My Second Kidnapping: By Two Friends

by JakeR

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© Copyright 2013 - JakeR - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mm; MM/m; bond; rope; hogtie; gag; cartrunk; transport; woods; bfold; tease; sex; cons; X

I pulled off the road and parked alongside the metal shed behind Grey's house. It was the place where we did most of our bondage sessions.Grey and I had met on a male bondage website, discovered our mutual interest in bondage with other guys, and found that we did not live far from each other.We communicated online for while and finally met in person. We quickly developed a trust and respect for each other, and have met as often as possible since that first meeting which took place in the back of his van. We are both straight, and just enjoy the adventure and excitement of tying up other guys.

Grey waved at me as he came out of the back door of his house and walked toward me. I waved back, then exited my car to join him at the walk-in door of the large shed. "It's good to see you again, Grey!"

"Likewise, Jake!"

We went into the shed and moved toward a sofa pushed up against one wall. We talked and caught up on a lot of things that had happened in our lives since our last meeting.

"And, how's your back feeling?" I finally questioned.

"...been giving me fits lately," Grey answered. "Guess I am just a little tense from the job."

"Could you use a small backrub?"

Grey smiled. "Anytime!" He rose and pulled a chair close. "With or without a shirt?"

"Better without," I answered. He pulled his dark t-shirt off and sat down backwards on the chair, so his arms were resting on the chair's backrest. We continued our conversation as I massaged and rubbed his neck, shoulders, and back.

About twenty minutes later, Grey looked at the clock, stretched his long arms, and stood up. "That felt so good, Jake," he said, "but we need to get started. I want to try to try something new and different today; is it okay if I tie you up first?"

He had beat me to the punch again today--I had wanted to tie him up shirtless with his broad, smooth chest in full view. I was on the verge of asking him after a few more minutes of massage, but I agreed to let him tie me first.

"Can you change into the cowboy boots, Jake?" he asked. I nodded, and took them from the shelf. Grey had shared with me several times how heloved the sight of a hogtied cowboy, and at Grey's request, I had often changed into a western style shirt and cowboy boots to appease his appetite for that. As I changed, he took our box of ropes and bondage items from the shelf. He directed me to the middle of the shed where he quickly spread out a soft sleeping bag, then told me to stand in the middle of the bag. Grey pulled a rope from the box, then uncoiled it as he moved behind me wearing a big smile. Interesting, I thought,Grey had not asked me to change into a western shirt.

"Hands behind your back, Jake!" He began to tie my hands together as he continued. "I have wanted to try this for a long time. I think I can pull if off."

Once my hands were tightly tied, Grey tied a knot in a bandanna handkerchief and pulled the knot between my teeth before knotting it behind my head. He then helped me lay down on the on sleeping bag so I was laying on my back on top of my bound hands. He took another rope, then knelt down and pulled my feet into the air to rest them on his barechest as he tied them together. He lay them back down, then took a long, heavy rope from another box which he coiled and threw upward toward a steel beam near the top of the shed. The beam was quite high, and it took him four tries to sling the rope over the beam as I silently watched.

When the end of the thickrope finally cleared the beam and swung down, Grey knelt and expertly tied the end to my feet. Once tied, he dropped my feet to the floor and grabbed the other end of the rope. "Ready, Jake?" he asked. And with a big smile, he added, "Stay calm!" He began to pull on the rope.

My feet left the ground first and rose into the air. Then my back arched as more of my body left the flooruntil just my shoulders and head were resting on the floor. Then just my hair was brushing the floor as I began to sway slightly back and forth like a pendulum. Another tug from Grey, and my head was about two feet off the floor. It seemed effortless for him, and he actually whistled slightly as he moved to the side of the shed and tied the rope to a lower metal cross beam between two metal wall studs.

For the first time, it hit me that he always spoke of his persistent back problem, yet it was always so easy for him to lower me to the floor once my hands were tied......or do something like pull me into an upside-down suspension from the ceiling!

