull up my skirt... Makes me feel so scared and confused and... Very aroused.

Suddenly he put his hand on my crotch, I think he finally finish and that was the beginning, but no, he doesn’t fondle me again, he moves one rope I guess he tied in front of my waist and passed between my legs under my vulva between my lips, scratching the edges of my anus and up between my cheeks, he gave me a soft pull but that was enough to hurt.

I try to scream but I only manage to drool even more.

I grab the loose ends of the remaining rope with my bound hands to prevent him to tighten the rope even more, he tries to pull the rope from my fingers, but I don't let it go so easy.

He took the rope from the end in front of me and try to remove it under my ass, I guess he understood I didn’t like it so I let the rope free, then he left loose the rope and I sensed he walk around me to all the stuff on the floor, then I heard a sound, like when you rip the duck tape.

Why in the hell does he needs duck tape?

He walks behind me again and suddenly he grabs one of my hands and bends my fingers into a fist and he began to wrap my fist in duck tape, quickly he grabs my other hand and does the same thing, now even my fingers are useless, I begin to panic even more. I shouldn't do that with the rope.

I piss him up, now he pulls the rope again between my bound wrist and do strong pull even harder than the last time, digging deeper the rope inside of me.

I try to scream again but it was useless, he keeps pulling the rope and then I felt him encircle that rope with the one under the soles of my heels, I think to lift my legs but I didn’t want to get him mad again, so, I even help him moving back my legs under the chair, joining the rope with and pulling up again towards my wrist until the point of my high heeled feet are no longer in touch with the floor, he keeps pulling until there was no slack in the rope anymore. Then he knot the long rope with the one that keep tightly bound my elbows

I moaned in pain, but he kissed my neck again and rubbed my shoulders. I guess that was my reward for being a good girl.

Now I’m fused to this metal chair, every part of my body is tightly bound to this metal frame. The only part of my body I can move is my head, but, for how long? Soon I get my answer.

I feel as he took my ponytail and began to wrap more rope to my hair, I was moving my head and trying to say, NO! No more! but this damn gag was very effective.

I was so scared, I was pleading him through the gag but he keeps going. Then he pulls my hair down, bending my head backwards, and tying the rope to the one in my crotch over my wrist. Now every time I move my head I tighten the one in my crotch. But that was not the end; he put something in my ears! Preventing me to hear!

How much more rope he needs to tie on me until he is satisfied. How much more he needs do to me to make me more than helpless?

I´m unable to move any part of my body, anywhere, unable to speak nothing, unable to see anything and unable to hear where is he.

I´m so fucking scared! I try to scream and only cause me pain in my crotch. I tell to myself that I have to stay very calm, every attempt to move or breath means more pain in my crotch.

I feel as he touches the rope in my crotch trying to get one finger between the rope and my skin.

Fuck you! I try to yell him! That rope is so tight already!

I keep moaning with every touch to this damn rope, I feel he uses a small cord to tie something in the rope, something round, small. Then he pulls down the bra off my breasts, exposing them, he begin to fondling both of them, my nipples are very sensitive right now and he keeps touching and kissing, for a moment the pain in my crotch vanished and I feel waves of excitement coming, he keeps playing with my exposed breast. That’s impossible! I can’t be aroused azbout this! No! No way! This is so sick, I´m almost dying in pain and fear! I can’t be so horny! But my body betrays me, I start to moaning of pleasure again, ignoring the pain in my crotch, I begin to rub my pelvis against that damn rope. It hurts but feels so good! When will he finally will let me cum?

And again, he stops!

Before I can complain, I feel something cold touching my right nipple and begin to squeeze my nipple until start crying in pain, one second after the other nipple has the same fate. I feel a small pull in the link between the nipple clamps down to my crotch exactly where he tied that thing in the rope. At this point I don't know what I feel more, pain or arousal.

He is driving me crazy.

He kisses again each one of my breasts and my neck, close to my ear he said to me: "ENJOY! "

And the rope in my crotch begins to vibrate, also the little chain that connects both of my breasts, that's it, is an egg vibrator... Oh god... It's, it's so... Oh my... Yes! Yes! Almost... There...

And he stopped

No! No! No! I start begging, moaning, and trying to move my hips against the rope in my crotch.

I feel a lot of pain, but I don't care I want to cum.

I keep moaning and then he turns the egg on again and began to kiss me in my neck... Oh god... Oh yeah... Oh... Oh…

Oh FUCK! Not again! He turn it off! Oh fuck... So close... Fuck, fuck, fuck...

I keep moving my hips even stronger, biting the gag so hard, moaning in frustration, trying to move every part of my body.

Then again, is on... Oh please... Please... Don't stop... Please... Pleaaaaaaaaaaa...


Finally, after all this pain, I have the most strong, longer, glorious orgasm in my entire life, my full body keeps trembling for several minutes, It was… It was… Wonderful...

When I finally slowed down my breath, he comes close and kissed me gently on my right cheek.

Then he removed the rope that keeps my head bent and removes my blindfold and what I see let me completely froze!

The big TV was on! And the image on the screen was shocking.

A beautiful girl wearing a black top, red mini skirt and stockings with a pair of sky high heels, tightly tied to a chair with tight ropes all over her body, with her breast fully exposed and nipples pinched with some clamps and a tight rope tied in her crotch with something pink attached to it.

And that big red ball in her mouth, her pink lips making a seal around the ball and black leather straps digging in her cheeks.

That poor girl is Me!

The image starts to move when he picks up the camera from the tripod and keep a record behind me, watching the screen I wonder how is possible my elbows are so close, my hands were covered in gray duck tape and I can see the rope from my crotch tying my wrist, ankles and elbows at the same time.

This was surreal, I never imagined I would enjoy being so tightly bound and gagged that much.

He returns the camera to the tripod and the image on the screen gone. A few seconds later the picture came back and he turns up the volume, but this time the girl is blindfolded and is not tied as tight as before, only her wrist and ankles and her gag was only a handkerchief.

"That's when I start to record", he said, "now you can watch how you ended up tied up like this".

I began to get so arousal again, watching myself being completely trusted up, hearing my own moaning.

It looks and feels so tight, I look so helpless in the screen struggling against the ropes that keep me tied to this chair, more and more ropes are tied on me.

Unconsciously I began to rub my crotch rope again, struggling and moaning just like the girl on the screen, but she is fighting against the ropes, but now, I'm not trying to get free, on the contrary, just to make sure I'm still completely helpless...

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