The Nerd

by Studbound

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Storycodes: MF/m; bondage; reluct; X

The Nerd
by Studbound
The Nerd By Studbound

In my junior year at the University, I lived in the dormitory and I had a roommate who was the archtypical nerd. Quang Nguyen, who went by Jimmy, was a senior in chemical engineering. He came from a wealthy family, drove a Lexus, and seemed to have anything he wanted. I always wondered why he lived in the dorms when he could easily afford a better place – a whole house if he wanted it. But Jimmy was an odd bird, and he explained once that his father insisted that he live in the dormitory so that he would be around other people. The old man apparently knew that the kid was socially awkward and wanted him to get used to dealing with others. 

Anyway, Jimmy and I had been together for all of my sophomore year and now we were well into my sophomore year. Jimmy was a senior as he was one year ahead of me. 

One day just after lunch I went into the room and found Jimmy sitting on his side at his desk reading a book, which wasn’t unusual as he was an avid bookworm. And then I saw it, lying on his bed. It was black and the smell it the leather almost assaulted my nose. I had never seen one up close before, but I knew what it was. It was a straitjacket complete with a multitude of straps and buckles.

"What in hell is that?" I asked almost rhetorically.

"It’s a straitjacket," he answered mater-of-factly.

"And why in God’s name do you have a straitjacket?"

"Oh, I’ve always wanted one," he said. "I saw it advertised on e-bay, so I bought it."

"And what do you propose to do with it?"

"Don’t know yet," he said. 

"You bought a straitjacket and you don’t know what you’re going to do with it?"

"No. Maybe I’ll just keep it and look at it. It really smells neat doesn’t it?"

"I’ll say it does." I was looking at it, reaching down and touching it. The leather was soft. Clearly the straitjacket had been expensive.

Jimmy continued reading his book, ignoring me as I looked over the straitjacket. Before I could stop myself, I picked it up and held it up to my chest. As I was setting it back on his bed he casually looked up and asked, "Do you want to try it on?"

"Don’t you want to wear it?" I asked. "You bought it."

"Oh, I’ll have you put it on me later, maybe. Do you want to try it?"

I thought for a while and finally said, "Sure, why not. I’ve never been in a straitjacket."

Jimmy stood and picked up the garment and looked at me. "It might be better if you take off everything except your jockey shorts," he suggested.

"Whatever you say," I said. 

I stripped down to my dark blue bikini briefs, and then turned toward Jimmy who helped me slip into the jacket. He buckled up the straps in the back. As I joked about being careful he pulled up the crotch straps and cinched them in place, one on either side of my ‘manly bulge.’ He had me circle my body with my arms, and then he pulled them tight against my body and fastened them. More straps held my arms against my body at my chest, and a firm strap circled my upper arms and around my body holding my arms fast to my side.

"This is really snug and cozy," I said. 

"I don’t think even Houdini could escape from this one," Jimmy laughed. "I’m glad I bought it. It seems like a good one."

"Well, I like it, but I think you should release me," I suggested.

"Wait a minute," he said. "You should try the rest of the gear that came with it."

"There’s more?"

"Oh sure. Sit there on the bed and I’ll show you."

Jimmy opened his closet and brought out a bag. From it he removed some straps and these he wrapped around my legs at my ankles, then one above and one below my knees.

"These bind your legs," he said stating the obvious. "Keeps you from moving around too much."

"I see," I said. "Very effective. I feel very ‘bound up’ for lack of a better descriptor."

"Now comes the best part," he said pulling something out of the bag.

"What’s that?"

"This is a gag," he said blandly. "You put this bulb thing into your mouth and the straps circle your head and hold it in place. Here, open your mouth and I’ll show you."

So, I opened my mouth and Jimmy put the large bulb in. It filled my mouth and held my jaw open almost as far as it would open. Jimmy fastened all the straps, one around the back of my head, one under my jaw, two from the gag up around my nose, over my head and down the back, and finally one around my forehead front to back. The straps held the large leather front firmly against my face. I tried to talk but only muffled grunts emerged.

"That seems to work quite well," Jimmy observed.  "Well, what do you think?"

I nodded and tried to smile and grunted into the gag that I thought it was wonderful if you liked that sort of thing. Then I indicated for sure that it was time to release me. I had enjoyed trying on the straitjacket, but enough was enough.