He came back to my side as I swayed slightly and looked at me with a big smile. "Does that hurt your feet?" he asked, and I shook my head. He walked around me, checked the knots on the ropes binding my hands behind me, then stopped when he was in front of me again. He reached his hands out and pulled the bottom of my shirt out from where it was tucked into my trousers as he spoke, "Let's see if gravity will do its job." Once free of the trousers, my polo shirt slidabout half way up (or in this upside-down case "down" my torso) toward my head. Grey shook his head and said, "I guess gravity won't do the job completely!" as he pulled my shirt the rest of the way down to my armpits so my chest was totally uncovered. "Sorry Jake, but since I found out you have a hairy chest that last time when I kidnapped you, I just enjoy thesight of it."

Grey stood next to me and pushed me back and forth. After a while he remarked, "Wow, Jake! your face has really turned red! Do you want me to let you down? I nodded, and he continued, "In just a minute--I can't pass up this opportunity!" I didn't have long to wonder what opportunity he was talking about, as hedug his finger into my side and wiggled it. I squirmed and tried to twist out of his way, but he was now attacking both sides of my torso with his fingers. I tried to double over and push his hands out of the way, but with my hands tied, it was useless. After a couple of minutes, he stopped and smiled as he moved over to the wall where the large rope holding me suspended was tied. Oh well, I thought, at least Grey's intent was not to use me as a human punching bag!

Grey untied the knot and slowly lowered me to the floor. Once I was laying on the sleeping bag, he came over to me and removed the bandanna gag. "Are you okay, Jake," he asked as he untied the large rope from my booted ankles.

"Oh yeah," I replied. "Just let me get the blood circulated out of my head and back into my legs and feet!"

Grey laughed and sat down on the sleeping bag at my side. "That was different, I admit," Grey said. "But it's something I have wanted to try for a long time. So glad you let me do it!"

" I had any choice," I replied.

Grey left my hands and feet tied up as he stood and pulled his t-shirt over his head. "Is that an old shirt you have on," he finally asked me as he finished pulling his own shirt on and looked my direction.

"Yeah," I replied before I really had time to think about why he was asking me that.

"Oh, good!" Grey picked up a utility knife and again sat down next to me. "I didn't want to have to untie your hands just yet to take it off," he continued as he sliced through the fabric of my shirt in several places and pulled it off. I just shook my head and wondered what else he had in store for me today.

Grey stood as his cell phone went off, and left me laying on the floor as he moved to a the corner of the building and conversed in a low voice. The conversation was short--and private. Grey was soon kneeling at my side once again.

I had been laying on my back on top of my tied hands, but now Grey rolled me onto my side, then face down before I knew what was happening. He selected another rope from our box and tied my knees together. With another rope, he cinched the ropes binding my feet and pulled them up behind me to be hogtied to the ropes binding my wrists, leaving about six inches of slack in the hogtie. With the remnants of my shirt, he effectively gagged me.

As he knotted the gag, he began to speak again. "By the way, Jake," Grey said, "You know Doug; you probably haven't seen him since the last time we met as a threesome and tied each other up a few times." (Doug was a young, handsome Hispanic guy that we both became acquainted with: mid 20's in age, quiet and borderline shy, quick smile, dark eyes, definitely a guy that would make any young womantake a second look--except that he was gay. An awesome guy who loved being tied up; he was an instant friend with both Grey and myself.) "Anyway," Grey continued, "The phone call was from Doug.Yesterday, I invited him to join us, and he's on his way. He should be here in just a few minutes. I told him you were already here. He was calling me from his cell phone to tell me he's just a few blocks away."

Before Grey even finished speaking, a knock came at the door. Grey hurried to the door, unlocked it, and invited Doug in. Pleasant greetings were exchanged, then I heard Doug's voice ask, "Where's Jake?"

"Over here!" Grey answered. "He's just laying around waiting for you to arrive."

