My Turn To Bondage Model

by Joe D

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© Copyright 2009 - Joe D - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; fem; bond; wrap; bag; breathplay; cons/reluct; X

I have always had my lady bondage model. It was pretty specific she could be tied and anyway the person wanted. She would always be in satin bikini panties. Which was my big turn on. We had many people bind and gag her many ways in panties or full dress. She made a few extra bucks and got tied and gagged by many.

One day I came home from work grabbed a beer and was about to sit down and watch the news. She walked up to me and said, "Honey I booked a shoot".

I said, "Great when is it and who is shooting you?"

She said, "I am not the one modeling".

I asked, "Then who is?"

She said, "It's your turn. I want you to dress as I dress, meaning satin bikini panties, stockings and heels. You will be tied and gagged just like me for about 5 hours".

I said, "Wait I did not agree to that".

She said, "If you want me to model again you will."

I thought well it is the least I can do i guess even though I would not be getting paid. It was what she wanted so I agreed.

As it turned out there was more to this than I thought because we used to do bondage car rides. When it was my turn I would be tied and gagged in the back of our van, the only clothes I would have on would be stockings, heels, shiny purple satin bikini panties and a simple white t-
shirt. She would bring a few extra pairs of panties along in case she decided I needed a new color.

All the kinky bondage things I had done to her was coming back to bite me. She has spent many nights all tied and gagged and I think I would be tied and gagged the whole night.

Finally the day came I went into the bedroom and changed. I slid the satin panties on and thought, 'Wow these feel nice!' Then came the stockings and heels.

I am standing in the middle of the room dressed like this she then tossed me a ball gag and said, "Put it on and make sure it is tight".

I put it on and buckled it tight. She then handed me the cuffs and said, "Cuff yourself behind your back".

Which I did and I have to tell you I was excited. She then grabbed a rope and tied a slip not and put it around my neck. I was a bit scared and tried to fight as I found out she was dragging me outside to the van. I thought 'Oh my god I am going to be outside in panties and heels tied up'.

Well there was no way to fight it, I was going. I am standing there tied up in panties next to the van thinking please open the door quick. Granted the way our house was set up there was not much chance I would be seen. But I was still freaking. I did notice I was hard as a rock standing there. She pushed me in the van and took some straps and bound my legs in two spots, ankles and knees. At this point I had a 45 minute
drive all I kept thinking is 'don't get pulled over'.

We pulled up to what was a studio rented in an old factory. I would quickly be in the place but I would have a long walk through the building. Which means I could easily be seen like this. I was getting it back because I had done this to her more then a few times. And just my luck I was
seen twice. I am sure I was bright red when I saw the people coming. They where in fact people that were into bondage and were coming from the studio. But to be seen by a group of people was still scary and exciting.

We got in this studio there where two woman who were obviously domme's and there was three rooms. The main room and two studio rooms used for shoots. One of them grabbed me and took me into one of the rooms. In this room there was a chair in the middle of it with a low back very good for bondage, she sat me in the chair and took the handcuffs off and told me do not move my hands. She grabbed a length of rope and tied my hands behind me. Then she tied my arms at my elbows.

After she was done my legs where tied spread at both the ankles and knees. I have to say this woman could tie I could barely move besides my hips. Which she took care of with a rope tied around my waist. She added a rope from my wrists to the chair. I could not move at all I was so helpless.

She called my wife in and asked for her panties, she wore her orange satin ones today. She took them off and gave them to the woman. The woman said go into the other room and have some coffee.

She warned me, "Don't say a word," and she unbuckled the ball gag. She quickly shoved the used panties into my mouth and began sealing my mouth with tape. My eyes must have been wide open watching her use six strips of tape. Then she got some purple vet wrap. She wrapped what seemed like 20 layers. I could not make a sound.

She then took her hands and ran them along the front of my panties. She then walked up to a table and grabbed a plastic bag and duct tape. I tried desprately to call for help from my wife but she could not hear me, I was gagged too well. She placed the bag over my head sealed it with tape at my neck and kissed me through the bag and said, "Better escape and get the bag off or you will suffocate!"

Then she walked out of the room..........