Nap Time

by Jazzman

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© Copyright 2020 - Jazzman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mpov; denial; oral; vag; hood; gag; cuffs; boots; breast; nipple; bedtie; rom; X

Working from home has many advantages. One is that you can get things done when you want to.

My wife and I have been working from home for several months and have gotten into a rhythm and producing quality work that keeps our bosses happy. My wife stayed up one late night working on a rush job. At mid morning she said she was going to take a nap. Being I had my own work to get done, I told her to sleep tight and got back to what I was doing. After about an hour, my morning coffee was needing to come out, so I went to our bathroom.

When I came out, I looked at my wife and noticed something odd. Her blonde hair was black. Taking a closer look, I noticed that she was wearing a full face hood and what I first thought was snoring was in fact moaning. I pulled back the covers and she froze. She was naked with her hands cuffed together holding her vibrator in her pussy with her booted legs tied to the corners of the bed.

I asked her if she was finished napping to which she mumbled something that sounded like "fuck me". I leaned over her and kissed her nipple and grabbed her wrist and tied them to the headboard. Helpless, she squirmed knowing that she was in trouble because of her fucking my ass when she caught me the last time I did self bondage. Going to our toy box, I looked for the flogger. Finding it, I go back to her, tickling her with it. Soon she was moaning and squirming.

After a minute or two, I began whipping one breast then the other. Back and forth I went until her breasts were a nice shade of pink. Going back to the toy box, I grabbed a set of nipple clamps and attached them. I then tied them to her gag so if she moved her head, she pulled on her nipples. After tying the vibrator to her crotch so that it was just touching her clit I turned it on then went to the kitchen to get some ice packs to cool her breasts. Returning, I went to her dresser and looked for a bikini top. I then placed an ice pack on each breast and then tied the top on to hold them in place. Since she was getting cold, I covered her with a blanket and left to get more work done.

It wasn't too long before I heard her moaning loudly. Since she was disturbing me, I went back. I told her to be quiet or she'll disturb the neighbors. She started to beg to release her and that she'll do anything. I told her that a BJ was in order and that for the rest of the day she would be gagged, hands cuffed behind her and she is to keep the boots on and they will be cuffed together. She agreed. After she was prepared for the day, I told her to meet me in my office. When she got there, I helped her to her knees, removed the gag and uncuffed her hands. I then unzipped my pants and she proceeded to give me the best blow job ever. After I got cleaned up, she got recuffed and gagged. That complete, I made her sit in a chair in my office so I could have some eye candy.

After I finished the project I was working on I told her to get back to the bedroom and stand next to the bed. I came in, turn her to face the bed, uncuffed her legs but then attached them to the bottom of the bed posts. I bent her over and pulled her hands up and tied them to the other side of the bed. There she was, exposed and helpless. Grabbing the flogger, I warmed up her ass. Sobbing but begging to be fucked, I started rubbing her pussy which just got her moaning loudly again. Slowly I put my dick in her and then just as slowly pulled it out and then just repeated going in and out. It didn't take long for her to start begging for me to go faster, but I just kept up the slow pace.

I felt an orgasm building up in me, so I sped up. The faster I went, the louder she got. Right when I was about to shoot my load, she screamed with her own orgasm. After we recovered, I got cleaned up and with a damp cloth I wiped her up. After untying her hands and feet and removing her gag, I gave her a drink. I asked her if she wanted to be released, but she said no she wanted to go back to taking her nap.


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