Both guys appeared at my side, and I heard Doug laugh. "Awesome!" Doug said excitedly as he knelt beside me. As he rolled me onto my side, he smiled at me and said, "It's great to see you again, Jake!" He continued to look at me, then reached out his hand and rubbed his fingers through my chest hair as he repeated once again, "Awesome!"

"Come sit down," Grey invited, as he moved two chairs into place right next to my hogtied body. They both sat down and conversed for about fifteen minutes. During that time, Doug removed his shoes and occasionally rubbed his stocking feet across my chest or on my legs or along the side of my torso. I could add little to the conversation except as a foot rest for Doug and eye candy for both of them.

Finally, Grey asked Doug, "Would you like to join Jake on the floor?"

"Absolutely!" Doug replied with excitement in his voice.

"Great!" Grey exclaimed. "But out of fairness, you have to take off your shirt too; and since your shoes are already off, get rid of your socks also." I heard Doug laugh.

Doug was soon laying next to me on the sleeping bag, shirtless, barefoot, and as tightly hogtied as I was. There was no gag on him--just a big smile as we looked into each other's faces. Grey sat back, and watched us for a few minutes, then announced, "Okay, guys, if you want to get free, you're going to have to help each other out...... no matter how long it takes. I have no intention of helping either of you get untied from this point."

As Grey sat and watched, Doug and I squirmed our bodies around, rolled into various positions in an attempt to locate knots of any kind, and struggled individually with the ropes that held us bound. We both knew that we had to work back to back and help each other. First I would locate a knot in Doug's ropes and work at it, then pause and rest as Doug would locate one of my knots and tug at it. Grey sat back and watched us with a big smile, occasionally standing up to examine our efforts more closely. It seemed to me that little progress was made, and more than an hour had passed as we struggled.

Breakthrough!! I finally wasable to pull one of my hands free! I rolled onto my side to keep my secret hidden from Grey's view as I freed my hands from more coils. Grey looked at me, then stood and moved behind me to check out what I could possibly be hiding from him. He rolled me onto my stomach, quickly assessed the situation, and headed for the box of ropes. He grabbed two ropes and came back to kneel beside me. One rope, he quickly looped around my elbows and pulled them as close together as he could, then wrapped more rope around my arms and knotted it. With my arms pulled closer together, I had very limited movement with my hands. Any movement was quickly eliminated altogether as he used the second rope to again bind my wrists together, and tighten the loosened hogtie effectively enough to have my booted heels roped to my hands with no slack whatsoever. It was as though I was being punished for getting free! I moaned into the gag in frustration!

While Grey had been occupied retying me, Doug had made great progress. He was a Houdini-in-the-making anyway, and he was demonstrating that talent even then. When Grey had finished roping me up again, he looked over at Doug. His jaw dropped, and I raised my head to face the direction where Doug sat. Doug was facing Grey and me; his feet were still tied together, but he was sitting up and was holding up the ropes that had bound his wrists with a triumphant smile on his handsome face. Grey had been so absorbed in rendering me helpless again, that his attention was completely drawn from the progress that Doug had been making. I couldn't help but smile under my gag.

Grey sat back, and his shoulders dropped as though in defeat. But then his face lit up again with a smile. "Wow, Doug! Great job!" Grey said, as Doug dropped the ropes and proceeded to untie his bare feet. Grey began to remove the ropes that I had loosened from my wrists, but left the ropes he had just added intact. Once Doug's feet were free, both Doug and Grey stood up at the same time. I alone remained on the floor: facedown and still restrained.

Grey and Doug sat down and continued conversing, completely oblivious to their hogtied friend laying on the floor near their feet. Suddenly Grey jumped to his feet. "I have an idea, Doug," he said excitedly, "come over here for a minute." I could hear them talking in low tones.

A short time later, they returned to my side. Doug sat down and began to put his socks and shoes back on; Grey knelt down beside me to check the ropes binding me, and then untied the hogtie rope. Both guys then grabbed my arms and helped me to a standing position. "Put your shirt on while I run get my keys," Grey said to Doug. " right back!"

