My Summer Of Dares 11: My Full Dogification

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2016 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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Part 11: My Full Dogification

"I was having a dream Gregory. Your not going to rat me out to the girls for that, are you?" I asked reasonably in the same silent whisper as he had used. I was angry, or perhaps frustrated at being interrupted so close to relief and I knew it came out in my tone.

...This adventure was doing something to me, what might have at one time taken weeks, and then later on days to recharge my batteries from was now taking only hours. Instead of having brief periods of insatiable lust, I was now having brief periods without it, with erotic thoughts of one kind or another creeping into every facet of my life as if I were going slightly insane...

"I think I liked 'sir' better" Gregory corrected gently. "As to your friends, we have had a most enjoyable conversation for these last few hours, and I know for a fact that they think the world of you, and there is little that I could say one way or the other that might change that. You three are lucky to have each other by the way, but I at the same time know that it's more than just luck. How did you sleep in there by the way?" Gregory asked to change the subject abruptly, taking charge of the direction of the conversation masterfully without being rude.

"If it's been hours I would have to say quite well, except for the dreams. What time is it sir?" I asked using Gregory's preferred form of address from myself, I setting this precedent early on with him. I wondered what he and the girls had talked about for hours while I napped, but I assumed I was at least one of the subjects, the term "secrets laid bare" coming to mind. Gregory had already gotten to briefly see the outside part twice, it made sense that he get to see the hidden inside part that my friends knew so well, I wondering what he really thought of me now.

"I would love to hear about them sometime. Just so you don't think I was stalking you like some kind of freak while you slept in here by the way, the girls had each checked in on you themselves once to make sure you were OK, and I only stopped in myself in to get some things to show them from the closet, I bumping one of them in the dark accidentally and I think possibly waking you. I apologize for that. It's late afternoon anyway, and we were thinking about ordering some pizza as we're all hungry."

"I can't believe I've slept the day away in here, and I am hungry, but I have to go."

"Leave? I thought we were getting along here quite well." Gregory's voice showing his disappointment.

"No sir, I HAVE TO GOOOO!"

"Oh, of course" Gregory finally catching on with an embarrassed smile in his voice. "Do you want me to let you out myself, or would you rather one of the girls do it instead?"

"Would you mind?" I asked. He was really asking if I wanted to crawl out of this cage stark naked on my hands and knees before him and give him the whole show one on one. I was warming up to Gregory, but that was a rather large step to take on my own.

"No, not at all. You've been an impossibly good sport about all of this, I would hardly have guessed this was your first time in a cage if the girls hadn't told me so."

I rolled over to watch Gregory leave the room carrying a bundle of stuff, (his arms way too full to close the door all the way in his wake), I then hearing him tell the girls that I was awake and needed them. Neither of them came for me right away though, but I instead heard snippets of their continued conversations with our host. Did they not understand what I had hoped that Gregory had related to them was a now thing, and not when they got around to it thing?

Eventually both girls sauntered into my temporary bedroom/kennel together to see me, they snapping on the light when they did telling my body even more urgently that it was time to get up and go. Dana took up station at the rear door of my cage, and Tracy at the front, both standing over and looking down on me as opposed to kneeling down on my level to speak affectionately as one might to a cherished pet.

"I need to go!" I told Tracy rather directly, my pet persona not even a thought at that moment despite the girls intentional body language reminding me of such.

"Did you say something Dana?" Tracy asked while smiling down at me.

"Nope. And I know for a fact that pets can't talk, perhaps we should come back after we have had time to sort this out Tracy."

This little torment told me that Tracy and Dana had worked out their differences once again, and that of course would leave them free to team up against me, but I had asked for as much...

Fine, I thought to myself, I'll continue this game and whimper like a dog to go, but only because I need to before I embarrass myself here. It didn't escape my notice either that neither of them had thought to bring my borrowed coat back in with them, this an obvious further extension of our game.

"Mmm Mmm Mmm", I whimpered for my owner's while up on my hands and knees excitedly, wondering to myself why I didn't just let myself out, or put on the show for Gregory when he had given me the option. He at least let me talk to him.

