Never Ending Training 3

by Vampirecop

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© Copyright 2001 - Vampirecop - Used by permission

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Never Ending Training
Part Three

After my severe beating on my first night - she informed me that this would be what to expect if I ever disobey her, only twice as worse. "Which reminds me that you are deserving of an extra punishment for not listening to me on the way out here. Hmmm- I figure that these will make my point." She took 2 nipple clamps and put one on each nipple. "I think they will hurt more if they are just on the tips." It felt like fire burning through my chest - "I don't think that this is severe enough, you must realize that I own you now and that you will do what I want and take whatever I do to you!" I couldn't think of what else she could possibly do to hurt me. "I think you need some time to think, and understand that your ass belongs to me now - I will let you think about it tonight. When I return in the morning - or afternoon - you better be more submissive and obedient, or you will be right back out here till you realize that you are now a slave...MY SLAVE." Mistress Jeannine then made damn sure that escape was impossible. "There, oh and just so you know if you have any thoughts of escaping - I wouldn't if I were you. If you aren't here when I get back - your wife will be the first one of many who receives the video. I'd love to see how you explain yourself on that one." She laughed as she and Jenny walked away and left me there in agony. I did think of how I would explain that to my wife - I knew there would be now way possible. I was trapped. I was released in the morning around 10:30 am. Mistress Jeannine untied my hands from the branch and took off my blindfold. She tossed me some keys and an envelope with a note inside. "See you soon." Was all she said and turned and walked away. I had to untie myself the rest of the way, I was fumbling with the keys till my fingers worked again. I read the note inside;

    I want you to call me as soon as you get home! You better have all the keys, rope and restraints that you used last night. When you call me I will tell you where to find the keys to your chastity locks. I know you have to walk home naked caring all these things. You better hurry your little ass up and not get caught. You have another busy night tonight - I will give you instructions later - remember who you are now and unless you want more punishment, act accordingly! I am looking forward to tonight - you are going to be my little cum bitch...all night! 
                            YOUR MISTRESS 

Getting home was like playing Rambo, running and hiding, sneaking in the back door. I knew that she had me right where she wanted, so I had to do as she ordered. That's how it all started. Some harmless flirting and a fucking bet which I lost. 
  Later when Mistress Jeannine came back I found out it was a note - a sign, around my neck for Mistress Jeannine. She showed the note to me just to prove that there was actually writing on it. Then she read it. 
       This slave needs much more discipline! He tried to beg and plead when I was spanking
      him - My time was short so I couldn't correct his behavior. In my opinion he needs a lot 
      more work and training. If I were you I'd torture and discipline him as you were going to 
      already - but add 100 of each. (paddle)(leather strap)(cat-of-nine)(forked crop) he seems
      very defiant and needs to be humbled and submissive. If you cant give him the extra lashes
      call me back- leave him here and I will be glad to "teach" him tonight. Once finished with
      him - I will leave him here till you decide to untie him.

My heart just sank. I thought that this was bad. Now I am to go through even more. I didn't think that my Mistress could be stricter, but I had a lot to learn. Mistress Jeannine wasn't too happy reading the note. She removed my earplugs and just shook her head and said- "No more being nice - you can blame yourself for what you are going to go through. I gave you a list of rules, but you must have thought I was kidding or that they were a joke. You will pay bitch. You will pay. There will be no more leniency - you will see just how strict things will get."  She placed my blindfold back on and began whipping my sore ass. She used the cat on my legs, ass and back. I tried to keep still but let out little whimpers as the beating continued. "See bitch - this is what I am talking about - keep quiet!" She started right up again. I couldn't help it - I yelped through my gag on every hit. She kept swinging away - I couldn't help but think - what did I do that deserved this kind of torture? But as she has made it very clear = I am her slave. She can and will do whatever she wants to me or with me. 