Doug picked up his shirt and put it on as Grey rushed out the door. Doug picked up a few ropes and threw them over his shoulder, then took me by my arms-- still bound at the elbows--and pushed me so that I had to hop to the open door. I realized then that I hate to hop wearing cowboy boots!

Grey soon returned, and the two of them lifted and carried me to the back of Grey's car. He opened the trunk, after which they both lifted me and, none too carefully, pushed me into the small, but adequate, space. The trunk hood closed and I was in semi-darkness. The car started, and we drove away--destination unknown to me!

The drive was not long, but on rough roads that jostled me as I lay in the trunk with no padding--just my head resting on a spare tire. Tires can be quite hard and do not make a good headrest! Eventually we came to a stop; I heard the key in the lock just before the trunk hood opened and daylight streamed in.

Both guys stood above me with big smiles. Doug removed my shredded-shirt gag, and Grey asked, "Jake, do you want to be untied?"

"Where are we?" I asked.

He repeated the question he had asked, and I also repeated the question I had asked. This happened a few times in rapid succession. Finally I blurted out, "Yes! I want to be untied!"

Grey laughed and began to untie me. He began with my ankles, and the ropes had no sooner been removed, when a smiling Doug stepped up and pulled off the cowboy boots and my socks. I was then lifted out of the trunk, and made to stand by the car.

I looked around and observed that we were in the foothills of some high mountains behind us--ones I had noticed in the distance on my drives to Grey's house. I observed the freeway a few miles in the distance on the other side, with miniature cars and trucks cruising smoothly along it. We were parked beside a couple of large trees, with a small patch of dry grass at their base. There were a few fences scattered about, but to put it bluntly: we were alone in a remote place.

Once I was standing up, Doug and Grey happily went back to work. With my hands and elbows still tied behind my back, Grey quickly replaced the shirt gag. I pulled my eyebrows together in a fierce expression, but he just laughed and pulled the gag tighter. I glanced down when I felt hands tugging at my belt. Doug was quickly unfastening my belt and the button on my trousers. He unzipped my trousers stuck his fingers into the waistband of my underwear and jerked downward. My underwear could not be pulled down without bringing the trousers with it, and both were soon wrapped around my ankles. Grey quickly left and went to the front passenger side door, then opened it. He reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a roll of duct tape while Doug was lifting each of my feet separately and removing the trousers and underwear from around them. Doug tossed my clothes into the trunk and closed it. Grey had returned to my side and began to pull the tape away from the roll. Once he had a foot-long strip, he pressed it against my eyes and commenced to wrap the tape around my head, blindfolding me.

It all happened with in a couple of minutes, like it had been rehearsed many times--which I knew could not be possible. But nonetheless, I stood by the car gagged, blindfolded, and naked as the day I was born with my hands and elbows tied together behind my back. I could feel a hand lightly tugging at my chest hair, and another hand probingthe area around my cock and balls and thighs. It actually tickled and against my will, my cock was beginning to harden. I heard Doug's voice and the word, "Awesome!" followed by a soft, continuous chuckle. The hand searching my chest took a detour and began to tweak my nipples lightly, followed by Doug's excited voice, "Look Grey! He's beginning to leak a little! He must be enjoying this!" Regretfully, despite my attempts to prevent it and to my embarrassment, I had to admit Doug was right about that.

I heard Grey's voice, "Yeah, but let's finish what we talked about."

I felt rope being wrapped around my ankles, circling them, then cinching the ropes between the ankles before being knotted. My shoulders and arms were grabbed by one guy, and my feet were lifted off the ground by the other "trusted friend". I was carried a short distance and could feel the shade from the trees I had seen previously. I was placed gently on the ground, laying in the soft patch of dry grass that I had also observed. Quickly, I was rolled onto my stomach so I was laying facedown, and one of my friends pulled my feetup and held them in place while the other friend expertly hogtied them to the ropes at both my wrists and elbows. I could feel the knot being tied at the level of my elbows--well out of my reach.