"Oh, that's a good girl" Tracy patronized. "It's the first door on the right by the way, and when your done in there we want you to take a nice hot shower, and wash all the good parts twice, but not so well that you loose all your motivation" Tracy warned. "Greg has some things he wants to see you try on, as do we, but they're clean and there is no point getting them smelling like you if they don't fit."

Tracy then opened the door and I scratched my hip getting out of the small door as quickly as I could, almost running on all fours to the facilities I was in such need. I had asked for this though, and if she had wanted to be especially cruel she could have made me go in the yard like a real dog instead. This game was still on this side of friendship and still within the rules we had established, but that would have been degrading.

Taking a shower in a strange man's house was another first, but rather tame as compared to everything else I had done these last few hours. Dana came in without knocking once she heard the shower start, I not knowing who it was for that first fraction of a second, but with Gregory's rather respectful manor so far I suspected it wasn't him.

Dana pulled the shower curtain back and gave me a shiver as the cool air enveloped my wet body, she watching me as if in approval of my actions. It was an intimate intrusion, and different than when we had all showered together at the beach as then we had been on equal footing and all equally busy in a task.

When she was satisfied with my efforts, (after directing me to readdress certain areas giving me a humbling preview of what might be to come), she pronounced the effort complete. She then toweled my body off with a fresh towel most intimately, bumping the bar up even higher on this game of ours, and reigniting my fire that had briefly smoldered after being caught in my cage by Gregory. My buds were at full attention with her repeated rough toweling, announcing silently my body's willingness, I never fully realizing her interest in them as compared to her own rather magnificent set.

"Do you still trust us?" Dana asked softly. "I know Tracy escalated this game of ours by including Greg, but we have all since talked and he is a really sweet guy. I didn't at first, but I agree with her now about this, and until further notice you're our pet. This bouncing back and forth between maid and pet isn't fair to you, Greg telling us as much, and that the full pet experience requires total immersion in the short term. Tracy may still have her maid back eventually, but for now get used to being on all fours."

I nodded my head by way of an answer even though I was standing on my hind legs, telling her I hope that I had always trusted both of them.

"Good, because this next part is going to push you just a little further. Greg is going to show us how to properly fit you with some of his pet accessories, and if we like them, meaning us three and not necessarily you, we get to keep them for a while. If you misbehave in the slightest you will be telling us that you wish to be punished in front of Greg, and I promise you that if that becomes necessary we won't disappoint either of you in that. If however you entheustacially adapt to your new accessories, truly wonderful things may be in your future, it's really all up to you my little pet."

Another nod of my head and I got down on all fours, my leash being attached to my collar and I lead back into "my" room by it, Gregory apparently now officially in the Jackie pet club. He had seen me in the buff briefly, caught me entertaining myself in my cage, and had the approval of my two owners/friends. I was theirs to command, it made the things they made me do easier, and by extension Gregory's to command as well in the girls company.

Gregory held up the first item for the girls to help me into, they walking me towards the wall for my modesty, what little I still retained that is. I was made to stand on my hind legs as this was the easiest way to put this jumble of flesh colored strings on, it looking most like a string thong with an attached bushy tail with the tiniest of coverage for my womanhood. Still I wouldn't be technically "naked" before this man, the distinction relevant in my mind. I placed my hands on the wall as instructed as if I were getting frisked by a cop, stepping into the contraption with Tracy's help, she then adjusting it and snugging the strings as required while kneeling before me.

It was just a little lighter than my tan skin, but it nearly disappeared once on me, my new tail tickling my thighs though. Such a garment would obviously require serious maintenance of my nether regions, but such was my habit lately anyway. When Tracy was satisfied with her adjustments, and Gregory concurred, I shook my butt playfully and made my tail wag, all three laughing at my antics. This could be fun I realized, if one made it that way, I fully back into my dog persona for my now three handlers.

The next item was the leather mask and ears, it covering the top half of my head to include my eyes, the faux ears sticking up in a very canine way. I hadn't seen it on me yet, but I got a good look at it beforehand and felt somewhat confident that I would be hard to recognize while wearing it. That particular item looked expensive, and it still had that 'new leather' smell that reminded me of a favorite pair of boots.