Mistress Jeannine was beginning to get tired and she even admitted it to me. I thought it was a good thing. She just tightened the rope keeping my arms tied behind me - lifting my arms even higher. I knew she was going to leave me there for that other person. "I am going home now, you will stay here and wait for my friend to come back, she will continue your punishment and you will obey her just as you would me. If I see another note like this one you will be pierced and branded and be in agony 24/7. We will make pony training seem like Disney land." She then disconnected the electric shocking clips just so she could change the batteries. Then she reattached them. I had no way of begging or stopping her. "I hope you enjoy being tied and tortured, because from now on you will be in severe restraints more hours in the day than you will be free." She made sure that the shocks were still working and that I felt each one. I was in for a long night. 

This tag team domination was killing me. Mistress Jeannine then left me there - waiting for that (bitch) who wrote that note. I tried like hell to get free but it was useless.  My arms were asleep and I couldn't even use my fingers to untie anything. I waited there for hours - the sun went down and the mosquitoes were enjoying their free dinner at my expense. I could hear someone coming up to me and I just knew it was her. I braced myself for a whip stroke, but instead felt her untying my arms from the branch way above my head. I couldn't recognize the voice because she only whispered. "It's time for a change."  I was glad to hear that. I was in agony being like that so long. She had me tied back up in no time - I was stretched out between two trees- standing spread eagle. She made sure that I couldn't see her or recognize her in any form. 

My nipple clamps were changed around burning like mad as she put them back on only to change the direction they were pinching. My collar was switched from the 4 inch one to a much larger posture collar. My guess is that it was 8-10 inches wide. It was locked on with 2 pad locks. "Don't worry - I'll mail the keys to your Mistress first thing tomorrow morning." My gag was removed - but I kept silent - she then ordered me to open my mouth as wide as possible. My jaws were aching but I tried to stretch them open wider. She began to shove a thick sponge into my mouth, once it was crammed in all the way she proceeded to put a harness type gag on my head. She buckled all the straps snug just to make sure I couldn't shake it loose - then she forced the 2 inch hard gag part into my stuffed mouth. She wiggled and pushed it in till the entire gag portion was also in my mouth. Then came the tightening. All the straps and buckles were tied very tight around my head, under my chin and around my nose up over my head. My eyes teared up from the gag. 

As if that wasn't hard enough - she began putting small pad locks on each of the buckles to make sure that there was no chance in hell I'd get this gag out. The gag did work extremely well - I yelled through it as she tested it out by using a leather strap on me. I could hardly hear myself through it. I thought that a gag this good would be put to use- and I was right. "I keep the keys to this - until your Mistress asks for them. It does come with a dildo attachment so you will be keeping her happy even though your little tongue and dick are...unavailable. (ha ha ha ha ha ha)"  Her  whispering in my ear was driving me crazy. But for some reason she didn't want to be identified. She unlocked my butt-plug from the chastity lock and informed me that a new one will be replacing this smaller thinner one. The new plug was much longer and thicker - it hurt like hell going in - even with the lube. After she inserted it  (over and over) she finally left it in and rebuckled the strap to hold it in place. She then locked the pad lock back on. Then she took a long strap or rope and tied it to the top of the head harness and then down my back to the chastity lock. She tugged till my head was tilted far back and that my tied and helpless dick and balls were stretched under and up my back side and forced the plug in deeper. 

As she tugged on my nipple clamps she whispered in my ear  "I was very glad to hear that Jeannine was going to leave you out here tonight for me. I was looking forward to showing you the right way a slave should be disciplined. She tells me that I can do whatever I want to you, and that from now on you belong to me, along with Jenny. You should be grateful to have three Mistresses. I can't wait to get you in my basement." She then twisted the clamps and asked, "Do you have anything to say before I whip the shit out of you?" I didn't, couldn't say a thing even if I didn't have this gag in. she waited for a response but I didn't move. I received the beating like no other she whipped very hard and did as she promised in the note - she used everything on me at least 100 times. I couldn't stop her and after every lash I'd try to move away of the pain or just move period but all it did is nudge the butt plug in deeper. I had to take it. My extremely muffled screams barely made it past the gag. I could hear her giggle from time to time. The only difference in her whipping was that she didn't miss a spot on me - although she would concentrate on my ass, she made sure that my back, chest, legs and sides were evenly welted. I wasn't counting but she knew when to switch from paddle to whip, then the strap. She didn't let up on her strokes - each one was just as painful as the one before. I remembering that the last few lashes didn't hurt that much, I knew I passed out because Mistress Jeannine woke me up and I could tell it was daylight. I was still there just as she left me...but with another note. 