Grey's voice came in a loud whisper close to my ear, " good friend. How does it feel to be kidnapped a second time?" He gave a little laugh, as I shook my head back and forth and tried to talk into the gag. "Doug and I are going out for some lunch..... then back to my place for a while so I can tie him up a few more times. We're taking your clothes with us, but if you manage to get untied, you are not far from the freeway. Someone seeing a naked guy in pretty good physical shape will definitely stop..... probably to help! But then you never know! We will come back here in a few hours to make sure you are okay, and untie you..... if you are still here. But if we are having too good a time at my place, it may be tomorrow morning before I get back. Don't do anything I wouldn't!!"

I heard them stand up, and one of them (probably Doug) stroked my chest one last time and lightly ran his hand over my cock and balls. I heard the car doors slam, the engine start, and the car drive away.

It was useless to try to shout. I strained against the ropes, but it was also useless to try to get untied. All I could do was lay on the dry grass and try to change my position once in a while to keep circulation going. Time drags when there is nothing to do, and a person is in an uncomfortable hogtie, and dry grass is beginning to make his naked body itch in places that he cannot scratch!! All I could do was try to sleep, and hope that ants, or a snake, or some other reptile did not decide to make use of a warm body. I dozed off.

Sometime later, I was awakened by the sound of a car. I heard the door slam shut, and the grass rustling as someone walked toward me. Someone began to peel off my blindfold, and soon I was looking into the handsome face of Doug. To say that I was feeling relief would be an understatement! He smiled at me, and began to do some things to me that..... well, I had never experienced before, and never really imagined would ever happen to me. I was helpless to stop it, and he knew it. It was never really painful or extreme, actually quite pleasant, but he kept me tied up through it all.

Once he had finished using my body for his pleasure, he began to untie me--starting with the gag. "Where is Grey?" I asked him after exercising and stretching my jaws.

"Oh, I've got him tied upback in his shed," Doug answered nonchalantly. "He'll be okay until we get back there."

"He let you tie him up?" I asked. "Have you ever tied him up before?"

"No, he usually ties me up," Doug answered. "But today, after he had tied me up about six times in about every position he could think of, I asked if I could tie him up once. He thought about it for a minute, then said it would be okay. But he made me promise not to do anything to him while he was tied up--knowing that I'm gay. (A smile appeared.) All the time I was tying him up, I was thinking about you being naked and...... ready for anything. Hope you don't mind what I just did to you before I untied you. Are we still friends?" He really appeared concerned, so I nodded and gave him a smile.

We rode back to Grey's house, me sitting naked in the passenger seat. I was thirsty, hungry, tired, and--as I said before--relieved! As we drove back, I massaged some of the rope marks on my wrists and elbows. Doug would occasionally reach over and take hold of my cock, or tweak my nipple closest to him, or rub his hand over my chest hair. I did not mind--maybe I was too exhausted to care or maybe just grateful to him for coming to my rescue.

We arrived at the shed and set a mildly disturbed Grey free, but we both took our time untying him. Grey even lost his shoes in the process, but we discovered that he was not ticklish on his feet. Grey slapped me on the back, and threatened to not return my clothes from the trunk of his car...... until I told him that any future massages were out of the question if that happened. He left the shed and returned with my clothes shortly after. He put the cowboy boots back on the shelf and handed me the casual shoes that I had worn that morning when I arrived. I did have to drive home shirtless, but everything else was covered!

It was a second kidnapping at the hands of Grey, and the first such experience for Doug. Our email correspondence over the next few days was teeming with their enjoyment of the whole thing. I pondered the occasion over and over in my mind. The kidnapping was not too bad, and I could endure the things that Doug did to me when he came to my rescue. But should I ever give in and allow Doug to tie me up if we were to meet alone and if he were to ask me? Sure, I reasoned. Allowing gay men to do things like that to you will not make you gay..... just like sleeping in the garage every night will not make you an automobile. And it can actually be enjoyable!

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