"One more thing," said Jimmy pushing me down onto my bed. "This strap goes from the straitjacket in back (he was then pushing my legs up toward my back) to your legs and completes a sort of hog-tie. Now you can’t go much of anywhere. And that’s it. Do you like it?"

I nodded that I just loved it. Now let me go.

"Good," he said. "I’m glad you like it. Well, I’ve got to go. You just sit tight and I’ll see you later. Remember, don’t go away." Then he laughed!

I protested, squirmed, screamed, but it did no good. Jimmy put on his coat and was out the door leaving me restrained, confined, and gagged. I was furious. What the hell did he think he was doing anyway? Tricking me and then leaving me helpless. When he lets me go, I was thinking, I will really tell him what I thought, and maybe put him in his own straitjacket and leave him for a while. It would serve him right!!!

Then it dawned on me that my steady girlfriend, Lillian, was due shortly. We were going to go to class, and then out to dinner and maybe a little ‘fun’ later on at her place. What would Lillian say if she found me all tied up this way? I worked, struggled, fought the bondage, but it was hopeless.

When the door opened, I was dumbfounded. It was Lillian and Jimmy. For a few minutes they stood there looking at me. Then Lillian said to Jimmu, "You did it."

"Sure," said Jimmy. "Piece of cake. He fell for it all the way. I knew he would. People always trust nerds! You can get them to do anything!"

Lillian came over to the bed and sat down beside me. She looked at me and I looked back at her and wondered why she wasn’t releasing me. Then she said, "We thought this would be the best way to tell you. You see, as much as I like you, I’ve decided that it’s over. I’ve been going out secretly with Jimmy for a couple of months, and we’ve decided to get engaged. 
Sorry. I hope you understand. Now we’re going to go, and you’ll have a while to get over it. Then my sister will come and untie you."

With that, despite my screams into the gag, they left while I fought the constraints squirming around on my bed. Dumped! I couldn’t believe it. She dumped me and to top it off left me bound and gagged on my bed.  I vowed to catch the two of them and beat Jimmy to a pulp. I was furious.

As time went on I realized that Jimmy and Lillian both knew me well enough that they understood my reaction to being dumped, especially being dumped for Jimmy, would bring a violent reaction. Maybe tying me up was wise. It gave me time to think things over. If it was over, it was over, and there wasn’t much I could do about it. The nerd and his money had won. I should reconcile myself to it.

Trudy arrived about two hours later. Trudy was Lillian’s little sister, about a year younger. Lillian got all the looks in the family. Trudy was, to say the least, plain. She didn’t talk much, and she stayed in the background, in her older sister’s shadow. I liked Trudy, but didn’t really know her.

"How are you doing?" she asked when she came into the room. "Did they tell you the news – that they’re engaged?"

I nodded.

"Well, they deserve each other I think. Anyway, I was the one who suggested that they tie you up before they tell you, and I helped put together this plot. I even found the straitjacket on e-bay. Do you like it? You can keep it you know. Anyway, I’m glad that my sister has dumped you because I’ve – well – I’ve been in love with you ever since I met you. Of course I couldn’t say anything. But you are all I think about. I’ve dreamed of you every night, and I’ve dreamed of having you just like this – all tied up and in my power. All mine to do with whatever I want."

Well, that blew me away. Believe me. Trudy sat there and talked to me for a long time. Then she got physical with me, released the hog-tie and took a pair of scissors and cut off my shorts, but nothing else, and finally we had sex right there on my bed. It really turned me on. Trudy released me, and we went out to dinner. Then we went to her place, and she put me back in the straitjacket and the rest of the gear and we spent the night together. We spent a lot of time together and usually I was bound and gagged one way or another. Trudy seemed to know a whole lot about bondage.

To make a long story short, I married Trudy. We are deeply in love. Privately, at the end of the ceremony, in front of a few very close friends, I signed a slave contract. We’ve been married for ten years now, and I’ve spent quiet a bit of that time in bondage of some sort. We have two boys, and they are rather used to seeing their dad bound and gagged – something they know not to talk about with anyone. And I owe it all to the nerd who married Lillian – an unhappy marriage that lasted only two years. Yes, I owe that nerd a lot.