 I am happy to say that your slave (our slave) passed out before I could finish. 
We must set up another appointment out here so I may finish his punishment.
He has a long way to go - eventually he will be able to take 1000 with each -
And count and thank us for each one. I look forward to your next call.

Mistress Jeannine kept the note and stuffed it away in her pocket. She untied me from the trees and I could barely stand - every part of my body ached. "I see that she did a good job on you, you're all welted." I still couldn't talk. Mistress Jeannine cuffed my hand and ankles and attached a leash to the large collar then proceeded to lead me out to her car. It was a long slow walk to the car. Once there she opened the trunk and had me jump in. She closed it and got in and drove away. We arrived back at her house and she pulled right in the garage. The trunk opened and she yanked my leash. "Out bitch!" I moved as fast as I could to get out put always needed her help, which consisted of pulling my leash. 

Once inside I was allowed to be unlocked from the cuffs and the chastity device. I was given 15 minutes to use the toilet and take a shower. I was to report back to her in her playroom downstairs when I was finished. I needed the break - no matter how short it was. I hurried and went to the bathroom and relieved myself and quickly jumped it the shower. As per my rules - I am only allowed to take cold showers, not to use any hot water at all. My skin was tightening and the welts were burning as I hurried and lathered up. I finished in plenty of time and met Mistress Jeannine downstairs in the playroom. She had an arm binder waiting for me along with many leather straps. As she put the arm binder up to my shoulders she said. "We are going to see just how well this attachment works. I honestly would rather use your tongue. But we promised that we'd give it a try. If we do like it, (she smiled) I just might not ever ask for the keys back."  I could only think- how would I eat? 

Mistress Jeannine finished strapping and buckling the arm binder and walked me to the couch. She admired the new butt-plug on my chastity lock. And wasted no time putting the thing back in and on me.  She used six straps to tie my leg and ankles together. Then two larger ones which went around my bent legs keeping me kneeling. A padlock locked my gloved hands to my ankles. She then attached the collar to the couch keeping my face in perfect position. She sat down in front of me and had the attachment in her hands. "Me and Jenny are skeptical on using this - so we figured that more input is needed. There will be quite a few different people sitting in front of you today and each one will give their opinion on if we should keep it on you or not. I - personally would like to have the keys to it for when I need you to wipe me." (Big smile) I could only look at her. She then took the dick attachment and screwed it on the front of the gag. Sure enough I had to pose for a picture. 

Mistress Jeannine took off all her clothes and sat in front of me - she took the dick and slowly put it in her pussy and worked it back and forth till it was wet - she then slouched down to get comfortable. I began to move my head back and forth putting it in and out of her. She seemed to like it but there was just something missing. She did finally cum and she pulled it out of her. She looked at it and said. "It's a shame YOU can't clean it after every use." She took a baby wipe and cleaned it off. She then placed a blindfold on me and I waited there till the next person came in and sat down in front of me. There were some who loved it and others who could care less. At my best guess - there were about 10-15 women who sat in front of me. I just hope I don't know any of them. I'm sure too that a few of them had a second turn. After the last person left I waited for the verdict. Mistress Jeannine came back in and said.   "All of them said that it was fun but that they couldn't make a decision on if we should keep it on you or not. So what they suggested is that tomorrow you will do this again but have to use your tongue instead. I have talked to my friend and I will have a 2nd set of keys for your gag and collar. Tomorrow we will see which they like better. Its time for you to eat." She unlocked me from the couch and kept my legs strapped - "Your food is upstairs in your new doggy bowl. If you can get up there to eat it. (ha ha ha ha ha)" I worked as best as I could to get up those stairs to eat. I was very hungry. I reached the top of the steps and could see my bowls waiting for me. The only problem was that Mistress Jenny was just letting the last drops fall out as she squatted over one of the bowls...she smiled as she walked up to me. She then dragged me the rest of the way by my hair. "Hurry and eat up bitch, while it's still warm...ha ha ha ha ha ha."