With my tail and ears taken care of my legs were to be next, I getting back down on all fours when commanded. The girls then bent my left heel to my butt at Gregory's direction, my bent left leg going into a kind of long heavy sock knee first. It was close enough to flesh colored to match my body, the knee part having a canine like paw pad to cushion my human knee so I could walk on it comfortably on any surface. It laced in place on my leg like a corset, some faux fur on it making my human leg look at least dog like. The girls did the same for my right leg, I cooperating as much as I could, this one on one attention exciting to me.

I walked about on my new hind legs and found it comfortable enough, willing my leg muscles not to cramp up from the unusual position. My butt and womanhood were covered, (I showing more side boob than anything else), this almost civilized compared to what I had done alone with the girls. Gregory liked what he saw, but he was playing it very cool with me and my provocative display as if this kind of thing happened all the time. Either Tracy or Dana in a similar position would look obscene with their massive endowments swinging about underneath them, my body type perfect for this, small breasts and all.

Now what, I thought? I couldn't just get up and walk like a human without taking off my "legs", although that wouldn't be all that hard to figure out if I rolled on my back and gave everybody a show.

As if answering my silent question Gregory opened a special looking box he had been holding, he apparently electing to put whatever it was on me himself, the girls and he sharing a smile that gave me a foreboding feeling. I at least knew they approved of whatever his surprise was, but my friends had changed as of late, so this was getting to be an easier hurdle to cross by the minute.

"Sit" Gregory commanded after he took a seat right in front of me on the floor and made eye contact, I sitting on my tail and haunches on his command and giving him a full extended look at everything to include my covered womanhood. He smiled at me, not in amusement, but admiration.

Whether this was for my ability to follow simple commands without forethought, or for the picture I was presenting I didn't know. I was his to command though, just like with the girls, but he had found that voice of command with me knowing what he had done. With Gregory it was intentional, with the girls however it had been an accident, and as such they didn't know how to properly use such control.

Gregory did, I knew this by instinct now, and I put up no resistance to his control to see where it took me. It's a difficult thing to describe, (this verbal control), but the best way I can describe it is like handing your TV remote control to a friend and letting them choose what to watch in your own living room. They then had control, but you still could take that back from them once again if you wanted to, you instead curious to see what they might do with their new power. It was a giving of power as opposed to a taking of power like the cuffs and gag had been, but it was still the free exercise of power over another and impossibly exciting to me...

"Good girl" Gregory praised, I glowing with his simple compliment and taking an almost unnatural pleasure in doing this most simple thing. "Command me firmly..." I thought in my mind once again.

"Paw" he then said firmly with his hand open in invitation, my body responding before I had even thought about it. I put my right paw into his open left hand, it the natural compliment to my own as we were facing each other. He reached into his special box with his free hand and then came out with an odd looking glove, he forming my fingers and thumb into a closed fist around a rubber dowel so it would fit inside. The glove was long length and laced up to hold my fist closed, it having a cushioned paw pad across the knuckles, and the rest of it going almost to my elbow. It was stiff and apparently designed to hold my wrist from bending, my fingers from moving out of their fist like position grasping the dowel, as well as there to cushion my front paws like my rear ones now were.

My last pet accessory also rendered my fingers quite useless, meaning I wouldn't be taking any of my new things off without help, nor would any locks be necessary on my cage to keep me inside it once latched from the outside. It wasn't exactly the firm, struggle to exhaustion restraint of the medical cuffs that had drove me up the wall, but there was still a dependence now on those in your company for a great many things one might need while wearing them. Even this didn't bother me as much as the outer texture of my new paw like gloves though, telling me something about their former owner's level of self discipline.

All over the paw part not covered by my cushioned faux paw pad was a rough prickly material that reminded me most of an industrial version of Velcro hook and loop, the sharp spikes there to scratch me up if I wasn't careful with that part of my new paws. I didn't resist Gregory's efforts with my first paw, nor the second, but we did at some point share a look between us, his smile telling me he full well knew what he was doing to me.

"That should keep our little pooch out of trouble ladies" Gregory stated for the benefit of the girls. The girls laughing in response, knowing I wouldn't be entertaining myself while wearing those, not at least without causing myself a serious injury. It was a certainty now that all three knew what I had thought I had been getting away with, and I knew without some kind of safety valve on this boiling lust I could easily see myself whimpering and begging my human masters for that most personal need in the most undignified of ways.

"And obediently motivated" Dana added, she quick to understand the true purpose of my new paws as well...

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