My Wife's Sunday Night

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2013 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

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(Another True Story)

Super Bowl Sunday! Always a good day to spend with friends: eating, drinking and, of course, betting. And this Super Bowl was slated to be extra special because we decided to spend it at our house with three couples in our neighborhood who happened to share our sexual interests in BDSM. Somehow, over an earlier evening of entirely too much wine, we had convinced our wives that they could plan a future evening of sexual adventures if they would each agree to be a slave for the Super Bowl. And dammed if they didn't come through!

My wife "C" was in a very tight black bustier which laced up from behind with a black shoe string and kept her breasts way up firm and high, and a black mini-skirt, thong panties and high heels. The other 3 women were similarly attired: Kristen had on a Princess Leia slave outfit, Elle had on a cocktail waitress outfit, and Angela had on a sheer white top which displayed her ample nipples, a short red skirt, and as we discovered later bright pink thong panties. As each couple came over to the house I couldn't help but think that no matter what happened the guys were going to be winners!

As we settled in for the Big Game, I told the guys to put their wife's name on 25 spaces each on our "Squares Board" and I would take the last 25 spots. We then drew numbers to put on the side and top, and agreed that if the number hit which had your wife's name on it, she would be the group's slave for the next quarter. We further agreed that there would be no sex until the game was over because, for the final score, the fine lady whose name was in that square would be the evening's Love Slave to be used by all!

With that, we began the traditional Super Bowl activities: eating, drinking, yelling at the referees and shamelessly ogling our very well-build ladies. The first quarter came to an end, and the lovely Angela's name was on the spot with the numbers 7-3. A cheer went up from the group and immediately Elle said, "Take off your top, Slave Angela, and bring me some wine"!

Angela began to protest but remembered that slaves are not allowed to speak, and her husband laughed and said, "Elle, be careful, you might lose one of these quarters." He then turned to his wife and said, "you heard her, off with the top"!

Now Angela is the most well-endowed of any of the women, with large nipples to boot, and thus it was hard to take my eyes off of her as she bustled around the room bringing food and drinks to the rest of us. We each shouted orders and generally kept her moving around like a cocktail waitress in an airport bar. As the Ravens scored another touchdown, thus moving the squares board off of the numbers 7-3, Angela cheered as she knew it would be another ladies' turn when the quarter ended.

I immediately announced, "Slave Angela, you know you are not allowed to speak. Off with your skirt." Angela wiggled slowly out of her short red skirt and it was then that we discovered her bright pink thong panties. The guys immediately took turns dropping items in front of them and ordering Angela to pick the things up. This, of course, nicely exposed her butt and barely-covered quim for us each to see.

The quarter ended and, as so often happens, it was indeed Elle's name that was on the numbers 1-6! Angela hurriedly put her clothes back on and immediately said, "Slave Elle- take off that cocktail waitress outfit right now"!

Elle blushed a bit, but then slowly stripped out of her outfit and, wouldn't you know it, she had no undergarments on at all. There she stood, totally naked except for her heels and a hat, looking pretty damn good. Elle vamped it up as she literally skipped around serving us cocktails and bringing us food. I made her sit on my lap for a couple of plays and lovingly let my left hand hold her lovely breast as my right index finger discovered that her glory hole was shockingly wet. She kissed a couple of the guys, had her pretty ass slapped by her husband, and generally made it difficult to watch the game. The quarter ended with the score 28-23 so all eyes went to the square board to see whose name was next to 8-3. I was hoping it would be Kristen as I wanted her to remove her Princess Leia outfit; however, it was Elle yet again!

Elle soldiered on and, because everyone had had quite a bit to drink by then, the fondling and groping became much more aggressive. Instead of each guy saying "get me another drink", it was more like, "Slave Elle, get over here and let me play with your tits"! Although we all abided by the "no sex" rule, there was lots of full-contact encounters with the beautiful Slave Elle!

The game got close at the end, but SF couldn't quite score and with 14 seconds left the score was 34-29. We all checked the board and Kristen's name was in that square. I rejoiced because, although all of the women have very impressive bodies, Kristen has one of the best bodies I have ever seen in my life. She is tall, wonderfully built with a slender waist and long legs, and is simply smoking hot. I couldn't wait to get her out of her Princess Leia outfit.

My wife got up, danced around and began to gloat as she told Kristen, "Not only did I not have to be a slave tonight, but I am going to make you lick my pussy until I cum!"

Kristen blushed a little because she is a bit shy. As we all looked hungrily at Kristen, I heard Angela say, "what in the world are they doing"?

As our attention all went back to the television, I saw the punter dancing around in the end zone and finally get tackled for a safety. And, just like that, the 2-point play changed the score to 34-31. Every head in the room slowly turned to the squares board to see whose name was in the 4-1 square. Every head then turned slowly, hungrily, resolutely towards my wife and, as she realized that yes, that was her name in the box, her dancing slowed and her eyes dimmed as she realized she was in for a long night.

As she looked for an escape route, two of the guys grabbed her and the other husband got behind her and undid the black shoestring entirely from her bustier, allowing it to fall to the floor and exposing her medium-sized firm, lovely breasts. They then used the shoestring to tie her hands firmly behind her back, and to a column that supported our second storey. My wife was tied tight, topless and exposed, but still struggled a bit just to show that she had spirit.

"Alright everyone, what shall we do with Slave C tonight" one of the guys inquired?

Kristen immediately said, "Well, lets get rid of those panties" as she knelt down on the floor, reached under my wife's skirt, and tugged the thong panties off. "And, since she was gloating a bit, I want to make her squeal a bit. Hand me a flogger." I handed Kristen our flogger as she told Angela to hold my wife's skirt up in front, and Kristen immediately went to work on my wife's cunt.

After a few minutes of warm-up, Kristen also took a few minutes to flog Slave C's tits as well. She did, indeed, get a squeal or two out of Slave C. The guys then agreed, being gentlemen, that Slave C should service the women first so Angela, Kristen and Elle each took a turn on the couch with their pussies exposed as my wife licked, sucked and blew on their private parts until they each had had a couple of explosive orgasms. The men then all agreed: tonight we are going to let the three women, now sated and happy, determine Slave C's fate tonight. As the guys all had once last cocktail, the three women huddled up and made plans as Slave C knelt on the floor awaiting her fate.

Now women are devious creatures, and they had made some spectacular plans. They made Slave C stand up, and they immediately ripped her skirt off. They then put black wrist and ankle restraints and a black collar to match on my wife, and stated: "Its costume change night tonight. We are going to change her into various costumes and bondage poses, and every single time we change her one of you is going to fuck her until you are all out of steam"!

With that, they moved her into and out of many costume changes: a sheer purple skirt, red valentines day outfit, black strippers look, etc. They also put her in various bondage poses, tied up with her arms above her head, tied wide with wooden dowels, etc. At every outfit change,the guys took turns fucking her until we were all exhausted. What I didn't know until later was that they were both live-streaming our activities to a web-site, and were also taking numerous pictures and posting them to a web-site named "Newbie Nudes."

Devious women indeed, and a night to remember!

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